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recorded with the state.  They have been included
to help researchers find their ancestors.
If there is no submitted by on the article you see it was submitted by Tresa Underwood.  If it is italics It was Published in a back issue of the Society issue.  Abstracted by Elizabeth Wilburn and typed up for the webpage by Elizabeth Brown.


Deaths reported in the Texarkana Papers for 188

Sunday, Aug. 31,1884  HARRY W. PAUP KILLEDHis Body found near the house of Geo. Crenshaw just across the river from Garland City.  A special from Garland City informs us that on Saturday morning the body of Harry W. Paup, a well known citizen, and doing business for H. W. Thatcher on the river below Garland City, was found pierced with bullets near the house of George Crenshaw, a colored man, just across the river from Garland City, and that Goe. Crenshaw had surrendered himself and admitted the killing, and is now in jail at Lewisville.  We have no information as to the facts or circumstances, which led to the killing.  We deeply regret the affair, as the deceased was a most worthy and promising young man.

Saturday, Sept. 6, 1884  Mrs. Bartlette, mother of Justice of the Peace, Richard Bartlette, of Garland Township died at the residence of her husband R. L. Bartlette, three miles east of Texarkana, yesterday.  The funeral will take place this afternoon, at the Rondo graveyard.

 Col. Kelley, C. E. Bramble, Paul Jones, C. E. Dixon and perhaps others will go to Little Rock this evening to attend the funeral of Judge E. H. English, as representatives of Cour deLeon Commandery, which the eminent Chief Justice instituted.

 Monday, Sept. 8, 1884  Ed Schicker also attended the funeral of the late Chief Justice English.   

Tues. 9 Sept 1884 - Sorry to hear of the illness of our appreciating friend, John R Attaway at the home of his father in this county.  From Wayne Adcock's files.

Saturday, Sept. 13, 1884  Mrs. Evans, near New Boston, died from the effects of Morphine administered through mistake for quinine.  When will people learn to label these two drugs, when both are kept in the same house?

 Thursday Sept. 18,1884 A woman named Mollie Bates, died at the home of some colored people in Bowie County on Monday of malaria.  The commissioner’s court could do nothing to alleviate her suffering, as the law requires the commissioners, in regular meeting, to declare the subject for assistance a pauper before lawful aid my be given.  This is an outrageous law.  While awaiting the convening of the court, sick and destitute person s would die from want and neglect.

 Monday, Sept. 22,1884   The little infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Marks Kosminsky died last night after several days illness.  Our sympathies are extended to the grief-stricken parents.

 The funeral of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. M . Kosminsky at three o’clock at the family residence on Clinton and Elm streets. 

Tuesday, Sept. 23,1884 Stella, the year old infant of Conductor Ed. Tuttle, of the Iron Mountain road, died at the family residence in this city last night, and will be buried at 3 o’clock p. m. today.  The parents are being consoled in their loss by kind neighbors and friends.

 Wednesday Sept 24, 1884 DiedAt the family residence in East Texarkana, on the night of the 22d, Mrs. Humphrey, wife of T. H. Humphrey.  This announcement although no a surprise to those who realized the condition of the lady will be read with deepest regret.  The condolence of our people are tendered to the husband and his orphaned little children.

 Monday, Sept. 29, 1884 Mrs. J. W. Mayor died yesterday morning.  She leaves a husband and several children., to whom we extend our sympathy. 

Sad DeathIt is with sadness that we report the death of Mrs. Mayher, wife of J. W. Mayher, which occurred Saturday night, after a lingering illness.  The funeral occurred yesterday afternoon at four o’clock and was attended by a long line of carriages filled with mourning friends.  Deceased leaves a bereaved husband and three little orphaned children, who have the sympathy of this entire community. 

Tuesday, Sept 30, 1884  An Uncle of Louie Ascher, ninety-four years old, and celebrated for his eccentricities the last half century in Detroit, where he lived died in his bed several weeks ago, without the knowledge of his friends or premonitory sickness.

 Wednesday, Oct. 01, 1884   Died:  At the residence of her father G. A. Allen, on Tuesday, Sept 30th, Mrs. Fannie Yeargan.  Her death was unexpected and her husband absent in New York City, where they reside.  A telegram announced the Mr. Yeargan left New York yesterday morning and the funeral will be postponed until his arrival. 

Monday, Oct. 6, 1884  The sad news of the death of George Hammett and one of his children, at his home on Red River, reached us simultaneously, yesterday.  He was quite low for some time and his death was not unexpected Saturday, when a message arrived for Mr. Mudford, his brother-in-law.  His little child was taken ill subsequently, and died within a few hours of the death of its father.  Mr. Hammett was regarded as one of the most substantial planters in Miller County, and his death is deplored by his many friends, whose sympathy goes to console the widow and remaining orphans.

 Tuesday Oct. 7,1884  The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Eck died at their home yesterday.  The funeral will take place from the Catholic Church this evening at four o’clock. 

Monday, Oct. 13, 1884  The little five year old daughter of Mr. Webb, who resides at College Hill, died of flux last Saturday.  We are also sorry to learn that Mr. Webb himself is dangerously sick from the same disease.

 Tuesday, Oct. 14, 1884  The infant son of Robert Thompson, which died yesterday was names Joseph L. Cella.

Friday Oct. 17, 1884  Mrs. S. A. Cullom, of this city, died last night and will be buried this afternoon at four o’clock at the State Line cemetery.

 Monday, Oct. 20, 1884    Mr. Webb an old gentleman residing on College Hill Died yesterday. 

Monday, Oct. 20, 1884   Pat Corley, bar-tender and cousin of Pat Hardin, died Saturday evening.  His remains were sent to Chicago for interment.

 Monday, Oct. 20, 1884  The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dey, died last Friday in Hot Springs.

Monday, Oct. 20, 1884  Mrs. Gaines, mother in law of Dr. Bentley, died yesterday at the family residence three miles from the city.

 Wednesday Oct. 22, 1884  Mr. Clifford, a farmer residing beyond College Hill, was taken sick yesterday morning and died before night.

 Wednesday Oct. 22, 1884  Albertina, infant daughter of Mr. And Mrs. J. C. Flynn, died in this city yesterday evening, at eight o’clock.  We deeply sympathies with the parents in their deep distress , but we should all remember that when the little darlings become angels, they are freed from all the cares and sorrows of this life.

 Tuesday, Oct. 28, 1884   J. W. Talley died in Jail yesterday, the coroner’s jury reporting that he died of a congestive chill.  It will be remembered that he was charged with stealing a horse from Meredith Bros., and captured by Sheriff Dixon, of Titus county, Texas, and brought by him to this city a few days ago, and lodged in jail by our sheriff.

 Thursday, Oct. 30, 1884  Mrs. J. J. Holloway, wife of the tax assessor of Bowie County, died this evening.

Friday, Oct. 31, 1884   A Murder:    A Negro named Chas. Mitchell murdered a white woman named Mrs. Frank Waddle in Red River County near Bates ferry yesterday.  From the many rumors concerning the matter we gather that Mitchell attempted to ravish the lady and that her struggles and brave resistance so infuriated the brute that he plunged a knife into her breast and escaped.  The unhappy lady died within an hour of the brutal assault.  Some reports state that the outrage occurred in Richmond, Ark.  The brute was subsequently captured but broke away from his guards and escaped.  We sincerely trust that he may be recaptured and we can imagine no excuse for his escape to so well wooded a county as Little River—Inter State News

Saturday, Nov. 1, 1884  A man died on the construction train at Cameron’s Mills night before last.  He was a stranger though from the corner’s verdict, he died from natural causes.

Tuesday, Nov 4, 1884  The little four year old son of W. H. Dean died yesterday afternoon.

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1884  The grand child of Judge Williams died at Washington yesterday, hence he did not arrive today.  Special Judge Byrne opened court at ten o'clock and empannelled the juries.  It is thought that Judge Williams will arrive this evening.

 Friday, Nov 7, 1884   The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. I.F. Wright died yesterday evening.

 Thursday, Nov. 13, 1884  The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Bistline died yesterday.

 Friday, Nov. 14, 1884A railroad man died in Justice Lary's office yesterday 

Friday, Nov. 14, 1884  Mr. Fayette Irby, residing near College Hill, died of dropsy yesterday, and was buried this afternoon.

Saturday, Nov. 15, 1884  Mr. A. J. Neely a brother-in-law of Judge Estis, died at his farm about thirteen miles from this city yesterday morning.  His remains will be brought here for interment, and the funeral services will be conducted by Elder G. A. Moffatt, at the Baptist church tomorrow morning, at 11 o'clock.  All are invited.

 Wednesday, Nov. 19, 1884  As announced yesterday, Little Eddie, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cook died at our residence at 3 p.m.  The mother is the sister of Mrs. Warren and was here on a visit, when little Eddie was taken sick and his father telegraphed for He was two and a half years old, and a very bright, handsome and interesting child.  We never saw an older person bear suffering with more heroic foritude, but all that scientific physicians or careful nursing could do could not prevent his passing "over the river," and now he is sweetly singing as a bright little angel around the throne of God.  Our deepest, tenderest sympathies went with the grief stricken parents, this morning as they left for their home at Champagnolle in Union county, where all that is left of little Eddie here below will be deposited in the grave.

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 1884  Eddie Warren Cook, child of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cook, and nephew of Maj. Warren, of the Independent, died at the residence of the later yesterday afternoon.  The little fellow was a remarkably interesting child of two years and six months old.  The remains were taken to Union county last night for interment.--Inter-State News.

 Thursday, Nov. 20, 1884  The mother of Mrs. Mike Berry died yesterday morning.  She had been sick a long time and her death was not unexpected.

 Thursday, Nov. 20, 1884  Little Eddie Warren Cook, child of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cook of Champagnolle, and nephew of Mr. E. A. Warren, editor of the Independent, died at the residence of Mr. Warren, yesterday, and his remains left last night for burial at Champagnolle.  The hearstriken parents have our deepest sympathies in the loss of their little darling.---Public Opinion

 Friday, Nov. 28, 1884    Died:  At the residence of Mrs. Palmer in Texarkana, Texas at 6:30 o'clock, p.m. Wednesday, November 26th, Mrs. L. E. Tunstail formerly of New Orleans. (N. O. papers please copy)Appreciated.

 Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1884  Henry Harper died yesterday after a long and painful illness.

Friday, Dec 5, 1884  Miss Sallie McKelvey, died at her residence opposite the Texas & St. Louis depot yesterday evening at six o’clock.  We tender our sympathies in the grief stricken relatives and friends.

 Friday, Dec. 12, 1884  Mr. Sam Bond, brother-in-law of our townsman John Moran, died at Tyler, Texas yesterday. 

Friday, Dec. 19. 1884  Mr. Gwyn Barber, brother of Hon. L. E. Barber clerk of the supreme court, died at Little Rock yesterday

 Saturday, Dec. 20, 1884    Died:  At her residence in Mineola, Texas, at six o’clock a.m. Friday, December 19th, Mrs. Simoon Munzesheimer, in the 26th year of her age.  Deceased was the much loved and beautiful daughter of Mrs. E. Marx, of our city, and her sad death leaves three motherless little children.  On Friday, the 12th of December, whilst standing with her back to the fire place, her dress caught fire from the grate.  She ran into the parlor, where her family were gathered and the flames were extinguished by the use of a blanket, but not until she was frightfully burned around the waist and back.  A dispatch summoned her mother to her side and all that love, attention and wealth could do to alleviate her sufferings was done.  Our community was shocked yesterday morning to learn her injuries had terminated fatally.  Inter-State News.

 Monday, Dec. 22, 1884  The funeral of Mrs. Munzesheimer did not take place in this city yesterday morning, as was announced in the notices, as her afflicted mother, Mrs. Marx, preferred that the remains should be interred in the family burying ground at Cypress Hill, New York.  A large number of friends paid their last sad tributes of affection to the deceased yesterday by calling at the family residence.  Last night Mr. Munzesheimer and Mr. Jo Marx the bereaved husband and brother left on the Iron Mountain train with the remains for New York, carrying with them the sympathy of our entire community.

 Tuesday, Dec. 23, 1884  The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. Lee, died at the Beidler hotel last night. 

We regret to announce the death of Herbert, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Whitaker, of this city.  The funeral will take place at the family residence tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock.  While it is heart-rending to give our little darlings up to God, their early death relieves them of the trouble and trials of this life.

 Wednesday, Dec. 24, 1884   Judge E. A. Murphy, who has so long been afflicted with a cancer, died in his room over Trimble & Smiths grocery store, at 12:30 o’clock this evening.

 Tuesday, Dec. 23, 1884   The remains of Judge E. A. Murphy will be interred in State Line Cemetery at 4 o’clock this afternoon. 

Friday, Dec. 26, 1884    Miss Minnie Allen, step-daughter of Mr. Vogel, of this city, died at Little Rock last Sunday.

Friday, Dec. 26, 1884  We regret to hear of the death of Mr. Drayton B. Hayes, which occurred at his residence in this city yesterday.  For a long time Mr. Hayes was connected with Ed. A. Church in the editorial management of the Texarkana Democrat and made considerable reputation as a newspaper man.  He leaves surviving him a wife and two children.  His father’s family also reside in this city.  To the afflicted family and relatives of the deceased we extend our deepest sympathy

The funeral of Drayton B. Hayes will take place from the residence of Capt. A. S. Blythe tomorrow morning at ten o’clock.



Monday 23 Feb. 1885 - Texarkana Daily Independent It is reported that the parties who killed Dept. Marshall Gosling, on the train in Texas last Sunday, have been captured. Mr. Gosling had many friends in this city who trust the rumor is true.  From Wayne Adcock's files.

Fri. 27 Feb. 1885 U. S. Marshall Gosling, who was killed last week on the train in Texas, started the first newspaper that was ever published in bowie CountFrom Wayne Adcock's files.

Fri. 6 Mar 1885 Marshal Lonergan received a telegram this morning from Jacksonville Ill., announcing the  death of his father. He left at once to attend the funeral.  From Wayne Adcock's files.


The one's submitted by the Society will not have person submitted these were collected by Ms. Wilburn for the 1886 when she was editor.

April 10, 1886  Mrs. F W Mullens and Mrs. T S Mullens's mother died in Magnolia, Arkansas .  SOCIETY

APRIL 12, 1886:  Society  Thomas Gordon died April 3, 1886.

APRIL 14, 1886:  Society   Died on April 14, 1886, Steve Knight, treasurer of Bowie County.  

APRIL 17, 1886:     Society  Congradulatiions to Mr and Mrs S M Latier on the birth of a new son.  

The wife of Rev.G H Dannelly died at her home in White County, Arkansas a  few days ago.

APRIL 28, 1886:  Society  Lee Hitchcock died yesterday.  He was one of the cities oldest carpenters.

MAY 3, 1886:  Society:     A baby girl was born to Mr. And Mrs. William Wright , May 1, 1886.

Mrs. Helen M Edwards, relict  of Thomas J  Edwards, dec'd., died Saturday afternoon, May 1, 1886, at the family residence in city. Surviving her are one son and two  daughters.  Services were conducted May 2, by Revs. Mr. Smith and Mr. Wiggins Burial was in Rondo Cemetery, by the side of her husband.  

The body of Tom Farrell was found today. He was a section hand on T and P Road. He died from drinking, Dr. Hoffman, West Side City Physician states. He was buried today at city expense. 

Sat. 6 May 1886 - The many friends of J. R. Attaway will regret to learn that he is lying very ill at the res. of his father, 12 miles from the city. We are indeed sorry to  hear that his physician intertains very slight hope of his recovery.   From Wayne Adcock's files.

MAY 8, 1886 SOCIETY  Died-May 7, 1886 in this city, at 4 o’clock P. M., Mrs. Callie Crawford wife of J. G. Crawford.

MAY 13, 1886 SOCIETY  John Attoway, and old & substantial farmer & citizen of Miller County died yesterday. 

Sat 13 May 1886 - John Attaway, and old and substantial farmer and citizen of Miller County Ark. died yesterday.  From Wayne Adcock's files.

MAY 18, 1886 SOCIETY  Jane Sevier, a colored woman died of an overdose of morphine, taken for pain, yesterday. 

MAY 21, 1886: The remains of Mr. C. D. Paustain were buried yesterday under the auspices of the Knights of Labor.  He was a railroad employee and a good and worthy man


D Ingham, 77, died at home in Retreat Saturday night.  Survivors:  wife; sons: Sam H., Charles, Earl and  J D  Jr., sister, Miss Jessie Ingham, all of Corsicana.

Services held Monday for Benjamin A Currey, 76, interment in Cobb Cemetery, Grosbeck, Texas; citizen of  Limestone County 56 years; survived by wife and twelve children.

Funeral services Tuesday at home for Mrs. Bertha Schiwitz, 79, near Uhland.  Survivors; daughters: Mrs.   Rose Krause, Corpus Christi; Mrs. Loma Beckwith, Inez; Mts. Mamie Garbrecht, Hunter; Mrs. Emmy

Wick, Nixon and Mrs. Katie Schulzenberg and Mrs. Mary Cox of Uhland; sons:  John, August, Louis, Max and Ed, all of Uhland.

Retired educator and linguist Miss Sallie Sherrill, 81, died Sunday in home she occupied 50 years.  Survivors:   Brother, G L Sherrill, ; sisters, M iss Mattie Sherill and Mrs. W R Mays all of Denison.  Rev. Paul Cardwell  officiated.

Mrs. J A Bell, Sr., 68, died Saturday in Mofatt.  Born 29 July 1868, Atlanta, Ga., and lived in Bell County 42  years.  Survivors:  Joe and James Red and Mrs. J L Brown all of Moffat.

Services held 6 p.m. Tuesday for Thomas M Cobb, 81, native of South Carolina and resident of Corsicana for    55 years.  Survivors, wife and seven children:  Mrs. Edward McGehee, Alabama; Y J Cobb,  Massachusetts; Mrs. W E Speaker, St. Louis, Missouri; Mrs. Clyde Dyches, Corocco, New Mexico; Mrs.  J F Wright, Henderson; Mrs. J C Gamewell, Handly; Ms. Vernon D Howard, Christoval and sisters, Mrs.  Ben McKie, Waco and Mrs. Elizabeth Hadden, Florida.

Joe Treece, 65, died at home of daughter Mrs. Morris holder, Milligan community near McKinney.  Other  survivor, a son, Bill Treece of Denton.  Burial in Friendship Cemetery, Sherman, for Mrs. Maggie Vest, 59.  Survivors:  husband, Jack Vest; sons,     P L, Gerald and Charlie of Sherman and Darwin Vst of Rochester; daughters, Mrs. W O Smith of Sherman,    Mrs. Perry Blevins of Wetumka, Oklahoma and Mrs. Walter Pinkston of Bonham

Albert W Schulze, well-known farmer of Brynum Community near Hillsboro, died Friday.  Services Sunday  at Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Native of Brenham, came to Hill County 25 years ago,.  Survivors;   wife and children, Ruby, Edna,  Nelda and Marvin Schulze of Bynum, six brothers and six sisters.

JULY 1, 1886  We deeply symphthise with Mr. and Mrs. P Crow upon the death of their 2 year old son, which occurred  at their residence in the country, Wednesday night.

JULY 14, 1886  Hon. C C Dorrian left last night to attend the funeral of his elder brother, J D Dorrian, who died da before yesterday at Montgomery, Ala.   

JULY 16, 1886  FRIDAY EVENING    A dead man – white -  was found this morning under the Arkansas Oil Compress Company shed (which had fallen down last winter).  He was under there , no doubt, when it fell.  Mr. Caffrey, upon finding him, at once notified the coroners office.  I am sure they will soon identify him.    

JULY 17, 1886  The dead man found under the fallen shed of the Arkansas Oil and Compress Company was named Neill Williamson, and he was a German or Dutch soldier, about 32 years old.

We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Jordan upon the arrival of a baby girl at their home yesterday.

JULY 22 & 23 1886   Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Otto Perkins on the birth of a little girl yesterday, at their home

JULY 26, 1886 MONDAY  Dr. Cabeniss was buried at Buckner today, from injuries inflicted in jumping from a train.

JULY 27, 1886 TUESDAY EVENING  Mr. & Mrs. John Ford have a new baby boy at their home.

Judge Hooper, who was sent to the penitentiary for forging Monroe Co. script, died in Little Rock last week.

We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Alice J Kelly, which occurred at Hooks station yesterday. Just a few weeks ago in April , we noticed the happy marriage of the deceased, and predicted for her & herself and happy husband, long lives of happiness. We sympathize with him, and the decease's relatives. The funeral will be at 10 o'clock tomorrow from the residence of J. C. Smith, is in this city. Interment will be in State Line Cemetery.

JULY 30, 1886  FRIDAY EVENING  We regreet to report the death of Rev .G A Moffat, Baptist pastor of this city, at his residence yesterday evening. We etend sympathy to his wife & his children. Rev. John Winham coducted funeral services this evening. Interment was in Texas Cemetery.

JULY 31, 1886  SATURDAY EVENING  About 11 o'clock last night, Wm. Chappell, of Urbana, Ohio, who had been sick at Mrs. Parkin's boarding house for some time, committed suicide by cutting his throat. 

Mr. & Mrs. J D Ingram, last Tuesday, had a baby boy.

R W Marcus a salesman in the house of S Corey, died Saturday night, and was buried yesterday. He was an unmarried man and a good citizen.

An unknown man died at the Tremont Saloon Saturday night, cause of death is not known.

AUGUST 9, 1886   Miss Alice McMillan was out for a drive Sunday, after 6 weeks, confinement in the house. We all know how bravely she has stood side by side with her widowed mother in the struggle to educate & maintain the younger children. We hope she soon is restored to health.

AUGUST 10, 1886 TUESDAY EVE.  Mrs. M H Oglesby died at her home in the city yesterday. The husband and other members of her family have our sympathy.

AUGUST 12, 1886 THURSDAY EVE  Mrs. Mike Hardin received news her brother of Chicago had drowned. She and husband left for that city last night.

Mrs. T J Lowe died last Monday in Toronto. Judge Lowe & Daughter will arrive with the remains tomorrow, and the funeral will take place from the residence of Rodgers, near the Catholic church tomorrow eve. At 4 o'clock.

On the 6th of August, R S Flippin, father of our townsman, M C Flippin, died at his residence in Nottoway Co., V. He was born June 9, ????, was the father of 6 girls and 7 boys. M V is the youngest. Twelve are still living. 6 of the 7 boys followed the Army of N. Va. From Bethel to Appomattox. The father voted for every democrat from 1820 to date. He aided & abetted in the Rebellion, and was sorry he was too old to shoulder a musket.

AUGUST 14, 1886 SATURDAY EVE  As stated in our paper before, Mrs. Eliza F, wife of Judge T J Lowe of this city, died last Monday in Toronto. Burial is this morning. Two daughters, Mrs. Mings of Gatesville and Miss Genie Lowe are also survivors.

The little babe of Mr. & Mrs. James Doyle died yesterday eve.

The remains of Mrs. Hughes, sister of Mrs. G W Treher, were brought from Trinity, TX. For interment in this city.

AUGUST 17, 1886 TUESDAY EVE   A Hochdeffer, formerly of this city, died last night in St. Louis.

AUGUST 18, 1886 WEDNESDAY EVE  A little child of contractor Wells died this morning.

AUGUST 19, 1886 THURSDAY EVE   Mrs. Maumenee left last night to attend the funeral of her mother at Macon

AUGUST 21, 1886 SATURDAY EVE  Died in Homer, La. Aug. 18, Annie May, infant daughter of M H & F L Gladden, age one year and one month died, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn at their home.

AUGUST 24, 1886 TUESDAY EVE  Frank Wells, a former employee in the "Vindicator", nee "Workman Newspaper" office, died last Saturday (Aug 21)

AUGUST 25: WEDNESDAY EVE   Mrs. Addie S Warren, wife of John Warren, died last night, and will be buried from the Christian Church tomorrow.

AUGUST 26: THURSDAY EVE.  The infant child of Col. W H Tilson died this morning.

Mr. Lutz received a telegram announcing the death of his brother in miss.

Dora, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C B Wills, died at the family residence, about 4 miles from the city, day before yesterday, and was buried yesterday afternoon. Service by Rev. Charles Goldberg.

Mamie, daughter of Mr. Riley, section boss on the St. L A & Texas R R died, last night. The funeral will be at the residence just beyond the railroad crossing on College Hill Street tomorrow.

AUGUST 27:  The remains of the little child of Mr. and Mrs. W H Tilson were carried to New Boston for interment this morning.

SEPTEMBER 1: WEDNESDAY EVE:   A wife poisoner, John Sorts, was lynched in Searcy Co. recently.

SEPTEMBER 3: FRIDAY EVE.   The wife of Judge Sam W Williams, of Little rock, died last night.

The infant son of Rev. B D Jones and wife, died yesterday. It was but a few days old. Earlier paper said it was a girl.

SEPTEMBER 4: Saturday Eve:   It is rumoved that Homer Byars, formerly of this city, died yesterday at Hot Springs. We hope it is not true.

SEPTEMBER 6: MONDAY EVE;   Mr. Willis Whitaker died today. He leaves a wife and three children.

Mr. Hagey's flag flies at half mast today, as a tribute of respect to the memory of Postmaster Whitaker.

SEPTEMBER 7: TUESDAY EVE:  G W Johnson died at Bonham, Tx. Yesterday. Funeral at his residence here, corner of Elm and Forest St., tomorrow.

SEPTEMBER 8: WEDNESDAY EVE:   Mrs. F M Leatherman died at 9 a.m. this morning. She is survived by her husband, one daughter and 4 sons. She was a member of the M E Church, South. Funeral at 10 tomorrow at the State Line M E Church.

SEPTEMBER 9: THURSDAY EVE:   Dies, Willie , age 17 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McArthey, at their residence on Hazel St. this morning. Burial tomorrow.

The remains of Mrs. Leatherman were interred in Texas Cemetery this morning.

SEPTEMBER 15: WEDNESDAY EVE     Mr. Candler, father-in-law of F M Leatherman, died at his home in La. A few days ago.

SEPTEMBER 16: THURSDAY EVE:     F M Leatherman, owner of the Daily Public Opinion newspaper, has suspended publication because of the death of his wife. He will be back in business Oct. 1. He suspended publication Sept. 3. 

SEPTEMBER 18 SATURDAY EVE:   G L Cella, father of Jo Cella and Mrs. Tony DeGrazier, died at his residence at Wills Point, Tx. Last Friday. Jo and Mr. & Mrs. DeGraz went there. We extend our sympathy.

SEPTEMBER 20 MONDAY EVE:    Dick Walsh, brakeman of the T & P railroad, died this morning , at the Cosm9politian Hotel, from injured received yesterday, falling from box car at T C Junction. His remains will be sent to his home in Tennessee.

Died Miss Carie Burch, yesterday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M Burch , of this city. She had been ill for a long time, with consumption. We have known her since childhood. Rev. Smith conducted services after which she was buried in the cemetery this morning.

SEPTEMBER 21 TUESDAY EVE:    The little child of Mr. & Mrs. .Frank Purifoy died yesterday at their home , in this city. Funeral this evening by Elder J C Mason.

SEPTEMBER 24 FRIDAY EVE:      Mrs. Anna Leach, at Cleveland, tried to kindle a fire with coal oil.   After the house had burned , her charred remains ere found.

Shreveport, La news - Sept 22, 1886 - Yesterday morning Rev W C Dunlap, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, died age 69. He came to this city in 1868 and has continuously resided here. In 1870, he began the now present church, seating for 1000. He was a deeply loved citizen of Shreveport for 17 years. All races of people attended his funeral service here, in his church, conducted by C F Evans, of the Methodist Church. Events connected to his life were related by Rev. Dr. W K Marshall of Marshall, TX and Rev. S A King of Waco. Closing prayer was by Rev .Cyrus Harrington of Mansfield, la. Pall bearers were:
R H Lindsay
O Caspari
R H Howell 
W I Bumer
· The city council attended in a body , headed by A curie, Mayor. Your correspondent will fill the editorial chair of C McD. Puckette who is now in New Orleans. Signed W .H. T.

16 Dec 1886 - James Howard, charged with branding his wife - James Howard Hanged by mob.  WA

Thurs 16 Dec 1886 

AN UNFORTUNATE AFFAIR.  James Howard Hanged. 

Yesterday Justice Cannon on the West side was engaged in the trial of James Howard, charged with branding his wife with hot branding irons. The testimony showed that in July last Howard was married to Miss, Mary Minchew, aged 13, residing in Cass county, Texas. Since November he treated her most inhumanely, hanging her up by the toes, and a few days ago he braned the letter "H" upon her person in two places with a hot iron, whereupon she made complaint. The testimony developed a terrible state of affairs, and fully sustained the charges, when Howard asked this morning to get up his witnesses, which request the court granted, and Howard was committed to jail. Fearing violence upon the part of the people, who felt Justly indignant at such .barbarous treatment of a woman, officers Edwards, Lawler, Williams, Parker and Hargett determined to guard the jail which they did until about midnight and observing no one on the streets, and all quiet, Edwards, Parker, Lawler and Williams went to get a lunch, leaving the other on guard. As soon as they had left unknown parties rushed upon the jail, broke in the door, overpowered the remaining guard, and took Howard out, carried him to the railroad trestle and hung him, and when found by the guard, he was dead. This is an unfortunate affair, as all such transactions are, and we regret its, occurrence, but think that if mob law is ever justifiable, this case was certainly that way. Up to the hour of going to press no clue had been discovered as to the parties who did the hanging. WA 


 Bob and Grant Dalton, Tom Heddy and an unknown member of the Dalton Gang were killed at Coffeeville Kansas yesterday. 
 Emmett Dalton is mortally wounded, City Marshall J. T. McConnell, George Cubine and Charles Brown,  Shoemaker, is dead.
 Cashier Thomas Gayers, of the 1st Natl. Bank and Lucius Baldwin, clerk of Read Bros. store, fatally wounded, T. A. Reynolds and Lewis Dertz slightly wounded. All resulting from an attempt of the Dalton Gang to rob the banks  of  C. M. Condor & Co. and  1st. Natl. Bank  of  that  city  at  9:45 am. One man escaped but is being pursued and is doubtless cough ere this time.   WA

Friday 12 October 1894 C. L. Smithee, bar man at Wright's Saloon, sold Capt. C. E. Dixon his last drink, less than five minutes before he was killed. He also sold Mayor Beidler and Zack Few their last drink just before they were killed.   WA

Monday 14 Oct. 1895 Pat Doherty, once on East side police force but later a conductor on T & P RR, died Saturday night at the Sherman House of consumption.  WA

?Bowie County TX or Miller County AR?
Dec. 10, 1905
Mortuary Record

The following deaths were reported to the Texarkana Burial Co. during the month of November:
Jno J. Mangan
George W. Henrie
Mrs. Albinah Massey
Marjorie DeLoach
Mrs. Annie Miller
Mrs. Lelah B. Shady
James Brown
Esther Jacks
Charles Anderson
Mrs. Hannah Beard
J. George Knoll
Sanders B. Griffen
Mrs. Clara Evans
D. W. Henry
Lola Smith
Jeff Hicks
Bessie Winn
Belle Flowers
Will Snyder
Geo Bird
Wade Bead
Lewis Moore
Tom Johnson


1908 In paper 1/9/1919 11 Years Ago Today in Texarkana:  Henry D. Bowles, formerly a telegraph operator, recently turned switchman, was ground to death under the wheels of an engine in the Iron Mountain yards. 

Josephine Marie, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lon Parker, died of Measles and Pneumonia.  Submitted by TJU

Oct. 30, 1908 Below is an obit and I am including it on this page because it has some History on Texarkana. Mrs. Warde Allen Died Early Today
She was a Resident of Texarkana in the Early Days and was Prominent in
History of City.  
SPRING LAKE PARK  Submitted by TU.  Texarkana Papers


In the tragic death of Mr. Pat Hardin, a brief account of which appeared in yesterday afternoon's Texarkanian, this community loses another one of its pioneer citizens and original settlers.  One by one the old timers are passing.  It seems only yesterday since the city was owned and governed by a great army of people-early settlers- a very large majority of whom are now "numbered with the pale nations of the dead" Those of twenty five years ago now know the city no more, strangers now fill their places and are guiding the affairs of the municipality toward a greater and better Texarkana.  Pat Hardin lived long and saw much of the people and the events which go to make up the history of Texarkana.  He has seen nearly all his old time neighbors gathered to their fathers, and now too has "Crossed the Bar".  Mr. Hardin was born in Ireland 15 March 1853 and when a young man came to the United States, settling at Texarkana in 1874.  He has reared a family of nine children who are all grown and with their mother still survive.  He has always led a quite industrious life and commanded the respect and esteem of his neighbors.  In the early days Mr. Hardin took a promanant part in politics and wielded a wide influence.  In 1882 he was elected street commissioner of the Ark. side.  Two years later he was elected alderman defeating the late Dr. H, M. Beidler by a heavy majority much to the later's disapointment.In April 1886 he was elected city marshall defeating W. H. Sweeny and was re-elected two years later.  He has several times mentioned prominently in connection with the office of mayor, but never stood as a candidate for that position.  He was a big hearted, wholesome, man, loyal to hia friends and generous to all.  For the past 16 or 18 years he has been employed as section foreman for the Cotten Belt Railroad, and was. in the discharge of his duties when he met his death yesterday.  He was having some necessary work done in the local yards and had just stopped from one track to another, to avoid the switch engine that was bearing down upon him.  He failed to note the approach of a string of cars which were being switched on the track and which struck him . The bereaved family will have the sympathy of the entire community in their great loss.  Requiem mass will be conducted over the remains at St. Edwards Church Sunday morning and the body will be taken to the Catholic Cemetary for burial.  Following are the gentlemen selected to act as pallbearers, B. M. Foreman, Thomas Quinn, R. J. O'Dwyer, Paul Reverra, W. G. Cook,John P. McShane.  WA

Andrew Avery, 18 year old negro who murderously assaulted W. J. Wood, in the bottoms near Garland last Sat. was lynched last night....NOTE: this is the beginning of a long detailed article on the lynching, my clipping is to faded to read.  WA



Submitted by Wayne Adcock

1/8/1919 Submitted by TJU 

J. W. Story Died at 1504 West 6th Survived by two sisters Mrs. N. E. Neighbors & Mrs. Tutt. 

Funeral Tomorrow Uriah Carpenter

John A. Morris died yesterday. Survived by Wife Mrs. Morris. 

Clarence Flemming Died at Mineral Wells yesterday

1/9/1919 Submitted by TJU

Rev H. A. Munn Dead , former pastor of the College Hill Baptist Church

1/10/1919 Submitted by TJU

Death claims Mrs. Mary Gaines, 72 wife of J. D. Gaines. Died this afternoon at 1315 Walnut Street.

12 Feb. 1919 Little River News (Texarkana) A. B. Hervey, 66, proprietor of Garland Mercantile, and Fay D. Searcy, 33, a book keeper for the company, fought a duel to the death last night in the company office at Garland City. Both men fired five times, both were struck by five bullets and both fell dead with their bodies crossed. No witnesses but T. J. Wilson, Herveys partner, was in the store.  Hervey and Searcy quarreled about the account books, Wilson said, and Searcy was discharged. They met again in the office last night when the quarrel ended in the shooting. Searcy was a brother to Circuit Clerk John Searcy and attorney Bob Searcy of Texarkana.  WA

8/15/1919 Submitted by TJU

A. J. Herrington 75, died last night, at the residence of his son, Arthur S. Herrington,2302 Olive street, in this city.

Wed 27 Aug 1919 –Mrs. Ella LeRae, 47, of Foreman died in a Texarkana Sanitarium Sat night. Burial in Foreman, Survived by her husband, J.C. McRae, six children, one sister, Mrs. H.E. Malaby od Texarkana; two bros. J.B. & Hnery Patton. 

Texarkana Aug 25, 1919 –W. B. Prestridge, believed to be from Leary, was found dead in his room at Francis House, cheap hotel on Texas side, with a bullet hole in the head. His father, J.W. Prestridge of Houston was notified of the suicide.

 Sat, 30 Aug 1919 –5 month-old baby of Mr & Mrs. O.H. Puckett, near Ben Lomond, died Sunday. Buried in Writes Chapel Cemetery at Paraloma. 

Hicks News-Wm. Ernest Gill, 30, died at his home Tuesday night. Survived by his father, Dave Gill, 2 sisters, Misses Hattie & Berta Gill; two brothers, Ed & Robert Gill of Oil City, La.; a nephew, Roy Ansley. Buried in Hicks Cemetery.

 Sat, 6 Sep 1919 –Fred Gibson, whose home was about 7 miles north at Broken Bow was killed by lightening Friday evening. 

Not a death but I sure would like to find something on my ancestor like this to add some interesting history to them.

Wed, 24 Sept 1919 –  Texarkana 19 Sep –Andrew J, Burgess, a deputy sheriff at Fouke, was arrested yesterday on a warrant charging him with “wild catting” and having in his possession a still for the manufacture of moonshine whiskey. He furnished bond for $1000 for his appearance before the U,S, Commissioner Hudspeth on Oct. 4. (No witnesses appeared and he was later discharged) 

Mrs. Alex Bishop died at her home in this city Monday night at an advanced age. Burial at Oak Hill. She had no relatives except her granddaughter, Mrs. Sidney Keener. Her husband died years ago. 

Sat, 19 July 1919 –Mrs. Mary Odell died at the home of her son, Jim Odell in this city, Wednesday afternoon. She was 74 years of age. The body was carried to New Boston for burial in the family burial ground. Mrs. Odell was the mother of 14 children, 7 living and 7 dead. 

16 July 1919, Cerro Gordo –Mr. & Mrs. Sager Penny of Idabel attended the funeral of Robert Sutton here Thursday. 

Not a death but good info for a researcher.

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Welch of Hicks attended the singing at Oak Hill Sunday. They were on their way to Goodwin, where Mr. Welch began teaching school Monday. 

Wed, 23 July 1919 – Idabel, 19 July –Friday night about 10:15, Marvin L. Sawyer, son of Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Sawyer of this city, met J. M. Cobb near the home of Y. B. Bledsoe and no one knows what words passed until 3 shots from a pistol was heard. Only one shot took effect. Mr. Cobb was carried to the home of Jim Morgan, who lives near the shooting by H. H. Christian and Guy Old. Sawyer was arrested by City Marshal E. E. Epperson. Cobb is a brother-in-law of Sawyer. 

Hattie May Johnson, 12 year-old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. T. Johnson, died Sunday. The funeral was held at the cemetery Monday. This is the second child the Johnson’s lost in the last three months. 

Sat, 2 August 1919 –Irvin McKinney, 25, MD, fell from a building he was working on and was accidentally killed. His wife is a daughter of Will Rainey of Paracliftz. 

Wed, 6 Aug 1919 – Ft. Smith 2 Aug – Two Killed, Five Injured In Wreck Engineer, A. F. Easterday of Mena and fireman Fred Holt of Oklahoma, were scalded to death, and 5 injured when KCS passenger train #3 went into a ditch about noon today at Bunch, Oklahoma. The injured, J. L. Stockton, R. L. Shannon, M. E. Lincott, Mrs. W. H. Hawkins and R. W. Green (Black minister).

7 Aug 1919, Richmond –Mr. Edward Cole, who lived on the Wilson farm, died Sunday night. Buried at Oak Hill. 

8 Aug 1919, Foreman –Dr. J.A. Pullen died Wednesday of heart failure. Burial at Dollarhide cemetery. Survived by a wife.

 Wed, 13 Aug 1919 –A message received Sunday night by Mrs. J. T. Cowling of this city, Mrs. Tom Hill of Ben Lomond was instantly killed Sunday afternoon near Valliant, Oklahoma, when a T. O.&E. train crashed into the auto of Dudley Cochran, in which Mrs. Hill was riding. Mrs. Hill was about 70 years of age.

 Sat, 16 Aug 1919 –  Texarkana 12 Aug –Near Dalby Springs, Mrs. W. T. Smith, a widow, and her son, A. P. Smith, a young man, had a quarrel when the mother became excited and died of a heart attack. The son was seized with remorse and going to his room, he shot himself through the head, dying instantly. He was about 21 years of age.


Saturday 16 April 1921 -
Submitted by Wayne Adcock
With 17 known dead, three score or more injured in the terrific storm which girdled Miller Co. late yesterday. The storm came out of the southwest passing in a direct northeasternly direction and had all the chareristics of a cyclone. Miller County, within a distance ranging from about 5-10 miles from Texarkana, bore the brunt of the storm and sustained the greatest amount of damage. In the Shiloh community the school house again bore the brunt of the storm and 15 members of the club conducted by Miss. Lana Owen were caught in the crash, all shaken, 4 very seriously injured. Efforts to reach Shiloh Community by auto were futial. Describing the manner which the building crashed at Shiloh, Miss. Lina Owen said that the club had finished it's work, and the members were preparing to go home when she heard a roaring and ask if a railroad was near the school as the noise of a train could clearly be heard. She said she soon realized it was a storm and the big structure collapsed. She was uninjured and found a opening to climb out of the debries. Four of the girls were penned under the wreckage, they were Beatrice Polk, Amy Mosely, Esther Hake and Blanche Stanford. The bodies of C. H. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. B. C. Haygood, Pearl age 9, Willie age 3 will be shipped to Fouke for burial. Funeral will be tomorrow at the res. of Mrs. R. E. Walraven, surviving sister of Mrs. Jones, all will be buried in Independance Cem Funeral for Clarence & Lannie Roberts was held this afternoon at Shiloh Cem.
J. S. Jones, Charles Jones and Mrs. Charles Jones tenents on the A. S. Potter farm, Mrs. Haywood mother of Mrs. Jones and two daus. of the family. Carter Roberts 13 and Lannie Roberts 10 sons of Bert Roberts of Shiloh Dewberry, Walter and Fannie blacks on W. A. Quillin place at Shiloh, Mary Grandison wife of James Grandson on A. S. Potter farm.
Injured and expected to die
G. M. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and five blacks on the Brown plantation Injured in Trigenti Community Sam and Mrs. Dodd, Lloyd Dodd age 15, Cato Smith, Mrs. Sanders Orr, C. R. Babb age 10
Shiloh Community
Alice Moseley, Luther Griffith, A. H. Cox, Oscar Norseen and his mother Mrs. Norseen, Beatrice Polk age 15, Mrs. Henry Moseley, J. D. and Esley Vanderbilt, Clyde and Clarence Roberts, Hester Haak age 15, Amy Moseley age 15, M. S. Boyce may die, Mrs. Ada Powell, Mrs. M. A. Roberts, Lee Mattison age 15, Theodore Thembert, Florence Jones age 6, J. R. Lamb entire family.

Fri. 19 May 1922

 Dick Choate, Texarkana policeman, died shortly after 3 o'clock this afternoon from shooting at the hands of Hulen Owens, when Choate attempted to prevent the black's escape after being arrested on a charge of larceny. The negro was later captured near Index, eight miles north of there. Officer Choate and Chief Lummus were taking Owens in the latter's automobile to a spot where the Negro had told the officers where goods he was charged with stealing could be located, near the 1500 block of Pecan St. Owens jumped from the car and headed south. At the home of Andrew Howze he hastily entered a Chandler auto standing at the curb and was in the act of driving off when Choate approached him and told him to remain quite. As the policeman approached the car Owens drew a revolver and without warning emptied the contents into the officer who was a few feet distant. The wounded officer fired at the negro as he sank to the ground, wounding him in the head. The Negro drove away as Lummus came to Choate's aid........... in part....
May 1922 The Miller County Circuit court room was filled with a crowd of curious spectators in the expectation of a big sensation developing when the eight men arrested Sat. and Sun. on murder charges as a result of the recent storming of the county jail and lynching of the negro,  Hulen Owens, slayer of Police officer Dick Choate, were brought into court for formal arraignment........  WA


OCT. 10, 1922


According to statistics kept in the office of Dr. L. J. Kosminsky, registrar of vital statistics for Gaarland township, including Texarkana, Ark. there were eighteen deaths and eleven births in the township during the month of September.  Of the eighteen deaths, nine wer male and nine female, while of the eleven births, six were female and five male, showing the females ascendency, insofar as reports filed in the office are concerned.  In this connection attention was called to the fact that the vital statistics law is not compulsory in requiring that doctors or undertakers make reports, and as a result, the matter is oft times neglected, not all of them making reports.  For the same month last year there were seventeen births and thirteen deaths recorded, six of those born being male and eleven female, while of those who died five were male and eight female.  The following deaths (white) in Garland township were reported to Dr. Kosminsky during the month.  
WM. Clark, age 49, Sept. 7
Jenny Armstrong ?85/(35) Sept. 1
Edward Leon Robinson, 3 year and 6 months Sept. 22
Beulah Hunter, 25 Sept. 3
Essie Arthur, 26, Sept, 2
Vina Thomas, 45 Sept. 22
Mrs. W. B. Freeman, 31 Sept. 3.
Ben Watts, age 6 years, Sept. 30
Jno. W. Maxwell   Sept. 6 or5
W. J. Delay, 73 Sept. 19
Sam Smith, 65 Sept 18
Francis W. Purifoy, 41 Sept 8

The following births (white) during the month of September were reported:
Born to Mr. and Mrs. David W. Chandler, Sept 9, a girl.
Robert Edwards, Sept 29, a girl.
Isah Jefferson, Sept. 22, a girl
W. A. Sanford, Sept. 17, a boy
Chas. Calvin Russell, Sept. 29, a boy.
C. B. Prescott, Sept. 23, a boy.
M. M. Franklin, Sept 7, a boy.

NOV. 15, 1922
Texas Side/ Bowie County
Following are the deaths of whites recorded:
John Bush, Malaria, October 9.
J. B. Lytle, Septicama, October 29.
Andrew C. Walker , Cerebral Hemorrage, October 10.
Leonard Elliot, October 10.
James H. Hutchinson, Paresis, October 21.
Mrs. Willie Yarberry, Dengue, October 25.

The births of the following white children were recorded during the month of October, according to the records of Mr. Mike James, city secretary and registrar of vital statistics on the Texas side.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Ambler, 29, a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Newman, 29 a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Compton, 7 a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Smith 9, a boy: to mr. and Mrs. K. R. Spearman, 13, a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Campbell, 13 a boy; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Cooney, 29, a girl; to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Francis, 1 a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Johnson, 1, a girl; to Mr. and Mrs. Jas R. Griffin, 3 a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Ward, 3 a girl; to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Swanger, 3, a girl; to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moore, Jr., 4 a girl; to Rev. and Mrs. Henry Pate, 5 a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Westcott, sr., 5, a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bean, 5 a girl; to Mr. and Mrs. Jos M. Nall, 7 a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Huddleston, 8 a girl; to Mr. and Mrs. John L. Robinson, 15, a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Clark, 10, a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Keeney, 10, a girl; to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. M. Banker, 10 a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Pate, 10 a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. Alva Dowwns, 22 a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oldham, 22 a boy; to Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Redding, 25, a girl; to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Harrison, 26, a boy.

DEC. 12, 1922

According to the records of Dr. L. J. Kosminsky, registrar of Vital statistics for this township in Miller county there were ninteen births and nine deaths during the month of November.
The following deaths were recorded during the month of November:
J. H. Wheeler, Nov. 27
Wm. Hays, age 72, November 24
Dr. J. M. Johns, Nov. 21, age 72
Mrs. Johnie McKown, age 54, Nov. 17
Mrs. Isabel J. Martin, age 21,  Nov. 17
J. B. Hillford, aged 59, Nov. 16

The following white births were reported for the month of November.
(to Mr. and Mrs.):
J. Clarence Bennett, Nov. 1, a boy; J. B. Oats, Nov 4, a boy; Frank G. Climer, Nov. 4, a girl; Ira A. Burns, Nov. 6 a girl; H. L. Daniels, Nov. 12, a boy; A. T. Sanders, Nov. 13, a boy; J. S. Ainsworth, Jr., Nov. 13 a boy; Rufus E. Gray, Nov. 15 a boy; Edward Lee Dorsey, Nov. 21 a girl; W. H. Ludwig, Nov. 22 a boy; Charles V. Papas, Nov. 22 a girl; Wm. L. Peek, Nov. 22 a girl; E. Johnson, Nov. 21 a girl.
The following white births were reported on the Texas side during the month of Nov.  (to Mr. and Mrs.):
Carl C. Clayton, Nov. 6, a girl; F. M. Henshaw, Nov. 8, boy; Stanford G. Fisher, Nov. 17, a boy; J. T. Springer, Nov. 20, a boy; R. D. Bennett, Nov. 21, (twins) a boy and an girl; Frank M. Trantham, Nov. 22, a boy; Wm. C. Halett, Nov. 24, a girl; John E. Mardis, Nov. 25 a boy; John E. Mardis, Nov. 25, a boy; Mold Haymer, Nov. 26, a boy; Chas. H. Brown, Nov. 27, a girl; E. C. Huddleston, Nov. 29, a girl; C. Cook, Nov. 29 a boy.

The following white deaths were recorded by Mr. James:
C. M. Harrison, age 43, Nov. 11, gunshot wound.
Joes, Chitwood, aged 69, Nov. 16, dengue fever.
Meyer Sewell, 13, Nov. 18, entero colitis.
James Henry; 84, Nov. 19, senility.
C. C. Barrier, 75, Nov. 19, senility.
Julia Foster, aged 50, Nov. 30, apoplexy.

Feb. 13, 1923
Arkansas Side

According to the records kept by Dr. L. J. Kosminsky, registrar of vital statistics for the township (Garland)
The following white children were registered as born during the month of January: Born to Mr. and Mrs.:
E. Wade Jenkins, Jan 1, boy; P. P. Yarbrough, Jan 6, boy; Jasper R. Benner, Jan 9, girl; Guy Witcher, Jan 11, girl; Colonel W. _hugnman, Jan 16, boy; Albert Roberts, Jan 17, boy; J. H. Moore, Jan 17, boy; Wado Redden, Jan 19 boy; James E. Wagoner, Jan 21, boy; Robt. T. Wilburn, Jan 30, boy; George Henry Bolton, Jan 31, boy; John Norton, Jan 19, boy.

The following white deaths were recorded during the month of January:

W. A. Starkey, age 27, student Jan 9, pulmonary tuberculosis;
Mrs. M. E. Hurt, aged 67, January 10, apoplexy;
Florence Dooley, aged 1 month and 17 days, burned, toxemia;
Leslie Davis, 7 months and 21 days, Jan 30, infection following
compound fracture of the femur;
John Coulter, farmer, aged 35, Jan 31, malaria fever.

March 16, 1923

Arkansas Side

According to the records kept by Dr. L. J. Kosminsky, registrar of vital statistics for the township (Garland)
The following white children were registered as born during the month of February.  Born to Mr. and Mrs. R_uls_ton, boy; Madie Jones, boy; Curtis Green girl; John Higgins, girl; Roy Woodward, girl; Wm. Newland, girl; Wm. Henderson, girl; Louis Westerfield, boy; Homer Adams, boy; Rex Byers, girl; O. F. McClure, girl; O. C. Cooper, boy; J. W. Lewis, girl; Don Weatherby, boy; Roy Tibbetts, girl; Jas. Braddock, boy; W. T. Perkinson, boy; Hardy Wulton, girl.

The following white deaths were recorded:
L. J. Loahy, 45, 1118 Grand Ave., Feb 4, influenza
Hirma S. Barney, 72, 2408 County Ave., Feb 5 Myacarditis
Anna C. Richards, 77, 1012 County Ave., Feb 8 nile debility
Louis Cornett, 18 months, Artesian and Division, Feb 9, influenza
J. P. Hodges, 58, R. F.. D. No. 3.  Feb 10, pneumonia
Wm. R. House, 16, 201 e. 16th St., Feb 10, blood poisoning
Wm G. Wardlow, 54, R. F. D., Feb. 18, influenza
Mrs. J. S. Willis, 27, 1022 Pearl Street, Feb. 28, tumor
Mrs. A. J. Clingman, 49, DeQueen, Ark., Feb. 27
Joe Hooker, 32, 827 Maud St. Feb 26, pneumonia
Forest Perkinso, in_ant R. F. D. T. Feb 26, insufficent heart action

Texas side

According to the records of W. H. James city clerk and registrar of vital statistics for the month of February.  The following white births were recorded:  Born to Mr. and Mrs.
L. J. O. Storey, boy; Sam S. Ragland girl; Wm. T. Parker, boy; Lou U Tipton Coner, boy; J. S. Ingledow, boy; F. P. Johnson, girl; _. Herman Remedy, girl; Homer E. Dancer, girl; Fletcher H. Allen, boy; Conrad U. Ward, girl; Scl. _. Rising girl; Dewey S. Renner, girl; Hug E. Malhullen, girl; Paul Thomas Curtis, boy; A. W. Williams boy; O. P. Darby, girl; Roy Clark Blus_ girl; Harvey Rachel, girl; Paul Vance Culberson, boy; Geo. R. Grimes girl; John T. Harding, boy; Joseph  Grady Westmoreland, girl; Joe Hooper, boy: Jno. L. Chandler, boy.

The following white deaths were recorded.
Bettie Newsome 3 months, Feb 1, malnutrition;
Mrs. Grace Leverette, 17, Feb. 7 child birth;
T. A. Matlock, 67, Feb. 8
Essie P_t_rs, 27, Feb. 8, influenza
Henry Brown 40, Feb. 18 pulmonary tuberculosis;
Sam Stover, 72, Feb. 19, heart failure
Mrs. Dora May Hatcher, 37, Feb. 19, pneomonia
J. R.  Pulard, 69, Feb. 21.

April 12, 1923

Arkansas side

According to the records of Dr. L. J. Kosminsky, registrar of vital statistics for Garland township, for the
Month of March.  The following white births were recorded:  Born to Mr. and Mrs.
Frank J. Hartman, RT 4 March 7, girl; R. A. Thomas, north County Ave, March 9, girl: C. J> Garrison, 404 Kirby Street, March 13, boy: Henry Nelson, Fairview Ave., March 23, girl; Joo A. Burk, 1602 State Line, March 31, boy.

The following white deaths were recorded:
Miss Alvena Curry, age 23, March 3, shock following operation;
Carl Norseen, Male aged 7 months, March 3, brechial pneumonia;
C. N. Yancy, male, aged 18, March 4 ab____;
Willie B. Fondren, male age 2 months, March 22, entero collits;

Ralph Pierce Taylor, aged 44, 603 Locust Street, March 26, angina pectoris.
Texas Side

According to the Records of W. H. James city clerk and registrar of vital statistcs for the month of March., however, only twenty of these were for the month, the others being belated in filing.  The following white births were recorded:  Born to Mr. and Mrs. William G. Sweatman, March 20, boy; Wm. Owen Parker, March 20, boy; Allen Andrew Cates, March 30, boy; Harry Lippman, March 20,boy;  W. L. Rea March 20, boy; P. G. Hickerson, March 20, boy: P. G. Hickerson, March 20, boy; Laurance David Allen, March 20 girl: James Gufton Goodman, March 20, girl: John Elvia Wyatt, March 30, girl; Sol Harmon, March 30 girl; James David Williams, March 6 boy; Alvin B. Jordan March 7, boy: Aubrey Wood, March 8, boy; Elvin R. Tucter, March 7, boy; Luther Thomas Taylor, March 8 girl: John R. Pugh, March 4, boy; Allen Bryant Aiken, sr., March 17 boy; L. H. Tittman, March 22, boy; John Newton Lee, March 22, girl: Louis Underwood, March 26 boy: Robert J. Patterson, March 26 boy: J. B. Buffington, March 30, girl: Clarence Barton, March 29, boy: Clifton Earl Sr. March 30 boy.

The following white deaths were recorded:
William Jacks aged 26, March 5, Tuberculosis;
Infant daughter L. T. Taylor, March (:
Mrs. Mattie Jenkins, March 9 influenza:
Baby of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Butler, March 22:
Norma Cleo Kennedy, aged 1 mo. March 24, con__isions:
Cal Chatman Jr. aged 8 months, March 24, influenza tonsilitis;
Walter M. High aged 68, March 25, influenza;
Lula May James, 18, March 30, tuberculosis.


9/6/1924  Submitted by TJU

Death Calls J. W. Stuart An Educator.  Founder of Morning Courier and Former Superintendent Passes Away at his home..  Died this morning at his home Maple and Broad streets.  Born in Balynuea Belfast, Ireland March 16, 1811.


Fri. 16 July 1926

 Hence Giles, Arkansas policeman, was shot and instantly killed early this morning while attempting to arrest a bootlegger.  Giles was shot three times, his slayer suddenly swerving upon the officer, firing two shots in his body after he had fallen, wounded by a bullet in the head, jumped into an automobile and fled. Giles died within minutes after being shot without making a statement. WA

30 Oct. 1926 Sheriff Lish Barber and Dept. Sheriff Bob Smith of Miller County were killed in a gun duel with H. W. Adams, former chief of police. During the battle Adams was seriously wounded. WA  (This is incorrect. I know, as my grandfather, Will Carper and his brother, Sam were murdered August 17, 1926 on a farm in Miller county. You can check it out at the Texarkana Community College Library in the microfilm files. They were murdered by the outlaw, Kinnie Wagner, who surrendered to Sheriff Lillie Barber, Lish's widow.  Corrected info submitted by )

12/21/1926 Tues. Texarkana paper: Efforts to find relatives of G. S. Purdue who died here on Monday December 18, were still unsuccessful on Tuesday.  The body is being held by the Paul Reverra Undertaking company.  Mr. Reverra has received a telegram from C. H. Purdue of West Frankfort, Ill. asking for more information as the description of the man sent out from here fits that of his brother.  TJU

2 Jan.1932  

Funeral for John Fry, 56, deputy US marshall will be 2:30  p.m. at the home of a nephew, J.H. Faviell at Jefferson,  Tx. Burial in Oakwood Cem. Jefferson.   John Frye died in a Texarkana hosp.  WA

12 Jan.1932  Texarkana Gazette  Five men mentioned as possible  candidates for the race of Miller Co. sheriff.
     WILL HARRIS - brother of Sheriff Walter Harris who was slain while raiding a still last July, is the only one actually announced opposition against Sheriff R.W. Turquette.
     HARRY OLIVER - chief deputy during the brief Harris adm.  Oliver was associated with Will Harris who was jailer  during the Harris regime.
      FLEET MAGEE - who was defeated by Harris in 1930. Magee is a veteran peace officer in Miller Co.
      PAT ELAM - Fouke merchant and landowner.  WA




Friday  1 Jun.1934   Texarkana Gazette
J. W. Attaway, 65, pioneer Miller County farmer died at his home one mile north of Fouke Thursday.  WA Files


Fri.  5 Jul.1935  J. V. Attaway,61,was found dead at his home, 509 Ferguson,  Wednesday. Burial was in Shelton Cem.  WA Files

Fri. 11 Oct. 1935 - D. W. Marshall, 64 died Thursday while at work at Savoy Hotel. Wife: 5 daus: Mrs. R. A. Bennett, Mrs. M. G. Richards, Mrs. T. W. Holman and Mrs. T. C. Albritton all of Texarkana and Mrs. H. G. Buchannan of Shreveport. 3 sons: E. D. of New Boston, Rodney Dale and D. W. Jr. of Texarkana 2 sisters: Mrs. Ida Cobb of Houston Mrs. Lela Garrett of Paris Burial in State Line Cem. Dan W. Marshall 14 April 1870 to 10 Oct. 1935 Minnie Lee Marshall 1 Jan. 1875 to 4 July 1952  WA Files


22 Feb. 1946         The Phantom Killer Strikes
The first assault happened somewhere near the intersection of Robison and Richmond roads. In 1946, this was the undeveloped countryside surrounding Texarkana, this is also where friends and lovers went to park. The first victims was Mary Jeanne Larey, 19, and her date, Jimmy Hollis, 24.  
WA Files

24 March 1946 the bullet riddled bodies of Richard L. Griffin, aged 29, a Texarkana War Veteran and Miss Polly Ann Moore, aged 17, employed at the Red River Arsenal in Texarkana were found in Mr. Griffin's parked 1941 Oldsmobile on South Robison Rd. road outside the city limits on the Texas side of the city. Mr. Griffin was found in the front seat of the car and Miss Moore was found face down in the back seat although she was killed outside the car and placed in the car. The girl's body had been abused.   WA Files

14 April 1946  the bodies of Paul Martin, aged 17, of  Kilgore, Texas and Betty Jo Booker, aged 15, of Texarkana were found on a country road in the vicinity of Spring Lake Park.  Paul's coupe was found near the entrance to the park but Paul's body was found about 1.5 miles from his car near what is now Cork Lane North of I-30. Betty Jo's body was found about a mile and a half away near what is now Fernwood., They had both been shot to death and it was discovered later that Betty Jo had been raped.  WA Files

3 May1946  in the farm home of Virgil Starks, age 38, the Texarkana Killer strikes again. Mr Starks' farm was located on Hwy 67 about 12 miles northeast of the city in Miller County, Arkansas. Mr Starks was siting in his living room near a window listening to the radio when the killer fired two shots to the back of Mr. Starks head with a .22 caliber  rifle. Mrs. Kate Starks who was in an adjoining bedroom, heard the sound of breaking glass and ran into the living room where she discovered her husband slumped in the floor and ran to her telephone where she was shot twice in the face. Mrs. Starks, hearing the intruder breaking in the screen door in back, stumbled out the front door and made her way across the road to a neighbor  to get help. It was discovered later that the killer entered the house and dabbled his hands in the pools of blood. Mr. Starks died from his wounds and his wife was taken to Michael Meagher Hospital in Texarkana where she was listed in critical condition. Mrs. Starks later recovered from her wounds.  WA Files


Tues. 18 Jan. 1955 John T. Quillin, 73, former Texarkana Ar. policeman died at his home Sunday in Houston. Born 12 Feb. 1881 in Calhoun County Ar. he came to Miller County at age 5 and moved to Houston about 15 years ago. Survived by his wife and 1 son:    Marvin      1 dau:     Mrs. Reese Lloyd 4 bros:    Lee and J. M. Quillin of Texarkana   Austin and Herbert Quillin of Fouke.  WA Files


I have attempted to put all deaths & births on this page but I am human and you will need to check The historical Items page.  These are not all deaths but some that have been noted while researching other items.