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Jurors were paid $2 per day for each day of service

Book is housed at the Texarkana Museum

First Week of April Term, 1901

Buck Shaver

Cofield Wootten

N.A. Williams

Jim Braddy

?.D. Barfield

P.H. Sheridan

Jim Hall

Tom Hammons

J.B. Adcock

C.P. Miller

Jim Burnett

J.C. McDuffey 

Second Week of April Term, 1901

Cass Pope

Frank Rosser


Jim Richie

Wade Ball

B.G. Johnson

B.M. Hughes

D.T. Lenox

T.F. Davis

J.C. Tyson

J.F. Crist

Tom Collins 

Special Term, commencing 14 May 1901

Thos. Perry

R.W. Moore

J.H. Lynch

W.H.H. Moores

J.F. Collins

B.F. Chalker 

Special Term, commencing 17 May 1901

J.M. Lynch

J.H. Lynch

B.F. Chalker

H. Rothern

J.C. McDuffey

E.L. King

Special Term, commencing 26 June 1901

E.L. King

B.F. Chalker

J.F. Collins

L.E. Harkey

G.W. Welch

Rue Moore 

Special Term, commencing 6 July 1901

W.H.H. Moores

B.F. Chalker

Thos. Perry

John W. Read

E.W. Watlington

E.L. King 

First Week of July Term, 1901

J.A. Timmons

D.D. Nettles

H.M. Davidson

M.A. Hart

W.W. McDaniel

Reeves Elliott

Mart Rosser

Jas. Carter

Ben Fort

T.B. Milam

G.W. Humphreys

G.G. Smelser 

Second Week of July Term, 1901

T.B. Lenox

J.D. Bundy

H.T. Liles

John McCowan

Mat Cave (or Cane)

R.P. Holcomb

Boyd Turner

Ben H. Read

E.J. Willis

E.W. Crummey

R.W. Young

T.P. Cleghorn 

Special Term, commencing 2 Aug 1901


J.D. Bundy

Geo. T. Linons

E.L. King 

First Week of August Special Term, commencing 3 Aug 1901

J.G. Stewart

E.L. King

B.F. Chalker

R.W. Moore

C. Claud Proctor

L.C. Boswell

J.D. Bundy 

Special Term, commencing 27 Aug 1901

L.C. Boswell

C.Claud Proctor

R.W. Moore

J.C. McDuffie

Oval B. Pirkey

E.L. King 

First Week of October Term, 1901

Albert Read

Marion Hughes

Y.E. White

E.W. Cavin

J. Brown

Will Davis

Jas. Covington

W.Y. Hibbs

James Smith

Hice Martin

John Collom

Paul Bullard 

Second Week of October Term, 1901

M.W. Jones

Charlie Steelman

Bill Eubanks

L.H. Sorsby

L.P. Bobo

B.F. Hargett

Rolly Mitchell

Reeves Elliott

A.L. Brown

T.B. Wilkins

J.E. Frazier

W.R. Burnett

Harvey Barriman

J.D. Steelman

W.L. Duren

W.M. Solly

J.N. Glass 

Special Term, commencing 14 Dec 1901

J.D. Howell

Oval B. Pirkey

J.F. Collins

Joe Hughes

H. Rathburn

E.L. King