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Travel east on State Highway 27 out of Kerrville, and enter Schreiner University campus through the
main gate. Bear to your left and pass in front of Delaney Hall. The gravestones can be found about
100 yards north of Delaney Hall on the left. The stones are flush with the ground.

This data is from "Cemeteries of Kerr County, Texas, 1859-1976" published by
Kerrville Genealogical Society in 1980.
The stones of Harris Cemetery were copied by Ruth Hall.
Photos are by Jeanne Sutton

Harris, B.F. b. 5 Nov 1826 d. 1 Sep 1892
Harris, Catherine W. b. 20 Aug 1833 d. 14 Jan 1886
Harris, Edwin L. b. 3 Aug 1863 d. 26 Jun 1890
Harris, John M. b. 16 Jan 1863 d. 23 Apr 1911
Harris, Nannie F. b. 1 Dec 1840 d. 28 May 1887
Harris, Sallie M. b. 9 Aug 1868 d. 23 oct 1893
Harris, Sarah E. b. 26 Apr 1840 d. 26 May 1908

Photos by Jeanne Sutton
Cemetery data submitted by Shirley D. Webb
on behalf of  Kerrville Genealogical Society, Inc.
Copyright 2000 All Rights Reserved

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