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These businesses ran advertisements in the Texarkana Daily Independant Newspaper. 
Extracted by Wayne Adcock



C. C. Dorrian
N. P. Sanderson
Thomas Orr
Turner Brothers
Ben F. James
Frank Varner
M. V. Flippin
Pete Ivey
Ed A. Schicker, baker
Trigg & Edwards, confectionery

 Dry Goods

Munzesheimer and Klein
R. Sandberger
Weinstein's and Kosminsky's
Mrs. M. Levy
Frank D. Hitter
Drugs and Druggest
J. A. Lightfoot  & Co.
W. H. Elliott
J. F. Smith & Co.

Sewing - Alternations - etc

Mrs. M. H. Gladden Sewing
Mrs. O'Donnell Dress Making
Mme. Avondino Dress Making

Real Estate

0. P. Taylor
E. A. Warren  & Bros.
Chatfield & Burhman
Kelsey & Offenhauser
Beard & Bartlett
A. Ruckrmn
L. J. Jones
A. M. Hawkins
W. A. Biddle
C. C. and W. W.  DePrato


Pattillo's Fishing Equipment
Osgood Whittemore Railroad men's Store
W. E. Varner Brickyard
F. A. Felton, W. A. Kelsey, & J. H. Draughon  Manufacturing  Foundry Co.
Charles Nilkerson, machinery
Texarkana Ice Company,  J. A. Pothamius, J. S. Knox, E. N. Maxwell
Josh Whealdon,  photography
J. C. Whitener,  livery
Mrs. Z. H. Gaither,  private school

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