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 The New Ark 


Published annually by the SENIOR CLASS of the Texarkana, Ark HIGH SCHOOL 

The New-Ark was before North Heights and Arkansas High consolidated

Extracted by Phyllis Zachry from the School Annual.


P N Bragg---Superintendent

Will Steele---President

M F Chestnut---Secretary

Mrs. Zollie Sanders

J B Phelps

W H Stephens

Dr B Buff


W J Smith, A.B. University of Tenn. Peabody College

Frances Thrasher, B.S.E., English, University of Ark.

Miss Ruth Camp, A.B. Foreign Languages, Eureka College

Miss Ethel Moore, Study Hall, S.W.T.N.

J.W. Pugh, B.S. Science, University of Ark

Mrs. R.J. Cole, A.B. Mathematics, Hendris College

Mr. R.H. Cole, A.B. Athletic Coach, Quachita College

Mrs. W.T Whatley, B.S. Home Economics, University of Texas

Mr. H.H. Mackley, Manual Training, Illinois State Normal

Mrs. P.G. Alston, Commercial Dept, Gregg School,Chicago



Emma Howse---Business Manager

Leona Phipps---Editor-in-Chief

Fay Sanderson---Assistant Editor

Hartley Black---Athletic Editor

Isabell Hinton---Advertising Mgr.

Sarah Anne Hess---Social Editor

Clara Winham---Astrology Editor

Alice B Newborn---Snapshot Editor

Anne Ida Williams---Class Historian

Evelyn Wilson---Joke Editor

David Kuhn---Joke Editor



President---Carl Parsons

Vice President---DeLoach Mullin

Secretary-Treasurer---Violet Boyce

COLORS---Purple and gold


MOTTO--- We build the ladder by which we climb.


Miss Rebel Moore

Miss Frances Thrasher

W. J. Smith



Hartley Black

Charlie Louise Dews

Thomas Booker

Joe Brown

Ollie Easley

James Carter

Mary Dorothy Fletcher

Claud Cato

Vera Hanley

Jeff Guthridge

Pauline Harris

George Hunger

Sarah Ann Hess

David Kuhn

Isabel Hinton

Garth Martin

Mary Emma Howze

Erbert Moon

Susie McClure

Roy Parsons

Martha Monroe

Walter Polk

Margaret Norcross

Shepherd Rice

Alice Blanche Newbegin

Clifford Ryan

Leoxa Phipps

Gerald Stephens

Fay Sanderson

Harold Taft

Beulah Taylor

John O Thomas

Anne Ida Williams

Barham Wellborn

Clara Winham

Weldon White

Evelyn Wilson

Carl Parsons

Violet Boyce

Joe Anderson

Alice Benge

Edward Beasley

Marguerite Burgess

Thornton Benge

Elrhese Collins



Boyce Pagan---President

Katherine Sanderson---Vice President

Lucile Hendricks---Secretary –Treasurer

James Anderson---Class Editor 

COLOR- Blue and white

FLOWER- Blue bonnet

MOTTO- Hitch to a high star but don’t forget the gas.


Mrs R.H. Cole

Mr R.H. Cole 


William Hudgins

Jean Lanier

Ina Wilber

John Marshall

Donald Williamson

Ruth Burgadine

Edith Collman

Fleeta Cuckler

Mary Duke

Juanita Ferguson

Virginia Johnson

Blanche Keller

Lucille Lewis

Sadie Kate McCoy

Katherine Sanderson

Helen Schmidt

Eloise Scott

Christine Vinson 


James Anderson

T.D. Anderson

Henry Grannon

John Brantley

Lee Bryant

George Fuqua

Richard Harding

Theodore Klein

Dale McCollum

James McGuire

Randall Middleton

Benjamin Norcross

Carl Owens

Boyce Pagan

Y.G. Rice

Clifton Rowland

Kieth Whalen

Wessel Wilson

Orien Wright

Ava Lee Willis

Mary Lillian Anderson

Myrtle Atchison

Mamie Barker

Merle Blankenship

Emily Christian

Bernadine Collins

Maggie Corzine

Rosa Lee Griffin

Lucile Hendricks

Minna Howze

Lila Marrs

Willie Mae Mizell

Ora Lee Taylor

Linnie Lou White

Ethel Mae Yocum

Locket Johnson