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Some Historic Buildings  of Kerr County


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mike054.jpg (46851 bytes)
A typical pioneer cabin used by the earliest
Kerrsville families

mike052.jpg (59726 bytes)
First Post Office in Center Point


mike022.jpg (55688 bytes)
Capt Joseph A. Tivy home at 1000 E. Main

mike004.jpg (70647 bytes)
early postcard showing Charles Schreiner's home on Earl Garrett St., after a snowfall.


mike025.jpg (74406 bytes)
Masonic Building on Earl Garrett St. - built in 1880's

mike035.jpg (60797 bytes)
Facade of Henke Bros. Meat Market on
Water Street - taken in 1940's


mike024.jpg (37410 bytes)
Secor Hospital - 1920's - located at
Sidney Baker and Main St.

mike023.jpg (54969 bytes)
Kerrville General Hospital in 1940's
(same building as Secor Hospital)


mike001.jpg (68441 bytes)
Old Kerr Co Courthouse built abt 1876
at the square between present day Sidney Baker St. and Earl Garrett streets and Jefferson and Main streets

mike002.jpg (62848 bytes)
New Kerr Co Courthouse, built in 1927 on the same site
as the old one.
(Both courthouse pictures are from postcards)

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