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Tom Fannin   6 Oct 2011

In December 1883, JOHN PANKRATZ was killed while delivering a payroll from Comfort to Camp Verde in Kerr County.   His body was found December 18, 1883, hanging in a tree.   John lived in eastern Kerr county.   Did he take his own life? Was he held up? Was the payroll ever found?   I would welcome any information.   Thanks                  Tom Fannin

Sarah Cowen  5 Aug 2011

I have lived in Hunt for 13 years and just found that an ancestor of mine may have lived and died in the Hunt area.  The name is JOHN HONEYCUTT b. 1779 in TN and d. Mar 1857 or 1861.   My mother worked on our family tree for 30 years and did not discover this.   Any help would be appreciated.

Tom McDonald   6 Sep 2010

Can you help?   I am searching for the location of Boneyard Springs located near the upper portion of the Guadalupe River.   Thanks.   Tom McDonald.

Kathi Switzer   10 Jul 2010

I am looking for my family, CHARLES SWITZER of Ingram, Texas, in the early 1900's.    The Switzers were freighters, one of the first.   I would also like information on the original families of Ingram.   Thank you.  Kathi Switzer

Keith Reynolds  13 Apr 2010

Seeking information on Andrew Jackson REYNOLDS who died 6 Dec 1940, and was married to Abiah Theresa (Tessie) [SANDIFER] Reynolds.  At the time of his death, Andrew J. Reynolds lived on present day 5th street.  We don't have much on the family prior to my Grandfather but I do know his father was J. C. Reynolds and his mother was Mary (Bennett) Reynolds.   Thanks.   Keith Reynolds, San Antonio.

Connie Lackey   11 Nov 2009

I would like any information on the Kerrville Fire Department from its beginning - documents, pictures or other information.   Thanks.   Connie

Pat   24 Oct 2009

Looking for the name of the cemetery where Vernon J. BAYER is buried.    He was born 22 Aug 1928 and died 22 Mar 1994 in Center Point, Kerr County, Texas.    Any help finding the name of the cemetery where he is buried will be appreciated.

Catherine Ramsay Roberts  22 Oct 2009

SURBER    -  I am trying to identify a “Miss Surber” who lived on Denton St. in Kerrville in the early 1940s.  My family lived on Moore St., and our back garden and chicken yard area joined the back yard of the house she was living in on Denton.  I am writing my childhood memories and would like to include her in my work. Some initial research indicates that she may be Sarah E. Surber who died 26 Mar 1949.  Since I believe that she never married, she may not have anyone to remember her name.  I at least would like my family to know about her and her many kindnesses to me.   Catherine Ramsay Roberts

Helen Hughes   7 Sep 2009

Morris and Nancy Ferris lived in the Kerr County area between 1850 and 1890's.   I am a GGGGranddaughter.  If there is any family left in the area, please contact me at

Shannon 11 Mar 2009

I am researching my husband's family.   There is a story about his 4-Great Grandfather, Joshua Jackson PARKER aka J. J. who was killed in 1902.  One version mentions the Y O Ranch and says he was coaxed into a gunfight by the foreman of the ranch after being pistol whipped - and the foreman shot him right between the eyes.   Rumor is that the foreman wanted J J's wife.  The foreman was supposedly sentenced to 10 years in the Yuma, AZ., prison.   Another story says J J  was shot by cattle rustlers while riding the fence on the Parker Ranch.

If anyone happens to know anything or have any information that might help with this information, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.   Shannon

Frances      28 May 2008

I am looking for information about the James Wesley Boulware family. They were long time residents of Kerr county.     The family consisted of James W. Boulware born 1861, Ellis, Texas;  his wife, Martha C. Aaron, born 1862 in Texas - probably Red River County.    Both died March of 1923 in Kerr County, probably Center Point community.   They had nine children:    Carl E.,  Jessie L.,  Lucy I.,   Annie J.,   Thomas A.,  Kate W.,   Texas M. and Jackson.
I would like to contact any members of this family or other researchers and exchange information.   
Thank you.       Frances

C. St. Clair  5 Apr 2008

I am seeking any information regarding Callie Amelia ST. CLAIR who died on January 22, 1962 in Kerr County.  Callie A. is on the 1930 census in Oklahoma City, OK., as the wife of Willard M. St. Clair and we are trying to confirm her information.   Thanks.   C. St. Clair.

Betty Born   11 Feb 2008

Looking for the burial place for Jesse Edward GRINSTEAD who died March 8, 1948, in Kerrville.   His wife, Gertrude Grinstead, died Oct 18, 1946, and is buried in Glen Rest Cemetery but Jesse is not listed as being buried next to her.   I do not have his obituary.  Can anyone help?   Thanks   Betty

J R   21 Oct 2007

Can anyone tell me if the written minutes for the 1900 and 1901 City Council Meetings still exist?  At that time, I believe the members were called Aldermen.    If they do exist, can anyone do a lookup for me?  If no lookups are available, where might I find the records so that I can research them the next time I am in Kerrville?

Also, can anyone tell me about the Scofield School in Kerrville, during the early 1900's?  
Thank you.   J R

Janelle Foster  3 Sep 2007

Seeking information on the death of Tillman A. CORBELL who lived in Center Point in 1880 with wife, Mary, and children: John A., Charles A., George W., Joseph C., Jennie, Thomas F., Louis F., and Andrew S.    Tillman had either worked for a newspaper or a blacksmith shop.   He was murdered after 1880.   Any help appreciated.
Janelle Foster

Ebb McDuffie   3 Jun 2007

I need an obituary for Charlie MCDUFFIE.   He was born 23 Mar 1905 and died 28 Jun 1977 in Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas.   Thanks     Ebb McDuffie.

Amelia    21 May 2007

Jewell Alpha Sexton Farmer is buried at Garden of Memories Cemetery in Kerr County.   I am searching for information on her.   She was born about 1895 and died in 1971.   Any information and/or help would be greatly appreciated.   Amelia.

A.K.Maughan 8 May 2007

I am searching for an Andrew TAYLOR.   He may have lived in the Camp Verde area in the 1880's.  He died shortly after 1885 in some kind of epidemic in this area.   Supposedly he is buried somewhere in Camp Verde but I am unable to find where.   He had a son named Marion Lafayette TAYLOR and possibly other sons named John and James.   Any info would be great.   Thanks

James Greene  5 Apr 2007

Seeking information on the William Jasper COKER family.   He moved to Kerr Co from Alabama in about 1876.   He married Mary Melissa BURKS in Kerr Co in 1879.   I have a family picture from about 1902 showing the parents and 6 children.   All of the children were born in Kerr Co (I think).   The family records sort of disappeared after 1880.   I found Mary (Molly) Coker in the 1910 census with a child, Roy, age 9.   I don't have much on the BURKS, either.   Thanks for any information anyone can give.   James Greene,  Grapevine, Texas.

Becky 27 Mar 2007

I am looking for an obituary for Floyd SPENCER who died 18 Dec 1970 in Kerr County.  Burial was at Prairie View Cemetery in Aransas Pass, Texas.   Thanks.   Becky

Michelle 23 February 2007

Charlie (Charles) NORTON died in Kerrville on 26 December 1991 but I don't know where he is buried.   He might be buried in Comal County but I can't find him there.    Any information on Charlie Norton's burial site would be helpful.  Thanks.  Michelle.

Susan  14 February 2007

I am looking for information on ODA W. MCGLOTHLIN, born 1911 & died 23 Mar 1983 in Kerr County, Texas.   I would like to know where he is buried or have his obituary.   If anyone can help please contact me.  Thanks.  Susan

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