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Dalby Springs Cemetery

(African American)

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Follow Hwy 259 South from DeKalb, Bowie County, Texas to Dalby Springs. Located beside the Dalby Springs Methodist Church. Cemetery documented by Glenn Thrapp in March 2006. Some names added from a previous listing surveyed by Noah Moody and prepared by Annette Barbaree. These names are noted by PL.

Clay, Arlee 1916 1989
Dalby, Marks 1817 1904 PL
Dalby, Terry 1846 1921 PL
Davis, Della Mae 1908 1983 PL
Davis, Eva Mae 10/7/1906 11/26/1989
Davis, George 3/26/1888 11/17/1974
Davis, George L 1878 1975 PL
Davis, James E 4/17/1911 2/2/1984
Davis, Lovell N 1/2/1900 4/25/1988
Davis, May Delia 3/8/1908 10/18/1988 dbl w/Lovell
Davis, Robert 1911 1992 US Army WWII
Davis, Ryman Hal 6/9/1947 7/26/1993
Easter, Georgia no dates PL
Harmon, Lee Roy 11/26/1933 12/10/1984
Harmon, Melvin Sr 5/15/1932 5/9/1996
Morbley, Annie 8/20/1927 12/1/2000
Morbley, Artis 1896 1968 PL
Morbley, Charles E 2/15/1934 2/9/1985
Morbley, Raymond 4/9/1922 7/1/1966 US Army WWII
Robinson, Mose 1903 1978 PL
Stephens, Lemmie 1935 1967 PL
Stephens, Obie (Mike) 8/6/1902 8/14/1987 PL
Williams, Delton L 1958 1985 PL
Williams, Evie 1914 1982 PL
Williams, James 1918 1973 US Army WWII- PL
Williams, John 1888 1984 PL
Williams, Ophelia 1905 1942 PL
Williams, Oscar T. 1918 1967 US Army WWII- PL

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