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From Kerrville take State Hwy 27 West to Ingram, then State Hwy 39 to Hunt and turn right on FM 1340 to the Bear Creek Boy Scout Road (6.1 miles).    The cemetery is in the brush on the left at the first curve in that road.   It is on private property and about 75 yards from the road.

In 1976, Arlene & Fred Tolman surveyed the cemetery which was published in 1980 by Kerrville Genealogical Society in "Cemeteries of Kerr County 1859-1976".    
In February 2005, James & Shirley Webb visited the cemetery to resurvey it and photograph the stones.   
Photos by James Webb 2005 & Jeanne Sutton
Additional driving directions furnished by Jeanne Sutton in August 2008

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Benson, Aline                             b. 5 Sep 1937 d. 5 Sep 1937  (Just a Sunbeam)      
Benson, George Washington "William" b. 26 Feb 1865 d. 23 Dec 1921  (Father)
Benson, Margaret (Scheeley) b.15 Jun 1835 d.12 May 1915
Conn, F.L.(Frank Leonard"Napp") b. 2 Feb 1857 d.14 Jun 1910 (Father)
Conn, Frances Marion b. 21 Apr 1886 d. 23 Nov 1950
Conn, Infant son of  F.L.& I. b. 6 Dec 1900 d. 14 Dec 1900
Conn, Issabella (Odiorne)
     m. Francis L. Conn 7/17/1878
b. 17 Jun 1860 d. 4 Oct 1937 (Mother)
Conn, Walter b. 29 Oct 1903 d. 25 Jun 1953;      (WW II Vet)
Davis, Randolph b. 21 Feb 1896 d. 21 Oct 1918 (WW I)
Hatch, Infant son of  W.N. & May b. 6 Dec 1911 d. 6 Dec 1911

Conn Cemetery Views
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Re-Surveyed on Behalf of Kerrville Genealogical Society, Inc., 
for Kerr Regional History Center and Archives by
 James & Shirley Webb on Feb 21, 2005.
Copyright 2005 Kerrville Genealogical Society, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
Photos by James Webb 2005 & Jeanne Sutton 1999

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