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This directory gives a complete and authentic list of all businesses, industries and professions classified according to their respective lines.


The numerical directory was published with the idea that it will furnish a service distinctly different from that of any directory now in existence, its adaptability rendering it a most valuable and serviceable form.


The following list of telephone users in the twin cities has been changed from the numerical order to the alphabetical order by Betty Meador Sharp, so that you may be able to find your ancestor easier by surname. No publication date was found but believe it to be about 1922.


Business or Residence Address

???, J. H. 1707 West 8th

?oben, Mrs. Zoe Res. 513 East 3rd.

Ables, J. W. Grocery 1423 Olive

Acruman, L. C. Res. 1011 hickory

Acruman, L. C. Office 203 Texarkana Nat'l. Bank

Adams, Bennett Res. 313 Laurel

Adams, Booker 2122 Pecan St.

Adams, C. M. Res. 1418 Olive

Adams, G. H. Res. 2315 Wood Street

Adams, H. W. Res. 116 Jackson St.

Adams, L. C. Res. 402 Ash

Adams, Pete Res. 1115 Capp St.

Adams. Maggie Res. 1117 Ash St.

Agee, Jessie 35th & Pine

Ahern, P. J. Res. Fourth & Laurel

Ainsworth, A. V. Res. 815 Olive

Albritton, Miss Mable Res. 521 Kirby St.

Alexander, C. H. Res. 512 Hazel St.

Allen Marble & Granit Co. 1617 Texas Ave.

Allen, A. C. Grocery & Market 3rd & West Elm

Allen, H. A. Res. 2923 Walnut

Allen, J. H. 1017 Spruce St.

Allen, J. R. 615 Beech St.

Allen, Joe Res. 2120 Hazel

Allen, T. J. Res. 1706 Boulevard

Alley, A. D. 2202 Locust

Almeter, Geo. Plumbing Co. 810 State Line, Shop

Alston, P. G. Res. 821 East 12th

Alston, S. W, Res. 918 East 5th

Alto Mill & Lumber Co. KCS RR & 13th St.

Alton, Fred Res. 316 West 5th

American Café No. 2 209 West Broad

American Crossarm & Condt. Buchanan Road

American Nat'l. Ins. Co. Office 512 Texarkana Nat'l Bank Bld

American Railway Express Co. Office, Union Station

American Railway Express Co. Union Station

Anderson, E. Gains Res. 711 Pecan

Anderson, Geo. T. 1016 Olive

Anderson, J.H. Res. 411 W. 5th St.

Anderson, L. R. Res. 2615 Hazel

Anderson, Leslie Res. 2924 Hazel

Anderson, Leslie & Co. 335 State Bank Bldg.

Anderson, M. D. Res. 1706 Boulevard

Anderson, Mrs. Jessie Res. 621 West 3rd.

Anderson, P. M. 1413 County Ave.

Anderson, T. L. Res. 1116 State Line

Anderson, W. E. Res. 927 Pecan

Anderson, W. H. Res. 1301 Linden

Andrews, Dr. M. T. Res. 615 Pine

Anthony, A. B. 419 West 8th

Anthony, Ben Res. 320 West 3rd St.

Applebaum, B. W. Res. 2107 Wood

Ardis, A. W. 1108 Locust St.

Arkansas High School

Arkansas High School Supt.

Arkansas Junior High School

Arkansas Presbyterian Church 6th & Pecan, Study

Armistead, Mrs. George J. Res. 1015 Main St.

Armour & Co. Spruce & Front

Armour & Co. Spruce & Front

Armstrong, Miss Lasura Res. North State Line

Arnild, W. W. Res. 1909 Olive

Arnold and Arnold Law Office 117 1/2 East Broad

Arnold, C. R. Res. 825 County

Arnold, David C. Res. 1512 Pecan St.

Arnold, L. L. Res. 1001 Texas Ave.

Arnold, R. W. 1823 Hickory

Arnold, R. W. Grocery 614 East 9th St.

Arnold, T. G. Res. 2117 Hazel St.

Arnold, W. H. Res. 503 Hickory

Arnold. W. W. Lawyer #5 Norwood Bldg.

Arnold's Jewelers 115 East Broad

Arthur, A. W. 2805 Walnut

Atchison, C. D. Res. 900 East 11th St.

Atchison, C. D. Grocery 902 State Line

Atchison, T. M. Res. 2226 Pecan

Atkins, Abb Res. 1730 West 7th St.

Atkins, W. L. Hardware & Imp. New Boston Road

Atkinson, B. S. Res. 522 Hickory

Avenue Garage, Chandler, P.H. 1609 Texas Ave.

Avenue Hotel 4th & State Line

B.E.Carter, Office 429-30 State Bank Bldg.

Bacon, Pratt P. Res. 415 East 9th

Bacon, Pratt P. Attorney, Office 334 State Bank Bldg.

Bair, Mrs. S. E. Res. 523 State Line Ave.

Baird, James W. Street Comm. Res. 922 West Elm

Baker, Dr. Lennox D. Chiroprac. 238-239 State Bank Bldg.

Baker, J. C. Res. 1119 Walnut

Baker, Jim D. Res. 905 Main

Banks, Martin Res. 1018 State Line Ave.

Banks, R. H. 1216 West 5th St.

Bann, W. E. Res. 1923 Pecan

Banski, V. W. Res. 102 Grand

Bantuelle, Fred Res. 121 West 8th St.

Bantuelle, Fred, Gen'l Mdse. 300 West Broad

Baptist Orphans Home Route 5

Barber, G. M. Res. 1316 Wood

Barker & Young, Gro. 514 West Broad

Barker, J. T. Res. 1119 Nolthenius

Barker, John L. Res. 312 Bell Ave.

Barkman, G. C. Room 2 Todd Bldg.

Barkman, G. C. Res. 901 1/2 Texas Ave.

Barkman, J, J, Res. 1606 West 8th

Barkman, Mrs. Tom Res. New Boston Road

Barnard, A. M. 1407 Wood St.

Barnes, Dr. Richard Res. 2222 Wood St.

Barnes, Dr. Richard, Office 100 1/2 West Broad

Barnes, S. J. Res. 427 Lelia St.

Barnett, C. J. Res. 2120 County Ave.

Barney, H, M, Res. 2408 County Ave.

Barney, H. M. Law Office 220-22 State Bank Bldg.

Barrett, J. L. Res. 1315 Pecan

Barron, N. W. Res. 2317 Wood

Barry, Mrs. Maude 1531 West 9th

Barto, J. F. Res. 3413 North State Line

Bateman, Ida Res. 507 Mary St.

Bates, B. F. , Market County & Bailey St.

Bates, F. A. Res. 505 Laurel

Bates, R. A. 402 East Elm St.

Battery Service Station 7th & Texas

Battle, J. O. 902 Ferguson

Bauer Plumbing Shop 911 Olive

Baughman, C. H. Res. 504 East 4th St.

Baxter Motor Company 323 West Broad

Baxter, J. R. Res. 610 Walnut

Baxter, J. Ray Res. 1305 West 8th

Baxter, P. D. 1315 West 8th St.

Baxter, Sid 1505 West 8th St.

Bayless, J. F. General Mdse. 826 Dudley

Baylor, Harry Res. 219 Lelia

Beall, H. R. Res. 524 Olive

Beall, L. L. Res. 1715 County

Bearden, J. B. Res. 1008 West 11th

Beasley, Geo. H. Res. 932 Locust

Beasley, H. V. Res. 932 Hickory

Beasley, H.V. Music Co. 111 East Broad

Beasley, Wm. 519 East 9th St.

Beasley. Mrs. W. H. Res. 920 Pecan

Beck, Dr. E. L. Res. 319 Main St.

Beck, Dr. E. L. Office 317 State Line

Beck, Dr. E. L. Office 317 State Line

Beck, Harold E. 417 Texarkana Natl. Bank

Beck, James Res. 519 Whitaker St.

Beck, James, Filling Station 423 Buchanan Ave.

Beech Street Baptist Church 6th & Beech Street

Bell, A. W. 1916 Wood St.

Bell, C. W. Grocery 2612 County Ave.

Bell, Robert E. North State Line

Bell, Susie A. Res. 917 Buchanan Ave.

Bell's Dairy Bell Ave.

Ben Anthony Co. Automobiles 1304-10 Texas Ave.

Ben F. Smith Dry Goods 119 East Broad

Ben F. Smith Dry Goods 119 East Broad

Ben. F. Smith

Bender Wagon Co. 714 West 3rd

Benge, L. J. Res. 3015 Hazel

Benge, W. L. Res. 420 East 12th St.

Benge, W. L. , Grocery 1123 County Ave.

Benge, W. L. , Grocery 1123 County Ave.

Bennett, L. C. Res. 35th & Magnolia

Bennett, Leona Res. 405 Ward

Bentley, J. F. 3002 Walnut

Bentley, Miss Eva 1419 Olive St.

Bentley, Mrs. T. B. Res. 1614 Nolthenius

Bentley, N. A. 2605 Walnut

Bentley, S. P. 2106 West 12th

Bentley, W. T. Res. 1217 West 6th St.

Berkshire, C. A. Res. 321 Main

Berry, A. M. Res. 1502 Texas Ave.

Berry, Ed. L. Res. 2624 Walnut

Berry, M. N. Res. 2124 Wood

Berry, Mrs. S. M. Res. 1621 West 7th St.

Berryman, J. E. Res. 1103 Texas Ave.

Berryman, R. Res. 516 Min

Berryman, R., Real Estate Off. Room 4 Norwood Bldg.

Best, J. W.

Bevans, Mrs. A. R. Bus. 210 East Broad

Beverly, C. C. Res. 709 Wood St.

Bickley, E. B. Res. 915 Garland Ave.

Bieloh, John Res. 1105 Pecan

Birtcher, C. S. Res. 32nd & State Line

Birtcher, E. W. 21st & Boulevard

Birtcher, Louis Res. 2021 West 11th

Birts, Joe E. Res. 2201 Pecan

Biters, Pete Res. 1502 Main

Bittle, Dr. F. D. 502 West 29th

Bittle, Dr. F. D. Office 208-10 Texarkana Nat'l Bank

Bius, Mrs. J. T. 1710 West 8th

Black & Elrod, Bus. 205 East Broad

Black, A. L. 412 Grand Ave.

Black, E. C. Res. 515 Ferguson St.

Black, G. B. Res. 712 Willis

Black, J. A. 508 Laurel

Black, T. O. Res. 401 Linden

Black, Thomas N. Res. 1318 Texas Ave.

Blackman, Prince Res. 819 Laurel

Blackman, Prince Res. 819 Laurel

Blades, Maek Res. 801 Olive St.

Bladyes, S. G. Res. 1915 Hazel

Blair, J. C. Res. 1606 Pecan

Blair-Erb Trunk & Awning Co. 204 East Broad

Blandreth, Miss Vera L. Res. 1420 Division Ave.

Blankenship Res. 1323 West 4th

Blankenship, Mrs. A. J. Res. 815 Walnut

Bledsoe, F. E. Res. 518 Ferguson

Blewster, T. M. Res. 102 1/2 West 7th St.

Block, R. A. Res. 1121 Garland Ave.

Blocker, C. M. Res. 422 Ash

Blount, Frank M. Res. Route 5

Blount, Z. C. Res. 305 Walnut

Blue, W. P. 33rd & County Ave.

Boatner, Jesse Res. 2314 Main

Bobo, H. B. Res. 1612 Spruce

Boehmer, T. L. 8th & Wood, Morris Apt.

Bonham, Mrs. Mattie Res. 321 Pecan

Booker, Mrs. L. S. Res. 414 East Elm

Booker, P. R. Res. 1724 Pecan

Booker, Pearl Res. 302 East St.

Booker, T. F. 605 Locust

Booker, W. B. 12th & Grand

Booth, Mrs. E. T. Res. 402 Pecan

Booth, Roy T. 947 Pecan

Boswell, L. C. Res. 1516 Olive

Boswell, L.C. Asst. County Atty. 214 1/2 Main

Bottoms, G. W. Res. 512 Hickory

Boulton, G. B. Rt. 3 Box 73 North Heights

Bounds, C. C. Res. 1935 West 10th

Boush, H. M. Res. 501 Whitaker

Bowden, Andrew Res. 1801 Texas Ave

Bowden, B. D. 2300 Boulevard

Bowden, B. D. & Co. 16th & Texas Ave.

Bowden, H. D. Res. 904 Pine

Bowden, J. S. Res. 1524 Spruce

Bowden, W. R. 304 Ferguson

Bowen, H. L. Groc. & Markt. 705 Waterall

Bowie School (Texas)

Boy Scouts of America 2nd Floor Foreman Bldg.

Boyce, J. G. Res. 904 Pine

Boyce, M. S. Res. 513 East 6th St.

Boyd Drug Co. 124 West Broad

Boyd Drug Co. 124 West Broad

Boyd Drug Co., Public Phone 124 West Broad

Boyd, J. B. Res. 621 Pine

Braden, J. H. Res. 1702 Garland Ave.

Bradfield, Jas. L Res. 703 East Broad St.

Bradfield, Jas. L. Plumbing Co. 723 East 3rd

Bradford, J. Pratt Res. 914 Pecan

Bradley, E. Z. Res. 423 Main St.

Bradley, J. P. Res. 3102 Hazel

Bradley, Miss Minnie Res. 412 Main

Bradstreet Co. 7th Floor Texarkana Natl. Bank

Brady, Miss Mai 507 Texarkana Natl. Bank

Brahaney, Mrs. J. W. Res. 1912 Hazel

Brandon, L. P. Res. 2802 Olive

Brannon, J. T. Res. 217 Pecan

Brannon, Mrs. W. F. Res. 410 Pecan

Brantley, Mrs. A. B. Res. North County Ave.

Brashears Drug Store 1101 State Line Avenue

Brashears, H. S. Jack Res. 1217 Hazel

Brashears, R. G. Res. 2524 Walnut

Braswell & White Ford Special. 311 East 3rd St.

Braswell, A. L. Market 848 State Line

Braswell, Rich Res. 120 Ferguson

Bratton, Mrs. Kattie Res. 423 Pine

Bratton, Mrs. M. L. Res. 311 Main St.

Braumiller, Nick Res. 1205 Main

Braumiller, Nick Meat Market 215 West Broad

Braumiller's Crystal Pool 32nd & Boulevard

Bresewitz, Mrs. Kate H. Res. 619 Olive

Brewer, Geo. Res. 917 Locust

Brewer, Rev. Francis N. Res. 608 Locusat St.

Brewster & Stephens Ser. Sta. Mandeville Road

Brewster, Fred H. 405 Texarkana Natl. Bank

Bridewell, L. A. Res. 1324 Hickory

Bridges, L. R. Res. Genoa Road

Briley, H. P. Res. 715 Olive

Briley, H.P. Office Motz Building

Briley, Henry F. Res. 2315 Locust

Briley, Mrs. H. F. Res. 419 Main

Brinn Studio 112 1/2 West Broad

Brinn, Mrs. J. B. Res. 320 Ferguson St.

Bristow, W. M. Res. 419 West 26th St.

Britt, Mrs. Henry Res. 522 Main

Britt, P. A. Res. 1322 State Line Ave.

Britt, T. D. Res. 1625 West 7th

Brock, C. R. Res. 1735 West 7th St.

Brooks, G. H. Res. 1201 State Line

Brower, T. E. 1318 West 6th St.

Brown Paper Company 625 East Broad

Brown, C. M. Res. 603 Laurel

Brown, Carl A. Res. 320 Beech

Brown, E. N. Res. 1123 Pecan

Brown, H. H. Res. 2805 State Line Ave.

Brown, Laymon B. Res. 1924 Pecan

Brown, Ruben Res. 809 Ash St.

Brown, W. V. Res. 1223 Hazel

Brown, Wm. V. Office County Bldg/

Browne, Rev. F. Z. Res. 615 Wood

Broxson, R. V. Res. 1614 West 11th

Bruce, J. E. 2104 Hickory

Brueggeman, W. W. Res. 1904 Walnut

Bryan, Ennis C. Res. 1501 West 7th St.

Bryan, J. P. 1402 Olive

Bryan, O. A. 1709 Boulevard

Bryant, John Res. 1321 West 6th

Bryant, Thaddeus A. 944 Hickory

Bryant, W. W. Res. 2423 Olive

Buchanan & Vaughan 320 Pine

Buchanan, J. A. Res. 711 Hickory

Buchanan, Mrs. Wm. Res. 709 Texas Avenue

Buchanan, W. J. State Nat'l. Bank Bldg.

Buchanan, Wm. Gen'l. Office State National Bank Bldg.

Buchanan-Vaughan Radio Dept. 320 Pine

Buffington, Mrs. W. F. Res. 1402 Garland Ave.

Buhler, C. Res. 100 1/2 Ash St.

Buhrman, Mrs. W. J. Res. 723 Pecan

Buhrman-Pharr Hardware Co. 3rd and Laurel

Buhrman-Pharr, City Dept. 3rd. & Ash

Buhrnam-Pharr, Office 3rd and Laurel

Bullard, H. F. Res. 1311 Olive

Bumb, J. L. 2108 Boulevard

Bunn & Williams Service Sta. West 19th St.

Burch, Mrs. Jennie Res. 10001 West Elm

Burford, A. L. Res. 723 Pine

Burford, A. L. Office 421 State Bank Bldg.

Burgess, C. F. 2301 Pecan

Burgess, Chas. Res. 509 Martha Ave.

Burkdale Rooms 3rd. & Vine

Burke House 402 Main

Burke, E. F. Res. 700 Pecan

Burner, R. R. Res. 1727 West 4th St.

Burnett, J. T. Res. 1404 Main

Burns, R. L. Real Estate 915 West 9th St.

Burns, W. A. Res. 2404 Hazel

Burnsides, Rev. L. B. 501 Kirby

Buron, J. J. 2101 Wood

Buron, V. E. Res. 412 Spruce St.

Burrough, J. S. Grocery 723 Dudley

Bursey, Ed. Res. 202 Delaware

Burton, G. A. Res. 1103 County

Buse, J. D. Creosote Co. & Buchanan Rd

Buse, J. E. Res. 2504 Pecan St.

Bush, F. L. Res. 2228 Hazel

Busy Bee Confectionery 218 Main

Butler, G. W. Res. 2811 Texas Ave.

Butler, Helen 608 Hazel

Butler, Hobert 2023 Boulevard

Byars, C. E. Res. 1924 West 8th St.

Byers, B. G. Res. 409 East 5th St.

Byrd, Robert Res. 1804 State Line Ave.

Byrne, Mrs. L. A. Res. 423 East Elm

Caldwell, D. K. Civil Eng. Room 3 Motz Bldg.

Caldwell, Mrs. W. O. Re. 401 Texas Ave.

Calson, William L. Res. 310 Hazel

Caltagirone, Joe Res. 1620 Pecan

Camp, Mrs. C. A. 1703 West 8th

Camp, T. J. Res. 814 Main St.

Camp, W. O. Res. 1502 Texas Ave.

Campbell, J. M. Res. 1120 Wood

Campbell, Miss Myrtle Res. 217 East Elm

Camponova & Morgan Motor Co. 512 West 3rd

Cannon, Mrs. R. G. Res. 909 Texas Ave.

Cannon, Thedles Res. 2003 Main St.

Car Inspector Cotton Belt Yards

Cargile, L. C. Res. 909 Main

Carmack Transfer Co. 1118 Nolthenius

Carpenter Welding & Mach. Co. 202 Jackson

Carpenter, H. A. Res. 512 Pecan

Carpenter, J. W. Grocery 1403 Olive

Carpenter, T. J. Res. 41st & Boulevard

Carpenter, Uriah Res. 1424 Olive

Carr, W. H. 1503 Peach St.

Carrara, F. L. Res. 1014 County Ave.

Carrara, P. L. Res. 1119 Texas Ave.

Carroll Drug Co. 1603 Texas Ave.

Carroll Drug Store 1603 Texas Ave.

Carroll, Dr. J. D. 1422 Main

Carroll, T. P. Res. 616 Dudley Ave.

Carson, H. L. Res. 1209 Hazel St.

Carter, B. F. Res. 2802 County

Carter, J. N. Res. 700 Hickory

Carter, Sherman Res. 1318 Grand Ave.

Carter, W. E. Res. 308 West 14th St.

Carter. B. E. Res. 608 Pecan

Case, C. A. Res. 721 State Line Ave.

Case, C. C. Res. 225 East 6th St.

Case, James Res. 1303 Main

Case, James, Office 212 State Bank Bldg.

Casey, Mrs. B. F. 905 Wood

Casey, W. E. Res.316 Pecan

Casey, W. W. 922 Main

Cashier Local Freight Office

Cashion, R. M. 315 West 5th St.

Cassaday, P. L. Res. 2316 Wood St.

Cassady, Mrs. Mike 405 East 5th St.

Casteel, C. C. Res. 1018 Spruce

Caudle, J. L. Res. 1015 Olive

Caven, W. A. 20th & county Ave.

Cawley, Pat Res. 1021 Beech

Central Christian Church 5th & Olive

Central Pharmacy, Drugs 213 Main

Central School (Arkansas)

Central School (Texas)

Cervini, Joe 524 Spruce

Chadeck, A. L. Res. 29th & Boulevard

Chamber of Commerce 2nd Floor Foreman Bldg.

Chambers, Dr. A. E. 113 1/2 East Broad

Chance, M. H. Res. 3103 Hazel

Chandler Machine Co. 1302 County Ave.

Chandler, David W., Jr. 2701 State Line

Chandler, E. R. Res. 2311 Olive St.

Chandler, E. R. , Garage 1609 Texas Ave.

Chandler, M. B. Res. 1302 County Ave.

Chaney, E. V. Res. 513 Kirby St.

Chappell, Albert S. Res. 422 1/2 Wood

Chase, Dr. A. E. Cotton Belt Hospital

Chase, Dr. A. E. Res. 15th & Pecan

Chase, Dr. A.E. Office 226 State Bank Bldg

Chatfield Implement House 629 East Broad

Chatfield, Joe E. Res. 8618 Ash St.

Chatfield, Mrs. J. L. Res. 1223 Walnut

Cheathman, John B. Res. 2622 County

Cherry, Roy J. Res. 1122 Main

Chester, E. F. Res.1212 Hazel

Chestnut, M. F. Res. 1807 Pecan

Chestnut, M. F. Office Rear, Miller County Bank

Chief of Fire Department

Chief of Police John C. King

Chief Surgeon Cotton Belt Hospital

Childress, J. E. Res. 2101 Hazel

Chisholm, Dr. G. H. Res. North State Line

Choate, Mrs. M. B. Res. Division Ave

Christian Science Church 612 Walnut

Christian, C. S. Res. 1405 Locust

Christian, C. S., Office 425 State Bank Bldg.

Christopher, Bruce Res. 711 Olive

Christopher, James M. Res. 316 Pine

Church, F. J. Res. 223 Walnut St.

Circuit Clerk Miller County

City Bakery 220 Main Street

City Dairy Route 5 Richmond Road

City Hall Café 222 West Broad

City Health Office

City Market & Grocery

City Realty Co. 109 1/2 West Broad St.

City Recorder, Texas

Clark, Earl 3105 Wood

Clark, J. D. Res. 411 East 12th St.

Clark, Mrs. Lela

Clark, R. E. Res. 2024 West 10th

Clark, T. A. Res. 1601 Beech

Clark, Wm. C. 1021 Locust

Clark. J. H. 2500 Hickory

Clark-Lynn Grain Co. Broad & West Elm

Clark-Lynn Grain Co. Broad & West Elm

Clay, Fred 917 Walnut

Clayton, C. C. Res. 1012 Spruce

Clayton, J. W. 18th & Fannin

Clayton, Paul D. Res. 2008 Wood

Clement, Mrs. N. M. Res. 614 Martha

Cleveland, Fannie Res. 515 Rhinehurst

Click, Tom Res. 2206 Walnut

Clifton, J. D. Res. 1803 Pecan

Clingan, M. H. 21119 Hickory

Clingan, T. Y. Res. 518 Main

Cluck, Rev. C. C. Res. 710 Brown

Cobb & Sons Shoe Store 120 East Broad

Cobb, J. B. 2919 Wood

Cobb, J. D. Res. 2411 Ash St.

Cobb, W. R. 2021 Wood

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Office Front & Texas

Cochran, Chas. M. 20th & Locust

Cochran, Tom J. 2323 North State Line

Cochran, W. B. 1124 Pecan

Coffee, R. M. 2823 Pine

Coffee, W. F. 2203 Wood

Coffman, A. L. Res. 2108 Garland Ave.

Coffman, G. W. 2502 Wood

Cohen, J. 405 Texas Ave.

Cohen, J. Sport Goods 208 West Broad

Cohn, Bettie, Millinery 214 East Broad

Cole, Wm. Res. 1524 Pine

Coleman, H. H. Res. 606 Pine

Coley, Mrs. W. R. 1513 Ash

College Hill Fire Dept. 501 Ferguson

College Hill School

College Hill Service Station 800 Dudley Ave.

Collins, Ben Res. 1002 Pine

Collins, E. B. 1505 Hickory

Collins, J. L. 320 Grand

Collins, J. R. Res. 1601 Ash

Collins, T. A. 2209 Pecan St.

Collman, F. O. 931 East 5th

Collom, Dr. S. A. Office 324 State Bank Bldg.

Collom, J. C. Res. New Boston Road

Collom, W. C. 905 Jeanette

Collon, Dr. S. A. Res. 623 Main

Colonial Apartments 604 Pine

Colow, Orrie Res. 1511 Oak

Columbo & Cerveni Restaurant 218 East Broad

Columbus, F. 1124 Wood

Colver, W. F. Res. 2124 Hazel

Colvin, J. M. 2420 Olive

Commercial Agent, Room 214 State Bank Bldg.

Community Foundation West 15th

Compton Groc. & Mkt. 505 Waterall

Compton, T. D. 223 West 6th

Congregational Church 6th & State Line

Conley, M. B. 1506 County Ave.

Conner, D. A. Restaurant 404 West Broad

Continental Gas & Oil Co. New Boston Road

Conway, C. M. Res. 511 Pecan

Conway, Geo. T. Res. 2101 Beech

Conway, Geo. T., Mayor Texarkana, Arkansas

Conway, Walter B. 412 Beech

Coode, Lee Res. 16th & Crockett

Cook, Ben S. 2804 Wood St.

Cook, J. D. 2101 Hickory

Cook, J. D. Judge Office 213 East Broad

Cook, John Law Office 115 1/2 East Broad

Cook, John N. Res. 414 Hazel

Cook, L. Jean 2302 Beech St.

Cook, L. Jean Office 117 1/2 East Broad

Cook, Mrs. Joe E. 720 State Line

Cook, W. A. Rt. 2 Box 154A N. B. Rd.

Cooney, Arthur 2702 Magnolia

Cooper, E. C. 19th & Crockett

Cooper, Miss Joe 505 Pine

Copers, R. H. Res. Park Road

Corbett, Mrs. G. Res. 1621 State Line

Cork, P. D. Res. 1104 Walnut

Cork, P. S. Route 5

Cornett, G. W. Artesian & Division Sts.

Corzine, C. K. 715 Harrison

Corzine, Mrs. M. H. 611 Olive

Cosmopolitan Hotel Front and Main

Cothern, Wayne D. Res. 2001 West 17th

Cothren, Mrs. S. M.

Cothren, W. T. 1009 Spruce

Cottle, Mrs. A. 402 Texas Ave.

Cotton Belt Yard Office

Cotton Belt Yards

Cotton, C. J. Res. 1704 Spruce

Couch, G. A. Res. 616 Main

Countryman, J. E. 2620 Wood

County Ave. Grocery 2119 County Ave

Courier Hotel Texas & West Broad

Courts of Civil Appeal 3rd & Texas Ave.

Covington, Rev. W. R. 2421 Olive

Covitt, Mrs. S. J. Res. 1311 hazel

Cowan, R. C. City Tax Collector Texas

Cowan, R. Cal Res. 414 1/2 West 7th St.

Cowling, C. C. Res. ???? County Ave.

Cox, E. B. 1607 West 12th

Cox, E. B. Office 303 Presbyterian Bldg.

Cox, F. W. 2624 Olive

Cox, H. 1431 State Line

Cox, J. J. 2722 Wood

Cox, Mrs. Ben Res. 515 Texas Ave.

Cox, S. C. 1101 Hazel St.

Craig, C. J. 510 East 4th St.

Crain, G. C. 1214 West 5th

Craver, L. P. 503 Sherman

Crawford, Mrs. S. H. 1124 Casteel

Creamer, Dr. J. D. 1311 Main

Creamer, Mrs. S. J. 1609 Beech

Creamer. Dr. J.D. Over Boyd's

Creekmore Dry Goods Buchanan & Phenie

Creekmore Motor Co. Office 4th & Pine

Creekmore Motor, Parts & Ser. 4th & Pine

Criterion, Ladies Suits & Hats 106 East Broad

Cromwell, Frank O. 1510 Pecan

Crosnoe, R. L. 2815 Wood

Cross, C. W. 902 West 11th

Cross, O. F. Res. 522 Hazel

Crouch Cheverolet Sales Co. 308 Vine

Crouch, W. B. 517 Hickory

Crow, F. M. 1411 West 8th

Crowe, R. L. , Gen Mdse. New Town Box 462

Crowell, Walter

Crowley, W. J. 2620 Magnolia

Crown Drug Co. 224 Vine St.

Crows Steam Laundry 703 State Line Ave.

Crows Steam Laundry 703 State Line Ave.

Crows Steam Laundry 703 State Line Ave.

Crump, Allen 418 West 26th

Crump, R. E. L. 1719 West 13th St.

Crumpton, Sid Res. 904 Wood St.

Crumpton, Sid, Office 4th Floor Texarkana Bank Bl.

Cuckler Plumbing Co. 412 State Line Ave.

Culberson Pressing Shop 406 State Line

Culberson, Chas. Res. 1309 Wood

Cullom, W. A. Res. 710 Main

Culver, J. C. 934 Beech

Cummins, Albert 707 Ash St.

Cunningham, B. H. 1302 Pecan St.

Cunningham, B. H. Office Telephone Building

Cunningham, J. C. 202 Senator

Curtis, J. S. Res. 1014 Kirby

Dabney, S. N. 1406 Wood

Dade, J. C. 405 Draughn Ave.

Daines, Mrs. Margaret 1409 Olive

Dalby & Keeney Law Office Hart Building

Dalby, A. L. 1214 Main

Dale J. R. Res. 602 Beech

Dale, Dr. J.R. Office 208 E. 3rd Street

Dale, Dr. R. R. Office 208 East 3rd

Daley, Tom Res. 704 Olive

Dalrymple, C. B. 623 Hazel

Dan Gallagher Factory 424 West Broad

Daniel, A. W. 1103 Hazel

Daniels, J. B. Res. 1405 County Ave.

Daniels, J. E. 611 Mian

Daniels, J. H. 311 Martha

Daniels, W. T. 512 Preston

Daniels, W. T.Undertakers 820 Laurel

Danziger, Sol 812 Wood

Darkins, Wm. 223 East 9th

Darnell, J. D. Res. 413 Hazel

D'Arrigo & Carrara Gro. 323 East Broad

D'Arrigo, Mrs. M. Res. 1704 Beech

D'Arrigo, Mrs. O. Res. 831 Hazel

Daugherty, P. H. 406 Jackson

Davenport, E. P. Studio 113 1/2 East Broad

Davenport, F. P. Res. 2804 Magnolia

Davidson, B. E. Res. 2010 Magnolia

Davidson, D. Res. 516 Sherman

Davidson, H. H. Res. 1519 Olive

Davidson, J. R. 2414 Hazel

Davies, Luther 1215 Olive

Davies, T. M. Res. 1524 Nolthenius

Davis, C. G. & Co. Office Presbyterian Bldg.

Davis, C. R. Res. 1318 Hazel

Davis, DeWitt Res. 918 Garland Ave.

Davis, Dr. Francis, Office 205-6 State Bank Bldg

Davis, E. J. Res. 2701 State Line Ave.

Davis, H. D. 2505 Hickory

Davis, J. H. Res. 2423 Hazel

Davis, Jim Res. 1223 Pecan

Davis, Mrs. Violet Res. 1110 County Ave.

Davis, Mrs. Will 706 Walnut

Davis, Rev. Q. O. Res. 2002 Garland

Dawley, J. W. 1215 Locust

Dawson, J. W. Res. 2208 Beech

DeAiken, Paul Res. 703 Wood

Dean, A. Res. 520 Beech

Dean, C. A. Res. 1820 West 13th

Dean, Mrs. W. H. Res. 313 Texas Ave.

Dean, W. L. Res. 2217 Wood

Deane, Mrs. Ernest 1301 Hickory

Deaton, Dr. J. W. Office 302 State Bank Bldg.

Deaton, J. W. 2314 Hickory

Deaton, V. H. 1302 Nolthenius St.

Decker, J. C. & Sons 208 West Front

Decker, J. E. & Sons 208 West Front

DeFee & Adams Drug Co 414 Buchanan Ave.

DeFee and Adams Drugs 414 Buchanan

Defee, H. F. 1326 DeFee

DeGrazier, Mrs. Tony Res. 722 Beech

Dekoning, Lambert Res. 907 East 4th

Delaney, W. G. Res. 106 West 4th St.

Delay, C. J. Res. 2101 Pecan

DeLay, H. W. Res. 1002 Casteel

Delk, Finley 1902 Pecan

Delk, Madge Res. 722 West 4th St.

Dellis, J. W. Res. 721 721 Olive

DeLoach, J. H. 2105 Wood

DeLoach, Mrs. Fannie Res. 824 Pine

DeMarce, Mrs. A. Res. 1304 Phenie

Demopulos, Frank 2002 Wood

DeMorse, Mrs. L. C. Res. The Plaza

Dempsey, James 115 Proctor

Dempsey, R. A. Res. 1612 State Line Ave.

Dennington, Henry 2602 Boulevard

Dennington, J. A. Res. 724 West 24th

DePrato, E. H. 1912 Walnut

Deprator, C. L. Res. 2316 Main

Deprator, E.H. Wallpaper, Paints 922 State Line Ave.

Deprator, W. N. Res. 2603 Hazel

Deramus, W. N. 1323 Wood

Devlin, Sid 2301 State Line

Dewberry, Dan 1619 Beech St.

Dewberry, Dan, Real Estate 216 Vine

Dewberry, Mrs. R. Res. 1300 Locust

Deyer, Mrs. E. A. Res. 510 Pine

Dial, B. 884 Maude Ave.

Dickehut, H. H. 915 Wood

Dickens, Mrs. N. M. 519 State Line Ave.

Dickerson, N. W. 1924 Walnut

Dickey, W. S. Clay Mfg. Co. Phenie & Lelia

Dickey, W. S. Clay Mfg. Co. Phenie & Lelia

Dickie, J. B. Res. 309 Pecan

Dickinson, N. W. & Co. Bus. 206 East Broad

Dickinson, Putnam Res. 930 East 5th

Diehl, J. J. Res. 502 Texas Ave.

Dillard, Mrs. M. E. Res. 320 Ash

Dillon, C. S. Res. 1523 Senator

Direct Coffee Mills Office 215 East Broad

Dixie Café 101 West Broad

Dixie Loan Co. 109 1/2 West Broad

Dixie Mfg. Co. 5th & K.C.S. Tracks

Dixon & Horney Warehouse

Dixon & Horney Filling Station 5th & State Line

Dixon, Lizzie Res. 1112 Spruce

Dobson & Co. Dry Goods 504 East Broad

Dodd, H. G. Res. 2523 Hazel

Dodge, Frank Res. 8th and Wood

Dodson, J. L. Res. 1517 Olive

Dodson, Raymond J. Res. 2404 Pecan

Dodson, Raymond J., Office 207 Foreman Bldg.

Dolph, C. A. 1020 Sylvan St.

Donnelly, Edward Res. 1517 West 11th

Dorrough, R. P. Office Texarkana Nat'l. Bank Bldg.

Dorsey Land & Lumber Co. Office 3rd & Laurel

Dorsey, H. S. Res. 1919 Beech

Doty, C. M. Res. 322 East 6th

Doty, F. W. 2717 Hazel

Douglas, Jas. Res. 1311 Laurel

Dove, R. E. Res. 2016 Beech

Dowd, Cliff North Heights

Dowden, A. C. Res. 1009 Spruce

Dowden, Miss Pearl Res. 1720 Oak

Down Town Storage 219-20 Vine

Doyle, Andrew Res. 221 Hickory

Doyle, F. K. Res. 217 East 6th St.

Drake, A. F. 2602 Hickory

Drane Grocery Co. 711 East Broad

Drane, J. B. 2724 Olive

Drew, Mrs. W. F. Res. 917 hickory

Dreyer Motor Co. Broad and E. Elm

Dreyer Motor Co. East Elm & Broad

Dreyer, Oliver 2423 Pecan

Driber, J. M. Res. 224 Delaware

Dudley, Mrs. Eva D. 523 West Elm

Duke, A. W. Res. 724 Beech

Duke, F. W. Res. 1706 County

Dunagan, C. A. Res. 12th & Bowie

Dunam, A. J. C. Res. 1217 Main

Dunbar School (Colored) 7th & K.C.S. Tracks

Duncan, Ben M. 2004 Walnut

Duncan, Mrs. C. D. 2017 West 13th St.

Dunn, W. J. Res. 2208 Garland

Dunnington, Thos. Res. New Boston Road

Dunnvick, Mrs. C. M. Res. 608 Pine

Durham, C. C. Res. 1004 Main

Durham, E. E. 313 East 5th St.

Durham, W. W. Res. 1429 West 11th

Durkee, Laura E. 814 Main

Dyer, Gould Res. 1209 Wood

Eades, V. G. Res. 2108 Walnut

Eakles, G. R. Res. 402 Beech

Earl, Jack Res. 1920 Magnolia

East Side Furniture Co. 409 East Broad

East Side Market 401 East Broad

East Undertaking Co. 6th & Olive

East Undertaking Co. 6th & Olive

East, Mrs. E. C. Res. 520 Olive

Eaves, B. Res. 815 Dudley

Ebdsley, Horace F. Res. 2307 County

Eberson, Mrs. Ray 520 Pine

Echel, Mrs. Lula B. Res. 1007 Olive

Echols, Mrs. Minnie Res. 1319 West 7th

Eck, L. F. Res. 321 Spruce

Economy Market & Grocery 222 Main

Ector, Mrs. Ada Res. 1319 West 5th

Edgington, Mrs. Lula B. 839 Dudley

Edmonds, Y. C. 1903 Wood

Edward & Cannon Pressing

Edward, M. R. Mkt. & Gro. 1017 Hazel

Edwards, J. 903 Wood St.

Edwards, Jack 102 West 7th

Edwards, Rev. H. M. 311 West St.

Edwards, W. B. Edwards Ave.

Egan, Mrs. Thomas Res. 821 Wood

Egin, T. W. Res. 2813 Pecan

Ehrlich, Mrs. Esther Res. 200 West 6th

Eiland, Joe W. 1413 West 7th

Elder, A. F. Res. 1522 Ash

Elder, A. F. & Co.

Elder, A. F. Produce Co. 205 West Elm

Elder, J. L. Res. 1417 Walnut

Elder, J. L. 1417 Walnut St.

Eldridge Real Estate Co. Holman Hotel Bldg.

Eldridge, Jake 823 Pine

Elkins, C. C. Res. North County Ave.

Elkins, David 800 East 20th

Elkins, W. A. Res. 2004 Wood

Elks Club, The Office 220 1/2 Vine

Elks Hall, The 220 1/2 Vine

Ellington, John H. 915 Wood

Ellington, Mrs. Ada S. 2319 Hazel

Elliott Grocery Co. 1323 County

Elliott Grocery Co. 1323 County

Elliott Grocery Shop 1323 County Ave.

Elliott Grocery Shop 1323 County Ave.

Elliott, A. L. General Mdse.

Elliott, Austin Res. 1302 West 5th

Elliott, B. P. 1502 County

Elliott, Eugene 820 State Line Ave.

Elliott, G. Res. 1312 West 5th

Elliott, M. J. Jr. Res. 914 Beech

Ellis Mercantile Co. 2804 County

Ellis, G. B. 716 Olive

Ellyson, Brooks Res. 1924 Wood

Elrod, Mrs. Etta, Millinery 803 Dudley

Embrey, W. S. 2119 Garland Ave.

Endsley, Horace F. Co. Cleaning & Dyeing

Endsley, Horace F. Dry Clean 302 West Broad

Endsley, W. F. 1301 Olive

English, Dr. D. A. , Osteopath Res. 1507 Pecan

Ennis, Alex Shop 1005 East Broad

Enright, J. L. 2623 Hazel

Epley, A. 1723 West 7th

Espey, Wm. Res. 903 Walnut

Estes, Julian Res. 816 Pine

Estes, W. L. 711 Main

Eubanks, B. F. 1315 West 7th

Eubanks, C. D., Res. 1021 County Ave.

Eubanks, Mrs. Roy 1221 Pecan

Eubanks, Robert. T. 1423 Main

Evans, Russell 1219 West 6th

Evans, W. P. 2402 Olive

Everett, H. L. 1527 West 8th

Everett, J. E. Res. 1620 West 5th

Exchange Furniture Co. 205 West Broad

Fagan, W. R. Market 701 West Elm

Fagan, W. R. Market Res. 2208 Wood

Fagen, Russell 1314 West 6th

Fairchild, Tracey E. 1323 Olive

Fairview School 16th & Locust

Faison, C. K. Res. 321 Beech

Falkner, Dr. J. Res. 2822 Walnut

Falkner, Dr. J. Office 404-5-6 Texarkana Natl. Bank

Fane, B. Res. 809 Beech

Fane's Quality Shop 215 1/2 Pine

Fanney, J. B. Res. 2323 County Ave.

Fant, C. F. Res. 406 Hickory

Farm Labor Union News 16th & Texas Ave.

Farm Labor Union of America 1526 1/2 Texas Ave.

Farmers Cotton Co. 5th & K.C.S. Tracks

Farmers Oil & Refining Co.

Farrien, Mrs. W. B. 2245 Hazel

Faucett, D. P. Real Estate & Loans

Fauntleroy, T. D. Res. 2106 West 17th

Fearonce, Matt Res. 1724 Boulevard

Feinberg, Sol. 1118 Hazel

Ferguson, E. S. Res. 411 Hazel

Ferguson, Ellen 508 Short Mary St.

Ferguson, J. G. 1207 Texas Ave.

Fewell, Howard T. 1011 Texas Ave.

Fielden, Clay M. 1921 Magnolia

Fielden, Mrs. Rebecca H. Res. 215 West 6th

Fielden, Rush 2304 Wood

Fields, F.W.A. Plumbing Works

Finley, Charles H. Res. 1806 Locust

Finley, Harry 601 Mary St.

Finley, J. J. Res. 874 Maud Ave.

Finley, J. W. 602 Gardner

Finley, J. W. & Son Shop 517 East St.

Finley, Pete Res. 623 Mary

Finney, H. 1619 Nolthenius

Finnigan Hide Co. 212 Harrison St.

Fire Department Arkansas & Texas

Fire Department (private)

Fire Department(Rose Hill Sta.)

Firmin Printing Co. Hotel Grim

Firmin, Harry Res. 2703 Walnut

First Baptist Church 4th & Pine St.

First M. E. Church 4th & State Line

First M.E. Church Arkansas 6th and Laurel

Fisher, C. V. 1923 Wood

Fisher, S. G. 1408 Olive

Fisher, W. W. 2223 Grand

Fisher, Z. A. 2307 Hickory

Fitch, Joe T. Res. 1412 County

Fitzwilliams, M. S. 817 Pine

Flagg's Cash Grocery Cor. Division & Ferguson

Flaniken, A. R. 2106 County Ave.

Fletcher, W. M. 606 Orleans

Florence, G. W. Res. 2007 County

Florman, Frank Res. 720 Hays

Flow, A. H. 616 West 23rd

Flow, J. A. Res. 700 Garland

Floyd, Flem j. Res. 1212 Wood

Floyd, John F. Res. 1203 Wood

Foltz, Donald B. 2011 West 16th St.

Fontaine, J. C. Res. 815 Main

Food & Dairy Inspector Hubert Shull

Forbes, J. H. Res. 2019 County

Ford, Durham 1902 County Ave.

Ford, E. M. Hudson & Essex 1624 Spruce

Ford, Ernest M. 608 Texas

Ford, I. F. Res. 1008 Olive

Ford, J. T. 1007 County Ave.

Ford, J. T. Grocery 1223 County

Forehand, Otto 1801 Hickory

Foreman, Car Department

Foreman, Mrs. N. E. Res. 607 Pecan

Forstner, W. L. Res. 2318 Hickory

Foster, A. W. , Grocery 2912 County Ave.

Foster, J. A. Office 607 Texarkana Bank Bldg.

Foster, Mrs. A. R. Res. 621 East 5th

Fouke Grain Co. 307-17 East Front St.

Fouke, Claude H. Res. 521 Pecan

Fouke, Harry P. Res. 2019 Pecan

Fountain, Malcolm Res. 1907 West 17th

Four States Finance Co.

Four States Grocery Co. Credit & Shipping

Four States Grocery Co. Front & Walnut

Four States Press 316-18 Main

Four States Press 316-18 Main

Four States Tire Co. 711 East 4th St.

Fowler, H. E. 614 Pine

Fox, James E. Res. 910 East 6th

Fox, W. L. 6th & Pecan

Frances & Gaffney Clean/Press 1219 Spruce

Frances, J. M. 1405 West 13th St.

Francis & Gaffney Cleaning & Dyeing

Francis, G. H. 1903 Magnolia

Francis, J. E. 214 Oak St.

Francis, J. M. Mdse. 1702 Spruce

Francis, Leon 924 Spruce

Franks, Jake 14th & Peach St.

Fraternal Bonding Co. 220 1/2 West Broad

Frazier, R. J. Res. 2524 Hazel

Freeman, Arch, Grocery 828-30 County Ave.

Freeman, Jake Res. 524 Texas Ave.

Freeman, R. Grocery 811 Dudley Ave.

French, L. F. Res. 415 Olive

Frey, C. Res. 602 East 28th

Frey, C. Jr. Res. 1402 Wood

Fricks, Bob 805 Jarrett

Fricks, Roy T. 1515 State Line

Fricks, W. L. Res. North County Ave.

Friday, L. 1602 Nolthenius

Fried, Lee Res. 724 Texas Ave.

Friedberger, G. D. 623 Prince

Friede, Julian S. 411 Main

Friedell, E. F. Res. 1112 Pecan

Friedman & Hasson, Office Presbyterian Bldg.

Friedman, B. 615 Spruce

Friedman, Ben Tailor 220 West Broad

Friedman, N. Model Tailor 301 West Broad

Frier, O. M. 2024 Boulevard

Frizell, E. M. 514 Main

Frost, E. W. Res. 1519 Beech

Frost, E. W. Office 407 State Bank Bldg.

Fulbright, Mrs. B. W. 1218 Main

Fullbright, B. H. 1018 Main

Fullbright, C. A. Gro. 1123 Texas Ave.

Fuller, Dr. T. E., Office 811 Texarkana Nat'l Bank

Fuller, Mrs. M. B. 717 Olive

Fuller, T. E. Res. 802 Pine

Fulmer, G. C. Res. 32nd & county

Fussell, H. H. 2401 County

Gabour, J. J. Grocery 310 West Broad

Gabout, Mike Res. 405 Spruce

Gaffney, F. B. 1215 Spruce

Gaines & Collins 704 Texarkana Nat'l. Bank

Gaines, Collins 1315 Walnut

Gaines, L. A. Res. 1217 Wood

Gallagher, Dan 112 West 6th

Gallagher, Mrs. T. F. 420 1/2 Main

Gallagher, T. F. Grocery 420 Main

Galvin, T. J. Res. 920 County

Galyon, J. F. Res. 1220 West 6th

Garner, J. R. 2107 County Ave.

Garner, Joe 1618 West 7th St.

Garner, M. P. 1216 Olive

Garrett, G. D. 1607 West 8th

Garrett, M. D. 2101 Garland Ave.

Garrett, Mrs. Eugene, 1624 West 7th, Greenhouse

Garrison, C. J. Res. 404 Kirby

Garrison, James H. 916 Locust

Garrison, John B. Arkansas Fertilizer Co.

Garrison, Mrs. M. Res. 600 Pecan

Garrison, Wade Route 5

Gassett, Mrs. L. V. Res. 822 Wood

Gate City Electric Co.

Gatling Bros. 117 East Broad

Gaudin, F. E. 2721 Olive St.

Gauntt, W. T. No. 9 Webber Place

Gazzola, Joe 1001 East 3rd St.

Gem Theatre 118 East Broad

Gendice, C. Res. 1001 Locust

General Tire & Battery Co. 217 West 3rd.

George, E. D. 219 East 6th St.

George, Ed. Res. 2224 Beech

George, Rev. T. E. Res. 2022 Spruce

Gerrold, G. F. 525 Olive

Ghio, A. L. Jr. 514 Spruce

Ghio, Victor A. 320 West 3rd

Gibbins, W. A. 1524 West 7th

Gibbons Bros. Live Stock Deal. 520 West Broad

Gibson, A. M. 2707 Walnut

Gibson, Frank H. 212 1/2 East Elm

Gilbert, C. A. 22nd & Locust

Gilbert, C.A. Mgr. Baptist S.S. 305 East 3rd St.

Giles, R. M. 911 Prince St.

Giles. O. L. 517 Prince

Gill, C. L. 1311 Locust

Gillespie, B. 1101 Locust

Gilpin, J. W. res. 403 Waterall

Gist, H. L. 2514 Walnut

Givens, B. R. Res. 318 State Line

Gjuul, Frank Res. 1207 Magnolia

Glasgow, F. R. Res. 1817 West 8th St.

Glasgow, Frank, Garage 516 West 3rd.

Godbold, E. W. Res. 810 Main

Goode, J. A. Res. 1419 Main

Goodman, Miss Julia 410 Hazel

Goodroe, E. L. 2005 West 9th St.

Goodwin, Frank G. 1 block east of Country Club

Goodwin, M. T. Res. 1592 Oak

Gordon, W. F. 401 Senator Ave.

Goree, H. G. 2206 Stevenson

Goree, V. L. 1023 Buchanan Ave.

Gorman, Frank J. Res. 212 West 9th

Gouzalkes, F. B. 1019 Vernon

Gowey, A. M. 871 Maude Ave.

Grace W. G. Real Estate 301-2 Presbyterian Bldg.

Grace, W. G. Res. 2005 Beech

Graham, T. N. Room 2 Motz Bldg.

Granam, Thos. N. Res. 1616 West 8th

Granberry, J. W. 2112 Olive

Grant, C. N. 2607 Walnut

Grant, Dr. R. L. Res. 621 Hickory

Grant, Dr. R.L. Office 429-30 State Bank Bldg.

Grant, Leon Res. 830 Laurel

Graves Bros. Grocery Store 404 State Line

Graves Garage

Graves, Aubrey C. Res. 2512 Walnut

Graves, Isham 7th & West Elm

Graves, J. F. 1423 West 13th

Graves, Johnnie Res. 2001 County

Graves, Louis Res. 902 East 3rd.

Gray, Dr. C. A. , Office

Gray, Dr. W.H.H. Office 312 Foreman Bldg.

Gray, R. E. 835 Dudley

Gray, W. T. Res. 1908 Wood

Greathouse, Jas. Res. 2223 Hazel

Green Shop, Millinery Foreman Bldg.

Green, C. M. Res. 1101 County Ave.

Green, Harold Res. 2809 Hazel

Green, Mattie W. Res. 1103 Ash

Green, Mrs. Pearl Res. 306 Hazel

Green, Ross 1515 West 9th

Green, S. E. 2305 County Ave.

Greene, A. M. Res. 405 East 6th

Greenwood, J. R. Res. 707 Olive

Greenwood, John 1215 West 6th St.

Greenwood, Sylvester Res. 2619 Hazel

Gregory & Wilson 307 Texarkana Nat'l Bank

Gregory & Wilson, Asphalt Plant

Gregory, J. M. 1624 West 13th

Gregory, Newman B. 307 Texarkana Nat'l Bank

Griffen, Roy N. 619 Spruce St.

Griffies, W. A. Res. 316 Spruce

Griffin, George 312 West 7th St.

Grigson Marble & Granite Co. 2105 Walnut

Grigson, Virgil 116 Jackson

Grim Hotel 301-313 State Line Ave.

Grossman, H. Res. 205 Beech

Guarantee Clothing Co. 200 West Broad

Guaranty State Bank 217 Pine

Guardian Life Ins. Co. 339 State Bank Bldg.

Gulf Cooperage Co. Office Rose Hill

Gulf Refining Co. Office Dudley Ave.

Haak, K. W. Res. 401 Bell Ave.

Hack, A. R., Jeweler 113 West Broad

Hackett Transfer Co. 113 State Line

Hackett, Charles W. 515 Jeanette

Hackett, J. A. 1816 West 5th St.

Hackett, Pat 415 West 4th St.

Hackley, A. E. Res. 2715 Hazel

Haddocks, Jim 2222 West 13th St.

Haines, Harry W. Div. Freight Agent

Haines, Harry W. 1007 Locust

Halbert & Son, Blacksmiths Cor. 3rd & Laurel

Halbert, John Garage 216 Hickory

Halbert, W. F. Res. 222 Hickory

Hall, C. J. 2508 Magnolia

Hall, Kemp H. 2114 Olive

Hall, Mrs. Nellie M. 2719 Wood

Hall, R. V. 2020 Hickory

Halsey, Fred Res. 923 East 5th

Ham, T. C. 35th & Jefferson

Hamblett, R. P. Res. North State Line

Hamilton, Georgia Res. 1621 Milam St.

Hamilton, J. O Res. 610 Pine

Hammock, W. H. 624 Pecan

Hammons, Rev. J. D. 605 Beech St.

Hampton, C. W. Res. 1412 Lee St.

Hancock, J. J. Res. 9th & Brown

Hanks, J. A. 2715 Magnolia

Hanley, J. J. 1618 Beech

Hanna, E. C. 823 Mary

Hannon, Hal 1014 Texas Ave.

Hannon, Miss Nina 1103 Main

Hannon, V. T. 1203 Texas Ave.

Hannon, V. T. Garage 1700 Texas Ave.

Hansen, Ross A. Res. 718 Beech

Hanson, W. L. Marion Hotel

Hapkins, M. Res. 33rd & Olive

Hapkins, Mrs. Pearl 1103 Spruce

Hardeman, H. D. 2823 Walnut

Hardin, Arthur 1103 Oak St.

Hardin, Sam Res. 1121 Oak

Hardin, W. C. Res. 810 Texas Ave.

Harding, J. T. Res. 924 Wood

Harding, W. W. Res. 1321 Pecan

Hardy Memorial Church 6th and Sherman

Hardy, A. W. Res. 1007 Wood

Hardy, G. P. 2316 County Ave.

Harelson, W. A. Res. 2304 Magnolia

Hargett, W. A. Res. 814 Main

Hargrove, R. L. 2816 Walnut

Harkness, F. P. 923 Wood

Harle, C. A. 712 Main

Harmon, J. R. 1616 Nolthenius

Harmon, R. Q. 1910 West 7th

Harner, H. H.,Building Inspector

Harper, H. M. 502 Laurel

Harrall, H. H. Res. Morris Apt.

Harrell, joe 711 Pine

Harrell, Joseph E. Res. 220 Vine

Harrington Drug Co. 518 West 23rd

Harrington, C. M. 1905 Walnut

Harrington, D. C. Res. 801 Beech

Harrington, R. P. Res. 1825 County

Harris & McClure Clean/Press. 210 West 7th St.

Harris Floral Co. 322 West 29th

Harris, C. H. 2015 Hazel

Harris, G. E. 1105 County

Harris, John L. 718 Buchanan

Harris, M. H. Res. 321 Walnut

Harris, Mrs. R. L. Res. 2002 Magnolia

Harris, Sam Res. CB & T.S.& N. RR

Harris, W. A. Res. 2123 Pecan

Harris, Walter 2220 Hickory

Harriston, Helen 2215 West 16th

Hart, C. W. 2019 Hazel

Hart, Mrs. R. D. Res. 423 Texas Ave.

Hasson, J. M. Res. 2207 Wood

Hatch, M. B. Res. 1214 State Line

Hatch, T. E. Res. 1512 West 9th

Hatcher, M. 1620 Nolthenius

Hatcher, W. E. Ins. 211 State Bank Bldg.

Hawkins, F. J. 111 1/2 East Broad

Hawks, H. G. 2019 Wood

Hawley, Dr. A. E. Res. 2305 Pecan

Hawley, Dr. E. A. Office 408-9-10 Texarkana Nat'l Bld.

Hayden, E. M. Res. 1924 County

Hayden, Earl W. Res. 617 Locust

Haydon, R. Leon Res. 615 Locust

Hays, Dr. Geo. A. 602 Walnut

Hays, Dr. Geo. A. Office 209-10 State Bank Bldg.

Hays, Mrs. G. A. 602 Walnut

Haywood, D. D. Telephone Exchange Bldg.

Haywood, D. D. Res. 1419 Walnut

Head, Hampton D. Res. 2723 County

Head, J. D. Res. 721 Beech

Head, J. D. Law 318-20 State Bank Bldg.

Healey, C. R. Res. 908 Wood

Hearne, Dr. J. L. Res. 2002 West 15th

Hearne, E. C. 1609 West 5th

Hearne, Will Res. Buchanan Road

Heath, B. G. Res. 1909 Texas Ave.

Heflin, Will

Heilbron Investments Co. 201 West Broad

Heilbron Jewelry co. 104 West Broad

Heilbron, Louis Res. 521 Texas Ave.

Helms, B. E.

Helms, George 221 East 4th St.

Helms, J. F. Grocery & Mkt. 218 Preston

Henagen, J. W. Res. 1022 Pearl

Henderson & Wright Gro.& Mkt.

Henderson & Wright Music Shop

Henderson, Mrs. E. N. Res. 922 Garland

Henderson, Mrs. Lee 840 Dudley

Henderson, Thos. Ray Res. 2107 Magnolia

Henderson, W. L. Res. 604 Locust

Hendrick, Mrs. E. E. Res. 2106 Pecan

Hendrick, Robt. H. Res. 2310 Pecan

Hennegan, J. W. Office Elks Club

Henrdix, T. H. Res. 1001 East 14th St.

Henry, D. F. Res. 1107 Vernon

Henry, John F. 816 Hazel

Henry, Miss Johanna Res. 809 Texas Ave.

Henry, R. D.

Henry, T. W. Res. 1019 Main

Henson, A. , Grocer 915 Laurel

Henson, L. T. Clebourne

Herbert, B. Res. 1122 Hazel

Herndon, E. A. 108 1/2 East 3rd St.

Herring, T. F. Res. 603 Watersall St.

Herrington, A. S. Res. 2302 Olive

Herrington, H. F.

Hervey, C. M.

Hibbitts, Dr. Wm. Res. 104 West 7th

Hickman, Robt. A. Res. 1011 Grand

Hickman, W. L. Res. 2804 Walnut

Hicks, A. W.

Hicks, John W.

Higgins, Mrs. Jas. Res. 420 Oak

High School Principal

High, L. B. Cash Market

Highland Park Gro. 2502 Wood

Highland Park School 23rd and Walnut

Hilburn, Pat 1111 Maple

Hildreth, M. J. Res. 221 Hazel

Hildreth, Mark T. Grocery 413 East Broad

Hill, B. L. Res. 512 Waterall

Hill, Chas.

Hill, Frank 312 Maple

Hill, H. O. The Tailor 312 West Broad

Hill, R. N. Res. 915 Pecan

Hill, Toney Lee Res. 410 Ferguson

Hillman, J. W. Res. 1602 Spruce

Hilson, Rev. E. H.

Hinchley, D. D. Res. 311 Oak

Hinton, Tom Res. 921 East 5th

Hippodrome Theatre 117 West Broad

Hitchcock, R. C.

Hitt, Thos.L.

Hoar, H. H.

Hobson, H. W. 116 Grand

Hodge Drug Co. 112 West Broad

Hodge Drug Co. 112 West Broad

Hodge, Judge Wm. Res. 1211 Walnut

Hodge, W. H. Res. 803 East 9th

Hodgins, W. J. Res. 1417 East Elm

Hoffman Hardware Co. 220 East Broad

Hoffman, Fred 622 State Street

Hoffman, J. G.

Hoffman, Kellar 2402 Olive

Hoffman, Mrs. Otto Res. 612 Hickory

Holden, H. F.

Holliday, Dr. O.S. 204 Texarkana Bank

Hollister, Mrs. Nan 1608 Olive

Holloway, J. G.

Holloway, Oscar

Holman Hotel 3rd & Main

Holman, Mrs. L. R. Res. 500 Laurel

Holman, Mrs. Louise 415 Olive

Holt, C. W. Res. 803 Drew Ave.

Holt, Lee 1123 State Street

Holt, Mrs. Lula K.

Holt, Sid 1123 State Street

Holts Grocery Store 711 West 20th

Home Beautiful

Hood, H. H. 405 Spruce

Hooks, C. A. Res. 1205 Olive

Hooks, R. W. 2321 Pine

Hoover, E. A. Res. 925 Locust

Hoover, Sim Res. 2222 Beech

Hopkins, L. C. Res. Route 5

Hopkins, S. G. Res. 612 Texas Ave.

Horace & Perdue, Gro. 1021 State Line

Horace & Perdue, Gro. 1021 State Line

Horn, Robt. J.

Hornig, J. O. Res. 931 Pecan

Horton, G. L.

Hosey. J. R. 1215 West 4th

Hotel Grim Drug Store 301 State Line

House, Cliff 214 Texas Ave.

House, J. W. Res. 201 East 16th

Howard Hide & Leather Co. Broad & Harrison

Howard, W. M. 606 Buchanan Ave.

Howell, Edgar 511 Spruce

Howell, Edger 120 West Broad

Howell, R. T. Res. 607 Wood

Howell, Rev. W. C. Res. 717 Laurel

Howlett, J. R. Res. 2515 Hazel

Howze Res. 1409 Pecan

Howze and Kelly 116 E. Broad

Hubbard, G. M. 2923 Hazel

Huckabee, J. B. Res. 1222 Linden

Huckabee, J. M. Groc. 925 Jeanette

Huckabee, R. L. Res. 317 Ash

Huckabee, W. O. 725 Buchanan Ave.

Huckins House Hotel Cor. Front & Pine

Huckins, Paul Res. East Front & Pine

Huddleson, Jas. F. 1522 State Line

Huddleston, Miss Luna 209 Grand

Hudgins, W. P. 1221 Hickory

Hudspeth, E. E. No. 4 Webber Place

Huggins, Joe 1203 State Line

Huggins, Joe Store 204 West Broad

Hughes Tire Co. 112 East 3rd.

Hughes, G. H. Route 5 Summerhill

Hughes, H. B. Res. 206 Senator

Hughes, Mrs. J. M. 2309 Olive

Hughes, Mrs. J. M. 2309 Olive

Hughes, T. F. Res. 1312 Olive

Hughston, Miss Alpha Res. 1903 County

Humble Oil & Refining Co. Cotton Belt Yards

Humphrey, Henry Res. 1124 Texas Ave.

Hunt, Dr. Preston 921 Texas Ave.

Hunt, Dr. Preston 408-10 Texarkana Natl. Bank

Hunt, Ira

Hunt, Miss Margy Res. 1015 Grand

Hunter Transfer Co. 321 East Front St.

Hunter Transfer Co. 319-21 East Front St.

Hunter, J. F. Res. 1523 Hickory

Hunter, John H., Jr. Res. 310 Beech

Hunter, Miss Maggie Res. 424 Spruce

Hunter, Raymond Motor Oasis

Hunter, Raymond Res. 924 West 9th

Hunter, T. W. Res. 1112 Wood

Hunter, Thos. G. 2025 Maple St.

Hunter's Transfer Barn 319-21 East Front St.

Huson, Mrs. A. T.

Hutchison Medicine Co. 1222-24 Main

Hutchison, B. C. Res. 1324 Wood

Hutchison, J. C. Jr. Res. 1215 Pine

Hutchison, J. C. Sr. 1201 Pine

Hyatt Stores 317 East Broad

Hyatt, G. Res. 2306 Beech

Hyde, S. A. Grocery 1201 East Broad

Hylen, A. B. Res. 817 East 12th

Hynson, M. J. 721 State Line

I. Schwartz Broad & Main

I. Schwartz Broad & Main

Ideal Cleaners 107 East Front

Ideal Grocery Shop 1215 County Ave.

Ideal Market 1820 West 10th

Illinois Bankers Life Assn. 604 Texarkana Bank Bldg.

Information & Tourist Bureau

Inghram, Dr. B. S.

Ingram, Betty Res. 1018 Laurel

Inn Hotel Broad & Texas Ave.

Int. Creosoting & Const. Co. 501-2 Texarkana Nat'l. Bank

Int. Creosoting & Constr. Co. Supt. Office

Int. Creosoting & Constr. Co. Supt. Office

Int. Creosoting Co., Tim. Dept. Texarkana Nat'l. Bank Bldg.

Irby, Tom

Irving, E. J.

Irving, W. B. 1505 West 9th St.

Issacks, E. E. Res. 309 Laurel

Ivey, Fred Res. 807 Spruce

Ivey, J. R. Res. 34th & Boulevard

J.B.Drane Grocery Co. Bus. 711 East Broad

Jackson, B. A.

Jackson, J. D. Res. 916 Texas Ave.

Jackson, Rev. D. N. 2124 County Ave.

Jackson, Rev. H. P.

Jacques. W. A. 2nd Han Furniture

James, Ben F. 1221 Walnut

James, W. H.

James, W. H. (Texas) City Secretary

James, Wm. S. Res. 320 East 6th St.

Jamison Sanitorium Office 610 Hazel St.

Jamison, Dr, ? U. Res. 1501 Pine

Jamison, J. P. Res. 2008 West 17th

Jamison, McPeters, Randle, Drs. 213 1/2 Main

Janes, Ben. P. Res. 1920 Olive

Jean, Arthur

Jean, Caisimie, Confectionery

Jefford, R. E. 318 Ash

Jeffords, R. E., Jeweler 210 State Line

Jenkins Drug Co. 1713 West 10th

Jenkins, Mrs. J. B.

Jennings, C. H.

Jernigan, W. N. Res. 2422 Hazel

Jester, A. A. Res. 1518 Linden

Jester, W. A. Res. 1524 Grand

Jeter, Mrs. Fannie

Jim Baker, Sheriff's Office 216 1/2 Main

Joe's Place 222 State Line

John P. Kline Bakery 207 East Broad

Johns, Mrs. J. M.

Johnson and Hohman Ins. Co. Schifflin Bldg.

Johnson, A. D. 1504 North St.

Johnson, C. A. Res. 2015 Beech

Johnson, D. B. Res. 421 East 9th

Johnson, Dr. Elizabeth Res. 518 Hazel

Johnson, Dr. Elizabeth, Office 518 Hazel

Johnson, G. W. Res. 1021 Walnut

Johnson, Grover 312 East 6th

Johnson, Herrick Res. 921 Pecan

Johnson, Herrick, Office Telephone Bldg.

Johnson, Ira Res. County & Bailey

Johnson, J. E. Grocery New Town

Johnson, J. L. Res. 935 County Ave.

Johnson, J. R. Res. 2723 Hazel

Johnson, J. W. 1021 Walnut

Johnson, J. W. 1021 Walnut

Johnson, L. P. Res. Carmichael Hill

Johnson, L. W. Res. 2404 County

Johnson, Mrs. G. W. Res. 703 Ash

Johnson, Paul C. South State Line

Johnson, R. C.

Johnson, Rev. A. B. Res. 205 Delaware

Johnson, W. C. Res. 2008 Hazel

Jolly, F. J. 1004 Pearl St.

Jones & Jones Law Office 317 State Bank Bldg.

Jones Furniture Co. 316 West Broad

Jones, A. N.

Jones, Bill Res. 616 Hazel

Jones, C. J. 1402 West 11th

Jones, C. R.

Jones, D. H. Res. 414 West 4th

Jones, E. C.

Jones, F. A. Res. 2024 Olive

Jones, F. W. Res. 1100 Spruce

Jones, J. L.

Jones, John J. Res. 715 Buchanan Ave.

Jones, LeGrand W. Office 114 1/2 East Broad

Jones, Mary

Jones, Mrs. J. C.

Jones, Mrs. J. F. Res. 515 Main

Jones, Mrs. R. A. Res. 616 East St.

Jones, Oscar

Jones, Paul Res. 305 East 5th

Jones, R. N.

Jones, Roy D.

Jones, S. H. Corner 18th & Fannin

Jones, W. Wesley Res. 915 Jannette

Jopling, O. E.

Jopling, W.

Jordan, A. B.

Jordon, L. E.

Joseph, Louis Office 424 State Bank Bldg.

Kay, Isaack J. Res. 321 Texas Ave.

Keeney, L. E. Res. 819 Texas Ave.

Keister, Mrs. J. W. Res. 316 Hazel

Keith, Vincent A.

Kellam, Miss Martha Res. 817 Wood

Keller, Eli Res. No. 11 Webber Place

Keller, J. A.

Keller, W. H. Res. 1012 Beech

Kelley, A. E.

Kelly Dry Goods Co. 123 East Broad

Kelly, Charles

Kelly, Dr. K. M. Office 215 Hazel St.

Kelly, Dr. K. M. Res. 1212 Locust

Kelly, Edwin F.

Kelly, F. S.

Kelly, Mike

Kelly, S. B. Res. 1724 West 13th

Kelly, Wm. Res. 1320 Texas Ave.

Kendall, W. D.

Kennard, J. O.

Kennedy, D. E. Res. 710 Ash

Kennedy, L. S.

Kennedy, Mrs. A. L. Res. 1508 West 10th

Kennedy, Mrs. Ida Res. 414 West 9th

Kennedy, W. A.

Kennedy's Shoe Store 214 West Broad

Kennedy's Speciaty Shoe Store 206 West Broad

Kesterson, E. D.

Kesterson, J. P.

Kilpatrick, R. S. Res. 929 Pecan

King Mattress Co. 601 Dudley Ave.

King, Dr. Frank L. Office 120 1/2 West Broad

King, Ed Res. 1005 Main

King, Horace 908 East 4th

King, John J. Res. 501 Main

King, Mahaffey & Wheeler, Law Texarkana Natl. Bank

King, Mrs. Carrie I.

King, Mrs. Mattie A.

King, Rev. G. R. Res. 2106 West 16th

King, V. H.

King, W. G.

King's Pressing Shop

Kinsey, Otto

Kipple, C. W.

Kirby, Jodie Res. 516 East Elm

Kirkland, L. C. Res. 521 East 5th

Kitchell, J. A.

Kitchens & Kitchens, Drs. Texarkana Nat'l. Bank Bldg.

Kitchens, Dr. C. E. Res. 416 West 9th

Kitchens, Dr. W. L.

Kittrell, Dr. T. F. 307-8-9 State Bank Bldg.

Kittrell, T. F. Res. 1103 Hickory

Kizer, A. J. Res. 704 Texas Ave.

Kizer, J. B. Jr.

Kleckner, Mrs. D. W.

Klein, Dr. Nettie 520 Pine

Klein, E. A. Res. 414 East 14th St.

Kline, Cyril L. Res. 1902 Hazel

Kline, J. P. Res. 412 Laurel

Kniffin, J. H. Res. 1502 Pecan

Knights of Columbus Hall Foreman Bldg.

Knights of Pythias W.O.W. Bldg

Knoblock, L. R. Res. 1731 West 5th St.

Knotts, N. S. Res. 24th & Jefferson

Kosminsky, De. L. J. Res. 220 West 5th

Koy, I. J. Office Texarkana Casket Co.

Kress, A. G. Genoa Road

Krouse, Leo Res. 12th & Hickory

Kuhl, B. H. Res. 711 Pine

Kuhl, B. H. Realty Co. 223 West 3rd.

Kuhl, Edward

Kuhn Transfer Co.

Kuhn Transfer Co. 109 Pine

Kuhn, Frank Res. 702 Hays

Kuhn, Miss Margaret Res. 21st & Pecan

Kusin, Dave

L. & A. General Office State Nat'l. Bank Bldg.

L. & A. Purchasing Agent

L. & A. Ry. Exchange State Nat'l. Bank Bldg.

Lackey, H. M. 1515 West 11th St.

Lacqfske & Son, General Mdse. 311 East Broad

Laflin, Dan C.

Laflin, Don C. 5th Floor, Texarkana Bank

Laird, A. M. Res. 309 Hazel

Laird, A. S. Res. 1719 West 5th

Lakeside Dairy Farm North of City

Lamar, A. S. Res. 914 Locust

Lamar, B. A. Res. Room 6 Avenue Hotel

Lamar, Robt. H. Res. 414 Texas Ave.

Lamar, Robt. H.

Lambert Dekoning, Office 311 Presbyterian Bldg.

Lambert, W. E. Res. Tennessee Road

Lambeth, Guy H. Court Reporter 423 State Bank

Lambeth, W. R. 221 Beech

Landes Supply co. 421 East Broad

Landes, H. L.

Lane, D. C. 2014 Hickory

Lane, Mrs. J. G.

Lane, Sam. M. 706 East 21st

Langford & Timberlake 215 Main Street

Langford, J. M.

Langhorne, A. E.

Lanier, Dr. L. H. Res. 2201 Glendale Ave.

Lanier, Dr. L. H. Office 233-34 Texarkana Natl. Bank

Lanier, I. H.

Lanier, Mrs. Belle 2323 Hazel

Lanier, Mrs. Irma J. 1118 County

Lanier, P. R.

Lansdale, Geo. A.

Lardenig, W. H. Res. 119 Hays

Larkins, C. C.

LaRue, R. J.

Lasetter, Mrs. Luther

Lashley, J. W. Grocery 2119 County Ave

Lashley, W. A. Res. 1302 Dudley

Latimer, Mrs. J. D. Sr. Res. 102 West 6th

Lavelle, James Res. 407 Hickory

Lavender, J. H. Res. 2020 Magnolia

Lavender, J. M. Res. 1703 Ash

Law, Dr. C. S. Res.

Law, R. G.

Lawn, H. O.

Lawrence, Geo.

Lawrence, Mrs. Willie W. Res. 704 Olive

Lawrence, W. L. Res. 514 Texas Ave.

Laws, Dr. C. S. 212 Hazel

Laws, Dr. C. S. Office 219 1/2 East Broad

Laws, Geo. L. Res. 2600 Division

Laws, V. L. Res. 1303 West 6th

Lawson, B. B. Res. 2004 Magnolia

Lawson, Hearvey

Lawson, L. A. Res. 622 Main

Lawson, W. W. Office

Leak, O. F. Res. 518 West 4th

Leaton's Cash Store 623 Whitaker

LeClere, Mrs. J. B.

Ledbetter, G. W. 404 East 12th

Lee, Addie

Lee, Anna Belle 807 West 4th

Lee, B. F. Res. 511 Sherman

Lee, D. H.

Lee, Dr. A. G. Res.1405 Hickory

Lee, Dr. A. G. Office 100 1/2 East Broad

Lee, Hardy

Leeves, Mrs. Salie E. Res. 619 Olive

Legrand, A. P.

LeMasters, T. H. Res. 1022 Olive

LeMay, R. G. Res. 1006 Pearl

Lemon, J. C.

Lenard, Dr. F. M. , Office 209 1/2 East Broad

Lennox, J. W.

Lennox, O.

Lesser-Goldman Cotton Co. Office Paup Bld.

Letcher, W. F. Res. 423 Hickory

Letcher, W. T. Res. 2207 Boulevard

Letcher, Y. B.

Levasseur, Mrs. L. E. Res. 931 Texas Ave.

Levy, R. B. , Judge 611 Wood

Levy, W. M. Res. 510 E. 7th St.

Lewalling, W. J.

Lewis Bros. Hardware Co. 223 E. Broad St.

Lewis, Chas. 311 West 5th

Lewis, Dewey

Lewis, Henry

Lewis, J. T. Res. 1303 Pecan

Lewis, Ola

Lewis, S. T. Meat Market 1224 County Ave.

Lewis, W. H. 1421 Pecan

Lewis, Will Res. 315 West 12th

Liberty Land & Loan Co. 211 Walnut

Lightfoot, Mrs. J. B. Res. 422 Pecan

Ligon, G. P.

Lime-Cola Bottling Co. 11th & Whitaker

Linbarger, Harry, Elec. Co. 2616 Wood

Linbarger, J. K. Res. 2821 Wood

Lincoln, Elmer L.

Lindsey, G. B. Res. 2717 Olive

Lindsey, Miss Marie Res. 207 Ferguson

Lintz, Mrs. Katie

Lipari, Joseph Res. 713 Spruce

Little, A. H. Tin Shop 317 West Broad

Little, Albert H. Res. 9th & Beech

Little, E. P. Res. 1117 Hazel

Little, E. R. Res. 302 Walnut

Little, H. M.

Lloyd, E. H.

Local Freight Office Front and Spruce

Local Freight Office, Chief Clerk

Local Freight Office, Warehouse

Lofton, H. F.

Logan Electric 214 Vine St.

Logan Electric Co.(after hours) 214 Vine

Logan, J. T. Res. 1421 County

Lone Star Grocery 515 Texas Ave.

Long, B. V.

Longeno, Dr. Hugh E. Res. 1928 Beech St.

Louen, Mrs. Pembe. Res.

Lovejoy, Richard Res. 2017 Walnut

Lovett, Geo. M. Res. 812 Olive

Lowe, Mrs. Clara Res. 302 Ash

Lowe, S. J. Res. 402 Ferguson

Lowry, B. F.

Lowry, Thos. M. Res. 2520 Olive

Lucas, J. W. Grocery 519 1/2 Buchanan

Lummus, A. J. Res. 920 Dudley

Lumpkin, Evertt Res. 912 Olive

Lumpkin, O. O. Res. 1424 Pine

Lumpkin, R. E. Jr. Res. 1720 State Line

Lumpkin, W. C.

Lumpkin, W. H. Res. Summerhill Road

Lunsford, R. B. 37th & Main

Lurry, T. G.

Lynch, L. C. Res. 602 West 10th

Lynn Tire Service Ct. 217 Texas Ave.

Lynn, Bruce

Lynn, Cleo Res. 1622 County

Lynn-Helms Printing Co. 220 Vine St.

Lyon, E. F. , Barber Shop 106 Main

Lyons, E. F. Res. 2509 Walnut

Mace, John

Mackenzie, Andrew North State Line

Mackin, Mrs. Nellie

Mackley, G. C. , Res

Mackley, G. C. ,Office

Mackley, The Florist 1302 County Ave.

Maddox, Dr. F. E. Res. 503 East 6th

Maddox, H. W. Res. 403 East 6th

Magee, J. B.

MaGee, J. F. Res. 415 Bell Ave.

Magnolia Petroleum Co. 819 State Line

Magnolia Petroleum Co. Office East St. & Cotton Belt RR

Majestic Floral Co. 306 State Line

Majestic Floral Co. Green House

Malaby, J. G.

Malcolm, E. R. , Jr. Res. 1023 East 13th

Malcolm, E. R. Sr. Res. 1321 Linden

Malott, Mrs. H. Res. 1322 West 5th

Manhatten Cleaners 109 Main St.

Manley, Mrs. W. R.

Mann, Dr. R. H. T. Res. 914 Hickoey

Mann, Dr. R. H. T. Office 327 State Bank Bldg.

Mann, Mrs. S. E.

Mann, Rev. J. W.

Manning, F. H.

Mansfield, Dr. J. J. Dentist 207-8 State Bank Bldg.

Marcus, J.J. Res. 611 Spruce

Margis, B. S. Milam & New Boston Road

Marinello Beauty Parlor 106-8 East Broad St.

Marion Hotel 313 Vine

Market House 3rd & East Elm

Markham, R.

Marple, Mrs. W. H. Res. 1413 Nolthenius

Marr, W. E. Res. 223 1/2 East 4th

Marr. R. B.

Marshall F. D.

Marshall, Dan

Marshall, Lee 419 Troost St.

Martens, Wm. J.

Martin & White Garage

Martin Ice Co. 13th & Waterall

Martin Ins. Policy Agency 2nd Floor Foreman Bldg.

Martin, A. J.

Martin, A. M. Res. 1504 Grand

Martin, Claude Res. 1203 Hazel

Martin, E. Wainright Res. 2502 County

Martin, N. A.

Martin, T. C. Res. 818 Buchanan

Masonic Hall (Ark.) 110 1/2 E. Broad

Masonic Hall (Texas) 7th & Olive

Mathes, Annie Mae Res. 802 Ash

Mathews, A. T.

Mathews, B. E.

Mathews, Harry

Mathews, Mrs. F. F. Res. 803 Spruce

Mathis, Chas.

Mathis, Dr. R. E. Res. 2723 State Line

Mathis, J. B. Res. New Boston Road

Mathis, J. W. Res. 504 Kirby

Matlock, H. H.

Matson, Mrs. A. B. Matson Res. 2121 county

Matthews, W. H. Res. 1221 Wood

Matthis, Dr. R. E. 116 1/2 East Broad

Mattox, W. N.

Mauldin Grocery Route 5, New Town

Maxwell, A. A. Apt. C Gladstone

Maxwell, Mrs. J. W. 1015 Pecan

Maxwell, P. E. Res. 2325 Pecan

Maxwell, Robt. Res. 2506 Hickory

Maxwell, W. E. Res. 2702 County

May, W. T. Res. 1405 Spruce

Maymer, Mose

Mayne, M. S. Res. 1638 West 4th

Maynor Piano Co. 113 West Broad

Maynor, Morris Res. 2803 Magnolia

Mayo, Homer P.

Mayor's Office (Texas)

Mays, H. T. Rear of 807 Olive

Mays, M. A. Res 1505 Pine

McAdo, S. M. Res. 1620 County

McAlester Auto Exchange 14th & Texas Ave.

McAlester, J. L. Res. 2226 Hazel

McAllister, E. A. Res. 1321 West 5th

McArtor, B. W. Res. 1601 County

McCain, Joe C.

McCartney, Ras

McCarty, W. H. Res. 312 Spruce

McCaskill, W. P. Res. 402 Jackson

McClain, Bert Res. 1511 State Line

McClain, W. N.

McClanahan, W. T. Res. 2704 Magnolia

McClaran, L. E. Res. 1210 Hazel

McClendon, Mrs. R. C. Res. 1523 West 7th

McClerken, H. C. Res. 2424 Pecan

McClure, Dr. R. Q. Res. 1543 West 8th

McClure, H. W. Res. 2522 Hazel

McClurken, Jas. R. Res. 506 East 4th

McCollum, B. R.

McColm, A. B.

McCormick, P. F.

McCoy, Josie C.

McCoy, Miss Nannie D. Res. 928 East 5th

McCrossen, H. J. Res.2123 Wood

McCurry, H.E. Res. 415 East Laurel

McCurry, J. M.

McDonald, C. P. Res. 1309 West 8th

McDonald, L. P.

McDonald, P. E.

McDonald, S. R.

McDonough, Mrs. Bessie Res. 415 Lelia

McDowell, A. M. Res. Richmond Road

McDuffie, Mrs. A. W. Res. 713 State Line

McDuffie, W. N. Res. 2014 Olive

McElreath, Frank Res. 2812 Magnolia

McFadden, J. W.

McGaha, D. D. Res. 2402 Pecan

McGary, Alvan

McGee, A. J. 1511 Olive

McGee, Miss Naomi

McGee, Mrs. Estelle Res. 1224 Locust

McGibbony, P. D.

McGill, J. H.

McGlaum, W. M.

McGough, N. W.

McGraw, John E. Res. 1210 West 6th

McGraw, L. B. 511 Spruce

McGreger, J. M.

McGregor, J. B. Res. 1401 Wood

McGuire, J. W.

McHenry, S. B.

McIver, Mrs. L. D.

McKain, Mrs. Fannie

McKee, G. A.

McKenzie, W. E. Res. 504 East 28th

McKenzie, W. S.

McKinney, A. R. Res. 2604 Olive

McKinney, Mrs. Emma 2508 Olive

McKinney, T. W. 919 East 4th

McKinney, Wm. H. Res. 1120 Hickory

McKissick, Mrs. T. C.

McKnight, A. N. Res. 1308 Olive

McKnight, D. D. Res. 1305 Beech

McKown, C. M.

McLain, Ben Cleaning & Press.

McLain, J. H. Res. 932 County

McLeod, A. Res. 1320 Senator

McMahon, Dr. Jas. Res. 518 Pecan

McMahon, Tom

McMahon, W. J.

McMullen, M. C. Res. 1502 Beech

McNeeley, Geo. E.

McNulty, Mrs. J. P. Res. 419 Spruce

McPeters, Dr. O. W. Res. 1421 Ash

McSayles, Gervaise Res. 835 Laurel

McShane, Jas. Grocery Buchanan Ave.

McVarty, Ralph Res. 915 Olive

McWilliam-Sain Drug Co. 3rd & Main

McWillians-Sain Drug Co. 3rd and Main

Mead, E. W.

Meador, J. E. Res. 1411 Bowie

Meier, H. W.

Meier, Miss Margaret South Genoa Road

Meisch, A. R.

Meissner, W. F. Res. 1020 Main

Melroy, J. S. Res. 1917 Wood

Melton, Eula

Melton, M. E. Res. 922 Olive

Melze & Melze, Dentists 116 1/2 East Broad

Melze, Dr. C. F. Res. 2714 Olive

Mendels, Henry Res. 422 Main

Merchant, W. T.

Merchants & Planters Bank 113 East Broad

Merchants Association 603 Texarkana Nat'l Bank

Metts, I. B.

Michael Meagher Hospital 503 Walnut

Michael, Miss Lucille Plaza Dining Room

Middleton, Dr. B. C. 301-2 Texarkana Natl. Bank

Middleton, Dr. B. C. Res. 502 East 12th

Middleton, G. W. Res. 1221 Walnut

Middleton, G. W. General Mdse. 1719 Spruce

Middleton, G. W. Grocery 1719 Spruce

Miers, Mrs. H. V. Res. 918 Main

Miesch, Mrs. F. J. Res. 302 Spruce

Miesch, N.

Miles, C. E. 2317 Olive

Millazo, Sam Res. 412 Oak

Millazo, Sam, Grocery 423 Oak

Miller Co. Supt.Public Schools

Miller County Bank & Trust Co. 325 East Broad

Miller County Clerk

Miller County Jail 602 East Broad

Miller County Judge's Office

Miller County Sheriff's Office

Miller Tax Collector

Miller, R. E. Res. 615 East 13th

Miller, Ruth

Milligan, Frank C. 2nd Floor Presbyterian Bldg.

Millis, C. D. Res. 1002 Spruce

Mills, C. D.

Mills, Day Res. 411 Pine

Mills, J. M.

Mills, Joel

Mills, John M.

Mills, L. W.

Mills, Mrs. Alla Rooms, 313 !/2 State Line

Mims, M. P.

Miror, M. P. Res. 20th & Olive

Mississippi Life Ins. 854 Laurel

Missouri & Pacific RR Local Freight Office

Mitchell Auto Paint Shop 1703 Boulevard

Mitchell Drug Co. 212 West Broad

Mitchell, B. C.

Mitchell, C. C.

Mitchell, Cecil H.

Mitchell, Dr. Jennie 923 Main

Mitchell, Dr. R. N. Res. No. 8 Webber Place

Mitchell, Dr. R. N. Office Texarkana Nat'l. Bank Bldg.

Mitchell, Fred

Mitchell, G. F.

Mitchell, J. H.

Mitchell, O. M.

Mitchell, Oscar M., Jr. East 9th St.

Mitchell, R. P. Res. 3005 Wood

Mo. Pac Railway Yard Office

Mo. Pac. Freight House

Mo. Pacific Switch Shannty

Mo. Pacific Switch Shanty

Mo. Pacific Yard Office

Mo.Pacific Agent's Office Front and Vine

Mobley, G. J. Res. 910 Hickory

Mobley, O. J. Factory

Modern Cleaners 216 West 3rd.

Modern Cleaners, Plant 1511 Wood

Monroe, Mrs. Willie B. Res. 1319 Hazel

Monroe-Guest 208 East Broad

Monsarrat, H. B. Res. 1639 West 8th

Montague, R. R.

Montgomery, Miss Ethel Res. 1609 West 6th

Montgomery, Mrs. Crutchfield

Moon, W. J.

Moore, Aaron 2323 Beech

Moore, Annie

Moore, Harley

Moore, Henry Res. 420 Pine

Moore, Henry Office 4th Floor State Bank Bldg.

Moore, Henry P.

Moore, J,. H, Grocery 1121 East 9th St.

Moore, J. H. Res. 1221 East 18th

Moore, J. W.

Moore, Max Res. 1010 State Line

Moore, Mrs. Alice Res. 904 Hickory

Moore, Mrs. Ralph G. Res. 502 Pecan

Moore, O. E. Res. 1321 Hickory

Moore, Otto Res. 406 Hazel

Moore, Otto & Son, Printers 3rd & Vine

Moore, R. C.

Moore, Rev. J. T. 717 State Line

Moore, Stuart Res. 805 East 9th

Moore, Stuart, Office 315 Presbyterian Bldg.

Moores, Charles G. Res. 324 West 24th

Moores, W. H. H. Res. 912 Olive

Morgan Plan Co. 215 Vine

Morgan, J. A. Res. 3303 County

Morgan, M. F. No. 10 Webber Place

Morgan, Mrs. Olie Res. 508 Texas Ave.

Morgan, Rev. J. E. Res. 1314 West 7th

Morris, J. L. Res. 1309 West 6th

Morris, Miss Sibyl

Morris, P. M. Res. 2003 Magnolia

Morris, T. B.

Morris, Troy B. 3504 Wood

Morris, W. E. Res. 417 East 6th

Morriss, J. L. Res. 1616 West 5th

Morriss, Josh R. 8th and Wood

Morriss, R. L.

Mosely & Patmon, Law Office Norwood Bldg.

Mosely, George

Mosely, Matt. Res. 1418 Beech

Mosely, Sallie Res. 818 Laurel

Mosley, A. D. Res. 918 East 4th

Mosley, Reba Res. 904 Texas Ave.

Moss, E. B.

Moss, H. B.

Mother's Quality Bakery 810 Olive

Motor Inn 207 Oak

Motor Mart, The 1324 Texas Ave.

Motz, C. T. Res. 517 Spruce


Mrs. Lillian Petty

Mulhearn, Mrs. R. E. Res. 2618 Hazel

Mulkey, S. W. Res. 2502 Pecan

Mullen, Misses Res. 423 Pine

Mullin, Charles W. Res. 1202 Pecan

Mullins, F. G. Res. 927 East 5th

Mullins, Mrs. F. W. Res. 605 Hickory

Mullins, Mrs. T. S. Res. 703 Pecan

Mundella, Ernest

Munn, F. N. Res. 711 Wood

Munn, Mrs. H. A.

Munz, Harry Res. 2021 Beech

Murch Construction Co. Texas City Hall

Murphy, E. E.

Murphy, Joe N. Res. 517 Main

Murphy, Mrs. W.L. & C. S.

Murphy, Robt. L. Res. 1002 State Line

Murphy, T. T.

Murphy, W. T. Res. 4031 Hickory

Murray, J. M. Res. 1519 West 10th

Murry, Dr. H. E. Res. 1700 Beech

Murry, Dr. H. E. Office 312 Texarkana Natl. Bank

Musgrave, W. Y.

Myers, K. C. Res. 523 1/2 East 6th

Myers, Leonard

Myers, W. M. Grocery 1203 Buchanan

Nalson, W. A. Res. 2512 Beech

Nancarrow, F. H. 28th & Olive

Nancarrow, S. C. Res. 1920 Beech

Nash, Mrs. L. R. 2222 Walnut

Nash, Mrs. M. J. Res. 948 County

Nash, W. B.

Nash-Williamson Real Estate Rms.335-6 State Bank Bldg.

National Cash Register Co. 213 Texarkana Natl. Bank

National Lumber & Creosoting Co. 413-18 State Bank Bldg

National Lumber & Creosoting Co. 409 State Bank Bldg.

Natl. Lumber & Creosoting Co. Engine Room

Natl. Lumber & Creosoting Co. Plant Office

Navassina, Mrs. Meri

Neal, Miss Florence Res. 416 Pecan

Neblett, George L. Res. 2115 Hickory

Neece, E. J. Res. 2401 State Line Ave.

Neef, C. J.

Neeley, Rev. H. H.

Neely, A. K. 2009 West 9th St.

Neil, Ed Res. 1407 State Line

Neislar, P. D. Office 305-6 Texarkana Natl. Bank

Neisler, P. D. Res. 2806 Hazel

Nelson & Butler Grocery 424 East St.

Nelson, Alex 905 East 6th

Nelson, C. H. Res. 2523 Olive

Nelson, J. S. Res. 2824 Hazel

Nelson, Walter, C. Res. 904 East 6th

Nelson-Huckins Laundry 308 Main

Nettles, Emmett

Nettles, W. L. Res. 1508 West 6th

New Town School New Town

Newbegin, J. B. Res. 922 East 5th

Newman, C. M. Buchanan Road

Newman, Carl

Newsome, Frances Res. 901 Prince

Ney, Gus B. Res. 315 1/2 West 6th

Ney, Mrs. Bertha

Nicewarner, L. V. Res. 2204 Magnolia

Nicholas, J. W.

Nichols Bros. Groc. Buchanan Road

Nichols, E. N. Res. 1801 Pine

Nichols, G. W.

Nichols, J. D. Res. 1626 West 7th

Nichols, J. D., Gen. Mdse. 521 Buchanan Ave.

Nichols, J. U. Grocery 1607 Texas Ave.

Nichols, W. J.

Nicholson, Henry

Nicholson, L. J.

Nix, J. J. Res. 2523 Wood

Nixon, J. D. Res. 2201 Hazel

Nolan, C. W.

Nolan, Dr. M. L. Res. 2111 West 16th

Nolan, Dr. M. L. Osteopath Office

Nolan, L. C. Res. 315 Beech

Northum, Mrs. Mary Res. 1429 West 7th

Norton, F. D. Res. 413 West 27th

Norwood, T. M. Res. 1908 Hickory

Nottage, W. H. Res. 2401 Laurel

O. & S. Produce Co. 400 East Broad

O. & S. Produce Co. 400 East Broad

Oates, Eugene 1924 State Line

Oates, Sidney M.

Oats, J. B.

Oats, Milton 857 Dudley Ave.

O'Brien, Rev. Frank 219 Spruce

O'Bryan, Henry 1823 West 13th

Ochs, Jack 324 Spruce

O'Dweyer, J. C. Res. 1903 County

O'Dwyer & Ahern 112 East Broad

O'Dwyer & Ahern 112 East Broad

O'Dwyer Fashion Shop 200 East Broad

O'Dwyer, R. J. 505 Hazel

O'Dwyer, R. J. , Jr. 2511 Locust

O'Dwyer, T. A. 1921 County

O'Dwyer, Will J. 2106 Beech

Offenhauser, F. W.. Re. 619 Pecan

Offenhauser, F.W. & Co. Offenhauser Bldg.

Offenhauser, F.W. & Co. Offenhauser Bldg.

Offenhauser, H. F. Res. 519 Ash

Offenhauser, Truett 1819 Beech

Ogden, L. E. 2306 Hazel

Ogesby, W. B.

O'Grady. D. C. 923 County

O'hara, Mrs. Jas. T. 1613 West 9th

Oldsmobile Co. Texarkana

Oliver, J. D.

Olivet, E. V. 322 Pecan

Olwara, Ben

Olympia Confectionery 114 West Broad

Olympia Lunch Room 115 Main

O'Neal, Walter 1819 Beech

O'Neall, J. F.

O'Neil, C. W. North County Ave.

O'Neill, J. P. 1224 West 4th

O'Rear, W. R.

Orford, C. E. 1314 Garland Ave.

Orr, L. Q. 840 Dudley

Orr, Mrs. Ionia 1623 West 5th

Orr, Robt. 2103 East 9th St.

Orr, W. E. Res. 2912 Hazel

Osborne, C. W. 714 Hazel

Otis, Mrs. Lola 119 West 4th

Overland Co. 402 State Line

Overland Co. 402 State Line

Overton, J. L. 18th & Crockett

Owen, D. B. 616 Ash St.

Owen, W. A. 1501 Wood

Owens, A. P.

Owens, T. V.

Pagan, S. M. State National Bank Bldg.

Pagan, S. M. 1501 County

Palace Barber Shop 202 West Broad

Palmer, C. E. 902 Olive

Pappas, Chas.

Parish, Ben 415 West 5th

Parish, J. C. Summerhill Road

Park, Blake 2009 West 17th

Parker, J. P.

Parker, Mrs. F. E. 1001 Hickory

Parker, Mrs. Mae 1020 East 9th

Parker, R. L.

Parr, L. 816 Willis St.

Parsons, A. G.

Parsons, E. L.

Parsons, J. O.

Parsons, Mrs. O. M.

Pasley, W. T.

Patching, A. E. 502 Waterall

Pate, M. S., & Son, Bus.

Patman, Wright

Patterson, A. L. 1601 Nolthenius

Patterson, Andrew 1208 Wood

Patterson, J. E. 1504 West 10th

Patterson, Jas. N. 623 State Line

Patterson, Martin J.

Patterson, Mrs. A. G.

Patterson, P. W. Res. 903 Hickory

Paulk, Gus 1515 County

Paulk, J. R.

Paulk, J. W. 2605 State Line

Paulk, W. J. Res. 1501 County

Pawls, Aaron

Payne, G. R. 1204 Locust

Payne, Geo. R. Store near Texas Pipe Works

Payne, H. M. 1720 Nolthenius

Payne, N. L.

Pea, H. W.

Pearson, Mrs. F. M. 1508 Pecan

Peavy, J. W. 414 Oak

Peavy, J. W. Grocery 1421 Texas Ave.

Pecantet, Mrs. J. H.

Pedinger, Joe 1304 West 6th

Peek, J. P.

Peek, Joe

Peel, Frank W. Jr. 940 Hickory

Pegg & Gjuul 619 Lelia

Pegg, M. R.

Pendleton, G. C.

Pennington Typewrighter Co.

Perdue, L. P.

Perkins, H. F.

Perkins, Wm. Nursery 602 Texarkana Nat'l Bank

Perkinson, Will, Market & Gro. 1214 East 9th St.

Perot, G. R. Cotton Co. 206 1/2 Vine

Perry Mrs. O. D.

Perry, Miss Lillie 1011 Little Rock

Perry, Miss Pauline

Perry, Mrs. A. A. 617 Pine

Pessel, Walter 1310 Nolthenius

Peters, C. P. 1023 Locust

Peters, W.

Peterson, C. F. 918 Locust

Pettigrew, C. Y.

Pettigrew, Mrs. Minnie H.

Petty, Mrs. W. M. 907 Olive

Peyton, E. H.

Pharr, F. E. 904 East 12th

Pharr, J. W. 12th & Garland

Phea, Mrs. Nellie Res. 310 Walnut

Phelps, J. B. Res. 1611 Pecan

Phelps-Hooks Drug Co. 121 East Broad

Phillips, J. H.

Phillips, J. M. 421 East 6th St.

Phillips, John D.

Phillips, T. J. 505 East 25th

Phipps, Marion J. 609 East 3rd.

Phyne, J. F. 2007 Wood

Pierce Oil Corporation 718 East Broad

Pine Street Sanitarium 517 Pine

Pingham, D. D. Res. 902 Texas Ave.

Pintsch, Gas Co. South State Line

Pipes, Owen 605 Olive

Pittman, W. F. 333 Senator

Platz, J. E.

Platz, P. F. 103 Senator

Plaza, The

Plumbing State Line Ave.

Plunket Jarrell Co. 401 East Front St.

Plunket Jarrell Co. 401 East Front St.

Police Chief, I.H.Lanier, (Texas)

Police Station 1609 Texas Ave.

Police Station 513 Buxhanan Ave.

Poole 417 East 9th

Poole & Creber Market

Pope, G. G.

Pope, G. G. Office

Pope, J. E. Res. 1919 Magnolia

Pope, J. H. Groceries 1509 West 4th

Pope, Miss Flossie 1604 West 4th

Porcher, Ernest

Porter, C. C. 120 Hazel

Porter, Clyde A. 714 Walnut

Porter, Mrs. E. E. 622 Pecan

Portrum, H. K. 13th & Garland

Portwood, Dr. O. F. Res. 1314 Wood

Poseph, Louis Res. 1711 Beech

Post Office Café 214 State Line

Post Office, Federal Building 5th & State Line

Postal Telegraph & Cable Co. Offenhauser Bldg.

Potter, H. G. 615 Olive

Poulos, Nick 1618 Nolthenius

Powell Brokerage Co.

Powell, Frank 1312 Nolthenius

Powell, L. A. 2803 Hazel

Powell, Mrs. Eugene Res. 521 East 5th

Powell, T. M. 1618 West 9th

Powell, T. W.

Powers, A. C. Market & Grocery 1023 East Broad

Powers, A. R. Res. 405 East 12th

Powers, Arch

Prator, H, M, 1816 Wood

Prauge, W. A. 18th & Crockett

Pregge, W. F. Res. 802 Wood

Presbyterian Book Store Cor. 3rd & Pine

Prescott, Miss Sue

Presley Filling Station

Preston, Clarence

Preston, M. J.

Preston, Miss June 1718 Nolthenius

Prestridge, Mrs. L. W. 1204 Hickory

Price, C. H., Tin Shop Walnut St.

Price, G. G. 310 Senator

Price, W. E.

Prickett, L. G. 1018 Olive

Prince Racket Store

Prince, C. N. 1801 Beech

Produce Distributing Co.

Prudhomme, Mrs. Meda 705 Spruce

Pruett, Elbert

Pryor, Judson 302 West 3rd

Pryor, Judson Greenhouse

Puckett, Miss Linnie

Pugh, W. K. 216 East 8th

Pullman, A. H.

Pumphrey, Ralph

Puryear, C. H. Mgr.

Pyes, W. E. 220 West 7th

Q. S. Auto Paint Co.

Quigley, C. M.

Quillen, Geo. D.

Quillen, J. T. Res. 1011 Beech

Quillen, Lee 208 Bell Ave.

Quinn, F. S. Office

Quinn, F. S. 904 East 10th

Quinn, Mrs. Isabelle

Radcliff, Miss Beulah

Rafaelli, Mrs. Joe

Rafaelli, S.A. Grocery 901 West 3rd

Raffaelli, J. B.

Ragland, A. 318 West Elm

Ragland, J. B. 216 Main

Ragland, J. S. 603 Main

Ragland, S. M. 804 Main

Ragland, S. M. Bus. 314 Main

Ragland, S. S.

Railey, Herbert L.

Railey, L. D. Res. 2923 Hazel

Rain, H. C. 414 West Broad

Ralph Bros. Laundry 212-14-16 East Elm

Ralph, G. B.

Ralph, W. E. 909 Locust

Ramage, Brockerage & Comm. Office

Ramage, W. R. 209 East 4th

Randle, Dr. E. H. 315 East 9th

Raney, F. T. 1403 Crockett

Raney, L. Transfer 2102 West 15th St.

Raney, W. V. 1302 Olive

Raphael, Mrs. Rose 421 Main

Ray, C. E.

Ray, H. W. 2103 Wood

Raye, Dorris 723 West 4th

Raye, Dorris

Ray-Goodman Grocery 517 Buchanan Ave.

Rea-Cook Furniture Co.

Read, Dr. W. K. 609 Texarkana Nat'l Bank

Reading, R. S. 2828 Olive

Real Silk Hosiery Mills

Reaves, Jack 2309 Wood

Red Top Cab Co. Union Station

Redding, H. E. 2426 Pecan

Reed, J. I.

Reed, Robert 1604 Pecan

Reed, Robert

Reed, U.R. Produce Co.

Rees, Geo. A. 1723 Beech

Reeves Furniture Co. 115 West Broad

Reeves, C. F. 1916 Olive

Reeves, E. L. 603 East 7th

Regal Apartments No. 2 1903 Wood

Rehkopf Mattress Factory 207 West St.

Rehkopf, Albert

Rehkopf, Misses Josie & Lizzie

Reighard, F. M. 1312 Main

Reinhardt, J. C.

Renneker, L. H. 2601 Wood

Reverra, Paul J. 2602 Wood

Reverra-Fewell Undertaking Co. 316 Main

Rex, Mrs. Gertrude 1503 Beech

Reynaud, W. L.

Reynolds, J. P. 903 East 9th

Reynolds, J. T.

Reynolds, Mrs. J. B.

Rhodes, B. L. Res. 1104 Wood

Rhodes, Mrs. Ed 605 Spruce

Rice, C. G.

Rice, Y. G. North County

Richardson, Alex 1102 Oak

Richardson, Miss Modena

Richardson, Mrs. Wm. 2501 Hickory

Richardson, R. C. T.

Richardson, S. N. 514 Main

Richey, E. H. 1311 Pecan

Rickens, Mrs. Etta 2601 Pine

Riddick, Mrs. DeWitt

Riddick, W. B.

Rightway Cash & Carry Store East Broad

Rigney, Miss Theresa 317 Senator

Riley, Miss Rose M.

Ritchie, J. E. Res. 1002 Hickory

Rivers Grocery New Boston Road

Rivers, M. L.

Roach, Mrs. L. S. 608 Main

Roark, DeWitt A.

Robbins, E. B. 916 Wood

Roberson, Dr. J. T. 30th & Wood

Roberts, J. B. 2609 Wood St.

Roberts, J. C.

Roberts, W. B. 507 Draughn Ave.

Robertson, C. M.

Robertson, G. C. 1803 Beech

Robinson, E. O.

Robinson, Miss Louise 111 Factory

Robinson, W. A. 403 Main

Robinson, W. M. 2604 Hazel

Robison, J. A. 2603 Walnut

Robison, S. I.

Robison, S. I. Office

Robken, Fred 825 Mary

Robken, Mrs. Chas. 914 Garland

Robkens, Mrs. E. M. 1001 Spruce

Rochelle, Arley S.

Rochelle, E. M. 508 West 29th

Rochelle, J. B. 1501 Main

Rochelle, J. B. Grocery 3rd & Main

Rochelle, J. B. Grocery 3rd & Main

Rochelle, J. F. 2123 Magnolia

Rochelle, Mrs. W. P. 1219 Magnolia

Rochelle, W. C. 1401 Main

Rodgers & Rodgers, Law Office 214 1/2 Main

Rodgers Furniture Co. 3rd & Vine St.

Rodgers, Com 616 West 20th St.

Rodgers, Foster 1608 Ash

Rodgers, Millard F.

Rodgers, Miss Pearl 503 Olive

Rodgers, Rollin W.

Roebuck, H. J. Res. 2204 Hazel

Rolan, Mrs. A. R. 1121 Mary

Rosborough, Mrs. J.I.

Rose Hill Baptist Church 6th & Lucas

Rose Hill Cemetery, Sexton

Rose Hill School

Rose, Andrew 804 Pine St.

Rose, Andrew Office 226 State Line

Roseborough, E. T. 1109 Main

Roseborough, Mrs. Maude

Roshatton, R. J. 705 Wood

Ross, A. B. 223 East 6th

Rouett, J. L. Res. 2224 Olive

Roundhouse Rose Hill

Rounswall, W. H.

Rountree, M. D. 2804 Hazel

Rouse, E. A. 2502 Hickory

Rowe, Chas

Rowell, B. M. 1202 West 4th

Royal Dry Cleaners & Dyers 108 West Broad

Ru-Anne Shop

Rulherford, A. L. 416 East 13th

Rumgold, Mrs. Tessie Res. 3505 Wood

Rumsey, O. W. 1003 East 3rd St.

Runnels, H. W.

Russell, Mrs. Edna Room 6, Plaza

Russell, W. A. 2909 Hazel

Ryan, H. G. 605 Sherman

Ryn, T. K. 822 West 9th

S. H. Kress & Co. 316-18 West Broad

S.W. Gas & Electric Co. Power house

S.W. Gas & Electric Co. 122 East Broad

Sabine, Mrs. M. L. 416 West 6th

Sabine, Mrs. M. L.

Sacred Heart School

Saeler, Mrs. W. N. 2403 Pecan

Saenger Amusement Co. 210 Main

Saenger Smoke Shop 310 Main St.

Sage, J. A. 204 East 10th

Sain, E. R.

Sain, S. E. 22nd & Wood

Salvation Army 317 Spruce

Samples, Mrs. J. M. 814 Main St.

Sampson, C. D.

Sandberger, Adolph

Sandberger, Morris

Sanders, Mrs. Pauline 820 Hazel

Sanders, Mrs. Zollie

Sanders, O.

Sanders, Potts Res. 415 West 7th

Sanders, Potts Res. 415 West 7th

Sanders, Potts, Grocery 521-23 Main St.

Sanders, Potts, Grocery 521-23 Main St.

Sanders, Potts, Grocery 521-23 Main St.

Sanders, W. C.

Sanderson Abstract Co. 217 Vine St.

Sanderson, Alex 1521 Pecan

Sanderson, J.D.

Sanderson, Maurice 702 East 5th St.

Sanderson, Maurice E. Office

Sanderson, Noah P. 706 Pine

Sanitary Engineer 213 1/2 Pine

Satcher, A. 2018 Spruce

Satterfield, J. E.

Saunders, L.

Saunders, Mrs. Mabel Res. 916 East 4th

Saunders, P. D. 1121 Hazel

Schanlito, T. 501 Oak

Schepp, J. G. No. 1 Webber

Scherer, Adolph

Scherer, Julius 504 Beech

Scherer, Max 307 East Broad

Scherer, Max

Schiff, Victor

Schifflin, F. W. , Office 112 1/2 State Line Ave.

Schlink, J. H. 1907 Walnut

Schmidt, C. F. 2209 County

Schoen, F. A. 621 Martha

Schoen, Miss Susie 614 East Elm

Schofner, C. B.

Schoudon, H. A. & co.

Schuster, F. L. 521 Walnut

Schwartz, I.

Schwartz, W. J.

Schwarz, Joe Ney 815 East 9th

Scott, D.

Scott, J. C. Jr.

Scott, Miss Edna

Scott, Mrs. Jennie 307 1/2 West Broad

Scott, Mrs. W. A. 881 Dudley Ave.

Scott, Patience

Scott, W. T.

Scott,s Jersey Dairy North State Line

Scurlock, H. H. 2302 Walnut

Sebastian, E. A. Jr. 1904 Pecan

Security Mortgage Co.

Segers, J. E. 2516 Wood

Seibert, E. C. 1701 Beech

Semlear, J. H. 511 East 9th

Septic Tank

Sewell, G. H.

Sewell, J. 702 Mary

Shafer, John

Shannon, H. C.

Shaver & Shaver Office 217 State Bank Bldg.

Shaw, A. B. 423 West 26th

Shaw, Murry

Shaw, N. A. 907 Pine

Shaw, W. W. 891 Dudley

Shaw, W. W. City Clerk

Shearer, F. A.

Shellbourne, R. A. 1307 Edwards

Shepard, H. F. 2021 Hazel

Shephard, Claude L,

Sheppard Shoe Store 109 East Broad

Sherer, J. N.

Sherman, Miss Leona

Shields, H. O.

Shiffer, C. A. 1432 West 9th

Shifflin, F. W. 501 Pecan

Shilling, Mrs. K. B. 2704 Walnut

Shipp, C. R.

Shipp, J. D. 1302 Pearl

Shipp, James W. College Hill

Shirley, Dr. W. L. 2702 Wood

Shofner, D. A. Grocery 10th & Jeanette

Short, A. M. Transfer 110 State Line

Shropshire, Rev. C. N.

Shruptine, D. R. 1023 Pearl

Shull, Dr. Hubert 944 Locust

Shutt, Mrs. S. B. 512 Texas

Sibley, Miss Corrine New Boston Road

Silverman, D. S. 910 West Broad

Silverman, D. S. 411 Spruce

Simmons, J. H. W. 725 Buchanan

Simmons, J. Marion

Simmons, Leon

Simmons, Mrs. Elizabeth

Simmons, Rev. W. J.

Simms, Mrs. Thomas H. 1220 Hickory

Simpson, Mrs. K. 301 Walnut

Sims, B. R. 2008 Ball St., New Town

Sims, Dr. T. A. 721 East 12th

Sims, Mrs. Mae 408 1/2 Pine

Sims, Rev. R. L. 521 Troost St.

Sinclair, J. O. 821 Main

Sinclair, P. H. 1102 East 9th

Singer Sewing Machine Co. 210 East Broad

Singleton, E. F.

Sizemore, F. H. 1906 West 18th

Slaughter, Ernest C.

Sleeper, J. S. 1515 Garland

Sleeper, Rev. J. S. 1024 Pecan

Sleighsinger, C. S.

Slimer, F. J. 322 Hickory

Slimer's Dairy Lynn Ferry Road

Smallwood, R. J. 1323 West 5th

Smelser, Sam H. 124 Olive

Smelser, Sam H. , Office

Smiley, Dr. H. H. City Health Officer

Smiley, Dr. H. H. 2107 Beech

Smith Drug Co. 100 East Broad

Smith Drug Co. 100 East Broad

Smith J. W.

Smith Wm. 2823 Hazel

Smith, A. L. 418 Bell

Smith, Bob

Smith, C. F.

Smith, Chester A. 2623

Smith, Dr. C. A. 804 Pine

Smith, Dr. C. A. , Office

Smith, Dr. J. K.

Smith, Dr. J. K. Office Texarkana Nat'l. Bank Bldg.

Smith, Dr. Rowe Res. 2323 Hickory

Smith, Dr. Rowe, Dentist 402 State Bank Bldg.

Smith, G. R,

Smith, Geo, H.

Smith, George

Smith, J. C.

Smith, Jim 903 East 3rd

Smith, John T.

Smith, L. A. 1005 Laurel

Smith, Lester Cleveland & Spencer

Smith, Lynn 905 Locust

Smith, M. A. 2908 Pecan

Smith, Marion 18th & Milam

Smith, Marshall

Smith, Miss Bessie Mae 1504 West 8th

Smith, Miss Maye 1804 West 5th

Smith, Mrs. D. A.

Smith, Mrs. Janette

Smith, Opal 307 West Elm

Smith, Pearl 412 Ward St.

Smith, Roy S.

Smith, T. A.

Smith, T. H. 415 Pecan

Smith, W. D.

Smith, Wm. A. Webber Place

Smith, Wurter

Snapp, J. F.

Snell, Mrs. L. J. Res. 917 Pecan

Snook, H. L.

Sontag, Frank Res. 2004 Hazel

Sophia Carmichael Home

Sorrels, George 702 Walnut

Sorsby, Ben L. 1212 Olive

Sory, F. L. 1214 West 7th

Souther Ice & Utilities Co. Plant 2

Southerland, J. W.

Southern Acid & Sulphur co. Bobo Town

Southern Creameries West Broad St.

Southern Furniture Co. 4th & Waterall

Southern Ice & Utilities Co. 108 Spruce

Southern Ice Co. Barn

Southern Ice Co. Office 108 Spruce

Southern Ice Co., Cold Storage 108 Spruce

Southern Pine Lumber Co. 8th Fl. Texarkana Nat'l Bank

Southland Broom Co. 207 West Elm

Southwestern Gas & Elect. Co. 122 East Broad St.

Soward & Son, Bus.

Sowell, W. G. 521 State Line

Spahr, George 1212 West 7th

Spearman, Dr. K. P. 2707 Wood

Spearman, Dr. K. R. Dentist 202-03 State Bank Bldg

Spearman, Mrs. S. K. Res. 512 East Elm

Spears, J. C.

Special Agent Front & Spruce St.

Speed, J. T. 1123 Phenie

Spencer, T. C. 509 East 5th

Spivey, E. Newt

Sprague, L. D. 702 East St.

Spring Lake Park, Caretaker

Spring, C. P. Office Presbyterian Bldg.

Springer, H. C. 1733 West 7th St.

Springer, H. C.

Springer, W. J. Res. 1105 Olive

St. Edwards Rectory

St. Edwards School

Standard Lumber Co. 202 Harrison

Stanley, H. B. 816 1/2 Locust

Stanley, Mrs. Gladys

State Line Confectionary 101 State Line

State Lumber Co. Rose Hill

State National Bank 103 East Broad

State National Bank 103 East Broad

State National Bank 103 East Broad

Stauser Mdse. Co. 220 1/2 West Broad

Steel, T. R. Res. 2723 Magnolia

Steel, W. B. Gro. & Feed 407 East Broad

Steel, W. B. Gro. & Feed 407 East Broad

Steel, Will 1124 Hickory

Steel, Will Office 322 State Bank Bldg.

Steel's Service Station 3rd & Hazel

Stegall, S. M. 315 East 24th

Stell, R. 1214 Walnut

Stephens, H. P. 1802 Pecan

Stephens, W. H. 1102 County

Sterling, B. 1010 Texas Ave.

Stevens, A. W.

Stevens, Alonzo W., Jr. 1117 West 4th

Stevens, M. G. 1723 Grand

Stevens, M. L.

Stevens, Mrs. Jennie Res. 611 Hazel

Stevens, Mrs. Maude

Stevens, P. S. 24th & Grand

Stewart & McGee Constr. Co. Hotel Grim

Stewart, H, K, 723 Beech

Stewart, J. B. 1723 Ash

Stewart, Noah 1301 Beech

Stewart, T.

Stewart, W. A.

Stillwell, H. W. 1911 Olive

Stockman, C.

Stockton, J. P.

Stone, Ben J. 2219 Wood

Stone, Hubert 2703 Magnolia

Stone, J. M. 2017 Hazel

Strange, J. M. Grocery Store 301 West 20th

Strange, John 1511 Pecan

Strange, R. S. 1106 County Ave.

Strange, W. M. 917 Beech

Stribling, L. S. Meat Market 1324 West Elm

Strong, Mrs. D. J.

Strong, O. H. 903 Spruce

Stroud, Wallace J.

Stuart Tailoring Co. 224 1/2 State Line

Stuart, A. C. Office

Stuart, A. C.

Stuart, C. C.

Stuart, Jack D. 1939 West 10th St.

Stuart, James E. 902 Main

Stuart, James E. (Office) Telephone Bldg.

Stuart, W. B. 811 Walnut

Studkey, A. G. 2610 Wood

Sturgeon, Miss Erna

Sugar, Peter Prince & Heilbron St.

Sullenberger, B. S. 412 East 4th

Sullivan Furniture Co. 903 East Broad

Sullivan, John Jr. 1923 West 16th

Sullivan, Mrs. James 906 Pine

Sullivan, Mrs. Laura H.

Sullivan, R. A.

Sultwan, W. F. S. Res. 33rd & Hazel

Summerhill, G. R.

Sumpter Bros. 314 State Line

Sunset School

Sunshine Dairy South State Line

Supt. Dining Car Spruce & Front Street

Supt. Of Terminal Mo. Pacific

Sutton, Mrs. Josie 306 1/2 West Broad

SW Gas & Electric Co. Purchasing Agent

Swaford, J. J.

Swagner, C. W. Creosote Road

Swanger, R. A.

Sweeney, A. S. 406 Beech

Sweeney, Mrs. Minnie L. 918 Brown

Swift & Co. 410 East Broad

Swift & Co. 410 East Broad

Swift, Frank

Swindell, C. E. 718 Main

Syle, J. H. 1919 West 13th

Sylvan, Cottage

Symonds, F. A. Office

Symonds, Harold 1602 West 8th

T & F. S. Railway Co. Supt. Office

T & F. S. Railway Co. Yard Office

T & F. S. Railway Co. Claim Agent

T & F. S. Railway Co. B & B Dept.

T & P Lunch Room

T&F.S. Railway Co. Local Freight Office

T&F.S. Railway Co. General Freight Off.

T&F.S. Railway Co. Chief Engineers Office

T. & F. S. Railway Co. 14th & KCS Tracks

T. & F. S. Railway Co. Chief Dispatcher Office

T. & F. S. Railway Co. City Ticket Office

T. & F. S. Ry. Co. Auditor

T. & F. S. Ry. Co. Claim Agent

T. & P. Round House

T. & P. Ry. Co. Round House

T.& F.S. Railway Co. Freight Office

Table Supply Co. 807 Dudley Ave.

Talbert Printing Co.

Tanlunson, L. A. 617 Ash

Tanner, Dr. F. J. Dentist 299-30 State Bank Bldg.

Tanner, Dr. F. J. Dentist 299-30 State Bank Bldg.

Tanner, L. L. 815 Wood

Tarrence, Paul J. Grocery

Tarvin, J. E.

Tate, Miss Julia 2905 Hazel

Tate, W. H.

Taylor Tire & Vulcanizing Co. 14 & Texas Ave.

Taylor, Fred Res. 1624 West 6th

Taylor, Gayle

Taylor, Hoyt H. 806 Wood

Taylor, Hoyt H., Lawyer 215 1/2 Main

Taylor, J. J.

Taylor, J. L.

Taylor, Jack

Taylor, Miss Nola

Taylor, Mrs. C. R.

Taylor, Mrs. L. B. 838 Laurel

Taylor, Mrs. Lorena North State Line

Taylor, Richard R. 1912 Wood

Taylor, Robert North County

Taylor, Robert, Jr. 420 East Elm

Taylor, W. H. 1416 Main

Teague, L. J.

Telephone Office Chief Operator

Telephone Office, Cashier

Telephone Office, Toll Wire Clerk

Telephone Office,Toll Rate Clerk

Temple, Arthur 1923 Beech

Temple, C. N.

Temple, Sherman

Temple, T. L. L. , Jr. 1003 Hickory

Temple, T.L.L.

Temple, Wm. 406 Walnut

Temple, Wm. Office

Temple, Wm. Jr. 521 Hickory

Temple-McCoy Grain Co. 510 East Broad

Templeton, E. F. 2916 Walnut

Templeton, Mrs. Sterling

Tennison Bros. Factory 821 East Broad

Tennison, J. M. 602 East 9th

Tennison, T. D.

Terminal Room, Telephone Bldg.

Terrell, H. B.

Texarkana Abstract Co. West 3rd St.

Texarkana Battery Co. 315 State Line Ave.

Texarkana Bldg. & Loan Assoc. 310 State Line

Texarkana Brick Co. 202 Harrison

Texarkana Buisness College 106 1/2 East 3rd St.

Texarkana Casket Co. 14th & Whitaker

Texarkana Casket Factory 14th & Whitaker

Texarkana Compress Co. plant 515 Lelia

Texarkana Cotton Exch. Office Presbyterian Bldg.

Texarkana Cotton Oil & Fert. Co. Office

Texarkana Country Club College Hill

Texarkana Electric Co. 3rd & Main

Texarkana Fire House

Texarkana Garage

Texarkana Gravel Co. Office 602 Texarkana Nat'l Bank

Texarkana Hardware Co. 203 East Broad

Texarkana Harness & Vehicle 222 East Broad

Texarkana Ice Cream Co.

Texarkana Iron & Metal

Texarkana Lumber Co. 1018 West 3rd St.

Texarkana National Bank President & Cashier

Texarkana National Bank Tellers & Bookkeepers

Texarkana National Bank Building Engineer

Texarkana News Co. Main St.

Texarkana Pipe Works, factory Phenie & Lelia

Texarkana Plumbing Co. 404 Grand

Texarkana Saddlery Co. 313 East Broad

Texarkana Seed house 307 East Broad

Texarkana Water Corp. 300 State Line

Texarkana Water Corp. pump station

Texarkana Water Work Pumping Station

Texas & Pacific Coach Dept.

Texas Furniture 400-02 West Broad

Texas High School

Texas Produce Co. Front & Vine

Texas Produce Co. Front & Vine

Texas Sand Co. 1011 West 3rd St.

Texas Steam Engine Works 1304 Phenie

The Art Shop 304 State Line

The Globe Co.

The Newark Hotel 209 Hazel

The Strand Theatre West 3rd St.

The Texarkanian 312-314 Vine

The Texarkanian 312-14 Vine

Thomas Bros. Market

Thomas, Clyde

Thomas, F. A. North County Ave.

Thomas, J. H. 2501 Pecan

Thomas, J. W. & Son 875 Dudley Ave.

Thomas, Joseph H.

Thomas, Louis 1302 Texas Ave.

Thomas, Miss Mae

Thomas, Miss Ruth

Thomas, Wm. A.

Thompson & Ingraham, Drs. 220 1/2 West Broad

Thompson, C. T.

Thompson, Dr. W. T.

Thompson, Floyd

Thompson, Floyd Office

Thompson, Frank W.

Thompson, Luther J. 1201 Walnut

Thompson, Mrs. W. S.

Thompson, W. F.

Thornton, H. Ear

Thornton, M. O. 1319 Senator

Thornton, W. W.

Thorpe, W. B. 2623 Wood

Threlkild, J. E.

Tie & Timber Agents Spruce & Front

Tilson, M. D. 803 Wood

Timberlake Hardware Co. 217 West Broad

Timberlake Hardware Co. 217 West Broad

Timberlake, W. C. 2712 Wood

Timmons, J. B. 1222 Wood

Tims, Miss Susie 1617 Nolthenius

Tipton, R. H. Res. 2903 Walnut

Titus, Ira L.

Tobey, Mrs. E. H. 1224 Olive

Todd, Mrs. Charles S.

Tomblin, J. S.

Tompson, W. H. 1317 Hickory

Toothsome Bakery 320 West Broad

Towery, J. J. 513 East 5th

Townsend, H. E. 611 Pine

Traylor, John

Traylor, W. D. 313 East 8th

Trigg, E. D.

Trigg, Vance 1104 Main

Trippett, C. B. 923 Garland

Tri-State Transit Co.

Trotter, Mrs. Ella 2219 Pecan

Tucker, Miss Lizzie D.

Tucker, W. H. 2703 Olive

Tulso Rooms 210 1/2 Texas Ave.

Turner Auto Supply Co. East Broad

Turner, C. E. 2405 Pecan

Turner, Chas. D. 2212 Hazel

Turner, Chas. D. Barber Shop 211 Main St.

Turner, L. B. 710 East 5th

Turner, Miss Beulah 1306 Nolthenius

Turner, Oscar 501 Laurel

Turner, P. A. 620 Pine

Turner, W. H.

Turner, W. H. , Grocery 511 Buchanan Ave.

Turquette, A. W. 1519 County

Turquette, C. C.

Turquette, C. C. Cotton Co. Presbyterian Bldg.

Turquette, J. A.

Turrentine, W. T. Pressing Shop 210 Texas Ave.

Tussing, C. C. Res. 214 Ash

Twin City Electric 309 West Broad

Twin City Glass Factory

Twin City Lumber & Shingle Co. New Boston Rd. & KCS RR

Twin City Lumber & Shingle Co. New Boston Rd. & KCS RR

Twin City Machine Co. 1306 West 8th St.

Twin City Tailoring Co.

U. S. District Court

U. S. District Judge

U. S. Mail Transfer, Union Depot

U. S. Sheet & Window Glass Co

U.S.Employment Co. Kress, J.J., Mgr.

U.S.Ry. Mail Ser., Chief Clerk

Uden, Mrs. Rebecca 721 Spruce

Uhban, R. J. 312 Hickory

Underwood Typewriter Co. 211 West 3rd St.

Union Confectionary 310 Main St.

Union Depot, Ticket Office Union Station

United Charities Foreman Bldg.

United Commercial Travelers Masonic Building

US District Court Clerk

V. McCoy

V. R. Reed Produce Co. Front & Oak St.

Van Hoovenberg, H. W. 603 Hazel

Van Norte, Mrs. Mary 1221 Olive

Van Noy Interstate Co.

Vance Thaddeus B. Office 117 1/2 East Broad

Vance, S. H.

Vanston, J. J. 415 Pine

Vantresse, Mrs. Jennie 1206 West 4th

Vanway, A. E. 883 Maude Ave.

Vathis Bros. 5th & State Line

Vathis Brothers 5th & State Line

Vathis, James 423 Laurel

Vaughan, Carl No. 6 Webber Place

Vaughan, Homer Res. 519 Spruce

Vaughan, Homer Office

Vaughan, Mrs. J. J.

Vaughn, H. E. 911 Pecan

Vaughn, J. L.

Venable, D. L.

Vestal, Mrs. C. N.

Victor, Dan

Vincent Drug Co. 423 East Broad

Vincent Drug Co. 423 East Broad

Vincent, P. D. 424 Texas Ave.

Vink, Mrs. J. L. Grocery 2417 Olive

Vinson Bros. 321 East Broad

Vinson, J. H.

Vinyard, Miss May 406 Texas Ave.

Voelker, Frank

Volentine, E. B.

Volentine, T. A. , & Son

Vovington, W. F. 1022 Nolthenius

W.O.W. Hall

Wachter, D. T.

Wachter, David

Wade, A. J. 2316 Hickory

Wade, Rev. O. J. 611 Beech

Wadley, A. F.

Wadley, J. K. Res. 618 Pecan

Wadley, J. K. Office

Wadley, J. L. Webber Place

Wadley, J. L. Jr. Webber Place

Wadsley's Buiness College 315 1/2 State Line

Wagner, J. E. Gladstone Apt.

Wagner, Wm. Jr.

Waite, Perrin

Walgamott, J. N.

Walker & Grant Stores

Walker, A. C. 1203 West 4th

Walker, F. E.

Walker, Harry 104 West 7th St.

Walker, J. E.

Walker, J. Lester

Walker, J. R. 1520 East 9th

Walker, Jim 308 Troost St.

Walker, L. L.

Walker, Rev. A. T.

Wallace, W. S. Res. 1133 Sylvan

Wallace, W. W. 902 East 12th

Walling, W. J.

Walraven, Joe

Walraven, S. B.

Walsh, Mrs. R.

Walsh, S. F. 1304 Nolthenius

Walsh, W. B.

Walsh-Lumpkin Drug Co. 217-219 Hazel

Walters, D. H. 1103 Olive

Walters, D. H. , Grocery 510 West 11th

Walters, Dr. A. E. 1324 Hazel

Walthal, M. O. 915 East 4th

Walton, Miss Willie 213 Grand Ave.

Ward, A. C.

Ward, C. L.

Ward, Chas.

Ward, J. H. 2601 Olive St.

Ward, W. M. 415 East 12th

Ware, C. T.

Ware, J. A. 1923 West 6th

Warford, W. A.

Warmack, L. B.

Washington, J. T. 1310 Ash

Washington, Wm.

Waterman, C. W. 16th & Crockett

Waters, J. R. 1520 West 8th

Waters, Rev. M. T. 816 Laurel

Waters, W. D. 1804 Beech St.

Watkins, J. W. W.

Watkins, M. 408 Bell Ave

Watlington & Womack Garage

Watlington, A. B. 1223 Magnolia

Watlington, J. P.

Watlington, S. B. 1302 Main

Watlington, W. J.

Watson Garage 918 West 3rd

Watson Shoe Co.

Watson, Arthur Draughn Ave.

Watson, B. A.

Watson, Mrs. Harvey 1206 Pecan

Watts, David M.

Watts, Dr. E. M. 124 West Broad

Watts, Dr. E. M. 412 Texas Ave.

Watts, Mrs. J. C. New Boston Road

Watts, Tom Men's & Boys Store

Watts, W. W. Res. 1303 State Line

Watts, W. W. Apts. 1317 State Line

Weatherford, A. W. Res. 912 West 5th St.

Weaver, Bessie

Weaver, L. C. New Boston Road

Webb, C. E. , Dairy 2419 East 9th St.-Rt. 11

Webb, V. L. 2217 Olive

Webb, Vesta M. 2504 Olive

Webb, W. L. Groc.

Webber & Webber Office 218 1/2 East Broad

Webber, Mrs. Tom 947 Pecan

Webber, T. E. 514 Walnut

Webster, Dr. H. R. (office) 124 West Broad (over Boyd's)

Webster, Dr. H.R. 10th & Pecan

Webster, Mrs. N. A. 1018 County Ave.

Weeks, W. B. 309 Walnut

Weir, A. R. Res. 412 West 7th

Weis, R. D. 929 Garland Ave.

Welborn, Mrs. Carrie 1120 Pecan

Welburn, Hattie 1423 Phenie Ave.

Welch, W. S. 621 Ash

Wellborn, J. E.

Werkel, W. A. 1405 State Line Ave.

Wessell, Mrs. H. A. 1115 Main

West, J. E.

Westbrook, Eli Res. 820 Dudley Ave.

Westerfield, L. E. Grocery

Westerfield, W. B. 722 Ferguson

Western Weight & Insp. Bureau

Westmoreland, Grady 2402 Magnolia

Whatley, Miss Mittie 1102 Texas

Whatley, W. E.

Whealdon, Mrs. Josh 1023 Main

Wheeler, J. I. 3003 Hazel

Wheeler, John W. 1002 Texas Ave.

Wheeler, Mrs. O. K. 1515 Main

Whetton, A. L. 2720 Hazel

Whitaker School

White house Rooms 311 West Front

White Way Grocery 410 State Line

White, C. C. 2302 Hazel

White, C. L.

White, D. A.

White, Dr. J. N. Res. 13th & Pine

White, Dr. J. N. Office 219 State Nat'L Bank Bldg.

White, J. B, Grocery

White, J. P.

White, John T. 911 East 9th

White, Lloyd

White, Miss Allenne

White, O. M. Pressing Shop

White, W. P. 1701 Garland

Whiteway Inn

Whitlock, E.

Whitmarsh, A. H.

Wiegal, H. T. 1902 Walnut

Wigenton, Harvey

Wilbanks, Rev. T. J.

Wilbur, A. E.

Wilcox, E. J. 2318 Olive

Wilder, Mrs. J. H. Res. 709 hazel

Wilder, Stewart

Wile, Thos. H. 608 State Line

Wilett, A. H.

Wilhite, Bobbie

Will, Seibert & Halsey, Office 808-10 Texarkana Nat'l Bank

Willard, Colman, Grocery 1505 Oak St.

Williams & Williams Drug Co. 201 East Broad

Williams, A. D. 1015 Olive

Williams, Andrew

Williams, C. J. 1001 Spruce

Williams, Clayton

Williams, E. E.

Williams, Ellen 837 Laurel

Williams, H. R. 421 1/2 East 6th

Williams, Harry H. 415 Hickory

Williams, J. Bunn

Williams, John B.

Williams, Lee

Williams, M. S.

Williams, Mrs. J. D. 2424 County

Williams, Mrs. J. M. 416 Ash

Williams, Mrs. Jim Mulkey

Williams, Mrs. L.

Williams, Mrs. Mabel 1123 Hazel

Williams, Mrs. Mannie

Williams, Mrs. R. B. 322 East Elm

Williams, N. G.

Williams, Paul E. 906 Pine

Williams, R. S. 1912 Olive

Williams, Rodney T. Res. 413 East 5th

Williams, Rosie

Williams, W. C. 2304 Hazel

Williams, W. L. Res. 1005 Pecan

Williams, W. T.

Williams, Y. D. 1903 Olive

Williams-Hubbard Peanut Co. 14th & KCS Tracks

Williams-Hubbard Peanut Co. 14th & KCS Tracks

Williamson, C. W. 2018 Boulevard

Williamson, J. A.

Williamson, N. H. 314 1/2 East 6th

Williamson, R. L.

Williamson, W. H. 1406 Olive

Willis Super Service Co. 10th & Wood

Willis, A. L. 2317 Hickory

Willis, E. J. 903 Olive

Willis, Luline Fortune

Wilmoth, J. H. 1906 West 10th

Wilson & Co. Front & Oak

Wilson, Al L.

Wilson, Alva H. 20th and Grand Ave.

Wilson, Ben 410 Ash

Wilson, Ben Shoes 111 West Broad

Wilson, C. Y.

Wilson, E. F.

Wilson, F. E. , City Treasure

Wilson, Lilbert, Hardwood Co.

Wilson, Miss Ono 902 Hickory

Wilson, Mrs. Ellen 3008 Hazel

Wilson, Mrs. Eva

Wilson, N. A.

Wilson, Stuart 1901 Beech

Wilson, W. G. , Jr. 942 Locust

Wilson, W. G. , Jr. 402 Grand

Wilson. J. R. 1508 Beech

Wimer, A. J. 1103 Wood

Windle Bros. 405 West Broad

Windle Bros. Horse & Mule Co. 405 West Broad

Windle, Tom

Winham, Allen

Winham, G. P.

Winham, L. 931 County

Winham, Milton 1023 Pecan

Winham, Mose 936 County

Winston, Mrs. T. B. 802 Hazel

Wire Chief Telephone Office

Wiseman Service Station

Wiseman, J. R. 422 Bell Ave.

Wisner, Henrietta 826 Willis

Witcher, Sam

Witcher, Sam Gro. & Market 709 East Broad

Witt, Bayard 2620 Walnut

Witterstaetter, David 33rd. & State Line

Wolfe, F. F. 2702 Olive

Wolfe, Jack

Wolfe, T. G.

Womack, D. E. Fairview Ave.

Womack, Mrs. Ada

Womack, Troy O. 1208 Hazel

Wood St. Gro. W.R.Fagan 2106 Wood St.

Wood St. Gro. W.R.Fagan 2106 Wood St.

Wood, Frances 1011 Ferguson

Wood, J. G. 611 Pecan

Woodard, Joe H., Cash & Carry

Woods, Will Cleaning & Press. 322 Vine

Woodson, E. 1908 Walnut

Woolard, Miss Nellie 608 Garden

Woolworth, F. W. & Co. 110 West Broad

Woosley, Dr. H. E. 2119 Hickory

Wooten, J. Howard 2004 West 17th

Wootten, B. C. 408 Pine

Word Seed Store 309 Texas Ave.

Word, H. C.

Wright, F. T.

Wright, J. O. 1912 West 15th

Wright, Mrs. M. E.

Wright, Robert A.

Wright, T. J. 315 West Elm

Wright, W. C. 418 Texas Ave.

Wright, W. F. 2024 Magnolia

Wright, Wm.

Wyse, J. A.

Y. M. C. A. Bldg. Front & Pine

Y.W.C.A. Cafeteria 217 Pine St.

Y.W.C.A. Rooms 217 1/2 Pine

Y.W.C.A. Traveler's Aid Union Station

Yarbarry, J. C.

Yarbrough, P. P. 2301 Hickory

Yates, V. F. 2002 County Ave.

Yellow Cab Co. Office, Holman Hotel

Yellow Dragon Tea Room

Yenglin, Otto City Engineer, Texas

Yenglin, Otto Res. 2823 Olive

Yocum, Beryl A.

Yocum, Mrs. J. W.

York, Dr. M. N. 2824 Wood

Young & Young Grocery Cor. Ferguson & Dudley

Young Bros. Graocery 1322 East 9th

Young G. C.

Young, A. A. 817 Walnut

Young, D. B.

Young, E. G. 1402 Pine

Young, Frank 1503 Nolthenius

Young, G. R. 1704 West 13th

Young, J. S.

Young, J. W.

Young, Mrs. Eunice 1213 West 7th

Young, Nora 711 Ash

Young, T. M.

Young, W. G.

Young's Service Station

Young's Service Station

Young's Tire & Service Station 624 Texas Ave.

Yowell, B. F. 1605 Hickory

Zehtner, Miss Nan 1003 Texas Ave.

Zimerman, Gus

Zimmerman, J. P. 1416 Texas Ave.

Zink, H. M. 306 Hazel