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Jurors were paid $2 per day for each day of service

Book is housed at the Texarkana Museum 

First Week of January Term, 1904 commencing 4 January

L. Friday


R. Markham

U. Crumpton

Tom Elkins

J.W. Jeffirs

B.F. Chalker

J.R. Mitchell

Walter McGee

J.A. McGee

W.W. Sharp

C.W. Proctor 

Third Week of January Term, 1904commencing 4 January

John Carpenter

Geo H. Hughes

J.T. Hicks

L.F. Murray

J. Locke

W.G. Bentley

J.N. Yale

Jas Martindale

M.F. Carpenter

W.J. Dean

J.L. Stewart

W.D. Hays

L.A. Durst 

Fifth Week of January Term, 1904 commencing 1 February

W.A. Simpson

J.L. Barfield

J.A. Hall

Ben Parson

J.C. McDuffie

J.H. Lynch

W.M. Adams

T.L. Adams

G.M. Eubanks

F.P. Cleghorn

E.W. Watlington

G.O. Morris 

Commissioners commencing 4 Jan 1904

L.F. Eck

C.C. Crump

E.L. King 

Special February Term commencing 16 Feb 1904

T.B. Lenox

C.C. Burke

A.C. Tisdale

J.F. Collins

W.B. Bell

E.L. King 

Third Week of April 1904

Wade Barfield

C.H. Smith

J.N. Yale

J.L. Howell

R.P. Holcomb

Will Smith

Will Cuthbertson

Edgar Chasteen

Charlie Foster

W.H. Smith

T.J. Hays 

First Week of April Term 1904, commencing 19 April

A.S. Bonham

Richard Stell

D.A. Brewer

Bud Shumake

W.H. Olive

J.R. Johnson (listed and line drawn through name) 

Second Week of July Term, 1904 commencing 17 July

J.R. Johnson

H.R. Tilson

H. Morrow

Tom Coleman

B.J. White

R.W. Phillips

W.E. Lynch

Geo Morris

T.L. Collins

Lem McGee

Jesse Jones

J.J. Peters 

Third Week of July Term, 1904 commencing 17 July

W.H. Martin

W.H. Lumpkin

J.F. Marcum

W.E. Lynch

Len Dalby

J.A. Hall

W.D. Hays

E.W. Watlington

J.G. Stewart

T.L. Collins

A.O. Howell

Jim Orear 

Commissioners last Week of July Term, 1904

J.H. Simms

P.G. Ruff

J.C. Fontaine 

Special August Term commencing 8 Aug 1904 (pay was 50 cents)

W.L. Burkhalter

J.F. Simpson

W.J. Bartlett

Jeff Williams

B.C. Vandeweghe

T.L. Collins 

Special August Term commencing 10 Aug 1904 (pay was 50 cents)

C.D. Wyse

Wade Barfield

D.D. Nettles

Thos Perry

Ben Parsons

W.D. Hays 

Special August Term commencing 20 Aug 1904 (pay was 50 cents)

John Read

R.H. Watlington

J.M. Lynch

W.H.H. Moores

L.C. Lynch

O.B. Pirkey 

Special August Term commencing 30 Aug 1904 (pay was 50 cents)

John Read

Joe Hughes

R.W. Watlington

L.C. Lynch

Geo Morris

H.B. Terrel 

Third Week of October Term, 1904, commencing 16 Oct

Tom Adams

Tack Braley

Jim Tidwell

Tom White

J. Brown 

Fourth Week of October Term 1904, commencing 16 Oct

W.L. Burkhalter

D.J. Morgan

Ben Parsons

W.H. Cullom

C.F. Motz

J.W. Morris

W.F. Griffin

C.H. Elliott

J.L. O’Neal

W.A. Moore 

Special Term commencing 20 December 1904

W.E. Lynch

J.B. Williams

G.E. White

W.A. Simpson

W.V. Simms

W.R. Ross



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