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Eloise 30 Dec 2005

I hope to find an obituary for Christine MOSSBARGER in the Kerrville newspaper.  She died on November 15, 1985, in Tom Green County but the San Angelo newspaper does not have an obit for her.    The Texas Death Records show her as Christine Chaney Mossbarger with the above Nov. 15th date of death in Tom Green County.   The SSDI shows "Christine Mossbarger b. 23 Jun 1925 d. Nov 1985 at zip code 78028" (Kerrville).   She had Multiple Schlerosis for many years.   Thank you for any help.   Eloise in Shingle Springs, CA.

Milly 18 Nov 2005

Seeking information on Taurus (Tarrus) Rieff WILLIS.   His wife's name was Clara May, maiden name unknown.   The 1930 census lists them living in Kerr County, TX.   I would like to know death dates and cemeteries.  Any info would be appreciated.   Thank you.   Milly

J R  29 Sep 2005

Stuart Reeder DAVIS (b. 15 May 1883 TX), died in Kerrville on 23 Feb 1967.   I am trying to locate his grave.  His wife, Nannie Wharton Turner DAVIS, is buried at Mountainview Cemetery.   He is probably buried there, too, but because I could not find an obit for him, I am uncertain of his grave location.

His son, Stuart Reeder Turner DAVIS is also deceased.   I would like to receive an e-mail from Stuart Reeder Turner DAVIS' wife or children.   I have old family photos that I would like to exchange with them.  
Thank you.    J.R.

Shari (Gold) Norris  25 Aug 2005

Seeking information on the Johann GOLD family of Prussia who arrived at Galveston around 1850.   Most family was living around Kerrville and Fredricksburg.  Emil GOLD and sons, Milton, Leroy & Lawrence (Pete).  Please e-mail if you have any information.  Thanks.

Robert 18 May 2005

Does anyone have Australian KERR rellies?   Sir John Kerr or his cousin, Lillian Jean Kerr?   She married a FREDERICK relly in Tasmania.   Thank you.   Robert.

(Editor's Note:  Thanks to Robert from Down Under for sending this Query.   A "relly" would be a "relative" in case some of you didn't figure that out)

Tommy Baxter 20 Mar 2005

I am searching for records on Ira Dayton BAXTER.   Family history said he lived from 1915 to 1920 at the Legion Hospital in Kerrville, being treated for TB.   However, I found him in the 1920 census for Yell Co., AR., living in the household of an aunt and uncle.   The family history source believed that he died in Kerrville.  I cannot find any further records.  Can anyone tell us if there are records from that hospital and, if he died there, where he might have been buried?   Thanks.

Patsy Stevens 5 Feb 2005

Looking for any kind of record or reference to a marriage of Margaret JACKSON BROWN to a Mr. LANE.  This would have been between 1857-1860.   She divorced James Steven BROWN in 1857 and I find her (first name & age match) on the 1860 Kerr Co census in the Comfort area as head of household with 2 of her children and the surname of LANE.  I have not found her in the 1870 census but in 1880 she is in Real County in the household of a son.   She died about 1893 and is buried in Leakey, Real County, in a cemetery with the name BROWN.   This is my husband's great-great grandmother.   Any help, anyone?   Thanks.  
Patsy Stevens of Buffalo, MO.

Anna 2 Feb 2005

I have just answered the post (12-21-04) from the researcher of James H. MOORE and I am wondering if any of the MOORE family who are my relatives, are also interested in genealogy.   According to what I was told by my late father, the above James H. MOORE was his uncle.    I have identified the family in the 1880 Census Records.    If you are working on the genealogy of this Moore family, let me hear from you.   Thanks, Anna.

Kayla Ford 19 Jan 2005

Looking for information on Arlie BROWN who died in the early 1990's in Texas, possibly in Kerr Co.   His wife's name was Norma and she was living in Kerr County when Arlie died.   Any information would be very helpful.   Thank you.  Kayla Ford.

Ron DeLord 21 Dec 2004

Texas Ranger James H. (Jim) MOORE was killed in the line of duty on 31 March 1887 in Sabine County in East Texas.  I am a volunteer researcher for the Texas Peace Officers Memorial and am researching his death.   While the incident is well documented, I have very little personal information on MOORE regarding his family history, middle name, age, date of birth, place of birth, etc.   I recently read that at the time of his death, his uncle was in Center Point, Kerr County Sheriff Frank Moore, and that Jim was from Kerr County.   Any assistance would be appreciated.   I have photographed his tombstone in the Hemphill, Sabine County Cemetery.   Ron DeLord. 

Evelyn Sell   1 Dec 2004

I am looking for information on TIMOTHY SEWELL MILLS.   He died ca in the late 1920's or early 1930's.  He was married to an ORA JONES.  No dates.      I'm looking for their place of interment and death dates for sure.    

They possibly had two sons, James and Ray, and one daughter.   I'm not sure of the daughter's name but it could have been Thelma(?).   Ray was born in Oct 1903.   His full name could have been Raymond.     

I know there was an ORA MILLS who died there but I don't know if she was related to this family.     Any information on this family will be most appreciated.   Thank you.     

Tudie Alsbury 12 Oct 2004

My great grandfather was James H. MORRISON, sometimes written as James A. MORRISON or John H. MORRISON, and he was married to my great grandmother, Alice E. MORRISON.   I assume they were divorced in Kerr County, Kerrville, Texas, between 1899 and 1905.  I am looking for the divorce papers.   Captain Schreiner was a friend of the family and we were told he helped my great grandmother obtain the divorce.   I would appreciate any information on my grandparents so I may obtain written documentation concerning them.   Thanks for any assistance.  Tudie Alsbury.

Robert Blair  5 Oct 2004

There was a Mr. STOTTS who was the owner/operator of a store in Kerrville about 40 years ago and who may have married a lady whose maiden name was FARR.   If these names and this description mean anything to you please e-mail me.  Thanks.   Robert Blair

Rosemary Nichols 28 Sep 2004

During the 1860's, my NICHOLS ancestor allegedly died in a Comanche attack.   His wife allegedly died soon thereafter and the children or some part of them, took off for Arizona.   Does any of this sound familiar?  Based upon my research of Arizona Indian "attacks", there could not have been too many such incidents in a county as rural as Kerr in those days.   Thanks for any information you can provide.   My aunt and I are going "ancestoring" in October and would love to find out more about these incidents.   Rosemary Nichols

Ferrie Treadway 27 Sep 2004

Help would be appreciated in a search for information on a Thomas F. WHITENER who lived in Kerr County in the late 1800's.    I was told he served time for an assault in that county.   Any information on him would be very helpful.  Thanks.

Kathy Tidwell  28 Aug 2004

I need information on an incident that took place in Kerr County prior to August of 1873.   Two men were shot & two hanged as suspected cattle thieves by vigilantes.  John JAMISON was shot & killed inside the jail in Kerrville.   George DeGRAFFENREID and James RATLIFF were hanged.  Frank EASTWOOD was taken from the jail and shot near Goat Creek.  Can anyone help me find more information about these deaths?  Was it ever proven that these men were guilty or was it just mob violence?  Are there court records or newspaper articles about it?   Were the men buried in Kerrville?   I will appreciate any kind of information on the incidents or sources that might help me.   Thanks.   Kathy Tidwell

Jean Froneberger  18 Aug 2004

Elizabeth MOORE (b. 12 Mar 1838 d. 8 Aug 1882) is buried in Rembold Ranch Cemetery in Kimble County, Texas.    She is related to the Moore family of Kerr County but they don't know much about her.    I am seeking information about her to include in an application for a Texas Historic Cemetery designation for Rembold Ranch Cemetery.   It occurred to me that some of you Kerr County residents might know something about her.  If you do, I would appreciate hearing from you.   Thanks.    Jean Froneberger, Chairman, Johnson Fork Cemeteries Association, Junction, Texas.

Virginia Day-Baird-Jackson-Bezeau  25 Jul 2004

My Grandfather, Hugh Franklin DAY, was killed in an alleged hunting accident on November 19, 1929.   I know it was noted in a newspaper in Kerr County but I have been unable to find it anywhere.    Can anyone suggest where I might search?   Thanks.   Virginia Day-Baird-Jackson-Bezeau.

Jesse Barnes 23 Jul 2004

David Nelson WRIGHT died in Kerr County on January 29, 1992.   His Grandmother, Mary HARGROVE, was a sister of my Great-Grandmother, Angie SPARKS.  I'm looking for more information on this family.   Thanks. Jesse Barnes

Judy Bessinger  10 Jul 2004

I am looking for an obituary for Della BOALS who died in Kerr County on Nov 28, 1965.   She may have been married to Miles BOALS.   Any information on either of them would be awesome and greatly appreciated.  Judy.

J. W. Perkins  22 May 2004

Seeking information about Hosea Edward HILBURN and wife, Alma Laura (LOCKEY) HILBURN.   They are buried in the Garden of Memories Cemetery, Kerr County, Texas.   I would appreciate it very much. 
 J.W. Perkins 10 May 2004

Looking for my Grandmother and Grandfather on my Dad's side.    My Grandmother's name was Mary and I don't know my Grandfather's name.   My Dad was Marvin FINLEY who was married to Cynthia or Cindy Finley.   They lived in Kerr County in the late 1960's to early 1980's.   He is buried in the Center Point Cemetery.   Thank you for any information you can provide.

Al Bailey 30 Apr 2004

I am searching for information on Earl HOLDER, b. 1903, Mary H. HOLDER SPICER, b. abt 1919, and Ruby HOLDER MILLER, b. 1911, who settled in Kerr County in late 1920's or early 1930's.   Also, info on William HOLDER, b. 1909, who settled in Bexar Co., same time frame.   Thanks.   Help greatly appreciated.   Al Bailey.

DeMona Reeves  28 Apr 2004

OBERKAMPF -  Looking for information on Mabel C. Russell OBERKAMPF who died in Kerr County on 24 Oct 1980.   What was her husband's given name and where is she buried?   They had a daughter Jane Russell Oberkampf who married George Allen DAVISSON.

Grace in Alaska 24 Apr 2004

Is there a source for the death date for Levi WATSON?   It was after 1890 and before 1900.   His wife was Louiza Turkenette.   I have a note that the stone was removed mysteriously from the Hunt-Japonica cemetery and the exact date of his death has been lost with time.   They lived in Kimble County on the 1880 census where his name is spelled "Levy" or "Leuy", but his burial is in Kerr County which was his parents' (James and Mary Jane) home county.   He was killed in a gunfight as I understand it.   I heard that no newspapers of that era are available.    Grace in Alaska

Forrest Wood 26 Mar 2004

Looking for family members of Vera Spell ROSS who died in Apr 1988 and is buried in Kerr County.   Thank you.   Forrest Wood of Atlanta GA.

Evelyn Moore Nichols 12 Mar 2004

Elizabeth MORRISS, born 2 October 1912 to Edward "Ed" Elijah and Mary Jane SPROUL Morriss is listed in the Kerr County Death Records as Elizabeth Morriss BURLESON, death on 12 Oct 1979.    I would be grateful to find out  where and when Elizabeth & Mr. Burleson were married.   Thank you.   Evelyn

Barbara Sidler 02 Mar 2004

In the 1880 Kerr County Census I have found a Caspar WUEST and his family living in Precinct 1.   This is the GG Grandfather & family that I have been searching for (his name is really Caspar WEIST).   I would like to know what town in Kerr Co "Precinct 1" is near or is it just a rural area?   

Was there a Swiss population of any significance in the Kerr County area?   I see that there was a large German population.   I know these may be hard questions to answer but any information would be very much appreciated.    Thank you.

James Heidel 27 Feb 2004

Carl C. HEIDEL died 29 October 2002.  I desire a "look-up" for his obituary.  He last lived in Kerrville, TX, according to the SSDI.   Thanks for any help you can give.

Dot Millman 19 Feb 2004

I am searching for the obituary of Jesse NELSON who died 11 Jul 1920 in Kerrville.   Thanks.  Dot Millman.

Tracy Tiller 9 Feb 2004

George R. MURRAY died in Kerr County in 1971.   I am looking for information on him and his son, George R. MURRAY, JR., who died in 1973, and on this MURRAY family who lived in Kerrville.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.    

Juneth Watson 18 Jan 2004

I am searching for a date of death and, hopefully, an obituary, for my husband's grandfather, Levi WATSON.   The very little we know is that he was shot but don't know the true circumstances.   It would have been between 1889-1899.   He is buried near Goat Creek.   He was married to Louisa Lucinda TURKNETT.  Any information would be appreciated.    

Audra Nowlin Portis 13 Jan 2004

Looking for any information on the James Crispin NOWLIN family that lived in the Kerrville & surrounding areas.  His wife was Ann NOWLIN who is buried in Center Point Cemetery along with several other family members.  Please e-mail me if you have any information on this large family.   Mr. Nowlin was married twice and I am a descendant of the first marriage.  Thanks.

(Note:  No Queries were sent to the Kerr County TXGenWeb page from August to December of 2003.)

Janelle Foster 23 Jul 2003

I have received some old tintypes that were taken by Kuykendall & Porter Photographers....Texas.   Does anyone have any knowledge about these photographers?   I am assuming they were in or near Kerrville since my ancestors, Corns, Porters and McMinns, lived there between 1864 and 1900.

Bill Hutto 17 Jul 2003

WYATT, Thomas Jefferson - looking for his ancestors.  Any help appreciated.

Eileen Roan 1 Jul 2003

James and Ellen MURDOCK lived in Kerr County after 1880.   They raised a girl named Lurinda Jane SLAUGHTER.   She is listed in the 1880 census, Kinney Co., TX., as Jane SLAUGHTER,  9 yrs, daughter.   I am searching for any record that would identify her parentage.   Between 1885 and 1900 she married and divorced a man named COLLINS.   Please email any info on my grandma.   Thank you.   Eileen

Shirley McMillan 20 Jun 2003

Interested in information on Phillip (Doeboy) TAYLOR, b. 1845, d. Nov 16, 1871, Kerrville, Kerr County, TX.   He married Elizabeth (Lizzie) STEPHENS, 1867.  He is supposed to be buried in Kerr County.   Anyone out there know where?????  Anything concerning his life in Kerr County greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Della Mason Stair 08 Jun 2003

I would like to locate Mrs. A. C. LIGHT who was a friend of my cousin, Myrtle TIPTON.   Myrtle died 5 Nov 1976.  She was a resident of Colonial Nursing Home.   Mrs. Light was the one providing the information on Myrtle's death certificate.   Myrtle had no children.   I am seeking information on Myrtle's mother, Clara MASON TIPTON.   Mrs. Light is listed as a friend.

Lisabeth 26 May 2003

The family of Ernest R. HAYES and Mattie (BARNETT) Hayes is listed on the 1930 Kerr County census with children Lois A., Agnus L. (Essie on the census page), Althia, Oliver C., Freda, Oscar C. and Mary I.   (Note:  Lois and Agnus were step-daughters who had the surname of  Kirkland.)   Two other children (William and Ethel Marie) were born in Kerrville by 1939 so I know the family was still living there that year.   If anyone has information on any members of this family, I would appreciate hearing from you.

George Windes  13 May 2003

Looking for data on William Allen BLEVINS who married Emily HOWELL in Kerr County on 20 Feb 1889.   Emily is possibly the daughter of Dr. William Forbes HOWELL & Louise SMITH.  I'm willing to share information.

Mai Shields 30 Apr 2003

As a beginner I am looking into possible family members, particularly Arthur H. NEEDHAM who resided in Kerr County and died March 23, 1983.   He was originally from Montana and was born in January 1905.   Thanks for any information.

Patricia Moore 14 Apr 2003

Lynch Terryll EDDY married Rebecca Francis GILES on 5 Dec 1860 in Kerr Co., TX.    His father was Alexander EDDY b. 2 Feb 1800 in Rockwell, VA.   Her father was William E. GILES b. 1820 in VA.   Lynch EDDY was a physician and graduate of Louisville University in KY.   He also had 2 brothers who were physicians:  Richard Baxter EDDY and Camden Ballard EDDY.   I have info on Lynch and descendants.

Donna Schulte Loth 12 Apr 2003

I am looking for any kind of information whether fact, story, hearsay, etc., about HUGO SCHLADOER born 16 Apr 1845, who was murdered by a man named Gustav Ehlers on 16 May 1891.  Hugo was married to Marie Catherine (maiden name unknown) and the 1880 census shows he had four daughters:  Agnes, Adelheid (or Adelina), Bertha and Minna.

Marie Catherine Schladoer was born 9 May 1840 and died 6 years before Hugo's murder, on 13 June 1885.   Hugo and Catherine are buried in Quihi Community Cemetery in Medina Co., TX, next to their daughter, Adelheid Schladoer Reitzer, her husband & their son.  Since Adelheid would probably have had no connection with Quihi before her marriage in 1898, it is possible that she had her parent's graves moved before her death in 1955.

I have some of the Kerr County court records on the trial of Gustav Ehlers and am hoping there is more information out there somewhere.  Ask your grandparents!!  Thanks!  Donna.

Diane Butler 31 Mar 2003

Obit lookup, please.   For Harry BOYD who passed away in Jan or Feb of 1998, I think.   I do not know his Christian name.  He was just "Uncle Harry".   Any help appreciated.

Alicia Peppers 6 Mar 2003

I have a great grandfather named George PEPPERS.   I would like to know more about the George Pepper family who are mentioned in the following lines copied from "The History of the Kerrville Church of Christ"   (click on The History of the Church at the left)

"The history of the Church of Christ in Kerrville began in 1920 when Brother GEORGE PEPPER and his family moved here.   Shortly thereafter a Gospel Meeting was held under a tent on the Court House Square.  The congregation that resulted from this meeting began to assemble in the Union Church Building.   Members at that time were:  E.L.Turner, J. L. Fowler, George Pepper, Mary Stapelton and her mother."

Donna Schulte Loth 5 Mar 2003

Information about the family of  SCHLADOER/SCHLADOR/SCHLADER/SCHLADAR would be much appreciated.   This family appears on the 1880 census in precinct 2 of Kerr County.  They also lived in Kendall County.   Any information would be valuable.   Thank you.   

Marilyn 31 Jan 2003

I am looking for the obituary of Emma G. DILLINGHAM.   She died 13 Sep 1951 in Kerrville.  She was born 26 Jun 1863 at sea.   Thank you.

Jean-Philippe Henry 22 Jan 2003

Hello from France! I'm trying to find the descendants of my great granduncle, Joseph DANANCHER, who came from France to USA in 1885.    Amongst his descendants is Lucy DANANCHER, wife of Peter A. BROWN.  She was born 30 Jul 1878 in Olten, Switzerland, and died in Kerr County, Texas, 19 Sep 1972.   I'm looking for a kind volunteer to help me find an obituary for her death and any information concerning her.   Many thanks in advance for your help!   Jean-Philippe HENRY, Strasbourg, France.

Lena Stone Criswell 15 Jan 2003

My great-grandfather, the Rev. ISAAC TAYLOR is buried in Old Mountain View Cemetery (shown on list).  He came to Kerrville from Falls County, Texas, with his third wife, Canzadie (Cantrell) ENGLISH TAYLOR.   I have not been able to find an obituary for him.   He was born 24 Jan 1829 and died 3 Jun 1894.   He  was a farmer and Methodist Circuit Rider.   I need the obituary to give me some research information.   I believe he may have gone to Kerrville for health reasons.   I'd appreciate it if anyone can give me help in locating information about him.   He and his wife owned a city lot.    Lena Stone Criswell.

Gerald Jones 12 Jan 2003 

Looking for information on John G. REDDING listed in the 1880 census as 55 years of age.   He was born in North Carolina and was living in the 5th Precinct (Hunt) in Kerr County TX.   Thanks.  Gerald Jones.

Robert Jackson 02 Jan 2003

I live in Cambridgeshire UK.   My grandmother passed away recently and I was going through some papers which included an old letter (dated April 20, 1947) showing I had relatives in Texas.   Their names were George and Idia Simpson.   They used to run, and live in, the "Old Ingram Second Hand Store" in Ingram, Texas.   In the letter, the discussion seemed to indicate that they were religious.   Perhaps you could put me in touch with the church or where the records are kept.   There was also a picture dated 1953.   I would appreciate all the help you can give me in tracing these long lost relatives.   Thank you in advance.   Robert Jackson.

Robert Sanchez 01 Jan 2003

FELICITA SILVA ARREOLA was married to Alejandro Arreola of Kerrville.   I am looking for information on this family.  In 1917 they had a daughter named Elvira, born in Kerrville.   Their other children were Louis, Anita and Adelaido.   Felicita ARREOLA was born 13 Feb 1874 and died in Kerrville on 23 Nov 1957.    I would like to know where she was born and what her parents' names were.  If anyone in Kerrville has this information please contact me.   Thanks.  Robert

Jerry Parks 01 Jan 2003 

I am searching for any information on the old Sunset school near Ingram.

Mikael Kihlbert 28 Dec 2002

As I was looking for possible U.S. relatives, I found information on a Fred E. KIHLBERT (b. 1905 d. 1965) and Alice D. KIHLBERT (b. 1908 d. 1959) both buried at the Garden of Memories Cemetery in Kerr County.   I also found a likely death registration on Fred dated 9-12-1965 (but now registered under the name of Fred Emanuel KihlBERG).    Any further information on Alice and Fred would be most appreciated.

Gary Collins 27 Dec 2002

Elbridge A. Tucker died in Kerr County, TX., October 21, 1991.  I would like to know where Mr. Tucker is buried.  He was a resident of Kerrville at the time of his death.   Thanks.  Gary C.

Ruby Prescott  1 Dec 2002

I am researching the above names in Kerr County.   Matilda Emma BAILEY married Jasper Newton MORRISON.   They had these children:  
1) Thyrza MORRISON  m. 1. Jesse Alvin MOOSE and they had one child that I know of: June Yvonne b. 25 Jul 1932;  2. Terry Lamb JETTON and they had one child that I know of: Terry Lamb JETTON, Jr. b. 21 Jun 1938.
2) Clarence Newton MORRISON m. Frances Estelle Zinneaker and they had one child that I know of: Ronald Gene MORRISON b. 23 Feb 1944.
3) Hazel MORRISON m. Dennis Herbert McCARTY.  They had one child that I know of: Patrick Herbert McCARTY b. 29 Sep 1929.

We are having a family reunion on May 17, 2003 in Brashear, TX, for the descendants of William Edwin BAILEY and Lucinda Josephine WHARTON & their children: 1. William Ezekiel BAILEY; 2. Martha Elizabeth BAILEY; 3. Mary Ellen BAILEY; 4. Matilda Emma BAILEY; 5. Amanda Bell BAILEY; 6. Millie Iva BAILEY.  If anyone knows anything about the above families, please contact me.  Did these couples have more children?  Does anyone know the birth, marriage & death dates for any of the above?   Family charts, pictures, etc., would be much appreciated to add to the notebook before the reunion.  Ruby Prescott, 2205 Riverway Dr., Dallas TX 75227.

Harry Dell  18 Nov 2002

I am searching for information about Evelyn (Mrs. Ralph) SCHNEIDER who once lived in the Kerrville area and died about 1997.  Did she die in Kerr County?  She was featured in an article in the "Mountain Sun" on 11 Dec 1985 as one of three authors in a program at the library on December 15th.   She was the author of "What's Bugging Your Dog" and is listed as an expert on breeding, training and showing dogs.   She was born Evelyn Marie SALVANT, the daughter of Robert Milton SALVANT, Jr., and Evelyn DELL.  Ralph Schneider was her third husband.   Thanks for any information provided.

JR  06 Nov 2002

Catherine, there was indeed a water wheel on the Guadalupe River in Kerrville.   It was first used to turn a flour and grist mill.  The building that housed the mill was later converted into the Kerrville Ice Plant (it may also have been an electric plant in between the time that it was a mill and the time that it was an ice plant).  The plant was owned by Dick Eastland for many, many years.  He finally sold out to the Lone Star Ice Co. in San Antonio.

Although the buildings no longer exist, if you drive down to the river park (Louise Hays Park), you can see the foundation of the old mill.  It still exists.   Also, to build the water wheel, long canals were cut into the river bed.  The water wheel was then mounted into the canals.  It looked something like a ferris wheel.  In those days, there was a wooden dam rather than the concrete dam that you now see in Kerrville.   The wooden dam was built at an angle, rather than straight across the river.  By building the dam in this fashion, water was diverted along the dam and then channeled into the canals, thereby turning the water wheel.   The canals still exist in the river bed, just below the Schreiner One building on Water Street.   JR

Catherine Ramsay Roberts  21 Oct 2002

Does anyone know anything about the building of the old mill dam and water wheel on the Guadalupe River below Kerrville?  I have been informed that it was designed by my great-grandfather, Frederick DURHAM who was a civil engineer and retired major in the British Army.   He immigrated to Kerrville in 1882/83 and lived on the family homestead on Turtle Creek.   I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has more information on this.  Thank you.

Edwin Broadus 20 Oct 2002

My great uncle, Virgil Fred WATZKE, died in Kerr County on February 4, 1965.  I am seeking information about him and am especially interested in the names of his children at the time of his death.   Thanks.

Betty VandeVoort  9 Oct 2002

Looking for the family of Charles J. STILWELL, b. 9 Apr 1897, Scott Co., IA, and d. 20 Feb 1976 in Kerrville, TX.   Charles' first marriage was to Amanda JEBENS in Davenport, Scott Co., IA.  They had two children, Charles F. and Lena Blanche.  I believe he married a 2nd time to Flora E.____ (last name unknown).  They are buried in Garden of Memories Cemetery, Kerrville.   Did he have children by his 2nd wife?   Please e-mail me if you have any information about Charles and Flora STILWELL or about any of the children of Charles Stilwell.  Thank you.

Ruby Prescott  6 Oct 2002

Jasper MORRISON and his family were on the 1930 census living in Kerrville.   Jasper married Matilda Emma BAILEY.   They had the following children that I know of:  Thyiza, Clarence and Hazel.  I am looking for information on this family.  Who did the children marry?  When did Jasper & Matilda Emma die?  Thanks for anything you can provide.  Ruby

Jayne Hoff  30 Sep 2002

I am seeking information on a Saddlemaker from Kerrville, Texas.   His name would be J. E. PARKER or J.E.PALMER.   The name is stamped onto the sweatleather of an old saddle.   Due to the cracked condition and the age of the leather, the letters are not completely clear but the letters PA are easy to read and we are fairly certain the name was Parker.   "Kerrville" is stamped just below his name.   Any information about this saddlemaker from Kerrville would be greatly appreciated.

Libby  21 Sep 2002

Does anyone know if my grandparents, Alice WHITLEY (b. LA 1908) and Ivy Jimmy GRIFFEN (b. AL 1897) were married in Kerr County about the mid 1920's?  Their daughter, Ivy Waurine GRIFFEN, was born in Kerr County in 1927.  Any information about them would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Dorothy Switzer 19 Sep 2002

I would like to know if anyone in Kerr County knew my Uncle FRITZ BLANK.   He resided in Kerr County 1928/29.  His father was JACOB BLANK and his mother was MARRIANE BLANK.  He was born in Boerne, Texas.   If no one knew him, personally, perhaps someone knows something about him.   I would be interested to hear from you.   Thanks.


Susie Rice  27 Aug 2002

Looking for information on George Jonce HUMPHREYS who was born in 1867 and who married Minnie Mary Ann PRICE in Hunt, Kerr Co., TX., on August 17, 1887.   I think George was born in Texas but am not sure.   Who were his parents?    Family tradition says that his mother was of Choctaw or Cherokee blood (or intermarriage of tribes) and that she had too much Indian blood to be allowed to attend school in Texas in the  1840 to 1850 era

Jennifer 20 Aug 2002

My name is Jennifer Bowlin Mengis and I am trying to track down some family history.   My father's mother was Willie Etta STRICKLAND, b. abt 1890 and d. 22 Oct 1977 in Pine Valley, Texas (we think).   She married Herbert BOWLIN who is buried in Liberty, Texas, and who died sometime in the '20's.   Their son (my father) was James Edward "Elton" BOWLIN who died 23 Jan 1989.   I thought my grandmother might be related to some of the STRICKLAND families in Kerr County.   I would appreciate any information anyone could provide.  My thanks in advance.   Jennifer.

Pat (Curbello) Anderson  15 Aug 2002

Pedro/Peter Nicomedio CURBELLO was born in San Antonio, TX, on 15 Sep 1848 and died in Kerr County on 15 Oct 1894.  I am seeking information regarding Pedro.   He was supposedly buried at Camp Waldemar in Kerr County.  I am wondering where that burial place might be located.  Thank you.

J.Kimmell  9 Aug 02

I am looking for any info on Howard T. ARCHER buried in Center Point Cemetery.

Joy McLouth  5 Aug 02

My great grandparents were from Kerrville, Texas.   My Gr.Grandmother was Clara DIETERT and my Gr.Grandfather was Robert OCHSE.   I know a fair amount about the Dieterts but very little about the Ochses except that they came from Germany (?)   Does anyone have any further info?    Thanks.

Catherine Ramsay Roberts 25 Jul 02

Searching for information on the family of my Great-Grandfather, James D. RAMSAY, b. July 1850 in Scotland, who immigrated to the U.S. around 1866.  He lived with his family in Kerr County around 1900 according to the 1900 Kerr Co. census.  I would appreciate knowing what happened to James and his wife, Kate/Katie/Kittie YOUNG and their eight children and the families of the children.   Thanks.

D J Melton  22 Jul 02

I have been told that James RATLIFF and his step-son, George E.T. DeGRAFFENREID (who appears on some census records as George RATLIFF) were lynched in 1873 in Kerr County for suspected cattle theft.  Shortly after that, Frank EASTWOOD who was probably James' brother-in-law and George's uncle, was taken down to the creek bed and shot for the same reason.   I also ran across another reference to a different Eastwood with the same story.    Did this really occur in Kerr County or was it actually in a different place?   Does anyone know anything about these events?    Thanks.   D.J.Melton

Carol Roberts  12 Jul 02

RHODES, John Thomas (J.T.), died 17 Feb 1908.    He lived in Sonora but was a teamster and died of a stroke while in Kerrville.   I am looking for information on his burial site.   I have a death record but no burial location.  Thank you.

Judy 9 Jul 02

Mary Seaton APPLETON married Felix Casper NEGLEY 15 Feb 1888.   He died about 1945 and Mary came to Kerrville, Kerr Co., Texas, with her daughter, Irene  NEGLEY FISHER.   Mary was born 10 Jan 1868 in Pittsburgh PA., and died 18 Jan 1964 in Kerr Co., TX.   A sibling, George H. APPLETON was born abt 1860 and died abt 1910.   Mary's daughter, Irene, was born 16 Apr 1889 and died 29 Jan 1973. She had a son, Felix FISHER and a granddaughter Felica Fisher DOBBS.   Mary APPLETON NEGLEY and her daughter, Irene, are buried in Garden of Memories Cemetery.  I am looking for family members and information on Mary and her family.   Thanks.

Lorna Corns Workman  6 Jul 02

Looking for information on J.T.MILLER and wife, Rosalee CLARK.  They are believed to have had a child who was born in Kerr County (possibly) on 4 Nov 1888, by the name of Marshall MILLER.   Marshall married Millie FULKS and died in Raleigh Co., WV on March 20, 1939.  

John Turner  28 May 02

I am seeking information on a Garrison C. CREAMER.  He was age 95 on the 1910 Kerr County census and died in 1912.  It appears he may have lived with the James Luther FOWLER family and is buried with them in Nichols Cemetery.  I am hoping some of the Fowlers still live in this area and may know something about Garrison.   John

Evelyn  22 May 02

Nathaniel Reuben KEITH married Grace GOODEN on Dec 30, 1918.   Nathaniel died in Kerr County on November 14, 1990.   I am looking for information on Nathaniel and his family.   They had 3 kids, Nathaniel, Merideth and Leonard.  

Theresa Cavender  21 May 02

I am researching ancestors by the name of SAMUEL & ANN SCOTT NOWLIN.   I found Ann Nowlin b. 1836 d. 1925 referenced in the Center Point Cemetery in Kerr County.  Does anyone know if she is the one who was married to Samuel Nowlin?   Samuel's father was James Crispin NOWLIN.   I'd be interested in additional information on this family.

Kathy  7 May 02

The 1900 Census for Kerr County shows JAMES BRIDGES widowed and alone.  He had lost his wife, Mary Ann GARY Bridges, to some epidemic illness the year before and had placed his children in an orphanage.   James was a farm laborer.  He may have worked for Edward Bridges and it's possible they were related.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone about the Edward BRIDGES family in my effort to find the James BRIDGES family line.   Thank you.  Kathy Torkelson

Kristen Pinkham  2 May 02 

TOMASA GARCIA was born in Kerrville in 1908.   I am looking for any information anyone might have on her.   Thank you.   Kristen

James E. Sublett 1 May 02

I would appreciate help in determining the name of the wife of  Birkett J. SUBLETT.  It has been indicated that they were married in the early 1920's.   Birkett was born 27 Nov 1892 in Kerr County, the son of Burkett Foster SUBLETT.   Thank you.    Jim Sublett (California)

Catherine Ramsay Roberts  17 Apr 2002

COX Family Information:   Currently on Ebay there is a 1939 Tivy High School year book and diploma with the name CHARLES GUILFORD COX, Jr.    I thought the COX family might be interested in this piece of family history.  I have no connection with the seller....I'm a 1957 graduate of Tivy and interested in helping preserve family history artifacts.

Norma J. Johnston  7 Apr 2002

Looking for descendants of John James NEAL who died in Kerrville, Texas, in 1891.  He was married to Nancy GARMANY and I believe they are both buried there.   His son, James Calvin NEAL married Rachel E. CARSON who was previously married to Madison H. Marshall.  Two of John James NEAL's daughters were married to RIDGAWAYS.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Sincerely,  Norma Jean Johnston.

Billie Nichols-Bennett  5 Apr 2002

I find an Alice A. Fessenden married E. B. Nichols 9 Dec 1891 in Gillespie County, TX.    The 1880 Kerr County, TX., census shows the following:
W.S.Fessenden, age 47, b. WI;  E. Fessenden, wife, age 33 b. TX; Rebecca, daughter, age 18 b. TX; Mary, daughter, age 16, b. TX; Alice, daughter, age 14 b. TX; Alfred, son, age 12, b. TX; Edward, son, age 10 b. TX; Laura, daughter, age 8, b. TX; Flora, daughter, age 6, b. TX; Leroy, son, age 4, b. TX; Minnie, daughter, age 2, b. TX.
The 1900 Kerr County, TX, census, pct 4,  has this family (data abbreviated):  Elizabeth Fessenden, widow, age 55 b. TX, farmer, owns home, it's a farm;  Sons Edwin W. age 30; Leroy age 23; Joseph A., age 13 & daughters Minnie age 21, & Cora age 17.    

I would like to hear from anyone connected with this Fessenden or Nichols family.    Billie Nichols-Bennett

Ann (Crider) Morris  27 Mar 2002

CRIDER and related families:  Now searching for Nancy BRISTOL, mother of Polina LUNDY/LUNDAY.  Polina's mother is now found!! (Ed. note:  see Query of 9 Nov 2001) .  Polina married Joseph P. CRIDER.  I have found a hand written record made by Polina, herself, that is over a hundred years old and has been in the MARSHALL family.  I am posting that data in a separate Query.  The Marshall family also said there is supposed to be Comanche Indian from Nancy Bristol Lunday but another side of the family said it was Cherokee. Anything on Nancy BRISTOL Lundy is very welcome. Query Boards Work!!  Thanks,  Ann 

Ann (Crider) Morris  27 Mar 2002

From a handwritten record by Polina (LUNDY) Crider is the following data on her Lunday/Lundy family  (Lunday and Lundy are both used in the spelling for this name): 
William Lunday b. 8 Oct 1812;  Nancy Lunday b. 9 Feb 1814; Arrenia Lunday b. 18 Apr 1832; William H. Lunday b. 25 Dec 1834; Francis W. Lundy b. 29 Mar 1836; Mary Jane Lundy b. 29 Mar 1836; Wm. W. Lunday b. 4 Mar 1838; Andrine J. Lunday b. 5 Feb 1840; Matthias R. Lunday b. 16 Feb 1842; Hannah Lunday b. 28 Jan 1844; Polina Lundy b. 30 Mar 1846 ("self" is written under Polina's name); Sarah E. Lunday b. 3 Oct 1848.     

Curtis D. Craig  22 Mar 2002

Seeking information on Raymond Victor DITTLINGER who died 13 Mar 1982 in Kerr County.  I would like to know the names of his father and mother (and her maiden name, too).   I will appreciate any help that can be provided.   Curtis in Oklahoma City

Sandra Copple 13 Mar 2002

Ethmer Elgin LEE, also known as "Pete" LEE, is the family member I am researching.   He has two daughters, one named Candace  who had a son with the first name of Donovan b. 1971-72.  The other daughter  might have the first name of Kathy, I am not sure.   Mr. Lee lived in Kerrville at the time of his death in September 1982.   I would appreciate any information.   Thank you.

Joyce Grona Johnson  2 Mar 2002

I'm looking for the present location of the Grona family home which was located on a corner of Jefferson Street until the mid-'80's when it was moved to a rural area.   This was the home of Herman Richard Grona and Olga Marie Grona until Herman's death in 1965.  I believe the house was sold in the'70's and then relocated in the '80's.  My father, Herman Reiland Grona who is now 84 years of age, was born & raised in this house.   I will be bringing him to Kerrville later this month to visit the graves of his parents.  I'd love to be able to drive him by his childhood home.  My intent is not to disturb the current residents in any way.

Judy   18 Feb 2002

Looking for the family of Mary Seaton-APPLETON-NEGLEY.   She is the sister of my GreatGrandfather, George APPLETON.   She was born in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA, 10 Jan 1868 and died 18 Jan 1964 in Kerrville, Kerr Co., TX.   She married Felix Casper NEGLEY of Pittsburgh (he was b. 28 Feb 1865 and d. 1945 and was from a pioneer Pittsburgh family).   Apparently they moved to Kerrville, TX.  Their children were: Irene NEGLEY FISHER b. 16 Apr 1889 d. 29 Jan 1973; William K. NEGLEY, Canton OH, and Howard NEGLEY, N. Hollywood, CA.    I would especially like to know the names of Mary's parents.    Thank you.   Judy

Pam Nash 16 Feb 2002

An article from the Kerrville Mountain Sun datelined CenterPoint 23 Dec 1904, indicates Jonathan STORMS of Masoncreek community committed suicide by hanging himself.  I am seeking information on Jonathan Wilson STORMS who married Mary Ellen POSEY in Kentucky in 1866.  Apparently they divorced since she remarried in Oct. 1886.  I am wanting to confirm that the Jonathan STORMS of the newspaper article is the same person who married Mary Ellen POSEY.   Please e-mail me if you have any information about this family.  Thanks.  

Bill 6 Feb 2002

My GGGrandfather, William Lee, is buried in Nichols cemetery.   His wife's name was Martha.  I would like any information on him and on his military service.   He served in the 31st Texas Cavalry, Co F, C.S.A.

Robert Sanchez-Puig  5 Feb 2002

I am looking for information on Tiburcio AYALA related to the AYALA family of Simon and Jesus AYALA.   The question is:  was he a cousin? an uncle?   He was born in Monterey, Mexico, in 1864, and he died in Kerrville in 1945.  His wife was Sara Ayala.   Please contact me at the above e-mail address if you have any information.  Thanks.  Robert.


Betty Lee  29 Jan 2002

My husband's family came  from Kerrville, Texas.  His last name is LEE.   A few of his relatives still live there.  His grandmother's name was Evelyn Emma LEE.  I would like information on how I could trace family descendants from Kerrville.   Thank you.  Betty Lee

Johnie Lee 15 Jan 2002

I would like info on Joseph HARRIS who died in Kerr County on Dec 11, 1965.   Could he have been Joseph, the son of Robert H and Sarah E. (LOW) HARRIS, who was born about 1877/79 in Grayson Co., TX?   I am a LOW descendant and would like information on this Joseph HARRIS.  He also apparently lived in Cooke Co., TX.   Thanks for any help you can give.

A. J. Pope  12 Jan 2002

The NICHOLS family from Germany, helped start Kerrville.  Allen NICHOLS, my grandfather, was born on Goat Creek Road.   There is a Nichols Cemetery and there is apparently a Nichols house on the YO Ranch.   My mother is a NICHOLS and we have kinfolks in Bandera County and other surrounding areas.  I'd like to hear from NICHOLS cousins who might have more information on this family.  Jack Pope.

J.R.  2 Jan 2002


I am researching my Kerrville ancestors for the late 19th and early 20th century.   The DAVIS family moved from Kentucky about 1881.  Richard Johnson DAVIS m. 1) Susan B. PARRISH 2) Sarah Ann WARE; John Howard DAVIS m. Mial Estelle REEDER; Mable Linton DAVIS m. Banks B. LOWRANCE, Annie Vera DAVIS m. Edward Thurston GOODWIN in 1904; Emily Estelle DAVIS m. Newton C. WHARTON.   Others in this line were Richard Reeder DAVIS, Howard Mial DAVIS (m. Ada____), & Stewart R. DAVIS.

Banks Burow LOWRANCE was the son of Elcairey Cain LOWRANCE and Martha Louiza PATRICK.   All three are buried in Kerrville.  I would like more information on Cain and Martha LOWRANCE.  I have a great deal about Banks, his wife and children.   My research indicates that Cain LOWRANCE is related to Miles Abernathy LOWRANCE.  Is Miles related to Susan McCANN?  We have an old wooden box with "Susan McCann" written on it and a number of keepsakes that tie us to Miles A. Lowrance....but these aren't "proof".   Additional information would be much appreciated.   Thank you.

Pat Corbell  11 Dec 2001

Annie B. BAILEY, born 1870, is in the 1880 Kerr County census as a 10 year old girl.   I am looking for the names and ages of her parents and where they were born.   Annie was in E.D.90 of that census.

Jerry Walker  7 Dec 2001

Seeking information on the Robert S. WALKER family known to have lived there in 1900, 1910 and 1920.   His wife's name is Cynthia. His daughter, Minnie, married Claude WELLBORN.  Their children were Estelle and Katherine WELLBORN.   Claude and Minnie are buried in the Center Point Cemetery.   I am trying to locate names and burial places of any other relatives.   All assistance much appreciated.

Glenn Rutz  25 Nov 2001

I am researching the surname STOREY/STORY in Kerr County at any time period.  Prior to Kerr County they were residents of Milam County.  Will share data with those who are interested.  Thank you.

Carol 23 Nov 2001

Are there any locally published books on Camp Verde?  I am referring to the actual camp established during the Civil War.   I understand it was a POW camp and that they kept camels.  I have not been able to find anything in the various libraries I have access to.   Thanks

Ann (Crider) Morris  9 Nov 2001

CRIDER/LUNDY:   I am trying to find the parents of Polina LUNDY.  She married Joe CRIDER in Blanco County and came to Kerr County in 1900.  She died in 1916 in Kerr Co.  I could find no death record.   Polina's mother's name was Nancy, maiden name unknown.   Her father's first name is also unknown.  If you have any information, please e-mail at the above address.  Thanks.

Linda Bush   9 Nov 2001

Would appreciate any help with the families of COKER and EMERY.   I am especially interested in the family name of EMERY.  They lived in Kerr County about 1880-1885.

James Jones  3 Nov 2001

Wiley COOK is buried in the VA National Cemetery in Kerrville.  He was born on April 7, 1893.  I believe his place of birth was Alabama.  He died July 26, 1951, there in Kerrville.   I am searching for information on him and would appreciate anything about him or his family.

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