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Kerr County, Texas

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This cemetery is well taken care of with two huge oak trees in it.    The gate states it was established in 1870.   From Kerrville take State Highway 173 south.   When you pass the Loop 534 intersection, go about 3 more miles on SH173 to Wharton Road on the left.   Turn left onto Wharton Road and go about 1 1/2 miles to get to the Cemetery which is easy to spot beside the road.    It is fenced and a gate & sign identify it.

This updated information was compiled in November 2004 by James and Shirley Webb.    The information from the 1976 survey by Peggy Domingues and Arlene & Fred Tolman is also included.
Photos by  James Webb Nov 2004

Wharton Cemetery Photos
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WharV2.jpg (99297 bytes)          WharGate.jpg (96050 bytes)           WharV1.jpg (101926 bytes)
1.  View  looking Southwest.        2.  Cemetery Gate           3.     View looking Northwest

WharMarker.jpg (77715 bytes)                   WharStone.jpg (63097 bytes)
          Historical Marker                   Stone for Thankful Wharton
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