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Taken from the 1884 Newspaper Directory in August 1884.  Microfilm available at the Texarkana College Library.  Transcribed by Tresa.

E. A. Warren, Editor and Proprietor
J. H. Wooten, City Editor.
Ed. A. Church, Publisher



West is Bowie County Texas 

East is Miller County Arkansas

Mayor-A. L. Ghio
Recorder-J. M. Tailbot
Secretary-T. T. Murry
City Attorney-O. J. Porter
D. F. Story-Treasurer
C. L. Pitcher-Engineer
J. Taylor-Marshal
Ildermen-1st. Ward, Joe Marx and Chas. A. Block.
2nd. Ward-W. B. Kizer and Gus Wessell
3rd Ward-L. F. Eckand Joe Henglin

Mayor- W. G. Cook
Recorder-W. B. Weeks
Treasurer-F. A. Byars
City Attorney- H. L. Grigsby
Marshall-Pat Landrigan
Aldermen, O. Whittemore, Chas. Bramble, C. C. Dorrian, Pat Hardin, A. S. Blythe.
Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday nights in each month.

County Judge, J. J. Bell
District Clerk, Lewis Alexander
County Clerk, T. J. Watlington
Sheriff, B. F. Hargett
Tax Collector, H. D. Boyce
Tax Assessor, J. C. Holloway
Treasurer, J. B. Barkman
County Attorney, S. W. G. Shipp
Justice of the Peace Precint No. 1. ., Leary.
Justice of the Peace, Precint No. 1. J. J. Peters.
Constable, J. W. Montgomery
J. P. Precint No. __ W. S. Proctor
Constable, W. Epperson
Constable, Precinct No. 4. A. Parker
County Commissioners, W. F. Wooten and Lewton Lindsay.


County Judge, W. T. Hamilton
Sheriff, C. E. Dixon
Clerk, W. R. Kelly
Prosecuting Attorney, T. E. Webber.


St. James Episcopal, corner Moores and Vine streets, near State Line, Sunday School every Sabbath. No regular pastor.

Methodist Episcopal South, corner State Line avenue and Forest street. Services every Sabbath, morning and night. Sunday school at 9 o'clock a.m. Prayer meeting every Thursday night. No rented pews. Rev. Monteastle, pastor.
Old School Presbyterian Church, on Clinton, between Maple and Spruce streets. J. H. Wiggins, pastor. Services every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday nights.

Northern Methodist, corner of Fourth and Hazel streets. Services every Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. G. W. Hood, pastor Sunday school at 3 p.m.
First Baptist church, on Pine near Forest street. Services every Sabbath, morning and night, prayer meeting on Wednesdays.

Catholic Church, corner Clinton and Spruce streets. Mass at 10 a.m. every Sunday. Vespers at 8 p.m. Father A. Barbin pastor.

K. & L. of H.
Meet at their hall on the first and third Mondays in each month. Brothers and sisters of the order respectfully invited
J. Dentschman, Dictator.
C. F. Burke, Secy.

Catholic Knights of America Branch 12_. Meets every Wednesday night. 
Chas. E. Beard, Presd't.

Gate City Lodge, I. O. O. F., meets every Thursday night at the hall.
O. D. Scoot, N. G. 
C. C. Porter, Sec'y.

American Legion of Honor, Mystic Council, No. 264, meets every first and third Wednesday in each month, at K. of H. hall.
J. H. Wiggins, Com.
H. Stichler, Secty.

Hebrew Benevolent Association, meets the first Sunday in every month, at K. of P. hall.
J. Deutschman, President.

Texarkana Chapter; No. 78, R. A. C. meet regulary the second. Monday in each month in their hall.
J. D. Latimer. H. P.
C. or G. E. Haydon, Sec'y.

Knights Templars - The Cour de Leon Commentery No. 6 will meet at their Asylum every third Monday in each month. Comrades invited to attend.
H. F. Best, E. G.
O. D. Scott, Recorder

Texarkana Lodge, No. 341: meets the 1st. Monday in each month.
P. S. Ramseur, W. M.
L. A. Byrne, Secy.

Knights of Pythins, meets every Friday nights at Conductors Hall.
J. D. Cook, C. C.
Ed. McCorkle, K. of R. S.

Bowie Lodge, No. 1903, K. of H. meets at their hall, on state street, on Tuesday nights.
J. F. Shaw, Dictator
H. Stichler, Reporter.

Texarkana Lodge A. O. U. W., will meet in their hall every second and fourth Wednesdays in each month. Visiting brothers invited to attend. 
V. T. Hannon, M. W. Robt. Thomson, Recorder


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