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Texarkana City Directory

Arkansas Democrat Co.  

This listing denotes persons living and/or working in Texarkana (Bowie Co., TX & Miller Co., AR) at the time data was gathered for the publication (possibly during late 1898 to early 1899). Book is at Texarkana Public Library.  Extracted by Doris Lindblad

Newspaper article 3/29/1899

1899-1900 City Directory:  Arkansas Democrat Co., of Little Rock the publishers.  The directory department of the Arkansas Democrat Co. is represented in this city by Messrs. H. E. Miller and L. L. Bianbard, who have charge of the canvass for the new city directory for 1899-1900.  They have been actively at work with the result that a first class volume is assured.  Texarkana is on the directory circuit of the Democrat Co. which embraces Little Rock, Hot Springs and other cities.  These works are highly complimented by business men.  In complimented by business  men.  In completeness and accuracy their directory excel all others.  It will contain four directories bound in one volume.  First, a directory of Miscellaneous information pertaining to state, county and organizations, public halls, buildings, etc., secret and benevolent societies, schools and churches, in fact a full and complete directory of useful information.  Second, the alphabetical directory, giving name, residence and occupation of all person over eighteen years of age residing in the city compiled in alphabetical order.  Third a classified business directory, containing a list of the business and professional people, arranged alphabetically under the proper business headings.  Fourth, the directory will contain an entirely new feature in the way of a street and avenue guide--giving first a description of the street that it may readily be found, following each description will be a list of all householders residing on the street arranged numerically.  This will be a very useful feature; it will enable a person to refer to any number and ascertain the name of householder.  This directory will be of vast benifit to both citizens and visitors, and being consulted by people in all walks of life will provide a valuable advertising medium.  This volume will be in use two years and advertisers.  It is to the interest of the city and business community to join the publishers in making this directory complete and by their patronage encourage a work which has the interest of the community at heart.  The standing of the Arkansas Democrat Co. is a guarantee as to the reliability of the work.  The last directory was published in 1897 and is now absolute as many changes have taken place since that time.  Taken from Texarkana papers.

Abbey, Mark H., auditor
Abdalla, Hamady, peddler
Abell, George C., physician
Ables, Willis R., barkeeper
Adams, Austin A., general store
Adams, Carrie
Adams, Carrie
Adams, Dock
Adams, Miss Emma, teacher
Adams, Emma
Adams, F. Leonora
Adams, Henry, laborer
Adams, Herman
Adams, John C., laborer
Adams, Josephine, laundress
Adams, Lucien C, livery
Adams, Lucille
Adams, Martha
Adams, Oscar L., clerk
Adams, Peter, farmer
Adams, Polly, domestic
Adams, Priscilla, laundress
Adams, Robert
Adams, Virginia, chambermaid
Adams, Wm. J., tel operator
Addington, Sallie R.
Addison, Lula, laundress
Affolter, Charles J., decorator
Agee, Miss Cora
Agee, George S., machine hand
Ahern, Patrick J.
Aiken, Edgar, driver
Aiken, Samuel, laborer
Aiken, Spence, hostler
Akin, Mary A.
Akins, Pearl
Albright, j. Samuel, fireman
Alexander, John, laborer
Alexander, Lottie
Alexander, Pinkney C., photographer
Alexander, Wm., laborer
Alexander, W.W., conductor
Alford, Wm II, farmer
Alison, Miss Carrie L., student
Allen, Albert J.
Allen, Alexander, carpenter
Allen, Alfred, barber
Allen, Alonzo, laborer
Allen, Andrew J.
Allen, Augustus C., farmer
Allen, Cuba
Allen, Edward A., bookkeeper
Allen, Felix
Allen, Henry A., manager
Allen, James A. proprietor
Allen, Jennie
Allen, Jesse M., bookkeeper
Allen, John, hostler
Allen, Miss Katie
Allen, Mary A.
Allen, Miss Pearl, tel operator
Allen, Quincy, bell boy
Allison, Daniel M., carpenter
Allison, L.B., tel operator
Allison, Miss Martha A.
Allison, Richard, carpenter
Allison, Walter G., barber
Alston, George W, manager
Alton, Wm., car repairer
Alverson, Frank A., photographer
Amey, Albert, laborer
Amison, Edward, barber
Anderson, Mrs. A.A., restaurant
Anderson, David, driver
Anderson, D.H., helper
Anderson, Flora
Anderson, Harry, cook
Anderson, John, laborer
Anderson, Melvin D., meats
Anderson, Mrs. Nellie
Anderson, Miss Nolia
Anderson, Wm., lineman
Anderson, Wm, laborer
Andrews, John, bell boy
Andrew, Mrs. Lonia
Anthony, John W.
Applebaum, Barney W., com
Applebaum, Barney W. Jr., clerk
Ard, J. Henry, farmer
Arlington, Viola
Armistead, George J., lawyer
Armstrong, Miss Ida
Armstrong, Jesse, clerk
Armstrong, Miss Lula
Armstrong, Margaret E.
Armstrong, Mattie
Arnold Charles, harness maker
Arnold, Jefferson, cook
Arnold, John H., broker
Arnold, Richard W., furniture
Arnold, Wm H., secretary
Arrington, Arthur, bookkeeper
Arthur, Cornelius, laborer
Arthur, Frank, molder
Arthur, Wm A.
Ashby, Henry N., clerk
Ashby, Newton II, clerk
Ashcraft, James P., car repairer
Aucklon, Joseph, fireman
Avan, Pink, laborer
Avery, Mrs. Julia
Avondino, Miss Josephine, teacher
Ayers, Raymond B., trainmaster
Ayres, Billie S., messenger
Ayres, Ralph H., messenger
Azie, Frank, laborer

Badstuebner, Miss Annie
Badstuebner, Henrietta
Bailey, Andrew C., solicitor
Bailey, Frank C., car inspector
Bailey, Miss Hortense, clerk
Bailey, John W., car repairer
Bailey, Miss Modena
Bailey, M.T., manager
Bailey, Mrs. Sallie M.
Bailey, Theodore II, dentist
Bainbridge, Arthur, brakeman
Baird, Miss Addie, clerk
Baird, Miss Della
Baird, James H.
Baird, Miss Laura
Baird, Miss Sallie
Baird, Wm. A., farmer
Baker, Miss Alice, teacher
Baker, Chester, laborer
Baker, Ellen
Baker, Miss Mary, milliner
Baker, Wm H., clerk
Baldwin, Emmet, lineman
Baldwin, Fowler, conductor
Baldwin, Harry, conductor
Baldwin, Mary S, grocer
Baldwin, Wm., clerk
Bamberg, Conrad, chef
Banks, Sallie, laundress
Bann, Miss Mamie
Bannister, Lydia
Bannister, Victoria
Baral, Joseph, laborer
Barber, Elisha F., general store
Barber, Robert F., physician
Barber, Wm T., poundmaster
Barbin, Rev. Alexis, priest
Barfield, Stephen M., clerk
Barker, W.W.
Barkman, Joseph
Barlow, Miss Ella
Barlow, Mrs. Rebecca
Barlow, Thomas Y., machinist
Barnes, Mrs. Agnes
Barnes, James, carpenter
Barnes, Lara
Barnes, Miss Louise
Barnes, Mary
Barnes, Miss Mary
Barnes, Ottie, lab
Barnes, Rush H., gen passenger agent
Barnes, Samuel, porter
Barnes, Wm T., millwright
Barron, Edwin L., cabinet maker
Barron, Elmo, carpenter
Barron, James L., carpenter
Barrow, Miss Carrie
Barrow, Charles, carpenter
Barrow, Elizabeth F.
Barrow, Joseph T., cabinett maker
Barrow, Wm A., carpenter
Bartholomew, J.J. engineer
Barton, Joseph, driver
Bass, Frank A., watchman
Bass, John T., pattern maker
Bauer, Miss Carrie
Bauer, John P., engineer
Bauer, Miss Mamie
Bauer, Peter
Bays, Wm., switchman
Beals, George C., student
Beard, Charles E., clerk
Beard, Charles G., carpenter
Beard, Charles M., carpenter
Beard, Hoseph R., barkeeper
Beard, Tracey
Bearden, Miss Sallie E., dressmaker
Beasley, Herschel, proprietor
Beck, James, carpenter
Bedford, John W., foreman
Bedingfield, Charles E., clerk
Bedingfield, Joseph, dry goods
Bedingfield, Miss Pearl
Behan, Joseph G., clerk
Behan, Wm, sawmill
Behr, Frank W., conductor
Belding, Della
Belk, Norman, bookkkeeper
Bell, Amanda, domestic
Bell, Andrew, laborer
Bell, Bird, laborer
Bell, Charles
Bell, Emma
Bell, Eunice
Bell, Jesse, laborer
Bell, Josie, laundress
Bell, J.R.
Bell, Louis, driver
Bell, Lucy, laundress
Bell, Oscar
Bell, Rosie, domestic
Bell, Samuel, saloon
Bell, Samuel
Bell, Wm.
Bell, Willis, servant
Beller, Charles, laborer
Belmont, Lottie
Bencini, Edward L., machinist
Bender, Charles M, painter
Bender, Miss Emma, stenographer
Bender, Gus, proprietor
Bedner, Miss Gussie
Benefield, James M.
Benefield, Oliver, clerk
Benjamin, James E.
Benjamin, Miss Mary
Benners, Edward, messenger
Benners, Mrs. Helen
Bennett, Charles, clerk
Bennett, Miss Florence
Benton, Heston, laborer
Bentley, Lottie
Benton, Annie M.
Benze, Phinnie J., clerk
Benze, Wm M., farmer
Benze, W. Aubrey, clerk
Berchten, Otto, confectioner
Berdikoski, Mrs. Minnie
Berliner, Bero, clerk
Berriel, Thomas, peddler
Berry, Abraham, porter
Berry, Ginger, driver
Berry, Sallie
Berser, Edward, laborer
Bertcher, Louis C.
Bertram, George
BERTRAM & SARVIS, Barbers, 113 w Broad
Bethea, Robert W., driver
Bettis, Carrie, laborer
Bickham, Miss Ella
Bickham, I. Adolphus, sheriff (Miller Co)
Bickham, John C., proprietor
Bickham, Julius C, deputy sheriff (Miller Co)
Bickley, Jacob G, deputy US Marshall
Biddle, George, carpenter
Biddle, Gus, carpenter
Biddle, Wiley A., carpenter
Bigelow, John A., clerk
Bigger, Frank E.
Bigger, Jacob H. confectioner
Bigger, Miss Myrtle, cashier
Birch, Frederick, laborer
Bird, Milton, laborer
Birtcher, Charles W, carpenter
Birtcher, Curtis S, carpenter
Birtcher, James S, carpenter
Birtcher, James W, carpenter
Birtcher, Louis, gunsmith
Bishop, Perry, car repairer
Bitner, John T, butcher
Bius, Ferdinand L, finisher
Bius, J. Thomas, machinist
Bizzell, Dovey, laundress
Bizzell, Wm, laborer
Black, Aaron
Black, Francis, laundress
Black, James F, lawyer
Black, Jefferson, porter
Black, Mollie
Black, Thomas O, hostler
Blackburn, Miss Allie M.
Blackburn, Kate
Blackburn, Milton, carpenter
Blackburn, Wm, clerk
Blackmore, Mollie, laundress
Blackwell, Miss Alma
Blackwell, Laura B, laundress
Blackwood, Herbert S, bookkeeper
Blair, Mrs. Martha I.
Blair, Martin S, student
Bland, Agnes
Blankenbeckler, E. Carson, rental agent
Blankinship, Miss Hannah
Blanton, Miss Josie
Block, Mary, domestic
Blocker, Charles M, deputy circuit clerk (Miller Co)
Blocker, Mary E.
Bloom, Emanuel M
Bloom, Lucy
Blount, Lena, laundress
Blue, W.C., car inspector
Blythe, Alphonso S, livery stables
Blythe, Harry S, city fireman
Bobo, Howard B, grocer
Bobo, Lemuel P, grocer
Bodley, Rev. W.T.
Boger, Sumpter, laborer
Bolinger, Sanford H, lumber
Bolling, James G., car inspector
Bond, James, car repairer
Bond, Wm F Jr., stenographer
Bonham, Maxcy F, cashier
Bonner, Eliza, laundress
Booker, George W, livestock
Booker, Joseph, laborer
Booker, Nettie
Booker, Walter, porter
Boone, Flora
Boone, Louis, servant
Boone, Louis, laborer
Booth, Wm H, furniture
Boothe, Edward T, station baggage agent
Bostic, Link
Bostic, Robert
Bostick, Jefferson, laborer
Bostick, Robert, cook
Boswell, Charles M, supt A&C RY
Boulden, Armistead, waiter
Bouldin, James W, cotton buyer
Bourricand, John F, helper
Boush, Adolphus T, foreman
Bousch, Harry M, gen manager
Bowden, Clifton, fireman
Bowens, Minnie, cook
Bowie, Daisy
Bowles, Ivy M, clerk
Bowles, Joseph C, waiter
Bowman, Miss Elsie
Bowman, Miss Etta
Bowman, Jennie, laundress
Bowman, Silas R, farmer
Box, Harrison, collector
Boyd, Balaam, laborer
Boyd, Dennis, cabinet maker
Boyd, Georgie
Boyd, John, laborer
Boyd, John E, switchman
Boyd, John, laborer
Boyd, Wm, driver
Boydstun, Mrs. Annie
Boydstun, Bruen, messenger
Boykin, Wyatt, laborer
Brackett, Edward T, carpenter
Brackett, Rowe
Brackett, Wallace
Brackett, Wm A, driver
Brackston, Wm, barber
Bradbury, Wm
Bradfield, Wm, hostler
Bradford, Emily, laundress
Bradford, John, farmer
Bradley, Mrs. Bettie R
Bradley, Harry R, clerk
Bradley, Jane, cook
Bradley, John R, collector
Bradley, Miss Minnie
Bradley, Peter, laborer
Bradley, Ross, driver Wells Fargo
Bradley, Wm, laborer
Bradley, Wm, laborer
BRADSTREET CO, 114 1/2 e Broad
Brady, Benjamin, porter
Brady, Miss Mai
Brady, Miss Myra
Bragg, John, cook
Bramble, Homer L
Bramble, Lycurgus D, editor Gate City News
Branch, John, laborer
Branch, Sallie, teacher
Branch, Thomas, laborer
Branch, Wm, waiter
Brandon, Addison, clerk
Brandon, Miss Annie
Brandon, Ida, cook
Brandon, Luke, foreman T&P
Brantley, Arthur B
Brantley, Arthur D, messenger
Brashear, Charles C, general store
Brashear, C. Martin, chemist
Braumiller, Nicholas, meats
Braxton, Lizzie, domestic
Braxton, Wm, barber
Bray, Moses F, porter
Brazier, Mittie, domestic
Breen, Frank
Brengle, Charles C, manager Interstate Drug
Brentano, M.F., laborer
Bresewitz, Arnold S, clerk
Bresewitz, John
Brewer, George, salesman
Brewer, James, clerk
Brewer, Thomas A
Bridgman, Robert L, agent
Briggs, James
Bright, Rev. Haywood
Bright, Robert L, physician
Brignoti, Maria, cook
Briley, Clifford F, clerk
Briley, Henry F, manager
Briley, H. Pope, dry goods
Briston, George
Britton, Samuel J, grader
Broadenax, Cora, domestic
Broadenax, Sylvia, domestic
Broderick, John, fireman
Brooks, Elisha, porter
Brooks, Malinda
Brooks, Summer A, clerk
Brooks, Walter M, driver
Bross, George, tel operator
Brower, J.P., lumber
Brown, Alvia P, manager SW Tel
Brown, Annie, laundress
Brown, Benjamin, laborer
Brown, Carrie
Brown, Cecil
Brown, Clarence, laborer
Brown, Edmund, laborer
Brown, Edward D, laborer
Brown, Emma, laundress
Brown, Frank, laborer
Brown, Harlan H, carpenter
Brown, Harvey, butcher
Brown, Henry
Brown, Henry, helper
Brown, Henry
Brown, Jackson
Brown, James C, laborer
Brown, John, laborer
Brown, John B, carpenter
Brown, J.C., fireman
Brown, Miss Kittie
Brown, Lithie
Brown, Louisa
Brown, Lula
Brown, Lula, laundress
Brown, Mary, laundress
Brown, Mattie
Brown,Noah, laborer
Brown, Pinkey, laundress
Brown, Rachael, laundress
Brown, Reuben, porter
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Samuel, carpenter
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Virgil, basket maker
Browner, Harry J, student
Browner, Miss Ida M, student
Browner, Miss Loretta M, student
Browner, Thomas P.
Brownrigg, Anthony, blacksmith
Brunazzi, Edward, fireman
Brunazzi, Richard, special agent
Brust, Frank, clerk
Bryan, Felix A, teacher
Bryan, James P, traveling agent
Bryan, J. Lee, clerk
Bryant, Alzedore A, teacher
Bryant, Amelia, laundress
Bryant, George, barber
Bryant, James, carpenter
Bryant, John, carpenter
Bryant, McClinton, laborer
Bryant, Martha E
Bryant, Miss Ophelia
Bryant, Thaddeus, contr
Bryant, Thaddeus A, carpenter
Bryant, Thomas, laborer
Buchanan, James W
Buchanan, John, salesman
Buchanan, John L, clerk
Buchanan, Wm, pres Bodcaw Lumber
Buck, George E, foreman
Buck, Samuel B, clerk
Buesson, Mrs. Anna
Buhrman, Wm J.
Bumb, Frank, switchman
Bumb, George H, caller
Bumb, Louis, switchman
Bundy, Burt, brakeman
Bunting, Richard
Burch, Wm H, proprietor
Burden, Willie, domestic
Burdett, Clifford M, manager
Burdett, Edwin, brick setter
Burdick, Wm A, fireman
Burdsal, Wm, manager
BURDSAL CO, architects & builders, 423 State Line Ave
Burgess, Lyman L, messenger
Burgess, Miss May A.
Burgner, Mrs. Dora
Burk, Edmond F, pres Smith Drug
Burke, Augustus L, proprietor
Burke, Christopher C, physician
Burke, Robert L, clerk
Burkhart, Mrs. Mary C, furn rooms
Burks, Gus, bell boy
Burks, John W, barber
Burlingame, Joseph T, lumber
Burns, Carrie
Burns, J.E.
Burns, Wm, laborer
BURON, JOHN REAL ESTATE, 316 1/2 w Broad
Buron, Victor E, clerk
Burroughs, James, messenger
Bursey, Demp, laborer
Bursey, Edward, laborer
Barnette, John H.
Burton, Thomas
Burton, Wm. W.
Bush, Annie
Bush, Eugenia E
Bush, John, barkeeper
Bush, John, janitor
Bush, Lela
Bush, Mary
Bush, Miss Myrtle E, bookkeeper
Bush, Rita, laundress
Bush, William V, clerk
Butler, Della
Butler, E.L.
Butler, Gus, laborer
Butler, Jacob, driver
Butler, John R, jailor (Miller Co)
Butler, Sallie
Butler, Miss Sarah W, music teacher
Butler, Wm, waiter
Buvens, Henry J, bookkeeper
Byrd, O.P, traveling agent
Byrd, Robert, porter
Byne, Joseph H.
Byne, Joseph H, Jr, butcher
Byrd, Herbert O, clerk
Byrne, Lawrence A., lawyer

Cabaness, Napoleon B, carpenter
Cahall, Walter B, boilermaker
Cain, Frank, master mechanic
Cain, Wm., carpenter
Caldwell, Charles, laborer
Caldwell, Miss Emma
Caldwell, George, laborer
Caldwell, Rev. Henry C.
Caldwell, Hiram, laborer
Caldwell, James, laborer
Caldwell, Miss Jamie B, student
Caldwell, Thomas, porter
Calhoun, Henry
Calhoun, Mollie, laundress
Calhoun, Sterling, laborer
Call, Burt A, foreman
Call, Nannie J.
Calton, James, laborer
Campbell, Alexander C., car repairer
Campbell, Callie
Campbell, Charles E., brakeman
Campbell, Edward B, engineer
Campbell, George
Campbell, Marshall, porter
Campbell, Primus, laborer
Campbell, S. Arthur
Campbell, Wm J., grocer
Camponovo, Stephano, barkeeper
Cane, Edward F., clerk
Cannella, Michael
Cannon, Frank, laborer
Canon, Miss Carrie
Canon, Robert G., laborer
Canon, Robert G, Jr., machinist
Canston, John J, conductor

Cantrell, S. Wiley, trimmer
Caperton, B. Frank, conductor
Caperton, E.
Cappelle, Conrad, barkeeper
Card, Charles W., tel operator
Carey, Laura, domestic
Carey, Stephen II, dyer
Carland, Frank, lineman
Carloss, Mrs. Jane C., clerk
Carlton, Isaac T., driver
Carmichael, James, laborer
Carmichael, John, dairy
Carmichael, Miss Katie, music teacher
Carpenter, Marion F., tinner
Carpenter, Martha
Carpenter, Thomas F, tinner
Carpenter, Uriah, broom maker
Carr, Elizabeth
Carrara, Frank, clerk
Carrara, John, clerk
Carrara, Miss Rose
Carruth, Mary
Carrigan, Mattie, cook
Carrigan, Monroe, laborer
Carrigan, Sallie
Carroll, Robert, driver
Carroway, Lizzie, nurse
Carson, Indiana
Carson, Jennie
Carson, Jennie, domestic
Carson, Wm H. superintendent
Carson, W.H., laborer
Cartaine, Joseph, laborer
Carter, Mrs. Ann
Carter, Annie
Carter, A.B.
Carter, Edward C.
Carter, Edward C., cook
Carter, Erastus, porter
Carter, Harold B, manager
Carter, John, laborer
Carter, Joseph W, conductor
Carter, Lottie
Carter, Moses
Carter, Sherman, bricklayer
Carter, Wm, brakeman
Caruth, Joseph L, laborer
Cartwright, Horace, laborer
Cartwright, Nancy, teacher
Cartwright, Peter, laborer
Cartwright, Richard, laborer
Cartwright, Thomas, musician
Cartwright, Walker
Casey, Benjamin F, car repairer
Casey, Wm E, marshal Texarkana AR
Casey, W. F., plumber
Casmos, Oscar, brakeman
Cassidy, Frank O, manager
Cassidy, Michael, saloon
Casteel, George W, watchmaker
Castleman, Herbert, engineer
Catlett, Florence C.
Cato, Benjamin, switchman
Catron, Hugh A, driver
Cella, Miss Bessie
Cella, Joseph A, barkeeper
Cella, Paul J, stenographer
Cella, Wm, caller T&P RY
Cerliano, Antonio, restaurant
Cervini, Joseph, restaurant
Chadick, Alva L, brakeman
Challin, Roger, clerk
Chalker, Charles A, carpenter
Chamberlain, Miss Griggs
Chambers, Mrs. Ella, dressmaker
Chambers, Lucy
Chance, Benajah, solicitor
Chance, Emma, laundress
Chance, Milton H, carpenter
Chance, Morgan B, clerk
Chance, Morgan B. Jr, clerk
Chance, Miss Tullia
Chance, Walter S, clerk
Chance, Wm E, carrier'Chandler, Robert, laborer
Chapin, Harry, machinist
Chaplin, Harvey, laborer
Chappell, Miss Maggie
Chappell, Raymond, clerk
Chappell, Mrs. Sarah J, boarding
Chappell, Wm, student
Chase, W.F., sec & treas., resides Shreveport
Chatfield, Miss Grace E.
Chatfield, Joseph L.
CHATFIELD & BURHMAN, hardware, 117 e Broad
Chauncey, Daniel F, carrier
Chauncey, Eli A, carp
Chauncey, Eli C.
Chauncey, Jesse B, clerk
Chaytor, Mrs. Marie F.
Cheatham, Serilda, laundress
Cheesman, Herbert J, freight agent
Chesterfield, Ottry, rooms
Chilcoat, Fred, student
Chilcote, Sterling S, gardener
Chinn, Washington
Choate, Arthur B.
Choate, Miss Bessie, operator
Choate, Guy W, clerk
Choate, Milton B, car repairer
CHOATE & PHARR, meats, 216 State Line Av.
Christian, Jasper, porter
Christian, Matilda, domestic
Christian, Thomas, laborer
Christian, Rev. Wm M, pastor
Christie, Wm J, steward
Christopher, Bruce
Church, Asenath W.
Church, Frank I, sign & carriage painter
Church, Henry R, tel operator
Cigainero, Vincent, saloon
Cisco, Zeb, cook
Clark, Barney, cigar maker
Clark, Eliza
Clark, Jackson, laborer
Clark, Rev. J.M, removed to Chicago, Ill,
Clark, Louis, laborer
Clark, Robert L, foreman
Clark, Mrs. Sadie, dressmaker
Clark, Samuel, clerk
Clark, Volney S.
Clark, Wm, laborer
Clay, Alice, domestic
Clements, Joseph, laborer
Clements, Edward
Clements, Otis, laborer
Clemons, Edgar M, laborer
Clever, Adolph R, hostler
Clingan, David H, car inspector
Cobb, Oscar O.
Cochran, James
Cochran, Wm J, driver
Cocke, Calvin J, clerk
Cody, Benjamin F, farmer
Coffey, Clyde M, clerk
Coker, Eugene A, student
Colburn, Miss Cyrne L.
Colburn, Frank L, school principal
Cole, Albert, laborer
Cole, Oscar J, switchman
Cole, Wm P, machinist
Coleman, Eppie
Coleman, Evaline
Coleman, Fredonia, laundress
Coleman, Joseph A, journalist
Coleman, Josephine, laundress
Coleman, Lee, laborer
Coleman, Miss Lizzie, operator
Coleman, Tip, livestock
Coley, Edward, laborer
Coley, Robert, engine foreman
Collins, Benjamin, manager
Collins, Miss Bessie
Collins, Daphne, laundress
Collins, Edward
Collins, Edward, hostler
Collins, Horace M.
Collins, James M, farmer
Collins, Mrs. Minnie
Collins, Olmstead
Collins, Rebecca
Collins, Richard D, bookkeeper
Collins, Rose, laundress
Collom, Spencer A, physician
Colombo, Antoino
Colombo, Fernando, laborer
Colombo, Joseph, laborer
Colsom, Miss Jane
Colvin, Mrs. Eunice B, teacher
Combs, Chester, blacksmith
Condon, John, laborer
Conley, J.J., engineer
Connell, Thomas, student
Connelly, Bully, laborer
Connelly, Green, laborer
Connelly, Hilliard, coachman
Contreras, Frank, restaurant
Contreras, Mary
Contreras, Santos
Conway, Cora
Conway, Jane, cook
Cook, Calvin J, clerk
Cook, Camelia E.
Cook, Frank J, lineman
Cook, Henry W, butcher
Cook, John N
Cook, Joseph E, lawyer
Cook, LaRue J, student
Cook, Miss Mabel
Cook, Pearl
Cook, Sidney, laborer
Cook, Wm G, lawyer
COOK & BURTNETTE, lawyers, 114 1/2 e Broad
Cooper, Albert T, tel operator
Cooper, Amos, clerk
Cooper, Henry, laborer
Cooper, Hubbard D, upholsterer
Cooper, Lloyd C, fireman
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Mary L, teacher
Cooper, Robert L, porter
Copeland, Pearl
Corbett, John T, conductor
Cordell, Oscar, fireman
Cormay, Edward, engine foreman
Corner, Georgia, laundress
Corry, Arthur, stenographer
Corry, Hugh, lumber
Corry, Miss Vida
Coske, Mrs. Bertha
COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL, bet State & State Line Av
Costello, James, carpenter
Costello, Peter, farmer
Costello, Wm, driver
Cothren, John, farmer
Cothren, Wm T, car inspector
Cotton, Angeline
Cotton, Columbus J, grocer
Cotton, Eliza A, laundress
Cotton, Emma, laundress
Cotton, Robert, laborer
Cotton, Vina
Couch, Harvey C, clerk
Coulter, Robert, student
Coulter, Wm, engineer
Cowley, Benjamin T, grocer
Cowley, Miss Ruby
Cox, Miss Bessie G.
Cox, C.T, laborer
Cox, Edward, painter
Cox, Ernest, clerk
Cox, Miss Etta, operator
Cox, George T, laborer
Cox, Mrs. Hulda A.
Cox, Jesse, livestock
Cox, Mrs. Mollie
Cox, Mortimer S, clerk
Cox, M. Edgar, painter
Cox, Miss Nellie R, operator
Cox, Reginald P, painter
Cox, Wm C, laborer
Cox, Wm, saw filer
Cox, Miss Winona, clerk
Crabtree, Howard, carpenter
Craig, Andrew J, carpenter
Craig, Miss Effie E.
Crain, Cola, baker
Cramer, N.A, restaurant
Crater, Frederick, laborer
Crawford, Amanda, domestic
Crawford, Charles W, sec & Treas Gate City Grocery
Crawford, Clara
Crawford, David A.
Crawford, Freedonia, domestic
Crawford, George, car inspector
Crawford, John
Crawford, John, waiter
Crawford, John E, clerk
Crawford, Samuel C, laborer
Crawford, Samuel H, grocer
Crawford, Wm, laborer
Cray, Charles, laborer
Creekmore, Robert C, clerk
Crenshaw, James N, paver
Crenshaw, John S, car inspector
Crisp, Raymond, servant
Crittenden, Thomas
Cromwell, Frank, hostler
Crosby, John, laborer
Cross, Florence
Cross, Joseph
Crotty, Dennis, baker
Crotty, John, baker
Crouch, Miss Helen
Crouch, Wm V, conductor
Crow, Miss Gertrude, milliner
Crow, Robert T, constable
Crow, Temple W, clerk
Crowder, Miss Mary B, principal
CROWDUS BROS & CO, hides & wool, e Broad, sw cor Hazel
Crowell, Walter, clerk
Crowley, Webster, porter
Crump, Archibald B, confectioner
Crump, Mary J
Crump, Wm
Crumpton, Samuel D, metal plating
Crumpton, Wm S, metal plating
Cuckler, John, chief engineer Water Co
Culley, Alexander, E, deputy city marshal, Texarkana Ark
Culley, Miss Bouchie
Culley, Miss Dora
Culley, James, laborer
Culley, James, plumber
Culley, Lewis J
Culver, Joseph M, cigar maker
Cummins, Albert, porter
Cummins, Lily M.
Cummins, Wm A, laborer
Cundill, Mrs. A.M, millinery
Cunningham, Freeman
Cunningham, Samuel M.
Curtis, Emma, laundress
Curtis, Mack, laborer
Curtis, Percy, laborer
Cusack, John, bricklayer
Cushing, Charles P, car inspector
Cusick, Thomas, boilermaker
Custer, Floyd, laborer
Custer, George
Cutler, Mary
Cutting, George D, driver

Dahlberg, Edward, fireman
Dalby, Robert L, assistant bank cashier
Daley, Thomas, plumber
Dandridge, John, laborer
Daniels, Clarissa
Darberg, N.E., fireman
Darkins, Wm, driver
Darnall, Joseph, traveling agent, res Clarksville Tex
D'Arrigo, Frank, grocer
D'Arrigo, Nick, confectioner
D'Arrigo, Orazio, general store
D'Arrigo, Peter, grocer
Darwin, Richard O, traveling agent
Dauer, John T, switchman
Davenport, Della, domestic
Davenport, Norah, cook
David, Annie
David, Emma
David, Flora
David, Georgia
David, Lula
David, Mary
Davis, Samuel, driver
David, Samuel, laborer
Davidson, Charles, clerk
Davidson, Charles O, engineer
Davidson, David, 2nd hand goods
Davidson, David Jr, clerk
Davidson, J.M.
Davidson, Samuel, gent's furnishings
Davidson, Miss Selma
Davis, Alice, laundress
Davis, Anextermander M, grocer
Davis, Anthony, laborer
Davis, Ayler, laundress
Davis, Benjamin W, barber
Davis, Benjamin, tmstr (teamster?)
Davis, C. Frank, shoe maker
Davis, Docia, laundress
Davis, Miss Emma
Davis, Helen M
Davis, Miss Idalia
Davis, John M.
Davis, Lacey
Davis, Lucinda
Davis, Mrs. Mary E, hotel proprietor
Davis, Melinda, domestic
Davis, Monroe, laborer
Davis, Nelson, laborer
Davis, Noah L, dry goods
Davis, Robert , laborer
Davis, Solomon, laborer
Davis, Thomas H, engineer
Davis, Wm, porter
Davis, Wm F, lumber
Davis, Zachariah, brooms
Davison, W.A.
Dawkins, Wm, laborer
Dawley, Valeb W, pres. Texarkana Ice Co, res Dallas Tex
Dawson, George W, porter
Dawson, Hattie, teacher
Dawson, Nelson R, photographer
Dawson, Red, hostler
Dawson, Washington, porter
Day, John B, auditor
DAY, ORIN B, grocer, 105 Jackson, CH
Day, Miss Orrie M, clerk
Dean, Charles, driver
Dean, Charles A, messenger
Dean, Charles, caller
Dean, Miss Ella
Dean, Hnery S, conductor
Dean, Hugh B, marshal
Dean, Jesse, laborer
Dean, Joseph, laborer
Dean, Rhoda N.
Dean, Wm H, bookkeeper
Debolds, Lena, laundress
Deckert, George, furnished rooms
Dees, Frank, porter
DeGrazier, Mrs. Anna
DeGrazier, Anthony, saloon
DeFrazier, James, barber
DeGrazier, Miss Mary
DeLamar, Austin S, boots & shoes
Delaney, Daniel B, sawyer
DeLay, Carl J, bricklayer
DeLay, Miss Fannie G.
DeLay, Wylie J, bricklayer
Delk, Edward, engineer
DeLoach, Alfred B, bookkeeper
DeLoach, Miss Fannie
DeLoach, Mrs. Fannie E.
DeLoach, Miss Mary, teacher
DeMarce, Alfred W, machinist
DeMarch, Anthony, proprietor
DeMarch, Charles, molder
DeMarce, Edward S, machinist
DeMarce, Frank L, bookkeeper
Denny, Nettie
Denson, Wm H, student
DePrato, Harry L, removed to St Louis
DePrato, Wm C, removed to St Louis
DePrato, Mrs. W.W, removed to St Louis
Derryberry, John W, blacksmith
Derryberry, Wm A, blacksmith
Detmer, Charles, fireman
Deume, Hal, carpenter
Deupree, Albert B, physician
Deupree, Miss Allie B, principal
Devlin, Eli B, carpenter
Devlin, Sidney, laborer
DeWitt, Charles B, restaurant
DeWitt, Charles J, cashier
Diamond, Gerald J.
Dickey, Annie
Dickey, Samuel M, chief clerk
Dickinson, Mrs. Eula B.
Dickinson, Mattie
Dickson, Charles D, engineer
Dickson, Edward, porter
Dickson, Michael M, traveling agent, resides Pittsburg
Dietz, Oscar, fireman
Dildine, Willis O, lineman
Dillard, Buck
Dillard, Dean, laborer
Dillard, Eunice M, bookkeeper
Dillard, James
Dillard, Reuben, laborer
Dillard, Tiza
Dismuke, Green, laborer
Dixon, Andrew, driver
Dixon, Francis
Dixon, Josephine, laundress
Dodge, Isaac, porter
Dodson, Lizzie, laundress
Dodson, Peter, laborer
Dollarhide, Harriet J.
Donaldson, Susie, laundress
Donnovan, Wm H, hostler
Dooley, George
Dorrian, Cornelius C, manager
Dorsey, Martin
Dortch, James, brakeman
Doss, Dennis
Doster, Alberta
Doster, Edward, laborer
Dosty, Jackson, driver
Dosty, Wiley, porter
Dotson, Peter, barber
Douglass, Rev. Brooks
Douglass, Hamilton N, porter
Douglas, J.B, laborer
Douglass, Wm H, fireman
Dowling, Richard S, clerk
Downey, A.L., carpenter
Downie, Alexander, carpenter
Downie, Frank D, clerk
Downs, Aaron, laborer
Downs, Chaney
Downs, Georgia
Doyle, Anna L.
Doyle, Clyde R, brakeman
Doyle, Dallas
Doyle, Frederick K, clerk
Doyle, James, bill poster
Drake, Mrs. Lida M.
Draper, Andrew H, farmer
Draper, Charles, driver
Draper, James S, engineer
Draper, Miss Nettie, teacher
Draper, Miss Stella
Draughon, Prof. James M, principal
Draughon, Mrs. J. W., principal, shorthand department
Drew, Wm F.
Droke, John W, clerk
Dryer, Ernest A, proprietor
Dudley, Casibianca, waiter
Dudley, Evelina
Dudley, Rev. George W.
Duem, Albert L, carpenter
Dunaway, Samuel, clerk
Dunbar, George H, switchman
Dunham, Fab, laborer
Dunkerton, Harry C, clerk
Dunn, Miss Annie, student
Dunn, Jane A.
Dunn, Mrs. Mary A.W.
Dunn, Thomas J, barber
Dunn, Thomas W, general store
Durham, Mack, peddler
Duval, C.A.
Duval, Frederick
Duval, Gustave, laborer
Duval, Patrick
Dwyer, Emma, dressmaker
Dyke, Charles A, traveling agent, resides Pittsburg
Eads, Emma
Earhart, Chester L, laborer
Earhart, John H, roadmaster
Earhart, Mrs. Lou, dressmaker
Earl, John W, barkeeper
Earl, J. Wm, grocer
East, Elias C, deputy city marshal, Texarkana Ark
East, Mrs. Elias C, dressmaker
East, Joseph
East, Joseph J
Eck, Miss Agnes
Eck, Miss Carrie
Eck, Louis F, broker
Eckles, Mrs. Martha J.
Eckles, Simeon E, agent
Edmond, Emma
Edmond, Wm, laborer
Edmond, Nash, laborer
Edwards, Caroline, domestic
Edwards, Charles, laborer
Edwards, Miss Cora
Edwards, Edward, laborer
Edwards, Edward, laborer
Edwards, Emma, laundress
Edwards, Mrs. Florence A.
Edwards, Garland, laborer
Edwards, George, laborer
Edwards, Henee, laborer
Edwards, Rev. Henry M, pastor
Edwards, Jesse, barber
Edwards, John, laborer
Edwards, John C.
Edwards, Joseph, traveling agent
Edwards, Julian
Edwards, Mattie S.
Edwards, T. Stanley, Sheriff Bowie County
Edwards, Walter, harness maker
Edwards, Wm, laborer
Ehrlich, Adaline
Ehrlich, Jacob P, stenographer
Ehrlich, Joseph, tailor
Eidson, Cora
Eidson, Matthew, laborer
Eisele, Charles R, manager
Eli, Clark
Elkin, Nannie
Elkins, Thomas F, farmer
Elle, Joseph, clerk
Elledge, Miss Mattie, quilter
Ellen, Wm, laborer
Ellett, Thomas R, student
Elli, Joseph
Elliott, March T, laborer
Elliott, Wm H, clerk
Ellis, Gaither B, notary public & real estate
Ellison, Leslie B, train dispatcher
Ellis, Mrs. Mattie, dressmaker
Ellis, Miss Nannie
Ellis, Samuel, waiter
Elmore, Samuel, laborer
EL PASO HOTEL, 403 w Broad
Elstner, Miss Haidee, seamstress
Elting, Harry, clerk
Embry, Ernest F, clerk
Emery, Joseph, driver
Emery, Peter, driver
Emling, John H, clerk
Endsley, Wm F, sub carrier
Epperson, Robert, waiter
Epps, Cinda
Epps, Hilliard, laborer
ERBER, CHARLES S, Watchmaker & Jeweler, 106 w Broad
Erber, Mrs. Esther
Ervin, Della
Ervin, Lizzie
Ervin, Minnie
Espy, Lizzie, domestic
Estes, Benjamin T, bank president
Estes, Benjamin T Jr, clerk
Estes, Edward A, gardener
Estes, Horace, driver
Estes, Jesse
Estes, Thomas H, blacksmith
Estes, Thomas H, brakeman
Estes, Wm E.
Estes, W. Lee, lawyer
ESTES & JONES, painters, 407 w Broad
ESTES & KING, Lawyers, 105 1/2 State
ESTES & WATLINGTON, Real Estate, 211 State
Eubank, Mrs. Julia
Euden, Benjamin, fireman
Evans, Frank, conductor
Evans, Irvin, laborer
Evans, Isaac W, porter
Evans, John C, porter
Evans, Lena
Evans, Maggie, laundress
Evans, Maria, cook
Evans, Wm, laborer
Evans, Wm H, bookkeeper
EVERETT, JOHN, Grocer, 1508 Olive
Everett, J. E.
Everett, Wm, foreman
Ewing, Wm E.
Exum, Fannie, laundress

Fagan, Wm R, bookkeeper
Fagnani, Joseph, clerk
Faison, Frank, helper
Fant, John E, engineer
Fant, Miss Maggie
Fant, Robert, barber
Farley, Russell, clerk
Farmer, Andrew, barkeeper
Farr, Abner R, helper
Farr, Charles D, clerk
Farr, Miss Fleeta
Farr, Joseph B, turner
Farr, Mrs. Martha
Farr, Miss Pauline
Farrar, Wm B, bookkeeper
Farrell, W.J.
Faucher, John B, carpenter
Faull, James P, manager
Faust, Jay N, clerk
Faust, Miss Maggie
Fay, Miss Lela
Felder, Rufus, porter
Fenn, Rev. Percy T, rector
Fenton, Harry C, clerk
Ferguson, Mrs. Ada L, nurse
Ferguson, Alex, laborer
Ferguson, Miss Florence E.
Ferguson, Frank, waiter
Ferguson, George F, bookkeeper
Ferguson, Henry W.
Ferguson, Miss Ida
Ferguson, James T, joint freight agent
Ferguson, Mary I.
Ferrell, Edward A, farmer
Ferrell, Ellis, janitor city hall
Ferrell, Miss Gladys
Ferrell, J. Howard, mill hand
Fields, Doc, laborer
Fields, Emma
Findley, Andrew, laborer
Finley, Joetta
Firman, Harry, caller
Fisher, Charles, switchman
Fisher, Elam, driver
Fisher, Frank, car inspector
Fisher, Malinda
Fisher, Mary, laundress
Fisher, Pink, cook
Fisher, Robert, laborer
FISHER, Wm, Grocer, 202 East, CH
Fisher, Wm, laborer
Fisk, J. Robert, driver
Fisk, Robert N.
Fitch, Joseph T, messenger
Fitzgerald, John S, cutter
Fitzharris, Frank, blacksmith
Fitzpatrick, Ernest D, city circulator
Flaherty, Frank, blacksmith
Flannery, Miss Mary
Fleck, Wm, switchman
Ffleming, Carrie, laundress
Fletcher, Catherine
Fletcher, James, painter
Flowers, Jane, domestic
Flowers, Susan, laundress
Flowers, Wm H, painter
Floyd, Asa, porter
Floyd, Jesse, farmer
Floyd, John F.
Floyd, Josiah F, manager
FLOYD, J.F. SUPPLY CO., 315 e Broad
FLOYD, J.F. LUMBER CO., 315 1/2 e Broad
Fogle, Miss Ethel A.
Fogle, Norman F, clerk
Fones, Wm, porter
Forbush, Elijah M, carpenter
Forbush, Robert, barkeeper
Ford, Alexander
Ford, Arthur
Ford, Aubrey, machinist
Ford, Durham, clerk
Ford, Green, clerk
Ford, James T, clerk
Ford, John C, machinist
Ford, John D, clerk
Ford, John L, farmer
Ford, John T, clerk
Ford, Joseph, engineer
Ford, Miss Mary J.
Ford, Matthew
Ford, Nat, laborer
Ford, Tansy, waiter
Foreman, Benjamin M, postmaster
FOREMAN SHOE CO., 108 e Broad
Forline, James H, laborer
Forshee, Miss Florence, bookkeeper
Forshee, Miss Louise
Fort, Miss Emma K, teacher
Fort, Lucy
Fort, Mollie
Fortson, Edward, conductor
Fortune, Gabriel F, laborer
Fortune, George
Fortune, Lula R, clerk
Foster, Adam, helper
Foster, Albert, waiter
Foster, Carrie
Foster, Fannie
Foster, Nicholas, waiter
Fotis, Ignatius, candy maker
Fouke, C.W., manager
Fouke, George W, Ry president
Fouke, Miss Norma
Foust, Rev. J.A., pastor
Fraisure, John S, carpenter
Francis, Polly, cook
Francisco, Columbo, laborer
Frank, Gustav, polisher
Franklin, George, brakeman
Franklin, Mrs. Jessie M.
Franklin, John, laborer
Franklin, Leslie, porter
Franks, Miss Minnie E.
Franks, Wm L, produce
Frasure, Miss Belle
Franks, Donald
Fraser, Miss Isabelle
Fraser, Miss Maggie, clerk
Fraser, Mrs. Roderick, proprietor
Fraser, Wm, driver
Frazier, Mrs. Alice
Frazier, Lottie, laundress
Frazier, Melissa, domestic
Freeman, Buren, farmer
Freeman, George R, farmer
Freeman, James D, farmer
Freeman, Jennie, domestic
Freman, John B, farmer
Freeman, Miss Marietta V.
Freeman, Rev. W.A., pastor
Freese, Mrs. Henrietta
FRENCH, AARON, Restaurant, 116 State Line Av
Frenchy, Lee, laborer
FRIBBLE, GEORGE M, Live Stock Dealer, 610 Dudley, CH
Fricks, Alfred V.
Fricks, Miss Elma D.
Fricks, Miss Hortense
Fricks, Martin M, dairy
Frie, Henry H, printer
FRIE, MARQUIS D, boarding, 313 1/2 e Broad
FRIEDELL, EMILE F, LAWYER, 114 1/2 e Broad
Fronaberger, John W, stenographer
Frost, Enoch W, lumber
Frost, Miss Mary E.
Frost, Miss Susie M.
Fry, Mendel
Fry, Wm, porter
Fry, Wm T.
FRY & TOBINSKY, dry goods, 217 e Broad
Fryerson, Robert, laborer
FULCHER, MORRIS, colr, 104 1/2 w Broad
Fulkerson, Edward, messenger
Fulkerson, Mrs. Mamie, teacher
Fuller, Elisha, laborer
Fuller, Fannie, laundress
Fuller, Frederick L, foreman
Fuller, John, laborer
Fuller, Wm, laborer
FULER, WILLIS M, grocer, 1401 County
Fullton, Mrs. J.B.
Fulmer, Mrs. Mollie
Fulmer, Samuel, clerk
Fulmer, Walter D, carpenter
Fuqua, Joe, lumber

Gable, Peter, traveling agent
GABOUR, MICHAEL, Dry Goods, 314 w Broad
Gaffney, Frank B, machinist
Gaffney, Harry Q, engineer
Gaffney, James, machinist
Gaffney, John
Gagle, Minnie
Gaines, Archibald K, watchman
Gaines, Edward P, traveling agent, res-Clarksville
Gaines, George, servant
Gaines, George, laborer
Gaines, John D, bookkeeper
Gaines, John S, bookkeeper
Gaines, LeGrand A, watchman
Gaines, L. Collins
Gaines, Wm, waiter
Gaines, Wm S, laborer
Gaither, Harvey, laborer
Gaither, Henry H, painter
Galbraith, Harry D, gen foreman
Gale, Miss Cleo
Gale, Francis M, superintendent
Gale, Henry E, laborer
Gale, John, machinist
Gallagher, Charles, deputy sheriff, Bowie Co.
Gallagher, Daniel, barkeeper
Gallagher, Frederick C, carpenter
Galloway, Earl W, clerk
Gancy, Mrs. Sarah
Gantt, Miss Callie
Gantt, Mollie, cook
Gantt, Wm, driver
Gantt, Wm J.
Garbers, Charles H, clerk
Gardner, John W, editor & proprietor
Gardiner, B.
Gardiner, E.
Garner, J. Marion, livestock
Garner, M. Oliver, livestock
Garrett, Daniel, foreman
Garrett, George W, machinist
Garrett, Green, barber
Garrett, Josephine
Garrett, Miss Josie, stenographer
Garrett, M.M.
Garrett, O. Arthur, car inspector
Garrett, Rachael, laundress
GARRISON, A.M, Lawyer, 211 1/2 e Broad
Garvin, Robert L, marble cutter
GATE CITY NEWS, 213 1/2 State
Gatling, John A, traveling agent
Gatling, Josie, laundress
Gaudin, Miss Ethel C.
Gaudin, F. Emmet, caller
Gaudin, John W, cotton
Gaudin, Leon, messenger
Gaudin, Miss Mary E.
Gazzolo, David, proprietor
Gazzolo, Joseph, agent
Gammill, Miss Clara
Gentry, Isaiah, laborer
Gentry, Joseph
GENTRY, Wm A, grocer, 1021 Phenie Av, RH
GHIO, ANTHONY L, Saloon, 119 w Broad
Ghio, Anthony L. Jr, barkeeper
Ghio, Miss Belle
Ghio, Gussie, student
GHIO, GUIDO, Saloon, 216 w Front
Ghio, Victor A, barkeeper
Gholston, Sarah
Gibbs, John, helper
Gibson, Elbert Q.
GIBSON, HAROLD, Grocer, 422 State Line Av
GIBSON, JULES A, com 216 State Line Av
Gibson, Maria, laundress
Gibson, Samuel, Circuit Court clerk
Gibson, Mrs. Sarah
Gilbert, Jeannette
Giles, John, barber
Giles, Mollie
Gill, Frederick, laborer
Gill, James F, carpenter
Gill, Kate, domestic
Gill, Mollie J
Gill, Percy, laborer
Gill, Wm, laborer
Gilliam, Lettie
Gilliam, Harriet, laundress
Gilmer, Gus
Gilmore, Jane, laundress
Gilmore, Mattie
Gimmell, Otis, sawyer
Gingotta, Antonio, shoemaker
Gingotta, John, shoemaker
Gisch, Anthony, sawyer
Gisch, Orville, student
Givens, Albert S, switchman
Glady, Charles, painter
Glass, Hiram
Glenn, Louis, laborer
Glenn, Miles
Godbold, Earl W, clerk
Godbold, Eliza
Godbold, Fannie
Godbold, Josephine
Golden, Joel, painter
Goldoni, Joseph, barkeeper
Goodbar, Edwin L, machinist
Goode, John A, wiper
Goodman, Miss Julia
Goodrow, A.L, conductor
Goodwin, Alexander L, brakeman
Gordon, Bettie, domestic
Gordon, Bettie
Gordon, Frank M, engineer
Gordon, Miss Susan, stenographer
Goss, Priscilla, domestic
Gould, Frank C, machinist
Gould, Maude
Goulden, Joel, painter
Grace, John, laborer
Grace, Miss Laura
Grafton, Hugh C, assessor, Miller Co.
Graham, Elizabeth, laundress
Graham, Frances
Graham, O.
Graham, Robert, carpenter
Graham, Stephen, waiter
Graham, Wm A, brakeman
Gram, John C, manager
Granane, Mrs. Josephine, dressmaker
Grant, Harry, clerk
Grant, John L, carpenter
Grant, Richard, grocer
Grant, Robert L, physician
Grant, Wm S, foreman (newspaper)
Graves, C. Benjamin, painter
Graves, Dow, laborer
Graves, Hamp P, painter
Graves, Isom, janitor
Graves, James F, painter
Graves, James Y, foreman
Graviano, Frank, barber
Graviano, Salvatora, shoemaker
Graviano, Vincent, shoemaker
GRAVIANO & PATTERSON, barbers, 203 w Broad
Gray, Clarence, laborer
Gray, Frank, laborer
Gray, Pinkney, laborer
Gray, Sallie
Gray, Wm, porter
Grayson, John
Green, Miss Adma, teacher
Green, Allen, laborer
Green, Mrs. America M.
Green, Anna, nurse
Green, Miss Bennie, teacher
Green, Burrill, laborer
Green, Elmer, laborer
Green, Henry, driver
Green, Irene
Green, James, laborer
Green, Jefferson, driver
Green, Jerry, driver
Green, Julia, domestic
Green, Nelson, laborer
Green, Ora
Green, Pate, laundress
Green, Pearl, domestic
Green, Roxanna, domestic
Green, Sarah, domestic
Green, Thomas P, roadmaster
Green, Wm, clerk
Green, Wm E, gen superintendent
Green, Wm W, clerk
Greenway, Andrew, waiter
Greenway, Frances, laundress
Greenway, Winnie
Greenwood, Wm B, driver
Greer, John
Greer, Robert A, receiver
Gregg, Daniel, clerk
Gregg, N.
Gregory, Melissa
Gremm, Miss Alice
Gremm, Claude W, fireman
Gremm, Mrs. Mary C.
Griffin, Charles E, carpenter
Griffin, Elizabeth
Griffin, Miss Ella
Griffin, Miss Lida
Griffin, L. Eugene, laborer
Griffin, Miss Maude
Griffin, Sanders B, boarding
Griffing, James B, messenger
Griffith, Harriet, laundress
Griffith, James L, manager (utilities)
Grigsby, Aaron W, traveling agent
Grigsby, James, laborer
Grigsby, Noah, laborer
Grim, George, porter
Grim, Wm R, cashier (bank)
Grip, Corset
Gross, Mrs. Catherine
Grundy, Callie
Grundy, Charles, porter
Grundy, Frank, porter

Haak, H. Richard, watchman
Haak, K, Wm, car repairer
Hack, Herman J. (Lowry & Hack)
Haden, John J.
Hagel, Milton, barber
Haight, John J, clerk
Haines, Andrew, laborer
Haines, Burton, laborer
Hager, M.V., barber
Haldeman, Miss Eda L.
Haldeman, Harriet E.
Haldeman, Joshua L, gateman
Haldeman, Miss Mary
Haldeman, Robert S, brakeman
Hale, Joseph, clerk
Hale, Thomas A, clerk
Hall, Ada, laundress
Hall, Barkis, laborer
Hall, Eda, domestic
Hall, Hamp, laborer
Hall, Joseph G, clerk
Hall, Nathaniel, laborer
Hall, Thomas, driver
Hall, Walter
Hall, W. George, yardmaster
Hallam, Miss Clara B, bookkeeper
Hallam, Dyer, machinist
Hallam, Miss Laura
Hallam, Mrs. Mattie A.
Halligan, James L, salesman
Halligan, Margaret
Halligan, Miss Mary C, teacher
Halligan, Miss Mary C, teacher
Halter, George, fireman
Hamilton, Adaline
Hamilton, Amelia
Hamilton, Bert, chief joint car inspector
HAMILTON, CHARLES C, saloon, 114 w Broad
Hamilton, George H.
HAMILTON, G.H. & CO, furniture, 301 e Broad
Hamilton, Miss Gypsie
Hamilton, Miss Lee
Hamilton, Miss Lera, milliner
Hamilton, Miss Lily
Hamilton, Luvina, laundress
Hamilton, Malinda
Hamilton, Mattie
Hamilton, Rosie L.
Hamilton, Stephen H, laborer
Hamilton, Wm T., county judge, Miller Co
Hamilton, Miss Zebe, stenographer
Hammond, F.S.
Hammond, Mary, cook
HAMMOND-SIGNOR TIE CO, contractors, 209 Pine
Hammond, Mrs. Tom T.
Hampton, Robert C, carpenter
Hancock, Mrs. Elizabeth A.
Hanglin, Harry, fireman
Hanks, Charles
Hanks, Miss Gertrude
Hanks, Richard, waiter
Hanna, Ruth, laundress
Hannah, J.R, engineer
Hannah, Wm, bookkeeper
Hannon, Clare, solicitor
Hannon, Claude, removed to Little Rock
Hannon, Clide, solicitor
Hannon, Hal, tie inspector
Hannon, Miss Juanita
Hannon, Miss Nina
Hannon, Tolbert, lineman
Hanson, Adolph
Hardee, Annie
Hardeman, Emma, cook
Hardeman, Emma, domestic
Harder, George, engineer
Hardin, Alexander, laborer
HARDIN BROS, furniture, 218 w Borad
Hardin, Eli, laborer
Hardin, John O.
Hardin, Miss Kate, student
Hardin, Miss Mamie, student
Hardin, Mrs. Mary
Hardin, Patrick, foreman
HARDIN, RUSSELL A, grocer, 523 Laurel
Hardin, Samuel, grocer
Hardin, Silas, removed to San Antonio, Texas
Hardin, Wm C.
HARDIN & BENJAMIN, hardware, 117 w Broad
Hardy, Rev. Benjamin
Hardy, Charles F, foreman
Hardy, Rev, George C, pastor
Hardy, Henry , laborer
Hardy, Henry T, caller
Hardy, Kate, cook
Hardy, Leonard
Harge, Thomas, laborer
Hargett, Bryant F, farmer
Hargett, Miss Fannie
Hargett, Wm. A, night watchman
Hargrove, Miss Irene D, teacher
Harlan, Frank
Harp, Ephraim, laborer
Harp, Eric
Harper, Henry M, brakeman
Harrell, Rev. Forrest F.
Harrell, Miss Lillian
Harrell, Sarah M.
Harrington, Arthur, druggist
Harrington, Geo. K, bookkeeper
Harris, A.
Harris, Ada
Harris, Amanda, domestic
Harris, Arthur, waiter
Harris, Bush, laborer
Harris, Charles, shoemaker
Harris, Eliza
Harris, Emanuel M.
Harris, George E, sawmill
Harris, Georgia
Harris, Henry, laborer
Harris, James D, laborer
Harris, Rev. James M, pastor
Harris, John N.
Harris, Julia
Harris, Lawrence, laborer
Harris, Lizzie, domestic
Harris, Lottie, cook
Harris, Lula, domestic
Harris, Martha J.
Harris, Ollie
Harris, Mrs. Sallie F.
HARRIS, SAMUEL H, restaurant, 411 e Broad
Harris, Sylvia, domestic
Harris, Texanna, laundress
Harris, Wm, laborer
Harris, Wm, laborer
Harris, Zephyr, domestic
Harrison, Bettie
Harrison, Charles
Harrison, Henry, driver
Harrison, henry, laborer
Harrison, Miss Louise, clerk
Harriss, Jones W.
Hart, Carrie L.
Hart, D. Thomas, transfer clerk
Hart, Ernest H, caller
Hart, john W.
Hart, Miss Lela
Hart, Robert D, lawyer
Hart, Samuel L, tel operator
Hartley, Oscar E, cabinet maker
Harvey, Alexander, foreman
Harvey, Della, cook
Harvey, Ella, cook
Harvey, Frank, laborer
Harvey, Robert, laborer
Harvey, Zella, laundress
Harwell, Joseph
Harwell, Wm, laborer
Harwood, Wm L, clerk
Haskins, Edward
Haskins, J.M.
Hassim, Kassim, peddler
Hatley, Wm A, traveling agent, lives Prescott
Hawkins, Charles
Hawkins, Chissie, domestic
Hawkins, Ella
Hawkins, John, laborer
Hawkins, John, laborer
Hawkins, Margaret, cook
Hawkins, Wm H, clerk
Hayden, Amanda, laundress
Hayden, David, laborer
Hayden, Miss Mattie
Hayden, Wm L, real estate
Hayes, Miss Alberta
Hayes, E. Lynne, switchman
Hayes, Lee, laborer
Hayes, Miss Nina
Hayes, Tiller, cook
Hayles, James W, carpenter
Haynes, Burton
Haynes, Daniel, laborer
Haynes, Harry C.
Haynes, Patrick, paymaster
Hays, Charles E, printer
HAYS, GEORGE A., lawyer, 109 1/2 e Broad
Hays, Herbert M, clerk
Hays, Letitia, laundress
Hays, Max, barber
HAYS SCHOOL, Allen Winham principal
Haywood, Mrs. Mary
Hears, Mrs. Lucy, clerk
Heck, Henry, engineer
Heck, Robert F, blacksmith
Heflin, James F, clerk
Heilbron, Charles, contractor
Heilbron, Emma S.
Heilbron, Miss Fannie
Heilbron, Harry, contractor
Heilbron, pawnbroker
Heilbron, Raphael, clerk
Helm, Frank, vice president, lives Covington KY
HELMS, ALSON L, grocer, 723 Laurel
Hemperley, Paul J, student
Henderson, Edgar M, clerk
Henderson, James, laborer
Henderson, John
Henderson, Mattie
Henderson, Mollie
Henderson, Warren, waiter
Henry, Amanda, laundress
Henry, Francis M.
Henry, John, laborer
Henry, John, laborer
Henry, John D.
HENRY, MILLIE, restaurant, 322 e Broad
Henry, Patrick G, Justice of Peace, 307 1/2 w Broad
Henry, Stonewall J.
HENRY & BLAIR, novelties, 108 1/2 e 3rd
HENRY & HENRY, lawyers, 307 1/2 w Broad
Henson, S. S, laborer
Herman, Mrs. Viola C
Herring, O, laborer
Herrington, Arthur S, clerk
Heston, Henry
Hewett, Charles R, laborer
Hewett, Daniel T, yard clerk
Hewett, Richard A, carpenter
Hewett, Wm, carpenter
Hewitt, Charles
Hewitt, Lorena, laundress
Hewitt, Robert J, livestock
HICKS CO, wholesale grocers, 221-223 w Broad
Hicks, Frank M, pres Hicks Co.
Hicks, Jennie, laundress
Hicks, J. E, laborer
Hicks, Millard, clerk
Hicks, Minnie, laundress
Hicks, Samuel B, vice pres, Hicks Co
Hickson, Wm, laborer
Higginbotham, Miss Florence
Higginbotham, Rufus
Higginbotham, Rufus F, clerk
HIGGINS, JAMES, dry goods & notions, 114 e Broad
High, Alsea, clerk
High, Oscar, treasurer, Foreman Shoe Company
HIGH SCHOOL, e 5th, nw cor Beech
High, Wm, hostler
Hill, Miss Dixie
Hill, Fannie
Hill, Finis
Hill, Mrs. Frances M.
Hill, Frederick, engineer
Hill, Henry, driver
Hill, Henry, laborer
Hill, Miss Jennie, dressmaker
Hill, John, laborer
Hill, John P, blacksmith
Hill, Johnson, cook
Hill, Mrs. Laura
Hill, Mrs. Laura L.
Hill, Lavirt, laborer
Hill, Mary
Hill, Mary, domestic
Hill, Miles
Hill, Mitchell, laborer
Hill, Patrick
Hill, Preston H.
Hill, Thomas
Hill, Walter E, barber
HILLER, FRANK D, Dry Goods, 215 e Broad
HILLER, JAMES c, Dry Goods, 213 w Broad
Hiller, J. Samuel, salesman
Hiller, Miss Mabel C.
Hilliard, Lee, fireman
Hillman, C. Eugene, cabinet maker
Hillman, Miss Inez, teacher
Hillman, James I, carpenter
Hillman, Joshua W, lawyer
Hillman, Miss Lily
Hilson, Preston
Hinds, George, messenger
Hinds, John, laborer
Hinds, Wm, conductor
Hinds, Wm Jr, laborer
Hinkle, Felix, laborer
Hinson, Miss Cornelia C.
Hinton, Annie, cook
Hinton, Maria, domestic
Hobgood, Mrs. Abigail C. (Winfrey & Hobgood)
HOBGOOD, THOMAS J, grocery, 320 w Broad
Hobgood, Wm D, butcher
Hobson, Horace W, switchman
Hobson, Howard S, switchman
Hobson, Richard, porter
Hodge, Ann, cook
Hodge, Eugene, printer
Hodge, Fannie, domestic
Hodge, Thomas, laborer
Hodge, Wm H, traveling agent
Hodler, Paul M, deputy county surveyor (Miller Co)
HOECK, HENRY W, cigars, 204 1/2 w Broad
Hoeck, Robert
Hoffman, George, clerk
Hoffman, Henry, laborer
Hoffman, Henry A, hardware
HOFFMAN, JOHN G, Plumber & Sheet Metal, se cor Lelia Ave, RH
Hoffman, Miss Mary B, teacher
Hoffman, Otto, pres Hoffman Hardware
Hogane, Lucinda V.
Hogue, Miss Kate
HOLLARD, JOSEPHUS, restaurant, 212 n State
Holliday, Benjamin C, laborer
Holliday, Mrs. Margaret A.
Holliday, Miss Ophelia S.
Hollingsworth, Gilbert B, bookkeeper
Hollingsworth, Wm W.
HOLLINGSWORTH & PORTER, pharmacists, 216 Walnut
Hollis, Frances M.
Hollis, Gideon H, contractor
Hollister, Marshall H, caller
Holloway, Benjamin E, messenger
Holloway, Ellen, domestic
Holman, Henry B, US Deputy Marshal
HOLMAN, MRS. H. B, boarding house
Holmes, Frank E, messenger
Holmes, Mrs. Allie, clerk
Holmes, Mrs. Ollie
Holmes, Miss Oline, teacher
Holstein, Peter J.
Hood, Hugh H, machinist
Hooker, Robert E, driver
Hooks, Miss Bettie, dressmaker
Hooks, Charles A, notary public
Hooks, Charles A, Jr, clerk
Hooks, Mary A.
Hooks, Miss Nannie J, teacher
Hooks, Patsey, laundress
Hooks, Miss Perla
Hooks, Robert W, clerk
Hooks, Silas, laborer
Hooks, Wm, laborer
Hooks, Wm, laborer
Hooper, Charles A, inspector
Hooper, Harry, Deputy Marshal (Texarkana Texas)
Hoover, George W, car repairer
HOP, LUNG, laundry, 111 Pine
Hopkins, Charles, laborer
Hopkins, Clarence L, driver
Hopkins, Edward H, driver
Hopkins, Eliza, domestic
Hopkins, Frances, cook
Hopkins, Grant, farmer
Hopkins, John, laborer
Hopkins, Lucinda
Hopkins, Thomas, laborer
Hopson, James, barkeeper
Hopson, Maude
HOSKINS, ALBERT, saloon, 1009 State Line
Hoskins, Charles, laborer
House, Dempsey, clerk
House, Emily M.
House, Miss Emma, dressmaker
House, John W, clerk
House, J. Milton, machine hand
Hovey, Charles A, clerk
Hovey, Charles A, commercial agent
Howard, Clarissa
Howard, Eliza
Howard, Eugene, laborer
Howard, Henry, laborer
Howard, John B, foreman
Howard, Mamie
Howard, Montgomery, musician
HOWARD, WM, grocer, 821 e Broad
Howard, Wm, laborer
Howe, Carrie
Howlet, John W, carpenter
Howze, Andrew, clerk
Hubbard, Guy, laborer
Hubbard, James B, laborer
Hubbard, Miss Jessie
Hubbert, Miss Marie
HUCKINS HOUSE, e Front, ne cor Pine
Huckins, Joseph, proprietor
Huckins, Joseph Jr, manager
HUDDLESTON BROS, meats, 205 e Broad
Huddleston, Edgar H.
Huddleston, James F.
Huddleston, Walter, Jersey Cattle & Poultry Farm
Huddleston, Wm L.
Hidgins, Miss Cora
Hudgins, Humphrey P, Justice of Peace
Hudgins, James D, machinist
Hudgins, Miss Madge
Hudgins, Wm P, messenger
Hudson, Benjamin, carpenter
Hudson, Mrs. Sarah E, seamstress
Huey, Charles
Huey, Lilly, servant
Huie, Lorena, laundress
Huff, Charles L, switchman
Huff, Herbert
Huff, John D, student
Huffman, Charles
Huffman, James
Huffman, John, carpenter
Huggins, Antoine, laborer
Hughes, Epp P, traveling agent
Hughes, Frank, manager
Hughes, George H, gardener
Hughes, James W.
Hughes, James W. Jr, custodian
Hughes, Joseph, city secretary (Texarkana Texas)
Hughes, Joseph M, bookkeeper
Hughes, Minnie, domestic
Hughes, Minnie
Hughes, Ralph M, operator
Hughes, Robert L, packer
HUGHES, MRS. ROSA, boarding, 211 Elm
Hughes, Washington E, clerk
Hughes, Wm, laborer
Humphrey, George, laborer
HUNT, CLINTON A, lumber, 1516 Norwood bldg
Hunt, Henry
Hunt, John T, student
Hunt, Paul F, carpenter
Hunt, Preston, manager
Hunter, Miss Fannie, dressmaker
Hunter, Harry, collector
Hunter, John F.
Hunter, John H.
Hunter, Miss Maggie, dressmaker
Hunter, Mary, laundress
Hunter, Mollie, laundress
Hunter, Miss Pinkney, dressmaker
Hunter, Thomas W.
Hunter, Walter
Huntsinger, C.A, clerk
Hurley, Daniel T, conductor
HURT HOUSE, 222 1/2 e Broad
Hurt, John T, proprietor
Hussong, A. W, foreman
Hustmyre, Frank W, clerk
Hutchinson, Charles H, foreman
Hynson, Miss Cozia R.
Hynson, Harry, engineer
HYNSON, HENRY C, Attorney-At-Law, Texas City Hall
Hynson, Miss Mary L
Ingram, Miss Cora
INGRAM, JONATHAN D, grocer, 323 e Broad
Ingram, John D, clerk
Ingram, Miss Lula
Ingram, Robert, laborer
Ingram, Weldon T, clerk
Irvin, Adaline, cook
Irvin, K. George, painter
Irvin, Lucy A.
Irving, Ophelia, domestic
Isby, Austin, servant

Jackson, Albert
Jackson, Andrew, laborer
Jackson, Andrew, porter
Jackson, Belle, domestic
JACKSON BROS, General Loans, 213 1/2 e Broad
Jackson, Calvin, laborer
Jackson, Edgar A.
Jackson, Edward
Jackson, Ellen, laundress
Jackson, Hester
Jackson, James, laborer
Jackson, James, laborer
Jackson, James A, farmer
Jackson, J. Wm, clerk
Jackson, Leon, watchman
Jackson, Lila
Jackson, Lizzie, domestic
Jackson, Mrs. Mary E.
Jackson, Moses M. res, Pine Bluff
Jackson, Nathan, servant
Jackson, Oliver, laborer
Jackson, Samuel A, foreman
Jackson, Tempie
Jackson, Wiggins, waiter
Jackson, Wm, fireman
Jackson, Wm
Jacobs, Philip, traveling agent
James, Anna
James, Benjamin F, clerk
James, Benjamin F, barber
James, Clarence V, machinist
James, Daniel V, clerk
James, Della, laundress
James, James, laborer
James, John H, laborer
James, Lizzie
James, Lucius, waiter
Jameson, Horace, driver
Jamison, Harry
Jamison, Walter, laborer
Janes, James M, watchman
Jarrett, Daisy
Jarrett, Peter, blacksmith
Jefferson, DeWitt, porter
Jeffries, Miss Josie
Jenkins, Amanda
Jenkins, Miss Annie
Jenkins, Effie, laundress
Jenkins, James, porter
Jenkins, Wm, laborer
Jester, Alfred A, painter
Jester, Nancy J.
Jester, Wm A, painter
Jeter, D.
Jobe, John, planer
Joenati, Joseph
Johnson, Albert, waiter
Johnson, Alexander, laborer
Johnson, Ahna, driver
Johnson, Alonzo L, laborer
Johnson, Andrew, laborer
Johnson, Miss Annie
Johnson, Annie, laundress
Johnson, Burton, driver
Johnson, Charles M, porter
Johnson, Clarence R, conductor
Johnson, Claudina
Johnson, David B, clerk
Johnson, Delia, cook
Johnson, Della, cook
Johnson, Emma
Johnson, Fannie, laundress
Johnson, Frank, farmer
Johnson, Frank, laborer
Johnson, Frank S, carpenter
Johnson, George W, barber
Johnson, Hannah, cook
Johnson, Harriet, laundress
Johnson, Henry, porter
Johnson, Henry S.
Johnson, James, laborer
Johnson, James J, laborer
Johnson, Jane, cook
Johnson, John, baker
Johnson, John, cook
Johnson, John, driver
Johnson, John, marble cutter
Johnson, John, music teacher
Johnson, John W, driver
Johnson, Joseph, barkeeper
Johnson, Joseph, carpenter
Johnson, Julia, laundress
Johnson, Junius, laborer
Johnson, J.S., driver
Johnson, Lawrence, fireman
Johnson, Lizzie, domestic
Johnson, Lucy
Johnson, Lydia
Johnson, Mary, laundress
Johnson, Mary V, laundress
Johnson, Newton, laborer
Johnson, Onie, laundress
Johnson, Pearl
Johnson, Peter T, carpenter
Johnson, Rena
Johnson, Reuben, porter
Johnson, Robert, driver
Johnson, Robert, waiter
Johnson, Roy
Johnson, Samuel, laborer
Johnson, Savilla, cook
Johnson, Smith, laborer
Johnson, Stella, domestic
JOHNSON, STEPHEN H, restaurant, 204 w Broad
Johnson, Susan, laundress
Johnson, Tempie, laundress
Johnson, Van, laborer
Johnson, Vina
Johnson, Mrs. Virginia
Johnson, Wiley, porter
Johnson, Wm F, bookkeeper
Johnson, Wm M, watchmaker
Johnston, Miss Sadie, teacher
Johnston, Willis B, carpenter
Jones, Alexander, foreman
Jones, Miss Birdie
Jones, Buss
Jones, Carrie A
Jones, Claude
Jones, Mrs D.A, tailor
Jones, Ella
Jones, Emmet, laborer
Jones, Ernst L, turner
Jones, Evaline, cook
Jones, Frank, helper
Jones, Harriet, laundress
Jones, Homer
JONES, MRS. HUGH B, restaurant, 106 w Front
Jones, Isaac, machinist
Jones, James
Jones, James A, clerk
Jones, James H, carpenter
Jones, Jennie, laundress
Jones, Joella, laundress
Jones, John F.
Jones, Rev, John J.
Jones, Joseph, laborer
Jones, Josie
Jones, Judge
Jones, Laura, cook
Jones, Laura, laundress
Jones, Lenie, student
Jones, Lottie
Jones, Lucy A.
Jones, Margaret L.
Jones, Miss Mary
Jones, Mattie C.
Jones, Minerva
Jones, Nathan, laborer
Jones, Oscar J.R. (may be Jr), painter
Jones, Paul Q.
Jones, Priscilla
Jones, Remus, cook
Jones, Richard M, brakeman
Jones, Rosanna, laundress
Jones, R. Elvin, engineer
Jones, Mrs. Sallie A.
Jones, Silas L, bricklayer
Jones, Walter
Jones, Wm, laborer
Jones, W. Wood, lawyer
Joplin, Cora, domestic
Joplin, Florence
Joplin, Monroe, cook
Joplin, Osie, cook
Joplin, Robert, laborer
Jordan, Jacob B, student
Jordan, Minnie, cook
Jordan, Rufus
Jordan T. H., fireman
Jordan, Weaver, laborer
Jordan, Wm, laborer
Jordan, Wm
Joyner, Jesse R, salesman
Jury, Easter, laundress
Justiss, Benjamin F, student
Kahn, Joseph, butcher
Kaltenbacher, Charles, tailor
Kaltenbacher, Edward, tailor
Kane, Edward F, bookkeeper
Kane, Wm C, clerk
Katz, Moses
KAY LEE, laundry 100 w 3rd
Keel, John, laborer
Keith, Wm M, butcher
Keller, Miss Cozette
Keller, Wm H.
Keller, Wm H. Jr, musician
Keller, Charles
Kelley, Charles W, stenographer
Kelley, Daniel, section foreman
Kelley, Henry C, land agent
Kelley, Martin, laborer
KELLEY, TIMOTHY F, saloon, 113 State Line Av
Kelley, Wm, eng foreman
Kelley, Wm, laborer
Kelley, Wm, laborer
Kelley, Wm R, real estate
Kelley, Wm R Jr, insurance agent
Kelly, Edward J, messenger
Kelly, Michael, peddler
Kelsey, Wm A, sec & treas, Texas Car & Foundry
Kelso, Dollie A.
Kemp, Claude, driver
Kemp, Jesse, waiter
KENNEASTER, THURMAN H, jeweler, 310 w Broad
Kennedy, Ann, cook
Kennedy, John, porter
Kennedy, John R, laborer
Kennedy, Joshua J, car repairer
Kennedy, Miss Lily
Kennedy, Wm S.
Kennerly, Benjamin, traveling agent
Kennerly, Mrs. Maggie M, milliner
Kenney, James L, agent
Kent, James D, clerk
Kent, Sarah, laundress
King, Crawford, porter
King, Dee, porter
King, Emmit E, carpenter
King, Miss Estella
King, Frederick W, clerk
King, Henry C, carpenter
King, Horace, carpenter
King, John C, carpenter
King, John J.
King, John O, clerk
King, Miss Kate
King, Miss Laura
King, Wm.
KINGSBURY, LEOPOLD, dry goods, 110 w Broad
Kinley, Hettie, laundress
Kepple, Charles W, yardmaster
Kirby, Della, proprietor
Kirby, John C, manager
Kirby, Joseph E, lumber buyer
Kirby, Joseph F, farmer
Kirby, Rachael, cook
Kirby, Wesley, waiter
Kirby, Wm F., lawyer
KIRBY & CARTER, lawyers, 214 1/2 State Line
Kirkler, John, engineer
Kirkpatrick, Artemus, lineman
Kirkpatrick, Gustavus R, foreman
Kirkwood, Pierce, student
KITTRELL, THOMAS F, physician, 100 1/2 e Broad
Kizer, Addie
Kizer, A. Judson, lumber
Kizer, Joel B, foreman
KIZER, MRS. KATE M, furnished rooms, 2211/2 w Broad
Klein, Nettie
Klemt, John, music teacher
KLINE, JOHN, baker, 207 e Broad
Kneisley, Harve C, bookkeeper
Knickerbocker, Miss Bessie
Knickerbocker, Frank, conductor
Knitlin, John H, carpenter
Knight, Frank, laborer
Knotts, Emily J.
Knox, Miss Emma, dressmaker
Knox, Eugene, engineer
Knox, James, cabinetmaker
Knox, Rosa, domestic
Knox, U.G, engineer
Koerner, Henry, contractor
Kohlmann, Miss Roe
Kolb, W.H, car repairer
Korn, Christopher R, carpenter
Korn, Miss Eunice
Korn, Frederick
Korn, Rudolph, clerk
Kosminsky, Isidore, clerk
Kosminsky, Leon, clerk
Kosminsky, Louis, clerk
Kosminsky, Marx
Kosminsky, Ray, clerk
Kramer, Adolph, cigarmaker
KRAMER, AUGUST, cigars, 114 1/2 w Broad
Kramer, Frederick, fireman
Kramer, Joseph, laborer
Kuhl, Burchard, bank president
Kuhl, Edward, bookkeeper
Kuhl, Miss Susan
Kuhl, Susan B.
Kuhl, John, car foreman
Kuhn, Peter, laborer
Kyle, Ida, domestic
Kyles, Preston

Lackey, Sam J, carpenter
Lacofske, Morris, clerk
Laing, Louis, laborer
Laing, Wm, general foreman
Lamar, Bazel A, salesman
Lamar, Miss Mary
Lambeth, Wm R.
LAMBETH & YABROUGH, grocers, 222 e Broad
Lambright, George B, carpenter
Lamkin, Miss Roberta, teacher
Lancaster, Laura, domestic
Land, Rutherford H, clerk
Lane, Jackson
Lane, Robert, laborer
Lang, Louis, laborer
Langford, Wm J, engineer
Langly, J. Thomas, wheelwright
Lansdale, Miss Mary O, cashier
Lapin, Harry, peddler
Lard, James, porter
Larkin, Joseph A, traveling agent
Larsen, J. Edwin, solicitor
Lary, Mrs. Emily C.
LARY, S.D., lawyer, 107 State
LASHLEY, JOHN W., pianos, organs & musical merchandise, 220 Vine
Lashley, W.E, laborer
Lasley, D.C, engineer
Laster, James, laborer
Latimer, James D, messenger
Latimer, Louis, laborer
Latta, Mack C, student
Lattie, John, laborer
Lavelle, James, brakeman
Lawler, John A, wheelwright
Lawrence, Alonzo
Lawrence, Charity, domestic
Lawrence, Edgar C, traveling agent
Lawrence, George, carpenter
Lawrence, Mrs. Myrtle, clerk
Lawson, Ella
Lawson, Louis A.
Lawson, Miles, laborer
Lay, John
Leach, Bonaparte P, laborer
Leadbetter, George W, barber
Leader, Emanuel, peddler
LEARY, DANIEL T, lawyer, Norwood bldg
LeBosquet, John R, conductor
Ledwidge, John
LEDWIDGE & CO, plumbers, 222 1/2 State Line Ave
Lee, Mrs. Annie J, tel operator
Lee, Bessie B.
Lee, Catherine, laundress
Lee, Hardy, laborer
Lee, John, barber
Lee, John, laborer
Lee, Laura, laundress
Lee, Peter
Lee, Robert
Lee, Samuel
Lee, Thomas
LEE, THOMAS J, meats, 226 State Line Av
Lee, Washinton, waiter
Lee, Wm
LEE, YOT, restaurant, 112 w Broad
LEMLY, SAMUEL, drugs, 104 w Broad
Lennon, James L, barkeeper
Leonberger, J. Frank, yardmaster
LeRoy, Zoe
Less, Gus, traveling agent
Levi, Benjamin, driver
Levi, Carrie
Levi, Raphael, clerk
LEVY, ABRAM, clothing, 202 w Broad
Levy, Philip, clerk
Lewis, Charles, laborer
Lewis, David, laborer
Lewis, Fannie, laundress
Lewis, Harrison, laborer
Lewis, Jackson, laborer
Lewis, J.W, carpenter
Lewis, Lizzie B.
Lewis, Mary J, laundress
Lewis, Mima
Lewis, Nellie
Lewis, Nora, laborer
Lewis, Prince, laborer
Lewis, Miss Vivian, student
Lide, W.A, baggage agent
Lieder, Fred, barkeeper
Light, James, laborer
Lightfoot, James B, clerk
Lightfoot, Mrs. Jane M.
LIGHTFOOT, JOHN A, physician, 111 1/2 e Broad
Ligon, Benjamin
Lilly, D. Marion, fireman
Lilly, Simon, laborer
Lindsley, Wm C, machinist
Lingard, Miss Lucy
LINGOLD, EDWARD D, Dry Goods, 111-113 e Broad
Lintz, Chester D, carpenter
Lipari, Joseph, barber
Lipari, Miss Teresa
LIPSEY, MICHAEL, saloon, 122 w Broad
Little, Albert B, deputy sheriff (Miller County)
Little, Miss Gerturde A.
Little, Henry M, clerk
LIVELY, MARK C, gin & grist mill, 1008 w 18th
Livingston, Alexander, plumber
Lockart, Della
Lockwood, Benjamin J, laborer
Logan, David, laborer
Logan, L.J.
Lollis, Sallie
LOMAX, JOHN P, restaurant, 211 w Broad
Lomax, Joseph, laborer
Lomax, Mattie, laundress
LOMAX, WILEY, meats, 1011 Phenie Av
Lomer, Montague F, clerk
LONG-BELL LUMBER CO, 214 1/2 State Line Av
Long, Davis
Long, Frank, porter
Long, Robert A, president Long-Bell Lumber
Longinotti, James, clerk
LONGINOTTI, LOUIS J, saloon, 204 w Broad
LOREN, WALLACE F, furniture, 306 Vine
Lorie, Joseph, baker
LOUISIANA & ARKANSAS RAILWAY, gen offices, Stamps, Ark
Love, F.A.
Love, Pearl, domestic
Lovette, Alexander C, physician
Lovingood, Charles, laborer
Lovingood, Dock, laborer
Lowe, Moses
Lowry, George W.
LOWRY & HACK, barbers, 1081/2 d Broad
Loyd, Cooper, domestic
Loyd, James, laborer
Loyd, Stephen, laborer
Lucier, Stella
Lumpkin, Harriet
Lumpkin, Mrs. Kate
Lu,pkin, Richard E, contractor
Lumpkin, Richard P.
Lumpkin, Wm H, laborer
LUNG, HOP, laundry, 111 Pine
Lung, Mark
LUNKINE, JAMES, shoemaker, 412 State Line Av
Lunsford, C. Franklin, carpenter
Lunsford, Samuel H, carpenter
Luttgerding, Theodore E.
Lyall, James R, clerk
Lyall, Marian
Lynch, Luther C, deputy sheriff (Bowie County)
Lyons, Catherine
Lyons, Frisby, farmer
Lyons, George H.
Lyons, Kate, laundress
Lyons, Sebron
Lyons, Wm, laborer

McAdoo, Harvey C, bricklayer
McAdoo, Miss Janie
McAdoo, Miss Jennie
McAdoo, Maria G.
McAdoo, Samuel M, bricklayer
McAllister, Miss Julia, stenographer
McBride, Richard H.
McCaleb, Wm.
McCants, Wm, servant
McCartney, Mrs. Anna
McCartney, Eustace E, clerk
McCartney, Maria E.
McCartney, Waldo C, engineer
McCartney, Wm. A.
McCARTNEY & SON, Prop, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Front St
McChesney, Miss Bonnie, clerk
McCHESNEY, LOUIS P, plumber, 113 1/2 w Broad
McChesney, Mrs. Mary E.
McCleary, James A, photographer
McCleary, James Y, teacher
McClellan, Ellis, laborer
McClintock, Charles F, collector
McClintock, James R, laborer
McClure, George T, proprietor
McCLURE HOUSE, 305 1/2 e Broad
McCollum, Hugh, porter
McColm, Wm O, clerk
McConnell, C. Edgar, city editor
McConnell, Fountain L, editor
McConnell, James W.
McConnell, Robert L.
McCONNELL & SON, blacksmiths, 414 e Broad
McCovey, Patrick W, bookkeeper
McCord, James
McCorkle, Otis H, assistant cashier
McCoy, Delia
McCoy, Eliza, domestic
McCuller, James A.
McCuller, Neal, painter
McCullough, Joshua, laborer
McCumber, W.N.
McCurry, Hiram E, painter
MCCURRY, JAMES C, grocer, 1512 Pine
McDaniel, Luther
McDaniel, Mrs. Sallie
McDaniel, Stanley
McDermott, Miss Anna R, milliner
McDonald, J.H.
McDonald, Miss Minnie
McDonald, Norman
McDonald, Samuel R, machinist
McDonald, Wm, switchman
McDonell, May
McDonnell, John R, switchman
McDowell, George M, yardmaster
McDowell, Robert C, clerk
McDugall, James M, clerk
McElroy, Richard
McFadden, Reese
McFadden, Silas, laborer
McFadden, Sophia, domestic
McFadden, Thomas C.
McFarlane, Rev. John N, pastor
McGohan, T.W, clerk
McGaughey, Edward
McGee, Ned, harness maker
McGhauey, E.R, electrician
McGowan, Hugh
McGraw, Lucius, carpenter
McGregor, James
McGruder, James, driver
McIntosh, Vlaude
McIntosh, Dock, hostler
McIntosh, Joseph, hostler
McKee, Franklin W, staves
McKeever, James, messenger
McKillian, Robert
McKinney, John R, agent, Wells Fargo
McKinney, Robert, laborer
McLain, Hewitt N.
McLain, John H, treasurer (Miller Co)
McLain, Miss Maude
McLain, Wm E.
McLaughlin, Jefferson, laborer
McLeer, Joseph, switchman
McMahon, Miss Ellen, teacher
McMahon, Miss Emma I.
McMAHON, JAMES, physician, 305 State Line Av
McMahon, Miss Minnie A.
McMahon, Thomas A, driver
McMichael, Miss Sayrah M, stenographer
McMickle, Abner, deputy constable, 214 State
McMickle, Egbert P, clerk
McMICKLE, JAMES P, drugs, 124 w 11th
McMickle, Miss Nellie
McMickle, Robert, laborer
McMickle, Wm D, farmer
McMickle, Wm J, watchman
McMillen, Frederick W.
McNairy, Bella, domestic
McNutt, Alva B, lumber
McNutt, Alva B, Jr, clerk
McShane, Charles, clerk
McSHANE, JAMES, general Mdse, Rose Hill
McShane, John P, clerk
MCSHANE, JOSEPH, grocer, 220 w Broad
McWilliams, Charles, sec-treas, Southern Pine Lmbr Co
McWilliams, Elisha
McWilliams, John, carpenter
McWilliams, Miss Josephine
McWilliams, Louis, driver
McWilliams, Martin, carpenter
McWilliams, Wm. M, carpenter

Mabry, Allen D, clerk
Macdonald, Duncan, clerk
Mace, John, bricklayer
Mack, Miss Annie, dressmaker
Mack, Bud, laborer
Mack, Callie
MACK, MISS CORDELIA, dressmaker, 306 1/2 w Broad
Mack, John
Mack, Mrs. Minerva T.
Madden, Oscar, carpenter
Madden, Pleasant, carpenter
Maddox, Nathan D, driver
Maddox, Peter, laborer
Magee, Culley, clerk
Magee, Edwin, harness maker
Mahaffey, John Q. (Smelser & Mahaffey)
Mahaffey, Perry W, stenographer
Malaby, Aaron H, blacksmith
MALABY, MISS GRACE, stenographer, 223 Pine
Malcolm, Edward R, car repairer
Maloff, Mrs. Mary
Mallory, Alice
Mallory, Mrs. Marie S.
Mamon, Robert, cook
Mangan, John J, car repairer
Mangan, Thomas F, laborer
Mangan, Wm, eng foreman
Mann, Miss Hattie G, music teacher
MANN, HENRY R, lawyer, 114 1/2 e Broad
MANN, R.H.T., MD, oculist & Aurist, 100 1/2 e Broad
Mannix, J.J, machinist
Marbury, Miss Ann
Marbury, Miss Hal
Marbury, Miss Pauline, clerk
Marbury, Thomas M.
Marchioni, Lingo
Mark, John E, brakeman
Markley, Frederick, painter
Marley, John
Marshall, Amelia
Marshall, Arthur, cashier
Marshall, Daniel, driver
Marshall, Hannah M.
Marshall, Jay E, clerk
Marshall, Jay J, travel auditor
Marshall, Lucius L, machinist
Marshall, Sarah, dometic
Marshall, Miss Sinklie
Marshall, Wm B, superintendent
Martin, Charles W, clerk
Martin, Fannie
Martin, Isaac B, clerk
Martin, James H, car cleaner
Martin, James L, tailor
Martin, Miss Jennie R.
Martin, Joseph W, messenger
Martin, J.W, laborer
Martin, Miss Mattie
Martin, Thomas, laborer
Martoney, Charles
Marvin, Frank V, conductor
Marx, August, foreman
Marx, Caroline
Marx, Frank
Marx, Henry, turner
Marx, Paul
Mason, A.C, tel operator
Mason, J. Edward, traveling agent
Mason, Mary
MASSENBURG, WALTER G, civil engineer, 223 Pine
Massey, Arthur, laborer
Massey, Flournoy D, carpenter
Massey, James W, messenger
Massey, Jesse J, laborer
MASSEY, RICHARD D, grocer, 1006 Wood
Matheny, Emerson, E, cabinet maker
Mathews, Frank F, stamper P.O.
Mathews, Joseph
Mathews, Wm H, carrier P.O.
Matlock, Forest
Matlock, George
Matlock, Oscar
Matony, Charles, machine hand
Matony, Henry
Matony, Louis, grader
Matson, Aaron, B, surveyor
Matson, Miss Ella, bookkeeper
Matson, Miss Jessie
MATTHEWS, ALBERT J, blacksmith, 601 e Broad
Matthews, Caledonia, domestic
Matthews, Chapman W, switchman
Matthews, John, porter
Matthews, John A, blacksmith
Matthews, Louis, laborer
MATTHEWS, MISS LULA J, grocer, 601 e Broad
Matthews, Mary
Matthews, Mollie
Matthews, Oscar
Mattox, Edwin, sexton
Maul, Miss Nellie M, stenographer
Max, Samuel, laborer
Maxwell, Edley N, superintendent
Maxwell, Miss Lucy A.
Maxwell, L.W.
May, Gus H, barkeeper
May, Walter W, carpenter
May, Wm T, carpenter
Mayfield, Addie, cook
Mayhan, Jesse, clerk
Mayhan, Wm A.
Mayher, John W, manager
MAYHER, Wm E, saloon, 302 w Broad
Mays, Emily E.
Mays, John H, eng foreman
Mays, J. Lloyd, fireman
Meador, Thomas S, electrician
Meek, Miss Amanda C.
Meek, Emma L.
Meek, John, lawyer
Medley, Miss Gertrude
Medlock, Samuel
Megee, Luke F, traveling agent
Meisch, Nicholas, car inspector
Melton, J. Thomas, printer
Melville, Charles, foreman
Mendels, Henry, clerk
Mercer, Miss Emma, printer
Mercer, Howard J, carpenter
Mercer, Mrs. Olive E.
Mercer, Pyre, operator (tel)
Mercer, W. Lee, carpenter
Mereto, Louis D, barkeeper
Meriwether, Henry R.
Merrin, Lizzie, laundress
Messenger, Mrs. Salome
Mey, Gustave H, barkeeper
Meyer, Ferinand W, travel auditor
Meyer, Mrs. Matilda J.
Meyers, Mrs. Hannah
Middleton, Henry, laborer
Middleton, John, laborer
Miles, Alexander, porter
Miles, B. Frank, machinist
Miles, Charles, laborer
Miles, Charles J, yardmaster
Miles, Edward H, butcher
Miles, Harry, caller
Miles, Henry, laborer
Miles, John
Miles, Maggie, domestic
Miles, Wm M, bookkeeper
MILLAZZO, DOMINICK, cigars & tobacco, 218 State Line Av
MILLAZZO, SAMUEL, saloon, 116 w Broad
MILLER, Miss Annie, clerk
Miller, Benjamin, laborer
MILLER, BENJAMIN F, grocer, Buchanan Road
Miller, Bert S, machinist
Miller, Charles, cook
Miller, Charles, servant
Miller, Clarissa, laundress
MILLER CO (Ark) COURTHOUSE, s s e 5th, bet Laurel & Ash
MILLER CO (Ark) JAIL, 420 Laurel
Miller, Emma, domestic
Miller, Frank G, president (Iron Works)
Miller, George
Miller, George W, carpenter
Miller, Grover, machinist
Miller, Hiram, carpenter
MILLER, JEFFERSON, restaurant, 321 Elm
Miller, Lawrence, laborer
Miller, Mrs. Lina
Miller, Miss Lizzie
Miller, Lizzie, laundress
Miller, Mattie, laundress
Miller, Mrs. Mollie
Miller, Polly, cook
Miller, Robert E, engineer
Miller, T. Homer, clerk
Millis, Charles D, engineer
Millis, Del, solicitor
Mills, Adrian L, laborer
MILLS HOUSE, Walnut, se cor e 3rd
Mills, John M, student
Mills, Lewis W, proprietor
Milton, Henderson, laborer
Mimms, Richard, laborer
Mims, Kate
Mitchell, Alfred S, bookkeeper
Mitchell, Amelia
Mitchell, Callie, laundress
Mitchell, George, servant
Mitchell, James, laborer
Mitchell, Joseph, collector
Mitchell, J.T, solicitor
Mitchell, Miss Mary E, teacher
Mitchell, Mollie, cook
Mitchell, Philip, porter
Mitchell, Richard
Mitchell, Rolla R, contr freight agent
Mitchell, Samuel, laborer
Mitchell, Walter M, carpenter
Moffat, Miss Edna
Moffat, George A, machinist
Moffat, Rose R.
Moffett, G. Wm, clerk
MOFFETT, JOHN H, grocer, 924 State Line
Monroe, Ida
Montague, Samuel, laborer
Montague, Wm, porter
Montgomery, Arthur B, gen delivery clerk, postoffice
Montgomery, Frederick G, lineman
MONTGOMERY, JAMES M, lawyer, 213 1/2 e Broad
Montgomery, Yancey, clerk
Moody, Frank S.
Moody, Miss Lucille
MOODY & WRIGHT, painters
Mooney, Patrick, manager
Moore, Adam J, laborer
Moore, Albert, porter
Moore, Albert H, fireman
Moore, Andrew, laborer
Moore, Cortez C, printer
Moore, Charles B, student
Moore, Rev. C.M., pastor
MOORE, DAVID H, grocer, 1300 e 9th
Moore, D. Ernest
Moore, Elem, driver
Moore, Eugene, laborer
Moore, F. Otto
Moore, Harry R, clerk
Moore, Henrietta
MOORE, HENRY, lawyer, 114 1/2 e Broad
Moore, Henry Jr, contractor
Moore, H.P., fireman
Moore, Jacob L, laborer
Moore, James A, wood worker
Moore, James W, carpenter
Moore, Jefferson, porter
Moore, John, laborer
MOORE, JOHN H, grocer, 1431 State Line Av
Moore, John L, 2nd hand goods
Moore, Jordon, hostler
Moore, Lafayette, traveling agent
Moore, Lee, laborer
Moore, Miss Lizzie
Moore, Louis, laborer
Moore, Louis, hostler
Moore, Lucy, laundress
Moore, Lydia
Moore, Miss Mary I
Moore, N. Linder
Moore, Randle T
Moore, Miss Sarah
Moore, Thomas, laborer
Moore, Thomas M, laborer
Moore, Walter, porter
Moore, Wesley, clerk
Moore, Wilber, servant
Moore, Wm, laborer
Moore, Wm, laborer
Moore, Willis, laborer
MOORE & CHAUNCEY, printers 224 1/2 State Line Av
MOORE & HAYNES, Twin City Bottling Works, 306 e Broad
Moorehead, Charles, waiter
Moorehead, Wood, waiter
Moores, Rachael P.
Morehead, Charles L, engineer
Morehead, Thomas, servant
Morein, Joseph, peddler
Morgan, Charles
Morgan, Scott, laborer
Morgan, Wm R, fireman
Morgan, Marcus F.
MORGAN & CO, grocers, 319 e Broad
Morris, James W, student
Morris, Lucy
Morris, John B, photographer
Morris, Pleasant M, messenger
Morris, Wm, waiter
Morrison, Hugh I, clerk
Morrison, Ida, laundress
Morrison, John H, clerk
Morrison, Thomas W, clerk
Morriss, Reuben M, student
Morrow, Eli, laborer
Morrow, John, porter
MORROW, JOHN W, meats, 318 w Broad
Morrow, Tobias, porter
Morrow, Viney
Mosby, Frederick, driver
Moscow, Wm, laborer
Moscow, Wm, laborer
Mosley, Alexander, porter
Mosley, Ellen
Mosley, Frank, porter
Mosley, Minnie, laundress
Mosley, Mott, driver
Mosly, Thos, laborer
Moss, Harriet
Moten, Mitchell
Motley, Charles, porter
Motley, Robert, laborer
Motz, Caleb T, blacksmith
Motz, Miss Nettie
Movery, J. Joseph, clerk
Moyer, I. Newton, fireman
Muldrew, Addison, laborer
Muldrew, James, laborer
Muldrow, July, laborer
Muller, Miss Lena, dressmaker
Muller, Miss Lizzie, dressmaker
Mullins, Francis W.
Mullins, James H.
Mullins, Thomas S.
MULLINS, T.S. & CO, dry goods, 109 e Broad
Mulree, Henry, laborer
Munchmeyer, Charles, clerk
MUNDAY, NICHOLAS, grocer, 623 Maple
Mundell, Neal, porter
Munsey, Wm, painter
Munson, Robert A, superintendent Water Co.
Munzesheimer, Gus, miller
Munzesheimer, Harry, miller
Munzesheimer, Herman
Munzesheimer, Miss Ida
Munzesheimer, Miss Lucille
Munzesheimer, Miss Rose
Murchison, George, waiter
Murphree, George E, engine foreman
Murphy, Benjamin, barkeeper
Murphy, Charles, laborer
Murphy, Charles C, laborer
Murphy, Cora
Murphy, James, laborer
Murphy, John, laborer
Murphy, John, laborer
Murphy, Joseph T, proprietor
Murphy, J.W., engineer
Murphy, Mrs. Maggie
Murphy, Miss Maggie
Murphy, Mary J.
Murphy, Sarah E, teacher
Murphy, Wm A, student
MURPHY, WM T, grocer, 313 e Broad
MURRAY, FRANK, meats, 311 e Broad
Murray, Malinda, laundress
Murray, Wm H, printer
Murrell, Galena W.
Murrin, John, barkeeper
Musgues, Augilita, cook
Musgrave, James D, master mechanic
Musgrave, Walter E, clerk
Mutcherson, George, waiter
Myers, Alexander, porter
Myers, Miss Arjyrra
Myers, Benjamin, F, machinist
Myers, Maggie
Mykes, Wesley, laborer
Myrick, Griffin

NALL, BENJAMIN T, grocer, 1223 County
Nance, Alexander
Nance, Alexander P, coach cleaner
Nance, Isom R, mill hand
Nance, Leon M, clerk
Nance, Miss Minnie
Nance, Miss Sula
Nance, Walter H, laborer
Nash, Bettie
Nash, Daniel J, train dispatcher
Nash, Emma L.
Nash, Fannie, laundress
Nash, John
Nash, Martin J, train dispatcher
Nash, Peter, fireman
Nash, Mrs, Thomas
Nason, Harry J.
Nason, Mrs. Maggie
Nation, Jefferson, driver
Nanck, Carl A, clerk
Neal, John, laborer
Neal, Jordan H, laborer
Neely, Austin K, driver
Neely, Cornelia O.
Neely, Miss Mamie
Neely, Thomas C, clerk
Neill, Rev. W.E, pastor
Nelson, John, waiter
Nelson, Louis, laborer
Nelson, Mollie
Nelson, Nancy, domestic
Nelson, Robert M, cashier
Nelson, Samuel, laborer
Nephew, Frank, laborer
Netter, Mary, laundress
Nevil, James, cook
Nevu, Frank, engine foreman
NEVVISANO, MARY, restaurant, 111 State
Newman, Frank
Newman, M.V, physician
NEWSOM, THOMAS F, grocer, Buchanan Rd
Nichols, Foster, waiter
Nichols, Jerry, laborer
Nichols, John, servant
Nichols, Maggie, domestic
Nicoud, Arnold, vice pres, Ice Co
Nipple, Samuel, laborer
Nix, Mrs. Jennie
Nic, John B.
Nix, Willis, fireman
NIX & YOUNG, blacksmith, 524 e Broad
Nixon, H.M, laborer
Nixon, John C, engineer
Norman, Robert L, stone cutter
Norris, Becky, cook
Norris, Wm B, city editor
Northam, Elijah, manager
Northern, Louis B, porter
Northum, Mrs. Fannie J.
Northum, Robert G, watchmaker
Norton, Julia
NORWOOD BUILDING, w Broad, nw cor State
Norwood, Philip T, Norwood Bldg
Nottage, Daniel, car agent
Nottage, Miss Lula
Nottage, Miss Mildred
Nottage, Sidney D, foreman
Nourse, Rebecca, cook
Nowlin, John, laborer
Nunnelly, Reuben, porter
NUSSBAUM, ABRAHAM, grocer 424 Elm

Oates, Ernest W, bookkeeper
Oats, Jane
Oats, John M, carpenter
Oats, Paul J, clerk
Oats, P. Bunyan, laborer
O'Brien, John, engineer
O'Brien, Wm, clerk
Ochs, Charles, laborer
Ochs, John, blacksmith
Ochs, Joseph
Ockander, Charles P, contractor
O'Connell, Miss Lizzie, student
O'Conner, John C, cashier
Oden, Charles, clerk
Oden, Charles, clerk
Oden, Joshua K, traveling agent
Oden, Otis, gardener
Odin, George, domestic
O'Donnell, Miss Annie
O'Donnell, Mrs. Elizabeth
O'Donnell, Miss Marguerite
O'Donnell, Miss Nellie
O'Donnell, Patrick, foreman
O'Dwyer, Roger J.
O'DWYER & AHERN, Dry goods, 110/112 e Broad
OFFENHAUSER, ADAM J. grocer, 107 e Broad
Offenhauser, Frederick W, insurance
OFFENHAUSER, F W & CO, State Line Av
Offenhauser, Henry F, bookkeeper
O'Garoi, Michael, barkeeper
Oldham, Arthur S, launderer
Oldham, Miss Carrie
Oldham, Miss Winnie
Olivara, Benjamin
OLIVARA & CO, saloon, 201 w Broad
Olive, Louisa, laundress
Oliver, Allen
Oliver, Miss May
Oliver, Stanley A, gardener
O'Neal, Chester R, bookkeeper
O'Neal, James H.
O'Neal, Mary
O'Neal, Thomas E, sawmill
O'Neal, Walter W, student
O'Neill, Albert T.
O'Neill, Edward L, driver
O'Neill, John B, conductor
O'Neill, Julian E, watchman
O'Neill, Wm H, contractor
Orr, Alonzo, driver
Orr, Claude, engineer
Orr, David, deputy pound master
Orr, George M, shingles
Orr, James M.
Orr, John M, carpenter
Orr, Miss Josie
Orr, Miss Maude E.
Orr, Miss Nettie
Orr, Olen B, shingles
ORR SCHOOL, A.B. Crump, Prin, e s Laurel, bet 8th &9th
Orr, Wm, farmer
Orr, Wm H, laborer
Orsi, Camilla, barkeeper
Osborn, Charles, messenger
Osborn, M. Shelton, painter
Osborn, Miss Natalie
Osborn, Wm W, machinist
Otis, A.B, electrician
Overholser, John W, bookkeeper
Owen, DeWitt, foreman
Owen, Wm B, traveling agent
Owens, Miss Dora, clerk
Owens, Esther, laundress
Owens, Nelson, waiter
Owens, Robert, porter
Owens, Samuel
Owens, Wickliff, superintendent, Texarkana Texas Public Schools, 620 w 6th
Owens, Wm, laborer
Owens, Wm B, traveling agent
Owsley, John T.
Ozmer, Phinas X, clerk

Packard, E. Russell, traveling agent & tuner
Page, Lee
Palmer, Frank, baggageman
PALMER-WILSON, Breeders Market Poultry, 402 Maple
Paris, Scipio, laborer
Parham, Wm, laborer
Parker, Edward, laborer
Parker, George
Parker, Miss Harry, student
Parker, Henderson, laborer
Parker, Joseph, driver
Parker, Thomas, cook
Parker, Washington, laborer
Parker, Wm, porter
Parkins, Arthur
Parkins, Miss Jessie
Parkins, Otto, foreman
PARKINS & CANNELLA, barbers, 118 w Broad
Parks, George, traveling agent
Parks, Miss Mamie C, teacher
Parks, Theodore, laborer
Parrish, Guy R, stenographer
Patching, A. Ernst, car repairer
Patching, J.A, car repairer
Patillo, John P, laborer
Patrick, Henry, laborer
Patterson, James, carpenter
Patterson, John W, traveling agent
Patterson, Joseph
Patterson, Peter W, clerk
Patterson, Robert A.
Patterson, Samuel G, bookkeeper
Patterson, Sarah A.
PATTESON, JAMES N, photographer, 111 1/2 e Broad
Paul, Saul, hostler
Paullin, Milton, conductor
Paup, John W, traveling agent
Paup, Wilber, farmer
Paxton, Lizzie, laundress
Paxton, Tobe, driver
Paxton, Wm C, lumber yard
PAYNE, ALEXANDER A, barber, 220 State Line
Payne, Charles, laborer
Payne, Commodore D, bookkeeper
Payne, Miss Eva
Payne, Gus
Payne, John J, switchman
Payne, Robert W, machine hand
Payne, Miss S. Ernestine
Payne, Wm A.
Payne, Wm A, Jr, cabinet maker
Peabody, Elbert H, stenographer
Peabody, Charles A, cashier auditor
Pearson, Charles
Pearson, James, laborer
Pearson, John, laborer
Pearson, Virgil, laborer
Peavy, Wm F, student
Peek, Hiram M, messenger
Peek, Edward C, bookkeeper
Peek, Jane M.
Pennington, Julia T.
Pennington, Susan, laundress
Peopletoe, George, laborer
Peppard, Merrill, lumber
Perdue, J.S.
Perdue, Leon, clerk
Perdue, Lovick P, fireman
Perdue, Mrs. Mary A.
Perdue, Miss Queen A.
Perk, Wm, laborer
Perkins, Forest
Perkins, James C, brakeman
Pernsteiner, Frank, laborer
Perry, Azel A, lumber
Perry, Miss Florence
Perry, Henry B.
Perry, James, stenographer
Perry, Kate
Perry, Rachael
Perry, Samuel, laborer
Perry, Thomas H, county surveyor (Miller County)
Perry, Wm, porter
PERRY & ALLEN, barbers, 114 State
Pete, Alberta
Pete, Lula
PETE, ROBERT, barber, 213 State
Peters, Aranna, laundress
Peters, Jefferson, cook
Peters, Wm, laborer
Peterson, Robert B, porter
Petrie, Charles H.
Pettaway, Daisy
Pettaway, Julia, laundress
Pettaway, Lee, laborer
Pettaway, Maggie, seamstress
Pettaway, Mary, laundress
Pettigrew, Wm M, traveling agent
Peyton, Ephraim H, clerk
Pharr, Blake C.
Phebus, James W, car repairer
Phelps, Henry, engineer
Phillips, Charles W, laborer
Phillips, Harry
Phillips, Joseph, printer
Phillips, Ophelia, domestic
Phillips, Wm.
Phillips, Wm E, hostler
Phipps, Marion J, machine hand
PHOTIS, IGNATIUS, confectioner, 120 w Broad
Pickard, Alexander C, machinist
Pickett, Gus C, baggageman
Pickett, Mattie
Pickett, Sevier, bookkeeper
Pierce, Hattie, laundress
Pierce, Sallie
Pike, George T, laborer
Pile, Gardner E, switchman
Pile, Paul N, engineer
Piloquain, John N, stove repair
Pitner, John, driver
Pitts, John, laborer
Pitts, Love, laborer
PLATZ, HENRY, shoe maker, 121 e Broad
Platz, Marguerite
Plode, Harry
Poindexter, Axless, laborer
Poindexter, Hannah
Poindexter, Jesse, cook
Polhamius, Francis M, sec-treas Texarkana Ice Co
Pollard, Walter S, druggist
Poole, David L, switchman
Pooler, Jane, domestic
Pooler, Nellie
Pooley, Mollie, domestic
Pope, Bettie, domestic
Porter, Bud
Porter, Frederick O, fireman
Porter, Henry
Porter, James, laborer
Porter, Lawrence
Porter, Maggie
Porter, Martha, cook
Porter, Mary, laundress
Porter, Milton
Porter, Wilbourn H.
Post, Dallas, porter
POST OFFICE, State Line Av, bet 5th and 6th
Pound, Ward, switchman
Pouncy, Louis, laborer
Powell, Anderson, molder
Powell, Fannie, laundress
Powell, George, barber
Powell, James, waiter
Powell, James, laborer
Powell, Solomon, laborer
Powell, Thomas W, boarding
Powell, Wm.
Powers, Mary J, cook
Prator, Frederick
Prator, John D, shoes
Prator, Mallon, clerk
Pratt, Eque, teacher
Pregge, Henry, car repairer
Preston, David
Preston, George H, barkeeper
Preston, H.C, clerk
Preston, James
Preston, J.P.
Preston, Sdiney, laborer
Preston, Rev. Wm B, pastor
Prestridge, James S, traveling agent
Price, B.
Price, Eliza, laundress
Price, George, laborer
Price, James
Price, Jeremiah
Price, Richard, laborer
Price, Robert M, clerk
Price, Wm.
PRINCE, MRS. AGNES M, dry goods, 216 e Broad
Prince, Herbert, clerk
Prince, Miss Joycey
Prince, Miss Minnie
Prince, Oliver W, manager
Prince, Thomas A, driver
Protho, Thomas, laborer
Prucius, Mrs. Belle
Prudhomme, John B, manager
Pruitt, Effie
Pruitt, Melissa, laundress
Pruitt, Phoebe, laundress
Pryor, Mary, domestic
Puckett, Pliny
Puffer, Richard, carpenter
Pugh, Wm K, painter
Pullen, John C, clerk
Punch, Robert, city clerk (Texarkana Texas)
Purcell, Albert, cotton buyer
Purcell, Miss Lillian D.
Purcell, Wm H, tailor
PURIFOY, FRANCIS W, grocer, 801 Dudley Av
Purifoy, Henry, laborer
Purifoy, Marshall L, carpenter
Pursley, Agnes
Putnam, Mynatt W.

Queen, Wm, laborer
Quigley, Glenn, clerk
Quigley, John, plasterer
Quinn, Angeline
Quinn, Edmund
QUINN, FRANK S, lawyer, 114 1/2 e Broad
Quinn, Thomas, barkeeper

Raffaelli, John D.
RAFFAELLI, JOSEPH, saloon, 1021 Phenie
Rarraelli, Miss Josephine
Raffaelli, Stephen
Ragland, A.R.
RAGLAND, JAMES S, books & stationery, 116 e Broad
RAGLAND, SAMUEL M, cigars & tobacco, 101 e Broad
Ragland, Stiles, driver
Raines, W.J, conductor
Rainey, Edward J, clerk
Rains, Laura, cook
Raley, Eugene, student
Ralph, George B.
Ralph, Miss Mary E.
Ralph, Wm E.
RANDOLF, THE, w Broad, nw cor Maple
RANEY, DUNCAN L, grocer, Rose Hill
Ransom, Henry
Rasmusen, Camillus, fireman
Ratcliff, Harold R, student
Rather, Wm B, laborer
Ratliff, E.L.
Ratliff, Robert E, laborer
Ratteree, Pinkney, carpenter
Ray, Henry, laborer
Ray, Wm.
Ray, Wm, laborer
Rayburn, Sanford H, student
Raymer, C, driver
Rea, Miss Lena, tel operator
Rea, Wm A, engineer
Read, Benjamin, carpenter
READ, RHESA W, physician, 100 1/2 e Broad
Read, Miss Smithie
Readinger, Edward G (Whitworth & Readinger) resides Reading PA
Reardon, John, machinist
Redd, Lucy
REDDING, JOSEPH, grocer, 923 w 4th
Reece, James T, shoemaker
REED, CHARLES A, physician, 210 1/2 w Broad
Reed, Emily, cook
Reed, Frank
Reed, Hattie, laundress
Reed, Miss Hortense, stenographer
Reed, Jackson, laborer
Reed, Julian B.
Reed, J.M, carpenter
Reed, Lawson
Reed, Naomi
Reed, Sallie
REED, WM H, blacksmith, 1015 w 18th
Reed, Willie
Reeder, Mary
Reese, Athol C, cooper
Reese, Leonard D, clerk
Reese, S.
Reesman, Simon, laborer
Reeves, Charles M, undertaker
Reeves, Link
Reeves, Nathaniel H.
Reeves, Wm, porter
Regan, Joseph
Rehkopf, Albert
Rehkopf, Miss Augusta
Rehkopf, George
Rehkopf, Henry, upholsterer
Rehkopf, Henry C, manager
Rehkoph, Miss Josie
Rehkopf, Miss Lizzie
REHKOPF MATTRESS CO, w Broad, nw cor West
Reid, Charles, bookkeeper
Reid, George W, insurance agent
Reid, Grove S, gen freight agent
Reid, John D, clerk
Reinberg, Herman, tailor
REINBERG, MAX, tailor, 210-212 State Line Av
Reinhardt, John C, fireman
Revel, George, laborer
Reverra, Paul, depot police
Reynolds, Arthur J, clerk
Reynolds, Miss Ida
Reynolds, Ira J, conductor
Rhea, John, carpenter
Rhodes, Eben, driver
Rhodes, Edgar, laborer
Rhodes, Robert A, proprietor
Rhodes, Miss Willie
Rhoney, James, porter
Rhoney, Josie
Richards, Nancy, laundress
Richards, Richard, laborer
Richards, W.T, painter
Richardson, Alexander, barkeeper
Richardson, Charles, driver
Richardson, Marshal A, engineer
Richardson, Nelia
Richardson, Walter, porter
Richardson, Willard L.
RICHARDSON & PETRIE, painters, 112 Spruce
Richie, Edward, porter
Richie, Frances, waiter
Richie, Harrison, laborer
Ridley, John C, cashier
Riddink, J. Calvin
RIDDICK, JC & SON, 2nd hand goods, 108-110 e 3rd
Riddick, Wm B.
Riley, John, laborer
Rimbels, Andrew, laborer
Rimbels, Matilda, laundress
Rimes, Sarah F.
Ringo, John L, porter
Riorty, Charles, molder
Ripper, Jack
Risling, David, hostler
Rivera, Susan, laundress
Rives, Arthur D, clerk
Roach, James F, servant
Roach, Lyman S.
ROACH, L.E, grocer, 523 State
Robbins, Edward, F, clerk
Robbins, Frank D, agent
Robbins, Hannah
Roberson, C.R.
Roberts, Annie
Roberts, Annie, cook
Roberts, A.B, laborer
Roberts, Miss Eugenia A.
Roberts, Fannie, domestic
Roberts, Jay W, engineer
Roberts, Miss Mary J.
Roberts, Moses, driver
Roberts, Oliver C.
Roberts, Sherman, driver
Roberts, Stella, domestic
Roberts, Thomas K.
Roberts, Wm B, driver
Robertson, Anthony, lineman
Robertson, Mayo, clerk
Robertson, R. Emmet, stenographer
Robin, Lee, servant
Robins, Edward, clerk
Robinson, Allen, laborer
Robinson, Clarence, driver
ROBINSON, CLEM R, restaurant, 838 Laurel
Robinson, Frances, cook
Robinson, Frank W, switchman
Robinson, G.R, coroner (Miller County)
Robinson, Harry, driver
Robinson, Ivison V, clerk
ROBINSON, JAMES, broker, 116 1/2 w Broad
Robinson, James, porter
Robinson, Lucy
Robinson, Lulu
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mary, cook
Robinson, Mildred
Robinson, Minnie
Robinson, Moses, porter
Robinson, Allie
Robinson, Patsey
Robinson, Robert J, tel operator
ROBINSON, Wm A, druggist, 106 e Broad
Robinson, Wm C, car builder
Roche, John H.
Rochelle, Mrs, Cordelia
Rochelle, James F, Constable, 214 State
Rochelle, Jet
Rochelle, Miss Lizzie
Rochelle, Marcellus, sexton
Rochelle, Miss Nannie
Rochelle, Nellie
Rodgers, Miss Annie V, student
Roders, Miss Belle, music teacher
Rodgers, Frances J.
Rodgers, Miss Frances, teacher
Rodgers, Leo A, bookkeeper
Rodgers, Rollin W, city attorney (Texarkana Tex.)
Rodgers, Thomas F, teller
Rodney, Linda
Rodney, Moses, laborer
Roff, Miss Clara
Roff, Frederick, engineer
Roff, Frederick, Jr, clerk
Roff, Miss Mamie, teacher
ROGERS, MRS. CHRISTINA, baker, 305 e Broad
Rogers, Clara
Rogers, David E, plasterer
Rogers, Emma
Rogers, Gordon P, lineman
Rogers, Miss mary, clerk
Rogers, Miss Pearl
Rogers, Thomas, baker
Rohleder, Louis, car repairer
Ronzi, Francisco
Ronzi, Louis, barkeeper
Rooks, Mary J.
Roome, A.C.
Rosborough, James T, planter
Rosborough, Miss Jennie
Rosborough, Miss Mattie H.
Rosborough, Wm, school principal
Rose, Allen, laborer
Rose, John, laborer
Roseborough, Wm, musician
ROSENBAUM, ISAAC, tailor, 222 State Line Av
Rosenbaum, J.W, machinist
Rosenbaum, Miss Lena, stenographer
Rosenbaum, Morris, painter
Rosenbaum, Paul C.
Rosenbaum, Miss Yettie, stenographer
Rosenberger, Miss Annie L, stenographer
Ross, Hilbert, laborer
Ross, Laura, laundress
Ross, Monroe, waiter
Ross, Robert, launderer
Ross, Robert Jr, waiter
Roswell, Abram, laborer
Rothe, Frederick, supt National Cotton Oil Co
Rothe, Miss Mamie, teacher
Rothhaus, Samuel, clerk
Rowe, John, laborer
Rowe, Wesley, laborer
Rowe, Willard F, engineer
Rowell, Daniel R, carpenter
Rowley, Wm E, carpenter
Rucker, Frederick L, manager
Rucker, Lee D. (removed to Corsicana Tex.)
Rung, Edward L.
Rung, John
RUNG, JOHN & SON, proprietors West Side Hotel, 621 Lelia
Rung, Miss Nora
Runnells, Lee, peddler
Rush, John, porter
Rush, Luther M.
RUSH & GIBSON, dentists, 212 1/2 w Broad
Russell, Eugene, laborer
Russell, Matthew, laborer
Russell, Matthew Jr, laborer
Russell, Ninevah A.
RUSSELL, Wm H, meats, 420 State Line Av
Russian, Pearl
Rutter, Edward E, contractor
Rutter, Mrs. Jane
Ryan, Mrs. Cora
Ryan, Thomas F, butcher
Ryan, Thomas K, engineer

Sabine, John G, publisher
SABINE VALLEY LUMBER CO, 214 1/2 State Line Av
Sada, Neofito, confectioner
Sailor, Miss Bertha, clerk
Sain, Mrs, Jannie, tailor
St AGNES ACADEMY, 518 w 3rd
Samuel, Lottie
Sampson, Fannie
Sampson, Lena, laundress
Sales, Michael, driver
Sallard, Blanch, cook
Sallard, Clarissa, laundress
Sallard, Sandy, laborer
Sandberger, Adolph
SANDBERGER BROS., dry goods, 202 e Broad
Sandberger, Henry, dry goods
Sandberger, Maurice, dry goods
Sandberger, Miss Rose
Sanders, Albert, laborer
Sanders, Elbert L, driver
Sanders, Eugene L, stenographer
Sanders, George, driver
Sanders, George, driver
Sanders, Hattie, domestic
Sanders, Rev, James C.
Sanders, Louis, tel operator
Sanders, Miss Lulu
Sanders, Manuel A, blacksmith
Sanders, Oscar, manager
Sanders, Wm F, barber
Sanderson, Alexander G, abstractor (Miller county)
Sanderson, Jefferson, circuit clerk (Miller County)
Sanderson, Noah P, grocer
Sane, Robert R, carpenter
Sarvis, John W.
Saxon, Thomas W, driver
Saxton, Sylvia
Sawyer, George
Schardon, Adolph, clerk
SCHERER, CHARLES, dry goods, 212 e Broad
SCHERER, GEORGE, dry goods, 325 e Broad
Scherer, Isidore, dry goods
Scherer, Miss Jeannette
SCHERER, JULIUS, taior, 108 State Line Av
Scherer, Max, clerk
Schicker, Julius F, tinner
Schmidt, Charles, blacksmith
Schmidt, Wm M, harness maker
Schneider, Adolph, laborer
Schrimshire, Miss Della, dressmaker
Schrimshire, Wm M, laborer
Schuster, Elmer, student
Schuster, Eugene L, jeweler
SCHUSTER, FREDERICK L, jeweler, 208 State Line Av
Schuster, Frederick L, Jr, jeweler
Schuster, Irvin, machinist
Schuster, Miss Julia
Schuster, Miss Ollie
Schwartz, Isaac, manager
Scoggins, John F, painter
SCOTT, ALEXANDER, saloon, 323 Elm
Scott, Cynthia, laundress
Scott, Ducky
Scott, Elijah, laborer
Scott, Frances
Scott, George
Scott, Miss Grace A.
Scott, Isaac
Scott, James, laborer
Scott, Miss Jessie
Scot, Job, laborer
Scott, Louisa, domestic
Scott, Major, laborer
Scott, Monte, servant
Scott, Oscar D.
Scott, Sarah, laundress
Scott, Tabitha J.
Scott, Thedious
Scott, Thomas
Scott, Wm.
Scott, Wm T, clerk
SCOTT & HARRIS, blacksmiths, 1007 State Line Av
SCOTT & JONES, lawyers, 109 1/2 e Broad
Scouden, Edward
Scruggs, A. Winston, clerk
Seals, John, porter
Seaman, Charles E, engineer
Sears, Louis S, trainmaster
Seawood, Benjamin, porter
Seegar, Oliver M, engineer
Seldon, Riney, domestic
Selph, Will E, car repairer
Semlear, John H, bricklayer
Settles, Henrietta, domestic
SEVIER, AMBROSE H, attorney, 215 e Broad
Sevier, A. Hundley, bookkeeper
Sexton, Alfred L, clerk
Sexton, Christopher C, clerk
Sexton, Garfield, porter
Sexton, Wm.
Shackleford, Ann
Shackleford, Walter, laborer
Shafer, Henry A, engineer
Shafner, Michael, cabinet maker
Shankle, Charles E, printer
Sharit, Lawrence L, boilermaker
Sharit, Thomas D, engineer
Sharkey, Hattie, domestic
Sharkey, Wm, laborer
Sharp, Miss Imogene
Sharp, Minnie
Sharp, Mrs. Susan O.
Sharp, Wm. S, collector
Sharpe, Wm O.
SHARPE & BREWER, men's furnishing goods, 120 e Broad
SHAVER, Wm, grocer, 405 Elm
Shaw, Bama, laundress
Shaw, Miss Dessie V.
Shaw, Miss Ella, clerk
Shaw, Louis
Shaw, Thomas, laborer
Shaw, Walter W, asst postmaster
Shaw, Wm H, laborer
Shawnell, Hence, laborer
Sheehan, Mary A.
Sheffield, John H, printer
Shelley, E.B. clerk
Shelton, Mrs. George
Shepherd, Claude L, sec & treas, Sou Furniture
Shepher, John B.
Shepherd, Willis, laborer
Sheppard, Miss Isla
Sheppard, John L.
SHEPPARD, JONES & SHEPPARD, lawyers, 303 1/2 w Broad
Sheppard, Joseph P, traveling agent
Sheppard, Miss Mary
Sheppard, Morris
Sheppard, Paul, student
SHERMAN HOUSE, 315 e Front
Shern, Hadley, cook
Shicker, E.A, vice pres, Foreman Shoe Co
Shiever, John
Shiver, John C, engine foreman
Shoemaker, T.N.
Shofner, Michael, carpenter
Short, Archie M, laborer
Shuptrine, Walter W, flour
SHUTT, J. EDWARD, undertaker, Texarkana Livery Co
Shutt, Miss Mattie
Sibley, John H, laborer
SIGNOR, BURTON & CO, tie contractors, 209 Pine
Signor, Eli H.
Signor, George W., res Shreveport
Signor, Lee F, bookkeeper
Sikes, Kate
Silas, Martha, domestic
Sillman, Rant, laborer
Sills, Charles, foreman
Silman, Simon, laborer
Simmons, Miss Algernon M.
Simmons, Elizabeth T.
Simmons, James
Simmons, John, collector
Simmons, Miss Rosa
Simmons, Victor, fireman
Simmons, Wm. D.M., bookkeeper
Simms, Hollywood V, shoemaker
Simms, Mattie, laundress
Simpson, Amanda, domestic
Simpson, Dock, laborer
Simpson, Henrietta, domestic
Simpson, Jefferson, domestic
Simpson, Mrs. Katherine E.
SIMPSON, LUTHER W, meats, 1119 County
Simpson, Martin, servant
Simpson, Morgan
Simpson, Mary, waiter
Simpson, Morris, laborer
Sims, Robert, laborer
SIMS, THOMAS A, dentist, 100 w Broad
Sinclair, Charles M, carpenter
Sinclair, James, clerk
Sins, Archibald, publisher
Sins, Edward L, clerk
Sins, Henry P.
Sisco, Zeb, cook
SKEEN, PURNELL A, dentist, 214 1/2 State Line Av
Skeen, Shelie, clerk
Skeen, Thomas C, manager
SKEEN, T.C. LUMBER CO, 5 & 6 Norwood Bldg
Skillman, John C, carpenter
Slade, Wm, clerk
Slimer, Barney, switchman
Slye, John H, engineer
Smelser, Samuel H, lawyer
SMELSER & MAHAFFEY, lawyers, 221 1/2 w Broad
Smiley, Van, driver
Smith, Addie L.
Smith, Allen P, gen claim agent
Smith, Mrs. Annie
Smith, Benjamin F, clerk
Smith, Celia, laundress
Smith, Charles, porter
Smith, Chauncey G, painter
Smith, David A, switchman
SMITH DRUG CO, 100 e Broad
Smith, Ducky
Smith, Edward E, carpenter
Smith, Eli, laborer
Smith, Elijah C, switchman
Smith, E. Kirby, bank cashier
Smith, Mrs. Fannie
Smith, Frank, helper
Smith, Frank T, salesman
Smith, Frederick W, clerk
Smith, George
Smith, George H, carpenter
Smith, George W, carpenter
Smith, Miss Gordie
Smith, Green, laborer
Smith, G. Monroe, proprietor
Smith, Harry M.
Smith, Henry, laborer
SMITH HOUSE, 300 1/2 e Broad
Smith, Ira
Smith, James, carpenter
Smith, James, wks CC&C
Smith, James, porter
Smith, James W, carpenter
Smith, John B, driver
Smith, John F, printer
Smith, John T.
Smith, Miss Josephine A.
Smith, Lela, laundress
Smith, Lucian, laborer
Smith, Mrs. Mattie
Smith, Miss May
Smith, Mintie
Smith, M.H, boilermaker
Smith, Pinney, laundress
Smith, Priscilla, domestic
Smith, Rhoda
Smith, Rufus, laborer
Smith, Miss Sallie
Smith, Samantha A.
Smith, Samuel, driver
Smith, Sophia
Smith, Thomas H (Smith & Bloom)
Smith, Thomas H, conductor
Smith, T.H.
Smith, Miss Verna
Smith, Wm, laborer
Smith, Wm, laborer
Smith, Wm A, engineer
SMITH, Wm A.J, contractor & builder, 2024 Olive
Smith, Wm J, harness maker
Smith, Wm M, painter
Smith, Willie, laundrss
SMITH & BLOOM, meats, 226 State Line Av
SMITH & REED, dentists 118 1/2 e Broad
Smither, Ervin C, caller
Smither, Wm J, Justice of the Peace, 114 1/2 e Broad
Smithey, Charles, barkeeper
Smoote, Charles W, traveling agent
Smoote, Miss Tyler
Snell, Eliza, domestic
Snell, Walter, porter
Snider, Mack
Snook, Angelina E.
Snook, Charles J, cashier
Snook, Harry L, machinist
Snyder, Joseph, engineer
Solinsky, Samuel S, city attorney (Texarkana Ark)
Somervell, John M, clerk, US District Court
Sonntag, Frank, switchman
SoRelle, Riley O, tel operator
SORRELLS & LONGINOTTI, drugs, 100 w Broad
Sorsby, Benjamin L, clerk
South, Wm M, publisher
Southard, Miss Maud, milliner
Southard, Nial, car repairer
Sowles, Enoch, laborer
Spangenberg, Miss Henrietta M.
Spangenberg, Henry C, car repairer
Spangenberg, John H, carpenter
Spangenberg, Miss Metta G.
Sparks, Edward, laborer
Sparks, Lela
Spear, J. Wesley, watchman
Spearman, Kelley, student
Spearman, Miss Pearl
SPEARMAN, Wm C, physician, 100 1/2 w Broad
Speer, Oliver B, carpenter
Spence, Robert
Spencer, Samuel J, school principal
Spencer, Mrs. S.J, teacher
Spencer, Alvarian, carpenter
Spurrier, Benjamin B, yardmaster
Stafford, Mrs. Sallie
Staggers, Henry, caller
STAINBACK, CRAWFORD & CO, builders material, Little Rock Ark
Stati, Albert W, clerk
Staiti, Charles C, stenographer
Staiti, Miss Mamie D.
Staiti, Miss Nina C.
Staiti, Santo, newspapers
Staley, Wynne S, school principal
Stamps, May, domestic
STANFIELD, JOHN W, sporting goods, 206 w Broad
Stanley, James, hostler
Stanley, Marguerite
Stanley, Noah, engineer
Stanley, Wm J, caller
Starkes, Miss Kate
Starkes, Lewis L, carpenter
Steel, Charles H, machine hand
Steel, Richard J, carpenter
Stegall, Miss Annie
Stegall, Miss Bertha R.
Stegall, Charles E, painter
Stegall, James R, painter
Stegall, Miss Lula M, music teacher
STEGALL, MICAH S, florist, 1027 Locust
Stell, James, laborer
Stell, John, laborer
Stephen, Miss Ruth, student
Sterling, Barney, dry goods
Stern, Nathaniel, clerk
Stevens, Alonzo W, manager
STEVENS, ANDREW W, brick manufacturer, w 3rd, cor Congress
Stevens, Miss Clara
Stevens, H.E.
Stevens, Mrs. Jennie
Stevens, John
STEVENS, MATTHEW E, physician, 218 1/2 w Broad
Stevens, Payton S, car repairer
Stevens, Mrs. Rebecca A.
Stevens, Robert
STEVENS, ROBERT E, grocer 323 Lelia
Stevens, Miss Rossie L.
Stevens, Wm H.
Stevens, Wm P, setter
Stevenson, Wm, laborer
Stewart, John N, carpenter
Stewart, Mary, domestic
Stewart, Noah, porter
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, Robert L, printer
Stewart, Rose, laundress
Stewart, Sidney, city engineer (Texarkana Tex)
Still, Miss Pearl E, teacher
Stingley, Charles E, messenger
Stinnet, Mrs. Frank
Stirling, Isaac, proprietary medicines
STOCK, GEORGE E, shoes, 111 w Broad
Stocking, Henry W, clerk
Stohr, August, engineer
Stokes, Miss Annie B.
Stokes, Eliza
Stokes, Miss Mary E, teacher
Stokes, Milton B, insurance agent
Stone, Hugh, clerk
Stone, Kate
Stone, Michael E, clerk
Story, Perry M, carpenter
Stout, Irene
Strain, Peter W, driver
Strain, Robert C, clerk
Strang, Rev. E.D, pastor, editor
Strange, Wm M, carpenter
Strawn, James, laborer
Street, Alice
Stricklin, Alvie, butcher
Stringer, Charles A, carrier P.O.
Stringer, Mrs. Jennie, manager Eagle Dairy
Strock, John B, conductor
Strong, Charles, bell boy
Strong, Charles H.
Strong, Daniel, laborer
Strong, David J, driver
Strong, Dutchie
Strong, Miss Fannie, dressmaker
Strong, Miss Jennie
Stroops, S.J.
Stropeni, Charles, barkeeper
Strouman, Peter, driver
Stuart, Arley C.
Stuart, Edward
Stuart, James W, editor & manager
Stuart, Louis B, clerk
Stuart, White B, manager
Stubblefield, Alexander
Stubblefield, Doc, porter
Stuckey, Napoleon, laborer
Stuckey, Sarah, domestic
Sturdevant, Grey, porter
Sublett, Burrill, driver
Sublett, Robert, waiter
Suel, Robert, waiter
Sugnet, F. Alfred, railway agent
Summerhill, George, farmer
Summerlin, Jacob, carpenter
Summerlin, Joseph B, carpenter
Summers, Amelia
Summers, John, laborer
Surgeon, Miss Mackey
Surgeon, Mary F.
Sutton, Hugh P. Jr, collector
Sutton, Jefferson, laborer
Sutton, Norborn E, traveling agent
Sutton, Norborn E, Jr, clerk
Sutton, Robert, waiter
Swain, Carrie
Sweeney, Anthony, barkeeper
Sweeney, John F, boilermaker
Swift, James A, registry clerk P.O.
Swift, Joseph, student
Swift, Mrs. Louisa A.
Swindel, Aaron
Swindell, Charles E, joint ticket agent
Swindle, Louisa E, teacher
Swinks, James C, cook
Swinney, Frank M, conductor
Swinton, Mary J, laundress
Syke, Benjamin
Syke, Frank
Symonds, Frank A, grocer
Talbot, Jack

TALBOT, JAMES M, district judge
TALBOT, John W, physician, 100 ˝ e Broad
Talbot, Miss Mabel
Talbot, Miss Minnie
Talls, B.
Tamplin, Hunter
Tamplin, Walter
Tamplin, Wm, laborer
Taylor, Andrew, porter
Taylor, Bowman, barkeeper
Taylor, Caroline, laundress
Taylor, Clarence C, clerk
Taylor, Edgar C, steward
Taylor, Mrs. Emma J.
Taylor, George W, grocer
TAYLOR GROCER CO, wholesale, 300-304 e Broad
Taylor, John, dairyman
Taylor, John G.
Taylor, Miss Kathleen M.
Taylor, Miss Katie
Taylor, Louis
Taylor, Mary, domestic
Taylor, Mary H.
Taylor, Miss Mary P.
Taylor, Miss Maude E.
Taylor, Monroe, laborer
TAYLOR, OLIVER P, real estate 116 ˝ w Broad
Taylor, Palmer, waiter
Taylor, Richard, laborer
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Rose, domestic
Taylor, Rose, laundress
Taylor, Roy A, student
Taylor, Samuel, porter
Taylor, Silas, laborer
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Thomas B, barkeeper
Taylor, Wilson R, lumber
TAYLOR & ANTHONY, grocers & meat market, 422 e 6th
Teague, Frank, engineer
Teal, James, laborer
Teal, Wm C, porter
Teal, Willis, laborer
TEFFT, GEORGE A, mnfrs agent, Norwood Bldg
Tempofsky, Hayman, peddler
Temple, Miss Gertrude
Temple, Sherman, helper
Temple, Thomas L.L. pres Sou Pine Lumber Co
Templeton, James D, clerk
Templeton, John F, carpenter
Templeton, Lucy
Templeton, Robert D.
Templeton, Sterling E, clerk
Tenell, Mango, laborer
Terry, Miss Abbie
Terry, Albert D, clerk
Terry, Miss Sarah A, clerk
Tevis, Wm H, painter
Tewes, Miss Annie E, music teacher
TEWES, JOHN H, saloon, 1417 Maple
TEXARKANA ICE CO, nw cor Front & Spruce
TEXARKANA TRADING CO, furniture, 205 w Broad
TEXARKANIAN, The, 217 ˝ e Broad
TEXAS PRODUCE CO, nw cor Vine & e Front
Thaddeus, Frank, waiter
Tharp, Julia
Tharp, Ollie, laundress
Tharp, Toler, waiter
Tharpe, Presley A, (Taylor Grocer Co) res Hope Ark
Thomas, Anna, domestic
Thomas, Annie
Thomas, Birdie, laundress
Thomas, Daisy, laundress
Thomas, Eli W, cook
Thomas, Miss Eula M.
Thomas, George
Thomas, Henry C, foreman
Thomas, John E, printer
Thomas, Latimer, laborer
Thomas, Lizzie, laundress
Thomas, Louis, car repairer
Thomas, Mrs Lula
Thomas, Peter, blacksmith
Thomas, Rowena, cook
Thomas, Samuel B, fireman
Thomas, Sarah A.
Thomas, Sarah, laborer
Thomas, Search, laborer
Thomas, Sessums, driver
Thomas, Thomas, laborer
Thomas, Willis, waiter
Thompson, Annis D, teacher
Thompson, Arthur T, coachman
Thompson, Miss Cecil M.
Thompson, Charles W, teacher
Thompson, George, laborer
Thompson, George, porter
Thompson, George L, carpenter
Thompson, James G, student
Thompson, John M, laborer
Thompson, Leonidas G, student
Thompson, Melville C, agent
Thompson, Oliver, waiter
Thompson, Richard B, clerk
Thompson, Van, bell boy
Thompson, Wesley M, machinist
Thompson, Wm, laborer
Thompson, Wm S, machinist
THORTTON, HENRY C, grocer, 1123 County
Threadgill, Nettie, laundress
Thurston, John, fireman
Thurston, John Jr, laborer
Thurman, Earl, laundry
Thurmond, John N, fireman
Tice, Wm F, car repairer
Tidwell, Albert M, butcher
Tiggs, Wm, porter
Tilley, Joseph E, clerk
Tillie, Lee, domestic
Tillit, Robert A, lumber
Tilson, Miss Annie
Tilson, Miss Mattie
Tilson, M. David, manager
TILSON, WM H, lawyer, 223 Pine
Timberlake, Wm C, clerk
Timmons, Floyd S, student
Timmons, Rev. D.F.C, pastor
Tisch, Louis C, watchmaker
Tobinsky, Jacob
Todd, Alervane, seamstress
Todd, Charles S.
Todd, Mary J, laundress
Todd, Wm.
TODD & GLASS, lawyers, 305 ˝ w Broad
Tolbert, Mary, domestic
Tolbert, Mary E, domestic
Toland, Harvey P, laborer
Toland, Hugh, car repairer
Toland, John, laborer
Tolem, Emma, laundress
Tolliver, Celia, laundress
Tolliver, Haywood, laborer
Tolliver, Jeremiah, laborer
Tolliver, Octavia, cook
Tolliver, Sylvester, driver
Tommie, Joseph, bookkeeper
Toole, Peter, chef
Toombs, Rev. J.E, pastor
TORRANS, MRS, ELIZABETH F, millinery, 206 e Broad
Torrans, Patrick H, clerk
Torrence, Charles, laborer
Torrey, S.D.
Towery, Charles D, student
Towery, Miss Janie
Towery, John J, lumber
Townsend, Newton B, carpenter
Trawle, Thomas J, manager
Treher, George W, car inspector
Treher, Miss Rena
Trice, Henry
Trice, John
Trice, Robert
Trigg, Annie, laundress
Trigg, Miss Fannie
Trigg, H. Walker, conductor
Trigg, James T, clerk
Trigg, John, laborer
Trigg, John student
Trigg, Miss Laura
Trigg, Miss Lucia
Trigg, Miss Nina, teacher
Trigg, Susan N.
Tucker, Lee
Tucker, Miss Mary, clerk
Tucker, Robert, clerk
Tucker, Rodaw A, farmer
Tucker, Wm, laborer
Tunesi, Clement, laborer
Tupper, Miss Blanche
Tupper, Frank L, engineer
Turley, Joseph, switchman
Turner, Agnes
Turner, Miss Annie
Turner, Arthur
TURNER BROS, wholesale grocers, Front, ne cor Elm
Turner, Edward G, messenger
Turner, Henry, laborer
Turner, Hugh O.
TURNER, JAMES A, grocer, 916 Laurel
Turner, James L.
Turner, Lucius B.
Turner, Maggie
Turner, Miss Maidel
Turner, Oscar E, grocer
TURNER, PLEASANT A, lawyer, 221 ˝ w Broad
Turner, Q Olin, grocer
Turner, Washington, laborer
Turrentine, Henry, waiter
Turrentine, Tuck, laborer
TWIN CITY BOTTLING WORKS, bottlers, 306 e Broad
Tyler, Fannie, domestic
Tyler, Henry
Tyler, Thomas, laborer
Tyson, Alice, laundress
Tyson, Miss George L.
Tyson, Mollie
Uden, Benjamin, fireman
Uden, Miss Gertie
Uden, Mrs. Rebecca
Underhill, Isaiah, laborer
Underhill, Neal, porter
Underhill, Percy W, chief clerk
Underwood, Ellen
UNION COMPRESS CO, junction T&P and KC,P&G Ry
UNION DEPOT, Front, ft State Line Av
UBF HALL, Ash, se cor e 9th
US POST OFFICE, State Line Av, bet 5th & 6th
Valentine, John, driver
Vandeweghe, Thomas F, bookkeeper
Vann, James G, salesman
Vann, Wm J, car repairer
Vaughan, Miss Adana B.
Vaughan, Miss Adine L, principal
Vaughan, Ann
Vaughan, Earl, laborer
Vaughan, George T.
Vaughan, Mrs. George T.
Vaughan, Heber, agent
Vaughan, Homer L, manager
Vaughan, Horace W.
Vaughan, H.
Vaughan, James R, driver
Vaughan, John, fireman
Vaughan, sub carrier P.O.
Vaughan, Josiah B.
Vaughan, Lousi P, student
VAUGHAN, MISS MINNIE, notary public, 107 State
Vaughan, Pearl
Vaughan, Romeo, helper
Vaughan, Rufus, laborer
VAUGHAN, MRS. VIRGINIA C, boarding, 422 Hazel
Vaughan, Wm K, clerk
VAUGHAN & VAUGHAN, lawyers, 110 ˝ w Broad
Vincent, Harold, harness maker
Voss, Henry, tailor
Wade, Aaron, laborer
Wade, Mertin C.
WADE, M.C. & CO, wholesale grocers, 307-309 e Front
Wade, Richard, servant
Wade, Richard, porter
Wafer, Wm, cook
Wagner, Moses, laborer
Waiford, Miss Julia, clerk
Wainwright, Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker
Wainwright, Thomas A, student
Waite, Frederick, clerk
Waite, Perin, clerk
Wakefield, Thomas, clerk
Wakin, Abraham, clerk
WAKIN, ASSAD, dry goods, 314 ˝ w Broad
Waldon, Patrick, baker
Wales, David, engineer
Walker, Rev. Allen W, pastor
Walker, Andrew C.
WALKER BROS, gen merchandise, 1003 Phenie Av
Walker, Charles, laborer
Walker, Charles H, laborer
Walker, D.M.
Walker, Edward, porter
Walker, Edward M.
Walker, Elvira
Walker, George W, wiper
Walker, Georgia, laundress
Walker, Guy H, messenger
Walker, Indiana, cook
Walker, Irvine, porter
Walker, james
Walker, John J, carpenter
Walker, John R, hostler
Walker, John W, student
Walker, Jordan, driver
Walker, Joseph, laborer
Walker, Lucinda, laundress
Walker, Luella
Walker, Lula, laundress
Walker, Moses, laborer
Walker, Rena, cook
WALKER, SETH E, grocer, 316 w Broad
Walker, Walter
Walker, Wm.
Walker, Willis, waiter
Wallace, Benjamin, driver
Wallace, Emma
WALLACE, FRANK S, grocer, 1519 Maple
WALLACE, HARRY E, architect, 116 ˝ w Broad
Wallace, Louis, laborer
Wallace, Paralee, laundress
Waller, Herbert K, clerk
Walls, Laura
Walraven, James
WALSH, MAURICE H, dentist, 100 ˝ e Broad
Walthall, Millard, operator
Walthall, Rev. Wm J, pastor
Walton, A.
Walton, John E, barber
WARD, BENJAMIN F, saloon, 1019 State Line Av
Ward, Boone, clerk
Ward, Charles, driver
Ward, Daniel, manager boarding cars
Ward, Daniel Jr, clerk
Ward, James, driver
Ward, James, hostler
Ward, John, clerk
Ward, John A, student
Ward, John J, plumber
Ward, L.N.
Ward, Miss Mamie, student
Ward, Mrs. Margaret S.
Ward, Mrs. Mary propr Silver Moon Hotel
Ward, Mason
Ward, Noah, driver
Ward, Robert M, painter
Ward, Roxie, laundress
Ward, Vernon R, student
Ward, Wm H, journalist
Wardell, Frank, farmer
Warden, Charles, driver
Ware, Annie, domestic
Ware, David, servant
Ware, John C.
Ware, Peggy, domestic
Warford, Miss Julia, clerk
Warner, Charles, brakeman
Warner, Herbert K, clerk
Warren, Bud
Warren, Governor
Warren, Miss Katie, stenographer
Warren, Lillian A.
Warren, Maggie
Warren, Robert G.
Warren, Miss Valle, tel operator
Warren, Wm, cook
Warren, Wm, clerk
Warren, Wm, cook
Warren, Wm Q, clerk
Warrick, Charles J, ticket agent
Warwick, Miss Frances
Warwick, Mrs. Margaret P.
WARWICK –MOORE CO, grocers, 118 e Broad
Warwick, Theodore B.
Wash, George, laborer
Washington, Ann, domestic
Washington, Charles, laborer
Washington, Daniel, laborer
Washington, Elizabeth, domestic
Washington, Frank M, laborer
Washington, Frederick, laborer
Washington, George, laborer
Washington, Haywood, waiter
Washington, James, driver
Washington, James, laborer
Washington, John, baker
Washington, Maggie A.
Washington, Mamie
Washington, Maria
Washington, Oscar, laborer
Washington, Robert
Washington, Simon, porter
Washington, Susan, laundress
Washington, Wm, laborer
Waters, James R, machine hand
Waters, Peter, laborer Catholic cemetery
Watkins, Miss Mary
Watkins, Rufus, driver
Watlington, Abisha S.

Watson, Addie

Watson, Adaline

Watson, Jesse, laborer

Watson, Wm, laborer

Watson, Wm L, driver

Watson, Zandy, laborer

Watts, Miss Daisy

Watts, Georgianna A.

Watts, Lou

Watts, Miss Myrtle

Watts, Osie

Watts, Warren, cashier

Wear, David, porter

Wear, Peggie, cook

WEATHERFORD, ALEXANDER W, saloon, 914 w 5th

Weaver, Eliza

Weaver, Henry M, laborer

Weaver, John, switchman

Weaver, Rev. J.L, pastor

Weaver, Rev. Thomas F.

Weaver, Miss Zella

Webb, Charles B, roadmaster

Webb, Charles E, driver

Webb, Charles W, deputy clerk (Miller County)

Webb, Charles W, Jr, agent

Webb, Miss Lillie Belle

Webb, Miss Maggie

Webber, George

Webber, Lizzie

Webber, Miss Mary C.

Webber, Thomas

WEBBER, THOMAS F, lawyer, 216 ˝ e Broad

Webber, Miss Utley

WEBSTER, HERCULES R, physician, 205 ˝ w Broad

Weeks, Mrs. Sophia L.

Weeks, Wm B, carrier P.O.

WEINSTEIN, ABE, dry goods 307 e Broad

Weir, Aries R, clerk

Weisenbeck, Frederick, machine hand

Weisenbeck, g.A.

WEISMAN, J & CO, dry goods, 102 w Broad

Welch, Wm H, agent

Welcome, Lennie O., Jr.

Welcome, Warren E, clerk

WELCOME & CO, stenographers, 201 e Broad

Wells, Chaney, domestic

Wells, Eugenia, chambermaid

WELLS FARGO & CO’S EXPRESS, 120 State Line, cor Broad

Wells, John W, plasterer

Wells, Silas B, plasterer

Wesley, Elisha, laborer

Wesley, Louis, laborer

Wesley, Samuel, laborer

Wessell, H. Augustus, manager

Wesson, Samuel, laborer

West, George, supt Union Compress


Westbrook, Reuben A, carpenter



Westfall, Louis A, student

Whatley, James L, real estate

Whealdon, Josh, undertaker

WHEELER, AMANDA, boarding, 305 e Front

Wheeler, Henry, fireman

Wheeler, James, laborer

Wheeler, Rebecca, waiter

Wheeler, Sarah, laundress

Wheeler, Susan, laundress

Whitaker, Benjamin, laborer

Whitaker, Charles, laborer

Whitaker, Charlotte A.

Whitaker, Dudley, laborer

Whitaker, Guy, laborer

WHITAKER LUMBER CO, 15-16 Norwood Bldg

Whitaker, Miss Mary

Whitaker, Willis, manager

White, Charles, laborer

White, Green, laborer

White, Harriet

White, James C, painter

White, John, clerk

White, Joseph, laborer

White, Lemuel, clerk

WHITE, MRS, MOLLIE A, boarding, 217 Elm

White, Reuben, laborer

WHITE, RICHARD M, shoemaker, 113 ˝ w Broad

White, Robert

White, Sanford L, painter

White, Wm, driver

Whitehead, Spencer, porter

Whitely, Frank, clerk

Whitner, James C, manager

Whitesell, Claude, laborer

Whitesell, James E, laborer

Whitesell, Miss Maude A.

Whitesell, Miss Mollie

Whitesides, Sterling E, conductor

Whitfield, Albert J, clerk

Whitford, Charles B, clerk

Whitford, James C, traveling agent

Whitford, Miss Laura

Whiting, Douglas, laborer

Whitley, Allen, gen manager

Whitley, Miss Bessie

Whitley, Frank, manager

Whitmarsh, Alvah H.

Whitmore, George

WHITTAKER, BENJAMIN, lumber mills, near Selma LA

Whittaker, Edward G, clerk

Whittaker, Edward, laborer

Whittaker, Guy, servant

Whittaker, W.

Whitten, Martha A.

Whitten, Wm J, painter

Whitworth, James, salesman

Whitworth, James E.

Whitworth, Robert H.

WHITWORTH & KENNEDY, marble stone & granite works, 214 Walnut

Wicks, Edwin R, clerk

Wieser, Egidius, tailor

Wiggins, Edie

Wiggins, Edith

Wiggins, James, waiter

Wiggins, Mary

Wiggins, Mintie

WILBUR, ARTHUR E, pottery, Ash, beyond limits

Wilbur, Calvin B, laborer

Wilbur, Josephine B.

Wilbur, Mrs, Polly A.

Wilder, Miss Allie

Wilder, Joseph H, engineer

Wile, John H, tel operator

Wile, Joseph, butcher

Wile, Thomas H, student

Wilkinson, Lottie, laundress

Wilkinson, Mamie, laundress

Wilkinson, Presley, barber

WILKINSON, WESLEY, barber, 415 e Broad

Willard, Coleman, driver

Willard, Wm, machinist

Williams, Ada, domestic

Williams, Adam J, driver

Williams, Alfred G, brakeman

WILLIAMS, ALICE, restaurant, 415 e Broad

Williams, Andrew, laborer

Williams, Anna

Williams, Benjamin R.

Williams, Miss Bessie

Williams, Charity

Williams, Charles, laborer

Williams, Charles, porter

Williams, C.J, carpenter

Williams, Daniel, porter

WILLIAMS, DAVIS S, physician, 100 w Broad

Williams, Miss Dona A, clerk

Williams, Miss Dot, teacher

Williams, Edward, laborer

Williams, Edward M, physician

Williams, Effie

Williams, Ellen

Williams, Emily

Williams, Eugene, laborer

Williams, Rev. Francis H.

Williams, Frank, laborer

Williams, George, laborer

Williams, Henry

Williams, Henry

Williams, Hun, laborer

Williams,. Isaac, carpenter

Williams, James, laborer

Williams, James C, physician

Williams, John, porter

Williams, John, laborer

Williams, John, porter

Williams, John H, student

Williams, John S, laborer

Williams, Joseph, laborer

Williams, Joseph, butcher

Williams, Joseph, laborer

Williams, Joseph

Williams, Junius B, clerk

Williams, Lee, barber

Williams, Levi, laborer

WILLIAMS, LEWIS, barber, 412 State Line Ave

Williams, Lola

Williams, Lucy, teacher

Williams, Luella, laundress

Williams, Miss Mabel V.

Williams, Maggie, domestic

Williams, Maggie, domestic

WILLIAMS, MATTHEW A, physician, 110 ˝ w Broad

Williams, Miss Minnie E, tel operator

Williams, Mollie

Williams, Moses, laborer

Williams, Nettie

Williams, Nothley, driver

Williams, Otis, porter

WILLIAMS, PERRY C, homeopathist, 213 Pine

Williams, Rachael

Williams, Robert, car inspector

Williams, Robert, driver

Williams, Robert B.

Williams, Robert M, driver

Williams, Sampson, laborer

Williams, Samuel

Williams, Samuel, driver

Williams, Sant, laborer

Williams, Squire, laborer

Williams, Tex, laborer

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Walter W, porter

Williams, Washington, laborer

Williams, Wm A, treas Smith Drug

Williams, Wm C, machine hand

Williams, Wm L.

Williams, Yancey D, peddler

WILLIAMS & ARNOLD, lawyers, 107 ˝ e Broad

WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS, druggists, 201 e Broad

Williamson, Henry, tinner

Williamson, Jackson, driver

Williamson, Robert

Williamson, Wm, tel operator

Willis, Herbert E, messenger

Willis, John, clerk

Willis, Mark A, helper

Willis, T. Oliver, carpenter

Willis, Wm. M.

Wilsey, Wm H, conductor

Wilson, Alexander N, clerk

Wilson, Mrs. Annie

Wilson, Mrs. Asenath P.

Wilson, Belle, domestic

Wilson, Benjamin, clerk

Wilson, Bryant, laborer

Wilson, Miss Carrie

Wilson, Daniel, porter

Wilson, Dinah, laundress

Wilson, Emmett, tel operator

Wilson, Frank, porter

Wilson, Frank, laborer

Wilson, George, driver

Wilson, Grant, sexton

Wilson, Henry

Wilson, Henry, servant

Wilson, Homer F, clerk

Wilson, Horace, servant

Wilson, Jackson, brakeman

Wilson, James, laborer

Wilson, James, clerk

Wilson, James B, laborer

Wilson, John D, cabinet maker

Wilson, Leanna

Wilson, Mrs. Laura

Wilson, Miss Lula E, student

Wilson, Miss Mattie

Wilson, Patterson, cook

Wilson, Patty, domestic

Wilson, Ralph, laborer

Wilson, Robert, laborer

Wilson, Samuel H, sec, Long-Bell Lumber

Wilson, Savannah, domestic

Wilson, Mrs. Selma, seamstress

Wilson, Vina, laundress

Wilson, Wm G, car repairer

Wilson, Wm Y.

Winfield, George C.

Winfield, J. Charlton, clerk

Winfield, Wallace H, clerk

Winfield, Wm H, clerk

Winfrey, Miss Ella F.

Winfrey, Ira C.

Winfrey, John V, wagon maker

Winfrey, Miss Martha P.

WINFREY & HOBGOOD, dressmakers, 312 w Broad

Wingo, Miss Mildred E.

Winham, Allen, supt Tex & Ark schools

WINHAM, LUCILLUS, justice of peace, 216 ˝ e Broad

Winkley, Cornelia, domestic

Winn, Willis, laborer

Winston, Rev. Wm M, pastor

Winter, Joseph, dry goods

Wisdom, Miss Emma

WISDOM, FRANCIS L, M.D., physician, 100 ˝ e Broad

Wisdom, Francis L, Jr, clerk

Wisdom, Hamp M, lumber

Wisdom, Pierce A, student

Wisdom, Wm E, collector

Witherspoon, Solomon B, teacher

Wolf, Andrew, tinner

Wolfram, Max

Wood, Annie, laundress

Wood, Frank H, fireman

Wood, Mary, laundress

Wood, M. W, switchman

Woodard, James, driver


Woodring, Samuel T, manager

Woodruff, John M, switchman

Woods, Annie, domestic

WOODS, AUGUSTUS H, compiler, City Directory

Woods, Wm M, printer

Woody, Wm.

Wooldridge, Albert, laborer

Wooldridge, James R, laborer

Wooten, B.L.

Wootten, Benjamin C.

Wootten, Francis, city editor, Texarkanian

Wootten, Miss Jennie

Wright, Albert, porter

Wright, Alma, laundress

Wright, Ellen

Wright, Frank, laborer

Wright, Frank E.

Wright, George, laborer

Wright, George, waiter

Wright, Grant, driver

Wright, Henry, laborer

Wright, James C, carpenter

Wright, Josephine E, music teacher

Wright, Julius, laborer

Wright, Travis

Wright, Walter

Wright, Wm, engineer

Wright, Wm, laborer

Wright, Wm A, carpenter

Wrightle, Samuel B, butcher

Writer, Herbert

Wrong, Charles A, clerk

Wyche, Frank, peddler

Wyche, R.F, car inspector

Wycoff, George E, stenographer

Wynn, Jobe, porter

Wynne, Major, driver


Yancey, Edward

Yancey, Wm, laborer

Yarbrough, Florence

Yarbrough, John A.

Yarbrough, Mrs. Nancy

Yarbrough, Newton J, clerk

Yendes, Homer, saloon

Yenglin, Henry, foreman

Yenglin, Miss Mamie, milliner

Yenglin, Otto

Yezbeck, Miss Lizzie, tailor

Yoast, Miss Ada

Young, Allen, laborer

Young, Frank, fireman

Young, Frank, laborer

Young, Horace

Young, James E, driver

Young, John, laborer

Young, John, farmer

Young, Joseph P.

Young, Lulu, laundress

Young, Wm M, student

Yowell, Benjamin F, special agent (RY)

Zingarris, Tony, shoemaker

Zink, Hugh M, car inspector

Zopfi, Edward, tailor