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Some items were extracted from the Texarkana Papers that are on microfilm at the College Library.  Some are submitted from their files.  


A Chronology Of Events

Submitted by Wayne Adcock


1880's - A volunteer fire dept. was established and set up at the James Rickey Hall, corner of Broad and Olive and Charles W. Bramble was elected the first fire chief.

Census of Texarkana Ar. list H. F. Best age 38 (b. Pa) as Postmaster / wife, Mary A 33 b. OH / 2 daus., Flora 10 and Laura 5 / A article
published in the news dated Tues. 29 May 1898 states; Hank Best, our former Postmaster here but now a real estate dealer at Port Arthur was here yesterday.

Apr. 1880  Alf Harvey operated the CITY BARBER SHOP and offered the  first public baths for Texarkana.

abt. July 1880 Notice is hereby given that on the __ day of July 1880 a petition was filed in the court house, in Miller County Arkansas, signed by county qualified voters as required by law, praying the said honorable court for an order to organize the following described territory into an incorporated town to be known as the incorporated town of Texarkana Arkansas (gives legal description of property in Township 15) ....... and designates the 9th day of August 1880 as the time for hearing upon said petition

10 Aug. 1880 STATE OF AR, COUNTY OF MILLER - (in part) ...... that said petition shall be granted and is therefore now considered ordered and adjudged that the territory as described in said petition and upon said plat be incorporated and organized as described in said petition and named the incorporated town of Texarkana Arkansas. This order made out and ordered on this petition by O. D. Scott ...this 10th day of Aug. 1880. signed, M. W. Edward's

27 Oct. 1880 THE FIRST ELECTION (title, name, votes received)
MAYOR; H. M. Beidler 201, E. T. Dale 163, W. H. Bush 2 RECORDER  O. C. Porter 195, Paul Jones 168, Edwin Bancroft 2 ALDERMAN W. J. Arthur 350, A. S. Blythe 209, John Daugherty 205, Sam McKneely 198, Sam Hiller 195, (previous five elected) J. H. Draughn 172, J. J. O'Conner 173, A. Goldburg 143, H. F. Best 150, J. W. Markham 2, J. B. Nix 2, E. Shult? 2, P. Ramseur? 2, Cornelius Richards 2, J. R. Banner 1

15 Nov. 1880   Salaries established;
Mayor, ______; Recorder 50.00 month; Marshall, warrants served 75 cents, taking prisoner to jail 75 cents, summons a jury 75 cents, summons a witness 25 cents, taking _____ 50 cents, summons def. in criminal cases 75 cents, notifying council of special meetings 50 cents. Treasurer ______; City Attorney 50 dollars per month; Jurors 25 cents each for verdict. Witnesses 50 cents each for attendance upon council or Mayors Court. OTHER BUSINESS Council votes O. D. East as City Attorney, J. H. Draughn as treasurer, also agreed to pay 10 dollars per month for office on 2nd. floor of E. C. Donnelly building on Broad St.
May 1881 - J. W. Paramore organized  the Texas and St. Louis Railway of Arkansas for the purpose of laying the line from Birds Point to Texarkana where it would join the St. Louis Railway. ( changed to Texas and St. Louis in July 1881) RR was finished 31 Dec. 1882

1882  Joe Ables joined the Texarkana Ar. Police Department in 1882 and left around 1885 for San Antonio, Tx. The jail was then located at Front and Pine where the Huckens House was later built.

3 Sep. 1882 Texarkana's first telephone exchange was established by the  Southwestern <Bell> Telegraph & Telephone Co. with a  franchise for 20 years and was located at 219 1/2 E. Broad.


 4 April 1884 Certificate of Election - State of Ark. - County of Miller                 I William R. Kelley, clerk of the Circuit Court and Ex officia Clerk of the County Court within and for the county  aforsaid do hereby certify that at an election held in the incorperated town of Texarkana, Miller co Ark. on  Tuesday the 1st day of April a.d. 1884, for the purpose of electing municipal officers for said town, Pat Lonergan  did recieve the highest number of votes cast at said election for the office of Marshall according to the returns of  said election now on file in my office. (signed and sealed) 4 April 1884 William R. Kelley, clerk

 18 Aug. 1884 A drummer was arrested last night for violating a city ordinance. On his person was found a pistol.  $25 & cost.

18 Aug. 1884 The sewer running on the west side of Vine Street (Olive) between Broad and Front, and alongside of which every stranger who enters the city must walk, is a disgrace to this city. It would be a shame in a village without incorporation. The water and mud is stagnated into a green loblolly, and the stench is sickening. In the name of the health of the town what is this city government for?

18 Aug. 1884 The members of the Salvation Army have begun a crusade against the corset which they denounce as a device of the devil.

19 Aug. 1884 A wagon load of watermelons sold yesterday for 75 cents

 19 Aug. 1884 A 5 gallon keg of "Hamilton Whiskey" created more enthusiasm than the speakers last night, but  the hollering notwithstanding was for  Dixon and Orr

Thurs 4 Sept 1884 Marshal Lonergan is seriously ill at his room at the City Hall. He is suffering intense pain  from sore eyes.

 Sat 6 Sept 1884 Marshal Lonergan will go to Hot Springs on Wednesday next for the benefit of his health.

12 Sep. 1884 Pete Ivey will have the street in front of his new brick filled up to the grade. Let every other property owner do the same.

 23 Sep. 1884 Two of the recently escaped colored prisoners were captured  below Garland City on Sunday by a  posse of colored men

24 Sep. 1884 Mr. Henry Sheflin returned last night from McKinney Bayou, at the St. Line Crossing, where he has just completed a  bridge. It is on the road to Dixon Ferry, which is an  important crossing for Little River County farmers. The bridge was built through private subscriptions, secured  by efforts of Dick Chappell.

 26 Sept. 1884 - Officer McCouly locked up an intoxicated white woman this morning for stopping on the streets. She is an old offender and gives the     officers much trouble. She has served several terms in the brick yard for failure to pay her fines.

 26 Sept. 1884 A colored barber working for Pete Williams, was arrested last night by Officer McCauley for using  vile and threatening language. When turning Levy's corner, he dodged back and before the officer could realize the move, bounded into Texas at two strides.   He will not return until ready to pay a fine.

1 Oct 1884 Marshal Lonergan returned from the hat shop last night where he went two weeks ago for the benefit  of his eyes. We are glad to learn that his general health has improved and that he has discarded his eye glasses.

 1 Oct. 1884 - Sheriff elect Hamilton will move into the city sometime during the present month, we are informed.

Thurs. 2 Oct. 1884 A dangerous washout exist on the corner of Vine and Front  St., just a place as horses frequently step into and break a limb.
    Fred Winning has opened a full line of fresh and new groceries near Col. Triggs on court house hill.

 6 Oct. 1884 Sat night a rough knocked a poor disabled man down in Rogers Saloon, west side, and was in the act  of cutting his throat with a razor, when the proprietor forced him to desist by the covering him with a pistol. He  ran for the east side with officers in persuit and firing at him. As he crossed the line Marshal Lonergan stopped  him at the mouth of his pistol. He returned with the officer and is now in the calaboose. He is an old offender.

 8 Oct. 1884  The colored woman that cut her rival in the abdomen in Culloms Saloon last week was tried at Boston yesterday and fined $25.00 and cost.
Tues. 14 Oct. 1884  The street commission is fixing the crossing over the culvert on Vine Street, between Broad and Front.

Wed 15 Oct. 1884 Officer McCauley has accepted a position as watchman at the oil mills.

Thurs. 16 Oct. 1884   A wagon load of fine trout was on the streets today. They were caught with a hook and line out of Old River,  opposite Garland City. Some would weigh 3lbs

Mon. 20 Oct. 1884 An intelligence office will be opened in the city in a few days. The old well in the middle of Broad St. ought to be filled up. Texarkana needs street lamps.

Mon. 20 Oct. 1884 Mr. Mathon, a resident on College Hill came into the city last night to meet the Iron Mt. pay car and get pay due him for labor, and has not been heard of since. He is a sober and industrious man, and his wife is very uneasy about him.

Tues. 21 Oct. 1884  -in the mayors court, Hugh Johnson, a ward of the nation; contributed $1.00 & cost this morning for disturbing the  peace.  N. H. Hardy, another "culled brudder" same thing. Malvina Wesly, a "lady of the darken hue" disorderly conduct" added $2.00 worth of shekels to the city treasury.

 Wed.  22 Oct. 1884  Considerable cotton came in today. The wood hauler's are in demand today.  Several new residents are going up near Park Beidler. After the showers yesterday didn't the back yards & alleys smell? whew!!'

 Thus. 23 Oct. 1884   Overcoats and fires were in demand this morning. It is rumored that a female lawyer from Chicago will soon  locate in this city. There are too many children loafing around the streets that should be in school.

Thurs. 23 Oct. 1884  Texarkana is very orderly at the present, we here of but  few misdemeanors. This speaks well of our officials.

 Fri.  24 Oct. 1884  Why not have street lamps? It is awful dark for the news-paper men to have to prowl around the streets at night,  and we are fearful that brother Allen will hurt himself.

 Mon. 27 Oct. 1884  We are informed that State Line Cem. needs attention. Those owning lots there should see that they are in nice condition.

 Sat. 1 Nov. 1884  A great deal of cotton seed came in from the country in wagon today. The beating of bones on the streets by boys is an nuisance.  A couple of colored women indulged in a fight on Clinton Street yesterday

Tues. 4 Nov. 1884 Officer McCauley, who went in search of the thief that stole Solinskys horse, had to return for  want of funds.

Tues. 11 Nov. 1884  In the exuberance of there joy the other night, some of our citizens painted one of the engines on the Iron Mt.  red, about which the Interstate of this morning has this to say: "Goulds rod engine did not go out yesterday."  Warrants were issued for the happy democrats. We trust the warrants will be withdrawn as no wrong was intended and the city was alive with excitement.

Tues. 11 Nov. 1884  Ben Foreman has bought interest in the W.L. Franks Gro. on Broad St.

Wed.  12 Nov. 1884  Burglaries are becoming of too frequent occurrence in this city and it may be necessary to increase the police force.  It can not be expected that 2 or 3 men can do the work of  a half dozen officers. It strikes us that Texarkana is  large enough to have a regular organized police force.

 Mon. 17 Nov. 1884 - We are not surprised but very much regret to learn that Sheriff Hamilton's bond as collector, was not approved by the county  judge.  Mr. Hamilton having been elected to the position, we trust that governor Berry, will appoint him collector thus giving him time to make a bond  satisfactory to the county judge, which no doubt he will be able to do.

Fri.  21 Nov. 1884  The bridge across Nix Creek broke yesterday evening as a wagon loaded with lumber was passing over it. It should  be repaired at once as a matter of justice to the citizens on College Hill.

 Sat. 22 Nov. 1884--This morning sheriff Hamilton carried two suckers to the penitentiary at Little Rock.  Mason, 2 years for burglary and a colored man           1 year for grand larceny. 

Mon.  24 Nov. 1884  General Albert Pike and Gen. G.D.Royston registered into the Marguand Hotel. They are tow of the oldest Arkansas  veterans now living. Gen. Royston was born 14 Dec. 1809 Gen. Pike was born 29 Dec. 1809 They both came to Ark. in 1832 and taught school and  afterwards practiced law.

 Tues. 25 Nov. 1884- Governor Berry, as we are glad to learn, appointed sheriff Hamilton to collect the taxes in this county. As we all know there was some misunderstanding in regard to his collectors bond, but everyone was satisfied that he could make an unquestionable good bond.

Sat 6 Dec 1884 The case of Miller County against Pat Lonergan, marshal of the East side, was decided by Judge  Williams in favor of the county.

 Dec. 23, 1884 -  As stated by our West side contemporary, yesterday was the 11th anniversary of this city, and when we see what has been done in the              past eleven years, it gives us great hope for the future.  Let our people remain united in the advotacy and support of public schools and all public  enterprises, and Texarkana will ere long become one of the most prosperous young cities in the south west.


W. T. Hamilton assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. 1885-1886

 Fri.  2 Jan. 1885  The new school board for the east side. Col. James  Aiken   President, Judge Thomas  Orr, Sec. W.G. Wadley,  J.H. Wootten, F.M. Duncan,  J.C. Weed,

20 Jan. 1885  Pete Ivy discontinued his market on St. Line and opened a new one near the Benefield Hotel.

Thurs. 29 Jan. 1885  A meeting of the Fire Co. and committee was appointed, do wait on the city councils to urge the proprietor of building cisterns on Broad St. If cisterns are build the co. will take measures to obtain force pumps which will be very useful in case of fire.

Tues.  10 Feb. 1885   The water works are a certainty if the city councils will give free right of way and take a number of hydrants for public use.

16 Feb 1885 - ASSIGNEES SALE - Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an order of the Miller Co. Chancery Court.

18 Feb. 1885  The telephone line to Hope has been repaired.

1885 Fire - $210,000 Fire-The Marx Block and Interstate News Office
$210,000 Fire-The Marx Block and Interstate News Office

Sat 21 Feb 1885
Texarkana Daily Interpendent

          About half past one o'clock this morning the fire alarm called our citizens from their warm beds to discover that the Marx Block-the most elegant structure in our city  was on fire-the fire having as it is supposed originated in the store room of the Texarkana Grocery and Provision Co. in the center of said  block-some however are of  opinion that it originated in the store of J. H. Draughn.  But however that might be, the fire fiend has come and today our city is in -gloom over losses, estimated at  $210,000.
          The Marx Block was occupied by the Citizens Bank on the North side, then J. H. Draughn, then two store rooms by the 'Texarkana Grocery and Provision Co., then  L.C. DeMorse, and then M. V. Flippin with offices and families on the second and third floors.   We have taken much pains and trouble to ascertain, as reliable  as possible, the names of the sufferers and the extent of their losses, insurance, etc., and all the information we have was received directly from the parties  themselves, without guess work on our part.

                                                             Losses. and Insurance

 DeMorse, L.C. stock $9,500   Insurance $6,000    About $750 worth of goods saved. 

 Munzesheimer and Marks Building occupied by Demorse,     Loss $9,500
          Insurance $7,000.

 Eck Building-occupied by Texarkana Grocery    Loss $10,000  Insurance $7,000. 

Draughn, J.H. Loss of buildings $30,000.00

These embrace one occupied by Texarkana Gro. two by himself, and one by Citizens Bank in front, and  Beard and McCorkles Insurance office in rear and Col.  Draughns residence above.  His family escaped  with some difficulty from the flames, and saved none of their clothing.  He also lost his fine Jersey cow. 

Grocery & Provision Co. Loss on stock $50,000 Insurance $36,750 

Beard and McCorkles Office was a Total loss with no Insurance. 

Haden, J.J. Loss on two dwellings $2,500 Insurance $1,700. 

 Behan, W.     Loss on dwelling and household $3,000      Insurance $1.,500
          Loss on warehouse $800--No Insurance    Stock stored in warehouse $3,200--No Insurance 

 Flippin, M.V.     Building and household    goods $10,000 Insurance $2750
 He also had a big sign HEADQUARTERS OF THE ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA" loss cannot be estimated. 

?Ramseur and Motz Loss on wagon factor $10,000      Insurance $2,000

 Peck, Charles     Saloon $800     Insurance $500.

 Estis, Jesse H Dwelling $1,500         Insurance -$1,000.- 

 Smith, W.R. Damage to furniture by removal $250. 

 Texarkana Publishing Co,--Interstate News $5,000 Insurance $3000. 

 Ramseur and Whitener--Interstate Bldg. $2,000      Insurance $500. 

 Whitener, J.C. Loss on livery stable and undertakers bldg. $5,700 Insurance $2,500 

 Mitchell, T.S. Bldg. $19000 No Insurance 

Texas Produce Co. $400       Insured

Taylor and Maxwell office furniture and library $1,000 No Insurance

Todd and Hudgins Office furniture and library Loss $4,000  Insurance $1.,700. 

Carman, R,C,      Furniture $200      No Insurance 

 Blankenship, A.J. Stables and fence $200 No Insurance 

 B & 0 Telegraph Office in Marx Block also all fixtures. 

 Ben James,  in Flippin Bldg.  Storage $1,700 Insurance $19250. 

Trigg, H.W. Damaged stock $100 No Insurance. 

 Goldberg, A.      Damage to bldg. $1,000 Covered by Insurance

Following also damaged by removals
Lemly, S. $100.00 Insured

Johnson, R.A. 50.00 No Insurance

McNealy, N.A. 100.00 Insured

Cullom, W.H. 200.00 Insured

Markham, J.W. 200.00 Insured

Stickler, Hy 200.00 Insured 

Talbot, J.L. Damage to library $250 No Insurance 

Hall, J.D.     Office furniture $200.00 No Insurance 

Longinotti, Jo $500          Insured

Citizens Bank 53000 Insurance $2,000

Chio, A.L. 1,000 Insured

Redding, J. 1,300 No Insurance

Hughes, J.W. 1,700 Insurance $500

Lovett, Dr. A.C. 500 Insured 

Marx., Jo    Silverware in bank $4,000        Insurance $2,500.

First Nat'l Bank   500    Fully insured

Hiller, Frank      Furniture $500      Insurance $250

Duke, Mrs. M.B.   $33000       Insurance $1,200

Roach, Mrs. L.S. Furniture $1,200 Insurance $600.00 

Harvell, Jo          Dwelling and furniture $3,000 Insurance $1,000 

Estes and Smelser Furniture and books $1,000 No Insurance 

Estes, B.T.        Bldg. $100 No Insurance

Blackburn, Mrs.    $400    No Insurance

Lyon, O.T.         Bldg.  Evergreen House $3000        No Insurance

Aiken, C.M. Sr.     Bldg. $300        No Insurance 

Monday 23 Feb. 1885 - Texarkana Daily Independent It is reported that the parties who killed Dept. Marshall Gosling, on the train in Texas last Sunday, have been captured. Mr. Gosling had many friends in this city who trust the rumor is true.

Fri. 27 Feb. 1885 U. S. Marshall Gosling, who was killed last week on the train in Texas, started the first newspaper that was ever published in bowie County

Fri. 6 Mar 1885 Marshal Lonergan received a telegram this morning from Jacksonville Ill., announcing the  death of his father. He left at once to attend         the funeral.

 Wed 8 April 1885 City election results.
               MAYOR       C. C. Dorrian 289 / Martin Forrester 279
               CITY ATTORNEY       H. L. Grigsby 575 / H. S. Johnson 48
               RECORDER       W. H. Arnold 468 / John glover 81
               MARSHAL       Pat Lonergan 338 / James Matthews 228
               TREASURER      Ben James 400 / Thomas Orr 169
               STREET COMMISSIONER  Joe Johnson 409 / Ogden Bryant 13
               ALDERMAN  C. E. Bramble 404 / Pat Hardin 362,  O. Whittemore 345         Ed Schicker 366   E. F. Friedell  263
               E. N. Maxwell 238 / Pat Curran 226 H. Platz 159 / O. S. Garrett 127               Richard Cornelius 105
               MAYOR C. C. Dorrian 289 votes, Martin Forster 279 votes;
               MARSHALL Pat  Lonergan 338 votes, James Matthews 228 votes.
               CITY ATTORNEY H. L. Grigsby 575 votes, H. S. Johnson 48   votes. 

18  May 1885  A young lady fell three times on the broken planks of the wood sidewalk that leads from Broad St. to the Post Office.   Every stranger coming to the city pronounces that so called sidewalk a disgrace.

 Sat. 20 June 1885-Sheriff Hamilton has notices posted that he will sell 131 bales of Cotton at the compress in this city July 1. It is the Cotton attached             in the case of J. D. Hall vs W. T.  Whitman, and is sold by order of the circuit court to save the cost of storage, insurance, etc.

6 July 1885 Charles Peck sold the Paragon and Gem Saloons to W. Behan

9 Jul. 1885  The new bridge over Nix Creek to College Hill will soon be  completed.

Sat. 11 July 1885-Sheriff Hamilton returned from Little Rock this morning where he had been to deliver Mose Tucker and Nelson Kemp to the keeper  of the penitentiary.  Mose, one year and Kemp, four better. 

14 Jul. 1885  Passed a ordinance to protect the public from unsafe  scaffolds, signs, awnings, and porches. Fine for violation   is $25.00 and is the duty of the city marshall to give occupant or owner notice to repair within 5 days or town  council will remove.

Thurs. 16 Jul. 1885  A pistol totter went up for a fine of $25.00 and cost in recorder Matthews court today.

Friday 17 Jul. 1885  Sheriff Hamilton informed us this morning he had four prisoners in the Miller Co. jail. Jerry Lewis, col, convicted of rape and granted a new trial.  Moss Tate & Ned Mitchell, col., for murder  Phinneas Bateman, a white male for burglary.

Friday 17 Jul. 1885 Dept. Sheriff Ed Hood of Nevada Co. spent last night in  the city.

Saturday  18 Jul. 1885 Jo L. Cella, dept. U. S. Marshall and acting constable of Garland Twp may be found from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday  18 Jul. 1885  Burglars entered the residence of postmaster Shaw yesterday and stole a pistol, a shirt, and a comb.

 15 Aug. 1885 - Marriage of A. J. Lummus 21 and A. F. Stuckey 18 MCA


10 Apr. 1886 news item, Pat Hardin was elected Marshall 1900 Census of Texarkana Ark. 403 Pecan St. gives this info.   Hardin, Pat, Mar. 1853 Ireland, Mary wife Apr 1860 Ky md. 22 yrs 11 ch. 9 living, Katie dau Nov. 1878, Mary dau. Apr 1881, Michael son  Oct. 1882, Edward son Mar 1884, Patrick son Nov. 1885, James son Apr 1888, Frank son June 1889, Daniel son Aug. 1891, Tom son Apr 1895.

12 April 1886 Hon.  Martin Forester is Mayor-elect of East side.( Texarkana Ark)

13 April 1886 - 13 April 1886 - Marshall Larnergan will retire tonight, also Mayor C. C. Dorrian

14 April 1886 - East Side aldermen listed as Mr. Bramble, Whittemore, Carloss, Lingold and Ed Schicker.

16 April 1886 - Judge Thomas Orr is a candidate for Sheriff of Miller County Ark.


E. N. Maxwell and J. A. Polhamius built a small 10 ton ice plant where Waterworks Pumping Station was later built and in 1887 they built a 15 ton ice factory on the Texas Side. This plant had Texarkana's first electric lights.
1886 - Joseph Huckens Sr. built the Huckins House at the corner of Pine and Front Street. On 26 March 1887 the structure was completed and opened for business. The structure did not have electricity but was added later. It was three stories and had 60 rooms but by the time the it was 25 years old it had 150 rooms. In 1912 a large 25 year celebration was held involving over 150 guests to reminisce about the history of the hotel and it's founder, who died in 1908. Upon the death of Joe Huckins Sr., the hotel was left to his four sons: Joe Jr., Paul, Leon and Marquand. They managed it until the
early 1930's when it was sold to Dr. E. L. Beck then several others owned it within a few years including Sol Feinberg who purchased the building March 3, 1934.  In 1975 the building was purchased by the Downtown Improvement District for 75,000 and was torn down to make way for a parking lot, at that time it was the Savoy Hotel.

13 April 1886 - C. C. Dorian retires tonight as mayor

15 Apr 1886 - L. V. Hogane is principal of a select school for girls on State Line Ave. Texarkana

Wed. 17 Nov. 1886 Alderman Fouke returned from Little Rock last night where he had been as defendant in a suit in Federal court charged with cutting government timber. He was defended by Judge Mitchell and after hearing the evidence Judge Caldwell ordered the jury to return a verdict of not guilty without retiring from the box. ....... will add that all who know Mr. Fouke think it will be a cold day in August before he intentionally violates any of the laws of his country.

16 Dec 1886 - James Howard, charged with branding his wife - James Howard Hanged by mob.

Thurs 16 Dec 1886 


 James Howard Hanged.

          Yesterday Justice Cannon on the West side was engaged in the trial of James Howard, charged with branding his wife with hot branding irons.
          The testimony showed that in July last Howard was married to Miss, Mary Minchew, aged 13, residing in Cass county, Texas.  Since November he treated her most inhumanely, hanging her up by the toes, and a few days ago he braned the letter "H" upon her person in two places with a hot iron, whereupon she made complaint.
          The testimony developed a terrible state of affairs, and fully sustained the charges, when Howard asked this morning to get up his witnesses, which request the court granted, and Howard was committed to jail.
          Fearing violence upon the part of the people, who felt Justly indignant at such.barbarous treatment of a woman, officers Edwards, Lawler, Williams, Parker and  Hargett determined to guard the jail which they did until about midnight and observing no one on the streets, and all quiet, Edwards, Parker, Lawler and Williams went  to get a lunch, leaving the other on guard.  As soon as they had left unknown parties rushed upon the jail, broke in the door, overpowered the remaining guard, and  took Howard out, carried him to the railroad trestle and hung him, and when found by the guard, he was dead.
          This is an unfortunate affair, as all such transactions are, and we regret its, occurrence, but think that if mob law is ever justifiable, this case was certainly that way.
          Up to the hour of going to press no clue had been discovered as to the parties who did the hanging.

1886  Ben Foreman founded the Texarkana Street Railway Co.


Fri. 21 Jan 1887 Just one year ago to-night the magnificent Telephone Exchange Saloon of C. E. Dixon was thrown open to the public, and within the past year under the judicious and courteous management of J. W. Ronen, it has become one of the most favorite resorts and is well known from Galveston to St Louis. for the excellence of it's cigars and liquors.

1887 C. E. Dixon once again assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.

1887  Ben Foreman and Maj. Deutchman  Opened a real estate & loan office.


1888 Texarkana Texas formed it's first police force with John Taylor as chief. four patrolmen served under him.


1889 A. S. Blythe assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.

Feb.1889  Ben Foreman organized Inter-State Land & Building Co.


1890 Texarkana Ar. formed a police force with D. E. Holliday as the first police chief. All patrolling of the city was done on foot. 1890-1905

1890 population of Texarkana AR; White 2,157, Negro 1,369, Other 2

1890 population of Texarkana TX; White 1,751, Negro 1,092, Other 9

Thurs 4 Aug 1892   Daily Texarkanian (A sample of the street dualing that often occured in Texarkana)
This morning about 6 o'clock, M.F. Anderson and Jack Edmunds (later known as one armed Jack) met out on State Line Avenue near Sand Flat, when Edmunds drew a pistol and shot Anderson, the ball entered near the nose, coming out on the opposite side of the head near the ear.  Anderson's wound is considered dangerous, but not necessarily fatal.  Edmunds gave himself up to officers, and is now in Miller County Jail.  It will  be remembered that about six weeks. ago the same parties had a difficulty over a family affair and Anderson then shot Edmunds with a shotgun loaded with birdshot, the load taking effect in the face, Edmunds said at that time" we learn, that he would "get even" and it seems that he has carried out the threat, he having recovered and first opportunity presenting itself this morning, as shown above.

 Bob and Grant Dalton, Tom Heddy and an unknown member of the Dalton Gang were killed at Coffeeville Kansas yesterday.
 Emmett Dalton is mortally wounded, City Marshall J. T. McConnell, George Cubine and Charles Brown,  Shoemaker, is dead.
 Cashier Thomas Gayers, of the 1st Natl. Bank and Lucius Baldwin, clerk of Read Bros. store, fatally wounded, T. A. Reynolds and Lewis Dertz slightly wounded. All resulting from an attempt of the Dalton Gang to rob the banks  of  C. M. Condor & Co. and  1st. Natl. Bank  of  that  city  at  9:45 am. One man escaped but is being pursued and is doubtless cough ere this time.


Thurs. 19 Jan 1893 - Joseph Huckins son, Joseph Huckins Jr., is an alderman of the East Side and proprietor of the well known Hotel of that name, founded by his father in this city years ago. The father, Joseph Huckins, is now principal owner and manager of the Hotel Vendome in Knoxville, Tn. The family has one dau.. Cora. Fri. 20 Jan 1893 - Mess. Cora Huckins, formerly of Texarkana and now of Knoxville Tn, is expected to arrive during the coming week to visit friends.

Thursday 22 June 1893 E. R. Gaither has been appointed by sheriff Blythe as special deputy and stationed in the courtroom.

Mon 23 Jan 1893 Texarkana Democrat
Seven prisoners confined in the Miller County Jail made good their escape last night.  They worked through the wall at the same place where other prisoners have heretofore broken out, beneath the wash basin.  Only one prisoner remained behind, Taggart, the crazy man, The escaping prisoners are: J.W. Fenton, from Sevier County. charged with murder; Ed Cook, from Little River County; Sam Willis negros fined for minor offenses, "One Arm Jack" Edmonds, white; London Jeffery, negro, charged with murder. Jailer Jim Williams was up at 1 O'Clock and noticed prisoners making up the fire to keep warm, between then and day they broke out, Sheriff Blythe had well shackled those charged with high crimes and allowed them to remain outside the cells to keep warm.  It seems to us that the jail can be made secure.  The several Jail breaks reflect discredit on the county.  We trust Judge Friedell will look after this at once.

22 June 1893  E. R. Gaither has been appointed by sheriff Blythe as special deputy and stationed in the courtroom.

Tues. 12 Sept. 1893 The home of Pat Hardin, ex city marshall, two miles south of the city was totally destroyed by fire.


Thurs. 8 Feb. 1894 Tom McCauley, an ex policeman and formerly well known citizen of east side (Texarkana Ar) has returned to the city after an extended absence in Indiana.

23 June 1894 Democratic primary election results; Rep. J. d. Blanton 958 County Judge E F. Friedell 467, W. T. Hamilton 363, J. W. Terry 126 Circuit Clerk, J. V. Scott 662, A. B. Little 307 Sheriff J. T. Dillard 411, C. E. Dixon 28, J. J. Towery 260, I. A. Bickham 270 Assessor J. H. Hooper 112, J. T. Roberts 68, W. D. Jones 428, Hugh C. Grafton 351 Treasurer A. A. Adams 942 Coroner Otto Perkins 205, G. R. Robinson 345, B.F. Ward 90, G. M. Orr 310

Mon. 3 Sept. 1894 - Louis Peck, bro-in-law to Hon. W. G. Cook has accepted a school at Rondo, four miles East of this city which he opens today.

Friday 12 October 1894 C. L. Smithee, bar man at Wright's Saloon, sold Capt. C. E. Dixon his last drink, less than five minutes before he was killed. He also sold Mayor Beidler and Zack Few their last drink just before they were killed.

Sunday 28 April 1895 Charles L. Smithee, who has been a resident of our city for the past seven years left  today for Reading, Pa. to make it his future home.


1895 J. T. Dillard assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. 1895-1898 and 1903-1904

Monday 14 Oct. 1895 Pat Doherty, once on East side police force but later a conductor on T & P RR, died Saturday night at the Sherman House of consumption.


Sun. 24 Jan 1897 - Ben Strum of Denison Texas will make his home here as proprietor of Tony DeGrazier's Barber Shop. Tony will pay all his attention to the Telephone Saloon

1 Jul. 1897  Ben M. Foreman took over as post master the position held by his father in law Col. W.R. Kelley.


Monday 11 April 1898 Dept. U. S. Marshall H. B. Holman brought five prisoners from Howard County this afternoon charged with illicit distilling.

 Sun. 13 Mar. 1898  B. M. Foreman, postmaster, let the contract for repairs  to Mr. G. J. Hollis for $883.00

 Tues.  31 May 1898  Ben Foreman closed with the Baker Springs Co. yesterday to put up a 12 room hotel at the noted springs. The house  is to be completed right away and is to be a dollar a day  one.


1899 J. A. Bickham assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar


1900 Census Holman    Henry B. head   Nov. 1842 51   Ar Mo Ar  md 23 U.S. Dept. Marshall
                      Mary S.        wife      Apr. 1853 46      Ar Ar Ar    md.23 7 ch. 3 living
                      Marie L.       dau       Sept 1882 17      Ar Ar Ar
                      Henry B. Jr   son      Jan . 1886 13      Ar Ar Ar
                      John B.         son      Aug. 1891   8      Ar Ar Ar
321 Walnut St. listed also are several boarders of different porfessions, apparently a boarding house. 1900 Census of Texarkana Ar. 1900
census list Saul Gibson age 60 as Dept. US Marshall, boarding at 512 Elm St. in Dr. William C Sherman household

1900 population of Texarkana AR; White 2,832, Negro 2,078, Other 4
1900 population of Texarkana TX; White 3,292, Negro 1,964

Mon. 1 Jan 1900 J. Mook, well known dancing instructor will open his school over A. A. Adams store, 211 East Broad St. Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. and at night. Rates reasonable

Tues.  9 Jan. 1900  Ben Foreman has let the contract for stone coping etc. for the brick bldg. he will build this spring on St. Line,  Vine and Clinton Streets.


Tues. 15 Oct. 1901 (from a Drew Co. newspaper) Fire at Texarkana destroyed the Texarkana Handle Factory, a shingle mill and the  merchandise store of E. L. McMichel.


1902 George Fouke erected one of the first buildings in Texarkana with electric power. It was located in the 400 block of State Line on the Texas side. in 1934 Dr. E. L. Beck converted it into a medical building.


1903 J. T. Dillard once again assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.


1905 A. G. Sanderson assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until 1917

1905 W. E. Casey, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1907

7 Dec 1905 CONSTABLES J. R. Foster and Andrew Hoskins, Lost Prarie, Gus Crabtree and Alex Alford, Cut Off Township, M. J. Shaw,  Beech Twp. T. C. Martin and W. T. Bryant, Sulpher Twp. Fleet F Magee, Garland Twp. Frank Walker, Homan Twp.


March 1906 The members of the Texarkana Ark. police force will soon be disporting themselves in handsome new blue uniforms,  decked with brass buttons. The Twin City Tailoring Co have the job of making the suits and they are going to turn out suits   that the wearers will be proud of

Thurs. 1 Nov. 1906
A special meeting of the East Side City Council was held last night for the purpose of considering a proposition to sell the city hall property on East Broad. The meeting was called to order by the Mayor (Brewer) who submitted the bid made by Mr. Garst of Worchester Ms. for the property. Mr. Garst's offer was seven thousand in cash and on motion the same was accepted by the council and the deal was closed.
Mayor Brewer informs us that it is the intention of the city to at once have erected a two story building on the city property at Walnut and Third St. for a for a firehouse on first floor and city council on second floor. As soon as practical a fine two story brick and stone city hall will be built on the property with all modern facilities.


1907 J. J. Towery, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1909

Wed. 9 Jan 1907 M. A. Locke, a Red River planter living some 12 to 15 miles north of here was arrested this morning by Constable Hargett for caring a pistol and taken before Judge Smelser at his office in the Hart Bilding. Mr. Locke plead guilty, fine 100 dollars and cost.

Thurs. 28 Feb. 1907  The new Collins 3 story building, corner of Broad and Hazel Street will open as the Baltimore Hotel by Mrs. Nelson  tomorrow March 1st.

Thurs 7 Mar 1907 The walls of the new three story Fouke-Shepherd Grain Co. building, corner of Front and Vine St. are going up rapidly.


Wed. 8 April 1908 Rev. T. H. Carter of Stamps, Rev. C. R. Powell of Little Rock, Rev. W. R. Story of Hope and Mr. W. R. Cross of Magnolia are spending the day here on business connected with the Baptist Orphans Home out at Fairview, of which institution they are trustees and directors. Rev. J. B. Sellman of Texarkana is manager of the home.

Tues. 28 July 1908 The following liquor permits were issued for Texarkana Texas: Dan Gallagher, Louie Mareto, Ben Olivari, L. C. Clark, Sam Milazzo, Palace Bar, Alex Scott (negro), L. C. Clark was denied a license for one of his saloons, Abe Abrams (Paris Liquor Co) and Sam Berger were denied license Front St. John W. Mayher, Ben Parish and Britt Allen Swampoodle Fagnant & Colombo, Dick Grant (negro), Colombo & Nevisano, Joe Caretoni, W. C. Dabney

Fri. 31 July 1908 - The Parochial School building for St. Edwards Parish, corner of 4th and Hickory St. (Texarkana Ar.) is being pushed to completion and will be ready in ample time for the opening of the school which will be about Sept. 15th. The school will be in charge of the Benedictine Sisters and will be open to all, Protestants and Catholics.

Monday  5 Oct. 1908  - The plans agreed upon for the construction of the new Congregational House of Worship, corner of 6th and St.   Line rendered necessary the cutting down of the fine white oak tree whose ancient solitary reign has attracted the attention of all passers-by for over 25 years. The giant stood in the s.w. corner of the Taylor property and near the yard gate. It was a beauty 25 years ago in what was
then the Episcopal Park. The tree was laid low by the Woodsman's ax this forenoon.


In the tragic death of Mr. Pat Hardin, a brief account of which appeared in yesterday afternoon's Texarkanian, this community loses another one of its pioneer citizens and original settlers.  One by one the old timers are passing.  It seems only yesterday since the city was owned and governed by a great army of people-early settlers- a very large majority of whom are now "numbered with the pale nations of the dead" Those of twenty five years ago now know the city no more, strangers now fill their places and are guiding the affairs of the municipality toward a greater and better Texarkana.  Pat Hardin lived long and saw much of the people and the events which go to make up the history of Texarkana.  He has seen nearly all his old time neighbors gathered to their fathers, and now too has "Crossed the Bar".  Mr. Hardin was born in Ireland 15 March 1853 and when a young man came to the United States, settling at Texarkana in 1874.  He has reared a family of nine children who are all grown and with their mother still survive.  He has always led a quite industrious life and commanded the respect and esteem of his neighbors.  In the early days Mr. Hardin took a promanant part in politics and wielded a wide influence.  In 1882 he was elected street commissioner of the Ark. side.  Two years later he was elected alderman defeating the late Dr. H, M. Beidler by a heavy majority much to the later's disapointment.In April 1886 he was elected city marshall defeating W. H. Sweeny and was re-elected two years later.  He has several times mentioned prominently in connection with the office of mayor, but never stood as a candidate for that position.  He was a big hearted, wholesome, man, loyal to hia friends and generous to all.  For the past 16 or 18 years he has been employed as section foreman for the Cotten Belt Railroad, and was. in the discharge of his duties when he met his death yesterday.  He was having some necessary work done in the local yards and had just stopped from one track to another, to avoid the switch engine that was bearing down upon him.  He failed to note the approach of a string of cars which were being switched on the track and which struck him . The bereaved family will have the sympathy of the entire community in their great loss.  Requiem mass will be conducted over the remains at St. Edwards Church Sunday morning and the body will be taken to the Catholic Cemetary for burial.  Following are the gentlemen selected to act as pallbearers, B. M. Foreman, Thomas Quinn, R. J. O'Dwyer, Paul Reverra, W. G. Cook,John P. McShane


1909 Henry W Trigg, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1911

1909 - A blaze started in the Fouke Grain Co, a five story structure, and spread to the Texas Produce Company building, the Texarkana Y.M.C.A building, the Iron Mountain freight depot and then to two railroad tank cars filled with oil.


1910 Mr. Mayne is a police officer.

1910 population of Texarkana AR; White 3,550, Negro 2,101, Other 4
1910 population of Texarkana TX; White 6,572, Negro 3,218

1910 Michael Meager Hospital was founded. It is conducted by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnete Word, and has a capicity of 50 beds, not including bassinets.

Thurs. 3 Feb. 1910   B. Schram, bankrupt stock of dry goods on East Broad St. was sold this morning by the receiver, attorney Joseph's.

Wed. 29 June 1910  Total fines in Judge Smithers court on East Side this afternoon was $81.60 and none was paid.   Richard and Jennie Crouch arrested by Officer Mayne for the theft of 35 pounds copper wire from Western Union - fine 15.40 each.   Officer Kuhn and Poe brought in Mary Ellis and Sila Jones for vag.. Jewell Garland for prostitution with John Richardson as paramour.


1911 Foster Rogers became Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1915   He was police chief of Texarkana, Ark., from April 9, 1911, to April 13, 1915.  At the time of his death (1/15/1932) he was in the bakery business here.


Wed. 24 July 1912 Through the acceptance of a deed by the East side council Tuesday night, steps were taken to open East Broad Street to the Mandivelle Road enabling farmers using this highway to come straight to the business section without the detour into Ninth Street

Tues. 8 Oct. 1912 A baby alligator 9 inches long was caught this morning by E. C. Seibert in the excavation made for the eight story Texarkana National Bank building and speculation as to how the diminutive eater happened to be there is rife. It is stated that the alligator was caught by Mr. Seibert but, in fact, Mr. Seibert was caught by the amphibian. While looking over the work Mr. Seibert  pointed to the gaiter and his gatorship snapped his jaws together with Mr. Seiberts finger as the object of the snap. Five years ago a large gator was found under the Boyd Drug Company.

Wed. 9 Oct 1912 The obliteration of an old Texarkana landmark is sought by Fire Chief Springer, who stated to Mayor Kline and the East Side council Tuesday night that the existence of the rookery creates extra fire hazard, penalizing all property owners in the same block. The building referred to is known to the present generation as the Allen Building to those of the past generation as the Sherman House and to those who located here when Texarkana was but the terminus of two steel rails it is remembered as the O'Daugherty Hotel. It is recalled that Mr. and Mrs. O'Daugherty died within 24 hours of each other. The estate was never settled, the property now belonging to the heirs who reside in Ireland

Thurs 24 Oct. 1912 Joe Ables who was formerly a resident of Texarkana but now makes his home in San Antonio, spent yesterday and today in this city, (Texarkana Ar) making his first visit in near 30 years. Mr. Ables left Texarkana in 1885 and for three or four years prier to his departure he was a member of the East Side Police Dept. (Texarkana AR) Mr. Ables recalled that in 1882 he joined the force and the calaboosa was on the site now occupied by the Huckens House. ( Huckens House was at Front and Pine facing Pine St in 100 block.)

26 Oct 1912 - FACTORY ADDITION ON ARK. SIDE - Mayor John P Kline, E. W. Frost, James F Black, president of Texarkana Trust Co. contracted with Mrs. Mary J. Preston for the purchase of 50 acres land lying just north east of the Cotton Belt Hospital and five acres on Dudley for 5,500 dollars. F. J. Bosier, president of the Hub Manufacturing Co. will establish on the five acres which will be donated to him. The plant will manufacture wagon hubs from Ash and Hickory on 16,000 acres of land Mr. Bosier recently purchased from Mann Land and Improvement Co. ( much more in this article, this is all I have of it )


Sat. 12 July 1913 Chief of Police, foster Rogers; policeman, Frank Kuhn and A. J. Lummus; Police Judge, W. B. Weeks


1915 John Strange, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1920


1917 J. D. Cook Sr becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to 1921

1917 A. J. Gurley assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until 1921

Andrew Avery, 18 year old negro who murderously assaulted W. J. Wood, in the bottoms near Garland last Sat. was lynched last night....NOTE: this is the beginning of a long detailed article on the lynching, my clipping is to faded to read.


12 Feb. 1919 Little River News (Texarkana) A. B. Hervey, 66, proprietor of Garland Mercantile, and Fay D. Searcy, 33, a book keeper for the company, fought a duel to the death last night in the company office at Garland City. Both men fired five times, both were struck by five bullets and both fell dead with their bodies crossed. No witnesses but T. J. Wilson, Herveys partner, was in the store.  Hervey and Searcy quarreled about the account books, Wilson said, and Searcy was discharged. They met again in the office last night when the quarrel ended in the shooting. Searcy was a brother to Circuit Clerk John Searcy and attorney Bob Searcy of Texarkana.

Sat, 9 Aug 1919 Contract for the drainage of Walker Lake on Red River was awarded by the Ogden Levee District Monday to James Adcock of this city. The lake will open about 80 acres in the bed for cultivation. Walker Lake is the first lake south of Ogden.


1920 A. J. Lummus, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1923

1920 population of Texarkana AR; White 5,846, Negro 2,406, Other 5
1920 population of Texarkana TX; White 8,272, Negro 3,208, Other 1

1920 - The Cotten Belt Hospital was remodeled and has a capacity of 150 beds. Dr. George W A. Hutchinson was the resident physician.


1921 H. M. Barney  becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to1925

1921 John Strange assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.


Fri. 19 May 1922 Dick Choate, Texarkana policeman, died shortly after 3 o'clock this afternoon from shooting at the hands of Hulen Owens, when Choate attempted to prevent the black's escape after being arrested on a charge of larceny. The negro was later captured near Index, eight miles north of there. Officer Choate and Chief Lummus were taking Owens in the latter's automobile to a spot where the Negro had told the officers where goods he was charged with stealing could be located, near the 1500 block of Pecan St. Owens jumped from the car and headed south. At the home of Andrew Howze he hastily entered a Chandler auto standing at the curb and was in the act of driving off when Choate approached him and told him to remain quite. As the policeman approached the car Owens drew a revolver and without warning emptied the contents into the officer who was a few feet distant. The wounded officer fired at the negro as he sank to the ground, wounding him in the head. The Negro drove away as Lummus came to Choate's aid........... in part....
May 1922 The Miller County Circuit court room was filled with a crowd of curious spectators in the expectation of a big sensation developing when the eight men arrested Sat. and Sun. on murder charges as a result of the recent storming of the county jail and lynching of the negro,  Hulen Owens, slayer of Police officer Dick Choate, were brought into court for formal arraignment........


Tues. 26 June 1923 - Dan Marshall, recently appointed by Mayor Conway as chief of police of Texarkana Ar. after his induction into office in april, has resigned that position to accept the contract with the city for hauling rubbish, garbage, and conbustable waste, as provided for in the 2 or 3 ordinances recently passed by the city council at the instance of the city health officer recommended by the state health authorities. According to Mayor Conway, Henry Adams, now motercycle officer and traffic cop since the resignation of Milton Nelson, will be named to succeed Mr. Marshall. Mr. Adams is a experanced officer and it is expected that his appointment as chief will be meet with favor.

1923 Lish Barber assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until he was killed in line of duty, his wife was appointed to complete his term.

1923 Dan Marshall appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. left in 1923

1923 Henry Adams appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1925


1925 - Louis Josephs becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to1935

1925 John C King, Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1926

1925   E. W. Birtcher, after serving many years as an officer without receiving much more than an occasional scratch in line of duty, was killed in an automobile accident, when the car he was driving overturned and he was crushed beneath it.

Sat 3 Oct 1925 E. A. Brennan, supertendant of Ark. side schools 1907-08, died Friday at Conway Ark. funeral in conway.


1926 Walter Crowell appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1927

Tues. 1 June 1926 The main dining rooms of the Grim and Huckins hotels were closed monday, the first for the summer and the latter permanently according to announcements by George T Conway, pers. of the Grim and Paul Huckins, manager of the Huckins House. The Barber Shop in the Huckens House will be remodeled into a coffee shop.

Fri. 16 July 1926 Hence Giles, Arkansas policeman, was shot and instantly killed early this morning while attempting to arrest a bootlegger.  Giles was shot three times, his slayer suddenly swerving upon the officer, firing two shots in his body after he had fallen, wounded by a bullet in the head, jumped into an automobile and fled. Giles died within minutes after being shot without making a statement.

Tues. 26 July 1926 W. E. Crowell, 401 Ferguson, chief of city detectives has been appointed successor to John C. King, 1600 Pecan St. who has resigned as chief of police of Texarkana Ark..... Mr Crowell has been on the police force for about twenty years. He has served as policeman, constable, deputy sheriff and chief of detectives.

30 Oct. 1926 Sheriff Lish Barber and Dept. Sheriff Bob Smith of Miller County were killed in a gun duel with H. W. Adams, former chief of police. During the battle Adams was seriously wounded.


1927 L. Simmons appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1928

1927 Fleet MaGee assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.

1927 William Daniel Hays appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark.


1928 W. D. Hays, appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1931

Wed 15 Feb. 1928 Texarkana will have a municipal airport. Three bridges will be built across Nix Creek. Front Street will raised and paved between between State Line and Pine Street as soon as Union Station construction work reaches a stage to make street work possible.

1920's-30's Some of the charges recorded by the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department. are:
Nuts, Doper, House Prowling, Clothes Line Larceny, Chicken Theft, Alley Prowling, B&E, NPA (National Prohibition Act), IRA (Internal Revenue Act, NMVTA, Hot Car, Late Hours, Drug Addict, Suspicious, Pistol Totin, Hobo, Pilfering Cars, Dope Head, Cotton Picker.


1930  population of Texarkana AR; White  7,639, Negro 3,109, Other 16
1930  population of Texarkana TX; White 11,649, Negro 4,934, Other 19

1930 Tom C. Sewell appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana 1933


1931 Walter Harris assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until he was killed in line of duty.


2 Jan.1932  Funeral for John Fry, 56, deputy US marshall will be 2:30  p.m. at the home of a nephew, J.H. Faviell at Jefferson,  Tx. Burial in Oakwood Cem. Jefferson.   John Frye died in a Texarkana hosp.

12 Jan.1932  Texarkana Gazette  Five men mentioned as possible  candidates for the race of Miller Co. sheriff.
     WILL HARRIS - brother of Sheriff Walter Harris who was slain while raiding a still last July, is the only one actually announced opposition against Sheriff R.W. Turquette.
     HARRY OLIVER - chief deputy during the brief Harris adm.  Oliver was associated with Will Harris who was jailer  during the Harris regime.
      FLEET MAGEE - who was defeated by Harris in 1930. Magee is a veteran peace officer in Miller Co.
      PAT ELAM - Fouke merchant and landowner.


1933 R. W. Turguette assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.

1933 W. E. Davis appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana 1935

Fri 8 Dec 1933  Fowler Drug Co located at Broad and Hazel St. Phone 110


1935 - T. B. Vance  becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to 1939

1935 Tom C Sewell assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until 1938

Fri. 11 Oct. 1935 - D. W. Marshall, 64 died Thursday while at work at Savoy Hotel. Wife: 5 daus: Mrs. R. A. Bennett, Mrs. M. G. Richards, Mrs. T. W. Holman and Mrs. T. C. Albritton all of Texarkana and Mrs. H. G. Buchannan of Shreveport. 3 sons: E. D. of New Boston, Rodney Dale and D. W. Jr. of Texarkana 2 sisters: Mrs. Ida Cobb of Houston Mrs. Lela Garrett of Paris Burial in State Line Cem. Dan W. Marshall 14 April 1870 to 10 Oct. 1935 Minnie Lee Marshall 1 Jan. 1875 to 4 July 1952


Monday 16 Mar.1936  Texarkana Gazette - Roland Hitchcock and Miss Ruth Crawford both of Texarkana were married in the Texarkana Ark. police station.  The couple said they could find no other place to get  married that they had attempted to locate friends and none  were home. Police acted as witnesses.


1938 Richard Marlin Giles appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana 1947

1939 - J. D. Cook  becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to1951
1939 W. E. Davis assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until 1956

1940 population of Texarkana AR; White  8,143, Negro 3,678
1940 population of Texarkana TX; White 11,892, Negro 5,127


22 Feb. 1946                                                                        The Phantom Killer Strikes
The first assault happened somewhere near the intersection of Robison and Richmond roads. In 1946, this was the undeveloped countryside surrounding Texarkana, this is also where friends and lovers went to park. The first victims was Mary Jeanne Larey, 19, and her date, Jimmy Hollis, 24.

24 March 1946 the bullet riddled bodies of Richard L. Griffin, aged 29, a Texarkana War Veteran and Miss Polly Ann Moore, aged 17, employed at the Red River Arsenal in Texarkana were found in Mr. Griffin's parked 1941 Oldsmobile on South Robison Rd. road outside the city limits on the Texas side of the city. Mr. Griffin was found in the front seat of the car and Miss Moore was found face down in the back seat although she was killed outside the car and placed in the car. The girl's body had been abused.

14 April 1946  the bodies of Paul Martin, aged 17, of  Kilgore, Texas and Betty Jo Booker, aged 15, of Texarkana were found on a country road in the vicinity of Spring Lake Park.  Paul's coupe was found near the entrance to the park but Paul's body was found about 1.5 miles from his car near what is now Cork Lane North of I-30. Betty Jo's body was found about a mile and a half away near what is now Fernwood., They had both been shot to death and it was discovered later that Betty Jo had been raped.

3 May1946  in the farm home of Virgil Starks, age 38, the Texarkana Killer strikes again. Mr Starks' farm was located on Hwy 67 about 12 miles northeast of the city in Miller County, Arkansas. Mr Starks was siting in his living room near a window listening to the radio when the killer fired two shots to the back of Mr. Starks head with a .22 caliber  rifle. Mrs. Kate Starks who was in an adjoining bedroom, heard the sound of breaking glass and ran into the living room where she discovered her husband slumped in the floor and ran to her telephone where she was shot twice in the face. Mrs. Starks, hearing the intruder breaking in the screen door in back, stumbled out the front door and made her way across the road to a neighbor  to get help. It was discovered later that the killer entered the house and dabbled his hands in the pools of blood. Mr. Starks died from his wounds and his wife was taken to Michael Meagher Hospital in Texarkana where she was listed in critical condition. Mrs. Starks later recovered from her wounds.  


1947 Henry Grady Holmes appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. to 1948 ( a uncle to Elvie Davis )

Sun. 26 Sept. 1948
Fine spring water, a natural lake and land set in a frame of lovely trees lured a young man from TN to settle on the site, build a house and raise a family. His name was W. W. Wootten and the year he first saw the spring was 1836. The young man from Tn gave to this pioneer country the work of his hands, the love of his heart and seven children to carry on his name and work. In 1873, Mrs. Martha Wootten, widow of the young man from TN, attended the town lot sales with two other widows. Mrs. Wootten purchased the two lots at Fourth and Pine where the family home still stands (1948) The other widows were a Mrs. Ward, who bought the corner lots where Cargile Moter Co is located, and Mrs. Blankenship, mother of Mrs. George Bottoms, who bought the corner lots where Creekmore Moter Co stands.
Mrs. Agnes Wootten came to Texarkana 50 years ago from Lewisville Ar. a town that bears her family name Lewis. She and Benjamin were the parents of one child, now Audis Wootten Hesterly. Benjamin Wootten died in 1932. Mrs. Wootten can recall the time when there were so many saloons in Texarkana and so many fights and killings that women did not go to town unescorted.

15 Nov. 1948 Max Ambrose Txckett appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark.and served until 1968. Pryor to 1948 Max was a criminal  investigator for the Ark. State Police

Tues. 16 Nov. 1948 Charlie Boyd, Ark. State Trooper, moved up to State Police Supervisor of district four Monday. Boyd has been with the dept. ten years and twice turned down  permotions but last week accepted the spot vacated by Bob Porterfield. Porterfield moved up to become an investigater, a position vacated by Max Tackett who became Texarkana Arkansas Police Chief.

Mon. 29 Nov. 1948 Police Chief Max Tackett announced Sunday that he has added four patrolmen to the Texarkana Ark. police force. Tackett listed them as, Ed Williams, 37, married with one child, Curtis Lee Blaylock, 36, married with 5 children, Ralph E Phillips 29 married and Mitchell Garrison, 37, married with two children. 

Sat 16 July 1949 Appointment of James E. Grimes, 47, as assistant police chief of the Arkansas side police department, and Andrew C Ober, 48, as desk sergeant, was made permanent Friday. Assistant Chief Grimes, who has been with the department five years is a former Red River Arsenal security officer. Sergeant Ober is a former Navada County sheriff and has been in law enforcement for a number of years.

1950 population of Texarkana AR; White 11,388, Negro 4,482, Other  5
1950 population of Texarkana TX; White 18,210, Negro 6,532, Other 11

Wed 20 Dec 1950 The formal opening of the new Trailways Bus Center at Fourth and State Line will be at 2 p.m.

1951 - Will Steel  becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to 1954

Tues. 18 Jan. 1955 John T. Quillin, 73, former Texarkana Ar. policeman died at his home Sunday in Houston. Born 12 Feb. 1881 in Calhoun County Ar. he came to Miller County at age 5 and moved to Houston about 15 years ago. Survived by his wife and 1 son:    Marvin      1 dau:     Mrs. Reese Lloyd 4 bros:    Lee and J. M. Quillin of Texarkana   Austin and Herbert Quillin of Fouke

1955 - Ted Goldman  becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to 1967

1957 C. R. (Rudy) Burgess assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. until 1962

1958 Texarkana Ark. Police Dept. had 24 officers that consisted of a chief, two assistant chiefs, three lieutenants and three sergeants. In 1958 the patrol cars were not marked and were of various colors. Foot patrol was still common in the 100 and 500 block of East Broad. Officers worked six days per week and court was held every morning with a night session on Friday.

1960 population of Texarkana AR; White 14,241, Negro 5,530, Other 17
1960 population of Texarkana TX; White 22,500, Negro 7,708, Other 10

1963 Richard L Birtcher assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. 1963-1966

1967 - Bert Larey  becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to 1974

1967 Leslie B Greer assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. 1967-1974

1968 Edward S Smith appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark. and served until 1972

1972 John Henry Butler appointed as Chief of Police, Texarkana Ark.

1974 - Phillip Purifoy  becomes Municipal Judge of Texarkana Arkansas to

1975 Howard K Giles assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar. 1975-1978

1979 Kenneth Sinyard assumes duty as Sheriff of Miller Co. Ar.

Early street name changes for Texarkana
Olive was Vine St
Wood St. (AR) was Elm
3rd St. was Clinton St
4th St was Forrest ST
5th St was Moores St
6th St. was Drenned St
7th St. was Trigg ST
8th St was North St
 9th St was Locust St
Vinyard St. changed to ?
Estes St changed to ?
Walters St was Troost St
Marietta St was Wyandotte St
Seibert St was Travers St
Burton St changed to Grim and Scott St changed to Burton
Wooten Spring Park changed to Spring Lake Park (Texas)  

References: early Texarkana newspapers, Texarkana Gazette, Drew Co. Ar. newspapers, Texarkana minuets books, Miller County records. Notes in my files of unknown origin.  


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