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Submitted by in the memory of her mother, Patsy Ruth Thomasson.  She is also looking for a yearbook for this class.  If you have one or know where she can get one please contact her.


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Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Four



Theme "Our Democratic Creed"

Processional  "Triumpet March" from "Aida"  Verdi Anne Pearl Purifoy, Pianist

Invocation          Rev. James A. Overholser

Introduction    Lillifred Wright

Declaration of Faith   Jim Anderson

Piano Solo  "A Country Dance"   Alexander Mac Fayden     Martha Evelyn Davis

The Meaning of Freedon   Carolya Cherry

The future we Face   Joe Parnell

Tribute to the boys in Service   Mary Jane Cullom

Girls Octet:

Lydia Carter

Doris Dean Elder

Jessie Lee Honeycutt

Carolyn Lauderdate

Betty Martin

Dorothy Owens

Helene Porcher

Nellie Roberts

Awarding of Honors   K. B. Davis

Presentation of Diplomas   Roy W. Davis

Support the Fifth War Loan

* Now in the Armed Forces           (s) Summer School Graduates          (c) Certificate


Adams, James Henry

Anderson, James Hugh Jr.

Atkins, Joseph F. Jr.

Baldwin, William Lewis

Bearfield, Leatrice Lou

Beebe, Anne Estelle (s)

Bush, Amelia

Carpenter, Virginia

Carter, Lydia Estes

Chastain, Lillian Naomi

Cherry, Carolyn

Cook, Benjamin Stanley Jr. (s)

Creamer, Lola Rhea (c)

Crowder, Billy Wayne

Crowson, Sybil Audean

Cullom, Mary Jane

Davis, Billy Ed

Davis, Joyce

Davis, Martha Evelyn

Elder, Doris Dean

Ely, Maxine Mallory

Fitzpatrick, William Aeden

Franks, Ellgha Allen

Frix, Evelyn Delna

Glover, Gladys Delores (s)

Goolsby, Jacquelyn Montez

Graf, Charles William

Greene, Alexander, Murray Jr.

Grigson, Albert Clay

Grigson, Thomas Leonard *

Grigson, William Thomas Jr.

Hackett, Dorothy Charlene (s)

Halsey, Louie Edward

Hamm, Robert Hugh (s)

Hartshorn, George Frances

Haynes, Nina Vee

Holman, Henry Whitmarsh

Holmes, Florence, LaVerne (s)

Honeycutt, Jessie Lee

Irwin, Robert Bernard

Johnson, Lena Allene

Lacy, Robert Thomas Jr.

Lauderdale, Carolyn Eloise

Longino, Hugh Ellen (s)

McAdams, Laura Fae

McAdams, Lola Rae

McMasters, S. Roger (s)

Martin, Betty Jean

Melze, Charles Fagn (c)

Miller, Rodney C.

Montgomery, Jo Ann

Moses, Martha Lou

Olive, Jess Harris Jr.

Owens, Dorothy 

Parnell, Joel Hilton

Patton, Earl Wayne

Peek, Geraldine

Perry, Maggie Reita

Porcher, Helena Eugenia

Purifoy, Anna Pearl

Randall, Myrtice Ellen

Reagan, John H.

Roberts, Nellie Altha

Rowlan, Frances Louise

Royal, Catherine Edith

Royal, Flora Dell

Schultz, Harold Merlyn

Shans, Helen Geraldine

Skinner, Daisy Bell

Skinner, Frances Bertha (s)

Smith, Judith Logan

Smith, Sue Ann

Spearman, Gloria Lynn

Stokes, George Lester

Stone, Mary Jane

Tatom, James Floyd

Tennyuson, Alys Jo

Thomasson, Patsy Ruth

Thompson, Mildred Louise

Tisdale, Lula Marian

Torrens, Robert Lee

Trippe, Harvey Dean

Upchurch, James Homer

Wagner, Jeanette

Waldo, Lewis Floney (s)

Warnock, Rachel Olive (c)

Webster, William Wickham Jr.

White, Doris Jean

Williams, John Thomas (s)

Woodson, Dorsey Wilmans

Woolard, James Warren

Wright, Birdie Lana

Wright Lillfred Rudd