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The introduction states that this was the third volume of Texarkana Directory Co.’s 1901 City Directory of Texarkana. Noted as Manager of the Texarkana  Directory Co. M. L. Warmoth.  Also refers to Texarkana, or the Gate City.  Price at time of printing was $5.00.  This Directory can be found at the Texarkana Library, downtown.  You have to ask for it at the desk and leave your driver license at the desk till you finish with it.  There is also a log where they log your name.


Abstracts of Title

Miller Abstract Co. 


The Burdsal Co.

Stewart Sidney

Art Goods

Artist Supply Co. 


Foster George 

Bakers and Confectioners

Bigger,  J. H.

Chappell,  J. V.

City Bakery


Hamady,  John

Goldoni, Joseph

Kline, John

Milazzo and Joe & Co.

Rogers, Christina

Banks & Bankers-Arkansas

Merchants & Planters Bank, Established 1901.  G. W. Fouke, Pres.; B. M. Foreman, Vice Pres.: Thomas H. Simms, Cashier

State Bank of Texarkana Established 1896.  B. H. Kuhl, Pres.: W. A. Willians, Vice Pres.; E. K. Smith, Cashier; R. D. Dalby, Asst. Cashier 

Bank & Bankers Texas

Texarkana National Bank Established in 1887.  Pres. B. T. Estes; Vice Pres., Wm. Buchanan; Cashier, W. R. Grem; Asst. Cashier, O. H. McCorkle


Andrews & Temple

Breckenridge, John

Bertram & Sarvis

De Grazier, James

Hack Herman

Johnson, George W.

Ledbetter, George W.

Lo Casto, Antonio

McBride & Allen

Midland Barber Shop

Mountour Barber Shop

Parkins & Connella

Randolf Hotel Barber Shop

Robinson, Ivory

Williams, John 


Combs, Chester

Cunningham, S. M.

Estes, Thomas H.

McConnell, James

Matthews, Albert J.

Motz, C. T.


Boarding Houses

Black, Aaron –c

Bradley, Mrs. B. R.

Frie, M. D.

Holman, Mary

Kimbell, S. Z.

Meeks, Mrs. El L.

Sproule House

The Texas House

White, M. A.

Boiler Makers

Texas Steam Engine Works 

Books & Stationery

Ragland J. S., Established 1876 

Boot and Shoemakers

Gingotta, Antonio

Lumpkins, James –c

Prator, John E. 

Boots & Shoes

De Lammar, A. S.

Foreman Shoe Co.

O’Dwyer & Ahern

Wessel, H. A. 

Bottlers – Soda Water

Interstate Bottling Works

Twin City Bottling Works, Moore & Haynes Proprs 

Brewers Agents

Gallagher, Daniel, W. J. Lemp

Vandeweghe, T. F., Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assn 

Brick Manufacturers

Carpenter, Uriah 

Building Material

Standard Novelty Works 

Building & Loan

Gate City Building & Load Associations, R. J. O’Dwyer, Pres: G. A. Hays, Vice Pres.: F. W. Offenhauser, Sec. And Treas. 

Carbonated Beverages

Texarkana Ice Co. 

Carpenters & Builders

Burdsal Co. 

Carpets, Oilcloths, Etc.

Dryer, E. A. Carpet & Furniture Co.

O’Dwyer & Ahern 

Carriage and Wagon Makers

Bender Wagon Co.

Estes , Thomas H. 

Carriage and Wagon Material

Bender Wagon Co.

Hoffman Hardware Co. 

Carriage Repositories

Texarkana Carriage Co.

Edwards Harness Co. 

Cemeteries Arkansas

State Line Cemetery-State Line Av., Beyond Limits 

Cemeteries Texas

Catholic Cemetery

Rose Hill Cemetery 


Methodist Episcopal

College Hill M. E. Church-J. L. Johnston Pastor

Fairview M. E. Church-W. F. Hardy Pastor

First M. E. church-L. W. Elkins Pastor 


Mt. Sinai Jewish Congregational 


Canaan Baptist Church ( c )-J. M. Harris

College Hill Baptist ( c ) 


St. James A. M. E. Church ( c ) Wm. Winston, Pastor

Visitors Chapel-Haywood Bright Pastor 

Railroad Young Men’s Christian Association John Caldwell, Sec.; Wm. H. Groat, Asst. Sec. Open Day & Night 

Churches Texas 


Christian Church-W. S. Bullard, Pastor 

Roman Catholic

Church of the Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic) Rev. Alexis Barbin Pastor 

Cumberland Presbyterian

Cumberland Presbyterian-C. B. Wellborn Pastor 


First Presbyterian Church-J. N. McFarlane, Pastor 


1st Baptist Church-Harley, Pastor

Olive Street Baptist Church, C. B. Williams 


St. James Episcopal Church-Rev, Percy T. Fenn, D. D., Ph.d., Pastor, Lay Readers, A. H. Sevier & J. D. Riley; Choir leaders, Frank Polhamius & Mrs. Ben Collins; Supt. Sunday School, H. Offenhauser. 

Methodist Episcopal

State Line M. E. Church-D. F. C.Timmons Pastor 

Churches Colored 

Methodist Episcopal

Miles Chapel, C. M. E.-Elder Smith Pastor

St. Paul’s Methodist Church-J. P. Calvin Pastor 


Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Oak St. Baptist Church-Henry Edwards Pastor 

Cigar Manufacturers

Hoeck, Henry

Kramer, Augusts

Sunny South Cigar Factory 

Cigars & Tobacco-Wholesale

Ragland S. M. 

Cigars & Tobacco-Retail

Bigger, J. H.

Boyd Drug Co.

Ghio, Guido

Ragland, S. M.

Smith Drug Co.

Taylor Grocer Co. 


Bedingfield, Joe

Eldridge, Jacob

Hiller, Frank D.

Hiller, James C.

Lingold, E. D.

Milazzo, Dominick

Texarkana Clothing Co.

Weinstein, A & Co. 

City Government-Texarkana Arkansas

Mayor-Allen Winham

Clerk & Recorder-Thomas Brewer

City Attorney-Henry A. Mann

City Engineer-P. F. Hodler

City Marshal-W. E. Casey

City Physician-P. C. Carrigan

City Treasurer-W. L. Wilson

Aldermen-T. W. Dunn, Sherman Roberts, J. H. Mullins, R. J. O’Dwyer, J. F. Black, W. H. Booth, C. C. Brashear, and Wm. Benge.

Standing Committees:

Finance & Claims-J. F. Black Chairman; R. J. O’Dwyer & J. H. Mullins

Fire & Water-C. C. Brashear, Chairman; W. H. Booth & R. J. O’Dwyer

Police & Market-Wm. Benge, Chairman; J. F. Black & J. H. Mullins

Public Works & Grounds-W. H. Booth Chairman; Sherman Roberts & T. W. Dunn

Streets & Alleys-J. H. Mullins, Chairman; T. W. Dunn & Wm. Benge

Ordinance & Printing-Sherman Roberts, chairman; C. C. Brashear & J. F. Black

Electric Light & Gas-J. F. Black, Chairman; Sherman Roberts & Wm Benge.

Ways & Means- T. W. Dunn, Chairman; C. C. Brashear & R. J. O’Dwyer

Sewers-R. J. O’Dwyer, Chairman; Wm. H. Booth & T. W. Dunn

Board of Health-Allen Winham, Pres.; Wm. Benge, Sec.; P. C. Carrigan, City Physician, and W. H. Booth. 

City Government-Texarkana Texas

Mayor-Thomas H. Estes

Mayor Pro Tem-J. W. Morrow

City Secretary-H. L. Vaughan

City Attorney-R. W. Rogers

City Treasurer-John C. Watts

Assessor-J. D. Gaines

City Marshal-H. B. Dean

City Physician-Preston Hunt

Aldermen-H. A. Allen, M. C. Thompson, Guido Ghio, John Carmichael, A. C. Stuart, McC. Wade, B. F. Hargett, J. H. Morrison, Ben Collins, W. B. Greenwood

J. W. Morrow, A. P. Brown.

Standing Commitees

Finance-A. C. Stuart, A.P. Brown, J. W. Morrow,

Streets & Alleys-J. W. Morrow, Guido Ghio, M. C. Wade

Sewers-M. C. Thompson, B. F. Hargett, Ben Collins

Auditing-G. P. Brown, W. B. Greenwood, John Carmichael

City Property-Ben Collins, H. A Allen, M. C. Thompson

Cemeteries-H. A. Allen, M. C. Thompson, B. F. Hargett

Sanitary-W. B. Greenwood, A. C. Stuart, Guido Ghio

Light & Water-Guido Ghio, A. P. Brown, A. C. Stuart

Ways & Means-M. C. Wade, B. F. Hargett, J.____Morrison.

Railroads-John Carmichael, M. C. Wade, W. B. Greenwood

Fire-B. F. Hargett, Guido Ghio, J. W. Morrow

Police-J. H. Morrison, J. W. Morrow, M. C. Wade

Board of Health-R. L. Bright, Pres.: J. M. Benefield, Sec.; J. W. Stuart 

Coal & Coke Dealers

Central Coal & Coke Co.

Texarkana Ice. Co. 

Collection Agencies

Retailers Collection Agency 

Colleges & Schools

Arkansas Side, Texarkana Ar.  School Board -  W. H. Arnold, Pres; John C. Edwards, Sec.  Directors- W. G. Cook, W. L. Williams, T. E. Webber, G. A. Hays, W. H. Arnold & John C. Edwards. 

Texarkana TX School Board-W. H. Tilson, Pres.; J. M. Benefield, Sec.; John C. Watts, Treas.; Directors-W. C. Maddox, S. G. Cook, P. M. Morris, Hiram Glass, R. B. Brunazzi. 

Public Schools Arkansas

Hays School-Andrew, Rose, Supt. AR

High School-Horton, Principal  AR

Orr School – c    A. B. Crump principal  AR

Welcome’s Shorthand Night School, Len Welcome principal  AR 

Public Schools Texas

Rose Hill School

Sunset Public School-J. W. Covington Principal

Texarkana TX Central Public School-W. Owen, Principal

Texarkana TX Colored Public School-S. J. Spencer Principal 


See Also Bakers

Ragland S. M. 

Contractors-Railroad Ties

Ayer Lord Tie Co. 

Contractors & Builders

Butler, Eli

Casey, J. S.

Hollis, Gideon J.

Lester, James D.

Ockander, Charles C.

Ockander, Antone

Smith, W. J. 


Convent  Of The Sisters Of St. Rose Of Lima-Sister Thomasine, Sister Superior 


Litter Rock Cooperage Co.

Saginaw Valley Cooperage Co. 

Cotton Byers

Arthur, W. A.

Kosminsky & McFadden 

Cotton Compresses

Union Compress Co. 

Cotton Factors

Taylor W. F. Co. LTD

Hicks Co. 

Cotton Ginners

Lively, M. C. 

Cotton Oil Mills

National Cotton Oil Co.

Texarkana Cotton Oil & Fertilizer Co. 

Cotton Weighers

Hunter Transfer & Storage Co. 

County Government-Miller County Arkansas

County& Probate Judge-W. T. Hamilton

County Clerk-J. D. Sanderson

Sheriff-I. A. Bickham

County Treasurer-J. J. Peavy

Prosecuting Attorney-Wm. Green

Assessor-L. Winham

Coroner-G. R. Robinson

Surveyor-Thomas H. Perry

County Examiner-Allen Winham

Circuit Judge, Eighth Judicial District-Joel D. Conway

Circuit Court-Joel D. Conway, Judge; J. D. Sanderson, Clerk.

County Court-W. T. Hamilton, Judge.

Probate Court-W. T. Hamilton, Judge 

County Government-Bowie County Texas

Judge-A. S. Watlington

County Clerk-Frank A. King

County Treasurer-W. H. H. Moores

County Attorney-H. W. Vaughan

Tax Collector-J. O. Battle

District Clerk-Joseph Hughes

Sheriff-T. S. Edwards; Deputies, Edward Lynch & Melvill Anderson

County Assessor-C. D. Wyse

Surveyor-J. W. Weaver

Jailor-Stephen Ball 

Crayon Artist

Foster, George 

Crockery & Glassware

Chatfield & Burman

Benjamin Hardware Co.

Hoffman, Hardware Co. 


Hoffman Hardware co. 


Carmichael, John

Eaton, J. E.


Dancy L. W.

Reed, J. B. (Julian)

Sims, T. A.

Skeen, P. A. 


Deffenbaugh, M. E.

Earhart, L. A.

East, Mrs. E. C.

Rex, Mrs. Gertrude

Thompson, Miss Minnie

Winfrey & Hobgood 


Boyd Drug Co.

Draper, Thomas J.

Interstate Drug Store

Lemly’s Drug Store

Robinson, W. A.

Smith Drug Co.

Williams & Williams 

Druggists Sundries

Interstate Drug Store 

Dry Goods-Wholesale

O’Dwyer & ahern 

Dry Goods-Retail

Beddingfield Joseph

Boston Store

Briley, H. P.

Burton, Peel & Nelson

Davidson, D. D.

Eldridge, Jacob

Gabour, Michael


Hiller, Frank D.

Hiller, James C.

Levy, Abraham

Lingold, E. D.

McShane, James

McShane, Joseph

O’Dwyer & Ahern

Racket Store

Sandberger Bros.

Two States Racket Store

Weisman J. & Co.

Weinstein A. & Co.

Williams, Ben H.

Wilson Bros. & Smith 

Dyers & Scourers

Carey, Stephen

Ford, John A. 

Employment Agents

Elliott, Wm. H. & Co. 

Express Companies

Pacific Express Co.

Wells, Fargo & Co. Express 

Farm Wagons

Hoffman Hardware co. 

Fire Brick

Hoffman Hardware Co. 

Fire Department

Harold Vinson-In Charge, Texarkana Ark.

Jas. Hughes-In Charge, Texarkana TX 

Fish & Game

Huddleston Bros. 


Stegall, Micah S.

Harwood, Wm L. 

Flour & Feed

Bobo, L. P. & Bro.

Brasher, W. M.

Brown & Tyler

Cotton, C. J.

D’Arrigo, Frank

D’Arrigo, Peter

Dunn, T. W. & Co.

Hardin, R. A.

Hildreth, Jahn V.

Hobgood, Dock

Lambeth, W. R.

McShane, James

McShane Joseph

Moore, B. B. & Son

Mullins, James H.

Offenhauser, A. J.

Orr, Wm. H.

Roach, L. E. 

Founders & Machinists

Texarkana Iron Works

Texas Car & Foundry Co.

Texas Steam Engine Works

Twin City Foundry 

Furnished Rooms

Burkhart, Mary C.

Dudley, Mrs. E. A.

Kelley, T. F.

Johnson, C. L.

Stewart, Mrs. E. E.

Texarkana Rooming House

Smith, M. 


Arkansas Furniture Co.

Booth, W. H.

Southern, Furniture Co.

Texarkana Table & Furniture Co. 


Arkansas Furniture Co.

Booth, W. H.

Cunane P. J.

Dyer, E. A. Carpet & Furniture Co.

People’s Furniture Co.

Texarkana Music & Furniture Co.

Texarkana Trading Co. 

Garden Hose

Hoffman Hardware Co. 

Gas Companies

Pintsch Compressing Co.

Texarkana Gas & Electric Light Co. 

General Stores

Adams, A. A.

Brashear, C. C.

Chambers, H. E.

D’Arrigo, O.

D’Arrigo, Peter

Dunn, Thomas W. & Co.

McClure, Charles W.

McShane, James

Nussbaum, A.

Racket Store

Rectore Store Co.

Reynolds Bros.

Walker Bros.

Wallace, F. S. 

Grist Mills

Lively, M. C.

Texarkana Mill & Elevator Co. 


Fowler Commission Co.

Hicks Co.

Taylor Grocer Co.

Taylor W. F. Co, LTD

Turner Bros

Wade, M. C. 


Bobo, L. P. & Bro

Brown & Tyler

Brasher, W. M.

Brashear, C. C.

Choate & Crenshaw

Cotton, C. J.

Conant, W. W.

D’Arrigo, Frank

D’Arrigo, Peter

Fagnani & Columbus

Ford, James T.

Franks, Wm. L.

Grayson, Edward

Hardin, Samuel

Hargett, Wm. A.

Harris, Daisy

Hildreth, John V.

Hobgood, Dock

Howard, Wm..

Lambeth, Wm. R.

Lindsey, George W.

McMickle, E. L.

McShane, James

McShane, Joseph

Masssey, R. D.

Matthews, Miss L. J.

Mays, Lewis

Mills, John R.

Moore, B. B. & Son

Moore, David H.

Moore, John H.

Morrow, John W.

Mullins, James H.

Munchmeyer, Charles

Murphy, Joseph T.

Murphy, Wm T. & Co.

Nussbaum, A.

Offenhauser, A. J.

Orr, George M.

Orr, Wm. H.

Roach, L. E.

Roe, John

Sanders Bros.

Sibley, Mrs. Annie

Stevenson, Dave

Taylor, Robert

Thornton, Henry C.

Walker Bros.

Walker S. E.

Whitworth, R. H. 


Railroad Young Men’s Christian Association 

Handle Manufacturers

Texarkana Handle Co. 


Chatfield & Buhrman

Hoffman Hardware Co. 


Benjamin Hardware Co.

Chatfield & Buhrman

Hoffman Hardware Co.

Texarkana Hardware Co.

Texarkana Trading Co. 

Hardware, Stoves & Tinware

Chatfield & Buhrman

Benjamin Hardware Co.

Hoffman Hardware Co.

Texarkana Hardware Co. 

Harness Dealers

Edwards Harness Co.

Hoffman Hardware Co.

Texarkana Carriage Co.

Vinson Joseph & Son 

Hides & Wool

Crowdus Bros. & Co.

Franks, Wm. L. 

Horses hoers

Estes Thomas H.

McConnell, James 


Black’s Hotel

Cosmopolitan Hotel

Huckins House

Little Pullman

Randolf Hotel

Sherman House

Silver Moon

Smith House

Southern Hotel

The Texas Hotel 

Ice Manufacturers

Texarkana Ice Co. 

Insurance Agents-Accident-Fire-General

Offenhauser F. W. & Co. 

Insurance Agents-Life

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

Offenhauser F. W. & Co.

Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co.-J. C. Kirby manager   

Justice of the Peace

Henry, Patrick

Higginbotham, Rufus

Smither, W. J.


Sing, Lee

Lung, Sing

Texarkana Troy Steam Laundry

Ralph Bros.


Armstead, George J.

Arnold, W. H.

Ball, Frank M.

Black, James F.

Byrne, L. A.

Cook, James D.

Cook, John N.

Cook, Joseph E.

Cook, WM. G.

Curran, Wm. S.

Estes, Benjamin T.

Foster, A. A.

Friedell, Emil

Garrison, A. M.

Gibson, Sidney A.

Glass, Estes & King

Hart, Robert D.

Hays, George A.

Henry & Henry (F. M. Henry & S. J. Henry)

Jones, J. Frank

King, D. L.

Kirby & Carter,

Lary, S. D.

Leary, Dan T.

Lockett, Robert R.

Mahaffey & Roper

Mann, Henry A.

Montgomery, James M.

Moore, C. B. & Henry

Orr, Thomas

Quinn, Frank S.

Rodgers, Rollin W.

Scott, Lake & Head

Sheppard & Sheppard

Smelser & Mahaffey

Solinsky, Sauel

Todd, Charles S.

Turner, P. A.

Vaughan & Vaughan

Webber & Webber

Williams & Williams (J. S. Williams & Van H. Williams)

Winham, Allen 


Railroad Young Mens’s Christian Ass’n. 

Lime, Brick & Cement

Chatfield & Burhrman

Hoffman Hardware Co. 

Livery, Feed & Sale Stables

Adams, L. C.

Blythe, A. S.

Texarkana Livery Co. 

Loan Agents

Ellis, G. B.

Hays, George A.

Jackson, Bros.

Lemons, G. T.

Sawyer, P. A. & Co. 


Buchanan, Wm. 


Buchanan, Wm.

Central Coal & Coke Co.

Floyd, J. F. Lumber Co.

Imperial Lumber Co.

Long Bell Lumber Co.

Redwater Lumber Co.

Sabine Valley Lumber Co.

S Keen T. C. Lumber Co.

Southern Pine Lumber Co.

Standard Novelty Works

Texarkana Lumber Co. 


Texarkana Iron Works

Texas Car& Foundry Co.

Texas Steam Engine Works 

Marble Workers & Dealers

Allen Marble Works

Whitworth, Robert H. 

Mattress Manufacturers

Rehkoph Mattress Co. 

Meat Markets

Braumiller, Nick

City Market

Huddleston Bros.

Perkinson, James F.

Russell, W. H. 

Men’s Furnishing Goods

Brewer & Sanderson

Interstate Mercantile Co.

O’Dwyer & Ahern

Sharpe, W. O.

Texarkana Clothing Co. 

Mercantile Agencies

The Bradstreet Co. 

Merchandise Brokers

Eck, L. F.

Robinson, James 

Merchant Tailors

Fane, Benjamin

Rosenbaum, Isaac 


The Bazaar

Galvan, Miss Marion

The Parisian

Temple of Fashion

Torrans, Mrs. E. F.

Wilson Parlors 


Hays, George A.

Whitworth, R. H. 

Music & Musical Merchandise

Lashley, John W. 


Kirby Beach 

News Dealers

Brown New Co.

Crescent News & Hotel Co.

Endsley, W. F.

Family Kaleidoscope-Weekly-E. D. Strang, Prop. & Editor

Ragland, J. S.

Ragland, S. M.

The Courier (Daily & Weekly) James W. Stuart, mgr.

The Texarkanian (Daily & Weekly) J. W. Gardner, Editor & Mgr 

Notaries Public

Estes & Watlington

Friedell, Emile F.

Hays, George A.

Gains, J. S.

Henry, P. G.

Hooks, Charles A.

Quinn, Frank S.

Sanders, Eugene

Sheppard, Morris

Taylor, Oliver P. 


Standard Novelty Works 

Oculist & Aurist

Mann, R. H. T. 


Waters-Pierce Oil Co. 

Opera Houses

Hardin’s Opera House 


Church, Frank I



Jones, Buster 


Moody & Wright 

Paints, Oils & Glass

Moody & Wright

Standard Novelty Works 


Foster, George

Patteson, James N.

Wright, J. B. 

Photographers Supplies

Artist Supply Co. 

Physicians & Surgeons

Abell, G. C.

Agee, P. M.

Barber, Robert F.

Bright, R. L.

Burke, C. C.

Carrigan, P. B.

Collom, S. A.

Draper, Thomas J.

Grant, Robert L.

Hunt, Preston

John, James M.

Kittrell, F. F.

Kittrell, T. F.

Lightfoot, John A.

Read, R. W.

Stevens, M. E.

Talbot, John H.

Talbot, J. W.

Tanlunson, T. N.

Webster, H. R.

Williams, David S.

Williams, Perry C.

Williams, Matthew A.

Wisdom, F. L. 

Pianos & Organs

Beasley Music House

Lashley, John W.

Texarkana Music & Furniture Co. 

Picture Frames

Artist Supply Co. 

Planing Mills

Standard Novelty Works 

Plumbers Supplies

Hoffman Hardware Co. 

Plumbers, Gas & Steam Fitters

Hoffman, J. G.

Ledwidge & Co. 

Post Office

Postmaster-J. G. Bickley; Asst. Postmaster. W. W. Shaw

Money Order Dept. Chief Clerk, W. W. Shaw.

Mailing Dept. Chief Clerk, J. A. Swift; F. F. Matthews, Clk.

General Delivery Chief Clerk, A. B. Montgomery; Clerks, Joseph Swift, Mrs. Lula R. Fortune, Miss Ella Shaw.

Free Delivery-A. B. Montgomery, Supt. Carriers; D. F. Chauncey, W. E. Chance, W. H. Mathews, W. B. Weeks, C. A. Stringer, J. S. Vaughan, W. F. Endsley, Substitutes Wm. D. McNucle, A. A. Bryant. 

Printers-Book & Job

Chauncey Printing Co.

Courier Publishing Co.

Moore Printing Co.

The Texarkanian 


Franks, Wm. L.

Texas Produce Co.

Turner Bros 

Public Building & Halls Arkansas

B. P. O. E. Hall

Byrne Block

City Hall (Ark)

Lawson’s Hall

Odd Fellows Hall

U. B. Of  F. Hall ( c )

G. U. Of  O. F. Hall ( c ) 

Public Building & Halls Texas

City Hall

Foreman Building

Foreman Hall

K. Of  P. Hall ( c )

Masonic Hall

Odd Fellows Hall

St. Joseph’s Hall 


Kansas & Choctaw Railway-C. M. Boswell, Supt.

Missouri Pacific Railway Co. Ticket Agent A. R. Bragg

St. Louis Southwestern of Ark. Local Agt., Texarkana; E. W. Godbold, Local Pass, and Ticket Agt.,

St Louis & Southwestern Railway Of Texas Local Agt. E. W. Godbold

Texarkana & Fort Smith Railway Co. B. C. Bevard, Supt., Texarkana, F. S. Carroll, Auditor, Texarkana; E. P. Hall Treas. Texarkana; C. E. Perkins, Gen. Frt. Agt., Texarkana; C. E. Swindell, Gen Pass and Ticket Agt.; J. R. Williams, Trainmaster; A. M. Calhoun, Claim Agt., Texarkana; W. F. Kantz, Contracting Agt., Texarkana; S. G. Hopkins, City Pass & Ticket Agt.

Texas & Pacific Ry. Co. Local Ticket Agt. P. E. Baer 

Real Estate

Elliott, W. H. & Co.

Ellis G. Booker

Estes & Watlington

Ghio, A. L.

Hays, George A.

Less, Bus

Lugg, Wm.

McLain, John



Cerliano, Antonio

Cervenni, Joe

Cosmopolitan Café

Cotton Belt Eating House

Ghio Guido

Harris, Samuel

Leonard’s Lunch Room

McFadden Clinton

Murchinson, George

Oyster Bay

Pratt’s Eating House

Rose Bud

Stevens, B.

Stewart, John

Two States Dining Hall 

Rubber Tires

Estes, Thomas H.

Edwards, Harness Co.

Texarkana Carriage Co. 

Saddle & Harness Makers

Edwards Harness Co.

Safe Deposit Vaults

State Bank of Texarkana 


Bank Saloon

Cassidy, Michael

Coon Hollow Saloon

Cozy Bar

Exchange Saloon

Gazzolo, David

Ghio Duido

Kelley, T. F.

Lone Star Saloon

Mayher’s Palace Bar

Milazzo, Samuel

Olivara & Co.

Pratt, C. A.

Pullman Bar

Raffaelli Bros

Raffaelli, Joseph

Senate Bar

Sunny South Saloon

Sweeney & Quinn

Telephone Bar

Texarkana Liquor Co.

Turf Exchange

Wilson, James A. 

Sash, Doors & Blinds

Chatfield & Buhrman

Hoffman Hardware Co.

Standard Novelty Works 

Secondhand Goods

Davidson, C.

Hardin Bros

May, Wm T. & Co.

Riddick, J. C. & Son 

Secret & Benevolent Societies Arkansas 

Ancient Order United Workmen

Twin City Lodge # 53-J. G. Graves, M. W.; B. J. James, Fin. Sec; B. James, Rec.; Burt Hamilton Treas. 

Benevolent Protective Order of Elks Lodge # 339-J. T. Owsley, Exalt. Ruler; R. W. Rogers, E. Lecture Knight; N. P. Sanderson, E. Loyal Knight; C. L. Sheppard, E. Leading Knight; Sam Solinsky, Sec.; Ralph, Tyler.  Trustees—G. A. Hays, J. S. Ragland, John J. King. 

Improved Order Red Men Tishmoingo Tribe # 8-Chas. H. Petrie, Sachem; Sen. Sag., L. D. Bell; Jr. Sag., W. E. Houston; Prophet, B. F. Day; C. of Records, C. A. Stringer; Col. W., P. M. Holder; K. of W., W. B. Weeks; 1st Sannap, C. F. Lunsford; 2nd Sannap, J. F. Graves; Grand Wig., H. Behnke; Guard Forest, John Kuhn; 1st Warrior, Milton Vinson. 

Independent Order Odd Fellows

Gate City Lodge  #25-P. C. Barksdale, N. G.; F. I. Church, V. G.; P. C. Williams, Sec.; A. S. DeLamar, Treas

Daughters of Rebecca-Mrs. J. B. Faucher, N. G.; Miss Gussie Bender, V. G. ; Miss Emma Bender, Sec.; John B. Faucher, Treas. 

Knights of Honor

Gate City Lodge # 3397-C. C. Dorrian, Dictator; W. G. Cook, Reporter. 

Knights of the Maccabees

Interstate tent #1, K. U. T. M.-W. G. Cook, Com.; E. N. Maxwell, L. C.; John Kuhn, Rec. K.; M. C. Thompson, F. K. ; P. Johnson, Chap.; H. Platz, Sargeant; Gus Bend, 1 M. G. ; M. B. Choate, 2nd


Texarkana Lodge # 341-W. J. Buhrman, W. M.; L. J. Culley, Sec

Royal Arch Chapter #78-J. N. Cook, H. P.; J. C. Edwards, Sec.

Coeur De Leon Commandery, K. T. #6-W. J. Buhrman, E. C.; J. C. Edwards, Rec. 


Pathfinder-C. A. Stringer, Pas. Pres.; Chars. H. Petrie, Pres.;Louis D. Bell, Vice Pres.; Mrs. Jennie Stringer, Chap.; H. K. Warner, Clk. 

Secret & Benevolent Societies Texas 

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Aerie # 127 Herbert Buse, W. P. P.;; Guido, Ghio, W. P. ; Hugh Corley, W. V. P; J. T. Leonberger, W. Chaplain; T. T. Murray, W. Sec.; Charles S. Erber, W. F. Sec.; John W. Mayher, W. Treas.; Jerome DeWett, W. Condr.; James Hughes, I. G.; Carl Hack, O. G. Trustees-L. Ockander, A. L. Ghio, Jr., Leo Rogers. Physician, R. L. Bright. 

Knights of Honor

Bowie Lodge #1903-Thomas Battle, D.; J. B. Prudehomme, Rep.; F. D. Keller, Fin. Rep. 

Knights of Pythias

Endowment Rank, K. Of P.-Section 1526-P. A. Skeen, Sec

Texarkana Lodge # 60-Morris Sheppard, C. C.; J. Shutt, V. C. ; W. W. Shuptrine, K. Of R. & S.; H. Brown, M. of EX. 

Lady Maccabees

Lady Maccabees-Mrs. Lizzie Telson, P. C.; Mrs. Alice Maxfield, Comdr.,; Mrs. Frank Whetley, Lt. Comdr.; Mrs. Fannie DeLoach, R. K.; Mrs. Georgia Hays, F. K.; Mrs. Sophia Bender. 

Shakespeare Club

Shakespeare Club-Mrs. C. E. Swindell, Pres.; Mrs. Brezewitz, Sec; Miss Johanna Henry, Treas.; Mrs. Bauer, Sergeant; Tillie Hobson, Matron. 


Border Lodge A. F. & A. M. # 672-Freeman Cunningham, W. M.; R. A. Patterson, S. W.; Morris Sheppard, J. W.; Charles Sells, S. D.; L. A. Lawson, J. D.; A. S. Burke, Treas.; T. T. Murray, Sec.; B. Berliner, Tyler. 

United Confederate Veterans

A. P. Hill Camp # 269 –J. m. Benefield, Com.; J. O. Gaines, Adjt. 

Woodmen Of the World

Camp #19-A. E. Patchen, C. C.; Paul Revera, Clerk 

Independent Order Odd Fellows

Texarkana Lodge # 435-W. H. Smith, N. G.; R. L. Bright, V. G.; Charles Gallagher, Treas; F. W. King, Sec. 

B. Of L. E.

W. Wilcox Div. 496-WmCoulter, C.; W. A. Smith, F.; Wm. Wright, I. 

B. Of L. F.

J. H. Selby Lodge # 243-Oscar Deitz, M.; Wm. Roy, Sec. 

B. Of R. T.

Interstate Lodge # 248-R. S. Holdeman, M.; F. Palmer, S.; J. L. Todd, F.; J. C. Bakersville, A.. 

O. Of R. C.-C. R. Johnson, C. C.; L. A. Lawson, Sec. 


Brotherhood of St. Andrew-Adam J. Offenhauser, Director. 

Catholic Knights of American, Branch #120-Spiritual Director, Rev. Barbin; Pres., R. J. O’Dwyer; 1st Vice Pres., Mrs. C. C. Dorrian; 2nd Vice Pres., Hugh Corry; Rec. Sec., Lee Rogers; Financial Sec., L. F. Eck; Sergt. Arms, Sam Milazzo; Treas., M. Cassidy. 

Daughters of the King-Mrs. George Austin, Pres. 

League of the Sacred Heart Sodality-Miss Maggie Platz, Pres; Miss Anna Hunter, Sec. 

St. Agnes Guild (Episcopal)-Mrs. J. D. Riddley, Pres. 

St. Aloysius Sodality-Rev. A. Barbin, Director 

St. James Guild (Episcopal)-Mrs. J. T. Roseborough, Pres.; Mrs. Faulk, Sec.; Mrs. Ben Collins, Treas. 

Willing Workers, T. W. W.-Mrs. M. A. Grant Mgr. 

Woman’s Auxiliary, Episcopal-Mrs. J. T. Roseborough, Pres. 

Womans’ Home Mission Society-Mrs. Wm. Benge, Pres.; Mrs. M. A. Grant, Sec. 

Colored Lodges

G. U. of O. F.

Daughters of the Tabernacle

Household Ruth #424-Mrs. M. P. McRiley, M. M. G.; G. W. Johnson, W. R.

Household Ruth #1507

Texarkana Lodge #2198-Robert Robinson, N. G.; C. R. Robinson, P. S. 

K. Of H.

Triblet Lodge K. Of H. # 272 

K. Of P.

Independent Order Court of Calanthe-Mrs. Calhoun, W. C.; R. E. Hamilton, Sec.

Interstate #9-S. H. Hamilton, C. C.; A. J. Temple, K. of R. & S.

Key West # 54-R. E. Mitchell, C. C.; M. A. Williams, K. of R. & S. 


East Gate City

Eastern Star Chapter #19-M. J. Elliott, W. M.; C. E. Johnson, Sec; G. W. Johnson, W. P.

Gate City Lodge F. & A. M> # 42-W. George, W. M.; George W. Johnson, Sec. 

U. B. Of F.

United Brothers Of Friendship-A. W. Weatherford, W. M.; C. M. Johnson, Sec.

United Brothers of Friendship-John Seals, W. M>; Rueben Brown, Sec.

Morning Star Temple # 100

Pride of Texas Tabernacle # 62

Sisters if the Mysterious Tent-Virgin Mary Lodge # 67-Victor Bannister, W. P.; Mary Vaughan, Sec

Sisters of the Mysterious Tent # 6-C. Johnson, Sec. 

Sewing Machines

Lashley, John W.

Singer Mfg. Co. 

Sign Writers

Church, Frank I. 

Smokers Articles

Ragland S. M. 


HU    F. Transfer Co. 

Stoves & Ranges

Chatfield & Buhrman

Dryer E. A. Carpet & Furniture Co.

Hoffman Hardware Co. 


Larsen, James

Levi, Ray

Misfit Parlors

Reinberg, Max

Twin City Tailoring

Carpenter, M. F.

Hoffman, J. G.

Tin Copper & Sheet Metal Workers

Schicker Bros 

Toilet Articles

Boyd Drug Co

Smith Drug Co. 

Transfer Companies

Hunter Transfer Co. 

Undertakers & Embalmers

East, E. C.

Fergerson, Richardson & Mitchell

Schicker, E. A. & Co.

Texarkana Livery Co. 


O’Dwyer & Ahern 


Huddleston Bros 

Wagon Manufacturers

Bender Wagon Co.

Dewberry, W. A.

Estes, Thomas H.

Motz, C. T.

Nix, J. B. 

Wagons & Buggies

Edwards Harness Co.

Texarkana Carriage Co. 


Booth, W. H.

Hoffman Hardware Co.

Texas Produce Co. 

Watches, Clocks & Jewelry

Erber, C. S.

Heilbron, Louis

Schuster, F. L. 


Erber, C. S.

Heilbron, Louis

Schuster, F. L. 

Water Companies

Water Co. of Texarkana 

Window Shades

O’Dwyer & Ahern 

Wines, Liquors & Cigars

Ghio Guido

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