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This cemetery is located on Las Espuelas Ranch, formerly called the Verde Valley Ranch. 
It is located between Camp Verde and Center Point and is fenced & well-maintained.  
Photos of the cemetery were recently made by Col. Frank and Mrs. Ruth Kiel.

From "Cemeteries of Kerr County, Texas, 1859 – 1976" published by Kerrville Genealogical Society in 1980. Field notes were done by Arlene and Fred Tolman who copied the stones in the cemetery and provided
 that information to the Kerrville Genealogical Society for the publication.  

Click on the blue hyperlink to see a photo of some of the tombstones.

Klein, Frederick b. 5 Nov 1830 d. 24 Mar 1911
Klein, Luturine b. 27 Dec 1841 d. 16 Jun 1914
Lane, Helen A. b. 1871 d. 1933
Lange, Henry L. b. 28 Jan 1833 d. 28 Dec 1865
Lange, Johanne b. 12 Apr 1806 d. 7 Mar 1872
Lange, Ludwig b. 1 Dec 1808 d. 5 Feb 1886
Leinweber, John b. 5 Nov 1825 d. 25 Feb 1870
McFarland, Louise K. b. 1883 d. 1912
Patton, B.F. (no dates)  
Surber, Josephine b. 6 May 1867 d. 30 Dec 1896
Wilborn, Eda K. b. 1876 d. 1911

Photos courtesy of  Ruth Kiel   2011

Cemetery information 2000 Kerrville Genealogical Society, Inc.

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