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1882 - 1883
Business Directory of Texarkana
From Wayne Adcock's Files
                   Akin, C. M. and son (Collin and James), harness and saddles
                         Allen, W. j., prop. News

                         American Reciprocal Aid Assn, W. H. Elliott,
                         pres.; R. J. Haygood,    sec; O. V. Hays, supt.
                         Anderson, Adolphus A., produce
                         Anderson, Edward S grocer
                         Anderson, John D, marble works
                         Applebaum, Lizzie W. Mrs., dry goods
                         Arata and Zanone (louis A Arata and John D Zanonc), saloon
                         Bachley and Weed, pottery
                         Bank of Texarkana
                         Barrier, F, tailor
                         Bass, Cornelius S, grocery
                         Bell, Frederick M, grocery
                         Benefield Hotel, James M. Benefield
                         Best and Beard, insurance
                         Best and Cochran, abstracts of title
                         Block, Charles, general store
                         Blythe, Alphonso S., saloon
                         Blythe, F., livery
                         Bond, Jesse D, resturant
                         Bracchi, Peter, tailor
                         Bramble, Charles E, cotten warehouse
                         Burke, C. C., physician
                         Burton and Friedell, attorneys
                         Byars, Francis A, drugs and physician
                         Catlett Brothers, saloon
                         Cells, Joseph L, saloon
                         Chappell, Robert W, livery
                         Church, Frederick A, agt. Singer Mnfrg. Co.
                         Citizens Bank
                         Clark, John W, confectioner
                         Corey, Samuel, dry goods
                         Cook and Cook, attorneys
                         Culley, L. T. and Co, feed
                         Danson, William, saloon
                         D'Arrigo, Frank, grocery
                         DeLoach and Read, drugs and physician
                         DeMorse, Leslie C, pres. Bank of Texarkana
                         DeMoss, L. T., general store
                         Dillon, Henry J, grocery
                         Dixon, Charles E, propr. Inter-State
                         Donelly, Edward C, saloon
                         Dorrian, Charles C, grocery
                         Draughn, J. H. and Co., general store
                         Dyke, A. P., soda, seltzer and ginger ail mfg.
                         Eck and Humphrey, grocery
                         Edwards, C. E. and Bro, barbers
                         Elliott, W. H. pres. American Reciprocal Aid Assn.
                         Ellis and Harris, milliners
                         Erber, Abram, general store
                         Fagan, William F, meat market
                         Flippin, Martin V, general store
                         Friedlander and Mayfield, saloon
                         Frienschner, Paul, lock and gunsmith and engraver

                   Gilbert, Louis P, saloon
                         Goldberg, Abram, dry goods
                         Goldberg, Charles, grocery
                         Hagey and Allen, insurance
                         Hamilton, William T, justice
                         Hammond, Frank P, dentist
                         Hannon, Vergil T, physician
                         Harrell and Hines, attorneys
                         Hart, John W, grocery
                         Haydon, C. E. and Co., general store
                         Hays, O. V. American Reciprocal Aid Assn.
                         Haywood, Robert J, American Reciprocal Aid Assn.
                         Hecht and Solinsky, general store
                         Herrenkind, J, confectioner
                         Hillar and Marsden, hardware
                         Hindman, Daniel, resturant
                         Hoffman, Abraham J, clothing
                         Hoffman, George, tinsmith
                         Hoffman, Lewis A, physician
                         Holt, M. L., tailor
                         Holtze, John, confectioner
                         Hooks, Charles A, notery
                         Hynson, H. C, attorney
                         Inter-State (daily) C. E. Dixon, propr.
                         Ivy, Peter, meat market
                         James, H. H., resturant
                         Jeter, Virgil S, physician
                         Johnson, Fredrick (c) saloon
                         Johnson, James R, meat mkt
                         Jones and Campbell, grocery
                         Joyner and Byrne, attorneys
                         Kelsey, William A, cashier Bank of Texarkana
                         Kimball, J. M., mngr W. U. Tel. Co.
                         Kingsbury, Leopold, dry goods
                         Kosminsky and Bro. (Marks and Joseph), general store
                         Kuhn, Joseph H, saloon
                         Langsdale, George H, meat market
                         Leary, Daniel T, attorneys
                         Leary, Stephen D, justice
                         Lee, John, barber
                         Lemley, Samuel, drugs
                         Levi, Matilda Mrs, second hand store
                         Levi, M and Bro. (Matt and Martin), confectioners
                         Lewis, F. B., dentist

                   Lipari, John M, resturant
                         Lutz, Mrs. Leah, notions
                         McCartney, William H, hotel
                         McKenna, J., shoemaker
                         McNealy, Nicholas A, watches, etc
                         Maher, John W, sewing machines
                         Mandell, Munzesheimer & Co, wholesale grocers
                         Marks, S. and Bro, barbers
                         Marquand Hotel, H. P. Williams, prop
                         Marre and Driscoll (Angelo Marre and Walter Driskoll), saloon
                         Mays and Fawbush, grocery
                         Miller, August, shoemaker
                         Moore, Charles C, photographer
                         Moore, Mrs. Harriett E, hotel
                         Moore and Yost, carpenters
                         Moran, John, saloon
                         Murray, L, harness and saddles
                         Nixon, John B, blacksmith
                         O'Donnell, Lizzie, milliner
                         O'Donnell, Thomas, baker
                         Paine, William L, confectioner
                         Parkins, Bernhard, tailor
                         Patttillo, L. A., confectioners
                         Peaker and Webster, drugs
                         Perry, Henry B (c) barber

                   Phillips, Augustus, grocer
                         Pierce and McDonald, barbers
                         Pitcher, Charles L, notary
                         Platz, Henry, shoemaker
                         Ragland, J. S. and S. M., booksellers
                         Ragsdale, John B, agt. Sou. Exp. Co.
                         Read, John J, shoemaker
                         Redding, Joseph, shoemaker
                         Rehkoff, Henry C, furniture and undertaker
                         Remseur, Peter S, wagonmaker
                         Ritchie, James, resturant
                         Robinson, William A, drugs
                         Robinson and johnson, grocers
                         Russell, William B, saloon
                         Samuels, L, clothing
                         Sandberger, Rose, dry goods
                         Sawyer, C. and Co, wholesale grocers
                         Schicker Bros, bakers
                         Schicker and son, tinsmith
                         Schuster, Frederick I, watchmaker
                         Scott and Jones, attorneys
                         Sharden, George, blacksmith
                         Sims, Samuel A, attorney
                         Skipwith, George J, tailor

                   Smith, James A, confectioner
                         Smith, J. F. and Co., drugs
                         Stichler, P. K. and Bro, clothing
                         Story, Frank, grocery
                         Talbot, James M, attorney
                         Talbot, John A, general store
                         Talbot, John W, physician
                         Taylor, O. P., city collector
                         Texarkana Democrat
                         Texarkana News
                         Thomas, Henry L, meat mkt
                         Thompson, Melville C, agent Pacfic Express Co
                         Tilson, William H, attorney
                         Todd and Hudgins, attorneys
                         Turner Bros, grocers
                         Voelker, Leo, barber
                         Voliva and Stoll, meat market
                         Wells, Miss Irene, agt milliner

                   Wheldon, Joshua, photographer
                         Whitaker, and Gallaway, grocers
                         White, Charles, watchmaker
                         Whitener, James C, livery
                         Whittemore and Brown, grocers
                         Wilkerson and Ruffin, machinery, etc
                         Williams, D. S., physician
                         Williams, H. P, propr. Marguand Hotel
                         Wilson, John S, hotel
                         Wooten and Smith, proprs. Democrat
                         Zimmerman, Peter, meat market

Texas State Gazetteer & Business Directory 
Standard Directory Service 
Houston, Tex.-Nashville, Tenn. 

Addition from Bill Sharp.

This document was also located in the collection 
of Bill G. Sharp of Texarkana. Excerpts from the header 
area denotes information of the Bowie County, Texas and 
Miller County, Arkansas areas as follows: Population 
about 4,000. Dual town, the line between Texas and Arkansas 
through the center of town. Terminus of the St. L., I. M. 
& S. Ry, also present terminus of the T. & St .L. Ry, 
Trans-Conti Div and Jeff. Div. Of T&P Ry. Work on the T. 
& St. L. Ry (narrow gauge) is progressing between Texarkana 
and Cairo. Has two planning mills, one cotton compress, 
two potteries, eight churches, male and female academies, 
one daily & two weekly newspapers (Inter-State, daily & weekly), (Democrat, weekly), and (News, weekly). Exports cotton, lumber and provisions. Daily mail by rail. H.F. Best, P. M. (postmaster).


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