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We have information in our cemeteries that is from researching, not just from walking the cemetery, and there may not be a stone so it will be easy to prove they were copied.  The cemeteries are here for researching and personal use only not for submitting to other web pages.  This is hard work of volunteers.  We have the locations of the cemeteries if you would like to walk it and get your own listing.

Listing & photo's sent in by Bill & Betty Sharp unless noted.  * was used when other records showed burial in this cemetery & no stone was found. Other photos taken by Anna Brett marked with (AB)

  North of Nash, Bowie County Texas
From Texarkana go west on I-30 to FM Road 989 and turn right or north and go for about 3 miles and the cemetery will be on your left or north side of the road. On 21 September 1992, Chris Shumake organized his Boy Scout Troop 16 and cleaned this cemetery and put up a sign for his Eagle Scout Project. This cemetery was cleaned again on September 21, 2003, by Matt Vaughn with a large crew he organized to help him for his Eagle Scout Project. A new sign and entrance fence has also been added. There are as many unmarked graves or more that have markers. All visible markers were copied and pictures were taken by Betty and Bill Sharp September 2003.


To see Matt Vaughn & his father Mike at the sign after clean up click here.

A picture of the sign that was replaced.


On the back of the sign it has Eagle Project and also Troop 16 Chris Shumake 9/21/1996, Matt Vaughn 9/21/2003.  For a view of the back of sign click here.


I stared in disbelief today (8/7/2004) when a friend and I stopped by to take a look at Carpenter Cemetery on FM 989, north of Nash. Just about a year ago the cemetery was cleared for an Eagle Scout project and it looked really great as the pictures on this site have depicted since that time. 

I am submitting to you a few pictures that were taken today and ask that they be placed on the website. These people, so respectfully placed to rest many years ago, are once again lost in the jungle of underbrush.

ONE         TWO          THREE          FOUR

ANDERSON, Ella Eliza    11/3/1879    6/14/1949   (AB)

Barefield, Chester age 14 10/24/1918 s/o Chas & Elvia *

BURL, Isam   2/15/1915 Am. Guide Temple #732, Texarkana, TX    

Burnes, Julia     abt 59     11/26/1939*

Butler, Claude     9/25/1905     8/25/1941*

Callahan, Lem      12/21/1922      7/12/1953

CARSON, Alex  only date    1942 Triple stone

CARSON, Hattie  7/28/1909  1/13/ 1953 Triple stone

CARSON, R. C.  1923    1937 Triple stone

CLARK, Isibelle    1889    1962   

Copeland, Laurea    3/8/1873      1/13/1942*

Copeland, Warren R.    9/23/1866    5/14/1942*

Dixon, Donald Ray  7/19/1952   12/8/1952*  s/o Willie & Luerene

Earl, Bettie    12/20/1874     1/15/1940*

EARL, Mary    9/30/1886    12/13/1952  (AB)

Easter, Mollie age 65 6/7/1919*

FORT, Annie (Mrs)    2/10/181?    0/16/1951 In Memory of my Mother

GIBSON, Jane   age 35    3/15/1909   

HALEY, Bird    1/8/1893    1/10/1952    TX Pvt. 24th Inf. WW I

HARSON, Josie (Harrison, Jesse)    3/4/1894    2/16/1942 Hard to read (AB)  Close up here

Hawkins, Eula       died 5/25/1941*

James, Henry 5/1/1938 Carpenters Chapel*
Added from Bowden Records

Jetton, Jettie     1888    1943 (AB)

Johnson, Maggie    1859     9/27/1941*

KENNEDY, John Wesley  12/3/1870   12/31/1941 (AB)    

Lee, Sandy      10/2/1894      7/21/1953* 

LOWE, C.   1845   9/19/1930 Polly's Chapel Circle #548 (AB)  Photo 2 

McCormick, Fannie    2/28/1874     2/8/1939*

Moors, Ben      6/28/1878      3/2/1954*  

NASH, Lee T.   4/28/1917   10/25/1953 Pvt. Co E. 25th Inf. WW II  (AB)

NELSON, Marie   10/28/1924    11/13/1944   (AB)

Newton, Alex    10/15/1869     11/16/1939*

Perry, Richard      7/20/1885      7/20/1953* 

Richardson, Fannie    3/6/1875     12/23/1940*

Richardson, Thomas    2/25/1875     2/2/1940*

ROGERS, William M.  10/23/1924   8/19/1949 TX Pvt Qm Corps WW II (AB)

ROSS, Willie E.    3/10/1891    11/22/1965 MO Pvt. 15 Co WW I (AB)

Samuels, Ernest 6/1918 10/14/1919 s/o Levi*

Sanders, Jeroline   stillborn  12/4/1941 parents: Willie & Frankie*

Sanders, Jerry   stillborn  12/4/1941 parents: Willie & Frankie*

Scott, Henry age 65 6/21/1919*

SCOTT, Lonnie 1855  1941 Its hard to give you up but thy will be done (AB)

THOMAS, Mary  4/8/1895    11/16/1922   (AB)

TUCKER , Jessie James   5/6/1926 TX Pvt.CL 434 Reserve Labor Battn. (AB)

Turner, Sherry Dianne  11/12/1952  11/18/1952* d/o John & Cora

Wells, Willis    Abt 63     4/19/1942*

Young, Birdie Lee     1912     1/22/1941*

YOUNG, Charlie  1861    1946    Dbl stone with Julia         Close up by AB

YOUNG, Julia   1864    1946    Dbl stone with Charlie         Close up by AB

Young, Johnnie    12/31/1953   1/1/1954* s/o James & Bobbie

YOUNG, Mary Etter    age 21  7/10/1912   

YOUNG, Susie   12/8/1886    10/11/1965    (AB)

YOUNG, Watty   12/5/1885    1/21/1952    (AB) 

Scenes of the Cemetery & some of the family areas all done by (AB)
Photo 1     Photo 2     Photo 3

Burl, Carson, Tucker     Gibson, Young     Scott, Kennedy, Harson

Rogers, Anderson, Fort


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