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This Cemetery is located east of Redwater, Bowie County, Texas, about half a mile north of Hwy 67W. It is on the east side of the east fork of Elliott Creek. Elias White owned the land surrounding this cemetery from 1847 until his death in 1873. Almost everyone buried here is related to Elias by birth or marriage.

This inventory has been re-typed from an older listing compiled by Glenn Thrapp and included in a book prepared by Annette Barbaree about 15 years ago. Information was taken from Bowie County Census records and other lists. Pictures were taken and provided by Glenn Thrapp in March 2005.

Scenes of the Cemetery

Trail              Creek

One        Two        Three        Four        Five

ALFORD, L(Leroy)R. 10 Jan 1826 - 27 Jul 1899, h/oMartha, born in LA; father of Mary J, Sarah E, Martha S, John L, Wm P, & Ida L.

ALFORD, Martha A. 14 Sep 1835 - 2 Feb 1903, d/o Elias and Annie Gibbs White, Born Union Co, SC, mother of 7 children

BOBO, Hester White ca 7 Oct 1824 - 1857, believed to be buried here. D/o Elias & Annie Gibbs White. Wife of Jeremiah Bobo

BONHAM, Child No Dates available, reported to be buried here. Probable child of A.S. and Mary Jane Alford Bonham

COATES, Ethan B. 1861 - 1884 "Erected to the memory of my beloved brother by His sister, Mrs. T.W. Marshall. No Coates found on Bowie County Census 1850-1880. T.W. Marshall is found on 1880 Prec 2, Fam 178. The wife is Emmer, age 24.

COLLINS, J.(Josephine) A. 4 Jun 1857 - 8 May 1878, w/o T P Collins, dau of John C White, gdau of Elias & Annie White, mother of 2 children. 

CREED, Monroe ca 1864 - bef 1880, s/o Patric & Susan Creed, reported to be buried Here.

CREED, Patric 1812 - 1869, h/o Susan White Harlin. Believed to be buried here.

CREED, Susan White Harlin ca 1821 - bet 29 Apr and 1 Nov 1878, d/o of Elias & Annie White. Born SC. Mother of 5 children by Sam Harlin & 5 by Patric Creed.

GEORGE, Infant 16 Dec 1902 only date, d/o Cora & W.W. George

HARLIN, Sam 1810 - 1854/1855, h/o Susan White (Susan was dau of Elias & Annie)

HARLIN, Sarah Elizabeth 1848 - 1849, d/o Sam & Susan Harlin. Reported to be Buried here.

HOLMES, Minnie Alvis 15 Feb 1881 - 17 Dec 1881, d/o Bryant Jr & Amanda Dial-McAdams Holmes (Amanda was a sister to Sarah McWhirter. John R. McWhirter's 244 acres joined the White place on the North side. There Is a Holmes Cemetery west of Nash TX on the Holmes place. Unsure Why this child is buried here.

McCLOSKEY, Elizabeth L. 1879 - 1881, d/o Mattie & Edgar McCloskey

McCLOSKEY, Louis 1877 - 1879, s/o Mattie & Edgar McCloskey, ggson of Elias & Annie White

McCLOSKEY, Mattie G. 1848 - 1882, (Name was Martha Caroline Bobo McCloskey. D/o Jeremiah and Hester White Bobo. (Hester was dau of Elias & Annie White). 1st wife of Francis Edgar McCloskey

McCLOSKEY, William L. 1828 - 1854, father of Francis Edgar McCloskey. Reported To be buried here.

NETTLES, Della 1872 - 1879. Stone broken w/top half missing. Footstone w/ D.N.

NETTLES, Margaret Creed 1857 - no death info avail. Reported to be buried here. Dau Of Patric Creed and Susan White. Married Wm Nettle abt 1875. Mother of 8.

NETTLES, Ophelia 1862 - 1886, d/o Patric & Susan White Harlin Creed. Married Doak Nettles abt 1878.

NETTLES, William Lafayette 14 Apr 1854 - 1 Mar 1892, s/o John Jackson & Samantha Collins Nettles. Reported to be buried here.

SMITH, Ruth A. 9 Jun 1863 - 12 Aug 1865, d/o W.F. & Mary C.

SMITH, William F. 18 Mar 1862 - 18 Aug 1864, s/o W.F. & Mary C.

TAPP, Charles Y. ca 11 Jun 1803 - 3 May 1858. A native of Person County NC. Served in the Texas Army from 15 Jan to 15 Nov 1836. (Fence surrounds The Tapp & Smith graves)

TAPP, Charles Y. 2 Apr 1856 - 2 Oct 1881, s/o Charles & Mary C. Tapp

TAPP, Infant 10 Dec 1850 - 2 Feb 1851, d/o Charles & Mary C. Tapp   Photo showing dates

TAPP, James M. 16 Dec 1853 - 28 Sep 1855, s/o Charles & Mary C.

TAPP, Mary Caroline 13 May 1832 - 18 Oct 1881,   Another Photo  w/o Charles Tapp, later married W.F. Smith, d/o Elias & Annie White. (Mary married Charles Y Tapp Abt 1850. She married William F. Smith between 1858-1861. Mother of 7 children; 5 of Charles Tapp; Infant daughter, William Lewis, James M., Charles Y and Virginia A (Jennie); 2 of William Smith; William F and Ruth A.. Lewis and Jennie are buried in Read Hill Cemetery, W.F. Smith Is buried in Tapp (part of Center Ridge at Maud). Miss Jennie was the last Surviving Tapp and left an estate valued at several hundred thousand Dollars. Charles & Mary Tapp owned about 1000 acres of land south of Maud, on the west side of Hwy 8. There was a family cemetery on their Farm, so am unsure why their children were buried on the White place.

TAYLOR, Jack 1790 - 1860/1861, ggrandfather of Ray Taylor of Redwater. Reported To be buried here.

TAYLOR, Brothers (2) 1830's reported to be buried here. Both served in C.S.A.

UNKNOWN, no dates. A sister to Dora Wright Creed is reported to be buried here. Dora Was married to Charles Creed, a son of Patric & Susan Creed.

Unknown graves

One      Two      Three      Four      Five

WHITE, Annie Gibbs 1801 - ca 1864, w/o Elias. Born in SC.

WHITE, Elias 30 Dec 1797 - 2 Aug 1873, h/o Annie Gibbs. Father of John, Robert, William, Martha, Marion (Thos.) Jane (Laura J)

WHITE, J.L. or L.L. 1818 - 1847. Reported as being buried here. Believed by some To be the oldest son of Elias & Annie and that his death established the Cemetery.

WHITE, Monroe 1840 - 1860, s/o Elias & Annie. Reported to be buried here.

WHITE, Robert 1827 - ca 1860, s/o Elias & Annie. Reported to be buried here.

WHITE, Sarah Louisa Reams 1839 - 1864, w/o William White. Believed to be buried Here.

WHITE, William M. 1834 - Jul 1865. Believed to be buried here. Sandstone rock Marked with the initials M.W. (A great granddaughter was told as a Child that this grave was that of William M White) William was a S/o Elias & Annie White, born SC. He was murdered as he rode a Wagon of corn into the barnyard. He was shot by Lozen Landrum in July 1865. Lozen was married to Laura White, sister to William. William Married Sarah L Reams & later her sister, Mary Ann. Sarah & Mary Sisters to Lee & Seth Reams (part of the Cullen Baker's gang) In 1868, Baker was seriously wounded and hid for two months in Mr. Elliott's Pasture, northwest of the cemetery.

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