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Vital Records

Write to the Kerr County Courthouse, 700 Main St., Kerrville, TX 78028 - addressing it to the appropriate County Office (see below) . With your request, you must include the correct money charged for the service you require (check or money order).    You may be asked to provide a copy of your driver's license for ID purposes.

The "County Clerk" has birth and death records from 1903
 and has marriage, probate, land, and Civil Court records from 1856

The "District Clerk" has divorce records.

For the current charge for Birth or Death records,
contact the County Clerk at
(830) 792-2255 or
write to the address given above.

Unless you can prove a relationship,  there is a 75-year silence period on birth records
 and you must wait 25 years before acquiring a Death Certificate unless you are closely related.


Ordering Vital Records from the State of Texas

Send your request to

Bureau of Vital Statistics
1100 S. 49th St.
Austin TX 78756

Include as much information as possible.   Name, date of birth, date of death, spouse’s name, parents’ names, county of residence…..all of this information is needed to find the correct record.    The price for obtaining a Death Certificate is $20.    If a search is done and nothing is found, the Bureau of Vital Statistics Office will keep the fee for performing the search.   The price for obtaining a Birth Certificate is $22.   Again, you must provide as much information as possible in order to obtain the record you want.    Unless you are closely related, you will not be able to get a Birth Certificate until 75 years after the date of birth.   You must wait 25 years to obtain a Death Certificate unless closely related.

  For more information visit:
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Birth and Death Indexes at the Texas State Library

Write to
Texas State Library
Box 12927
Austin  Texas 78711.

Names in the Birth Indexes are in one alphabetical series from 1903 – 1909.   The remaining indexes (1910-1976) consist of separate alphabetical lists of names for each year.    Names in the Death Indexes for the years 1903-1940 are in one alphabetical series.   The names in the death indexes for 1941-1945 form a second alphabetical series.   The remaining indexes consist of separate alphabetical lists of names for each year.
The Genealogy Collection’s staff will make copies of entries in the indexes upon written request.    They will charge for the number of pages copied.    Because charges for copies and work change, it is recommended that a call be made or an e-mail be sent asking what the latest charges are for making these Birth or Death Index copies.

e-mail -
telephone - 512-463-5463

You can order the pages for a surname (or up to 5 surnames) which will give you the information about the county and full name at the time of birth or death.   After that, ordering the document from the Bureau of Vital Statistics will be easier and will be more likely to get good results.


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