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We have information in our cemeteries that is from researching, not just from walking the cemetery, and there may not be a stone so it will be easy to prove they were copied.  The cemeteries are here for researching and personal use only not for submitting to other web pages.  This is hard work of volunteers.  We have the locations of the cemeteries if you would like to walk it and get your own listing.

These are names we were unable to positively determine in which Eylau Cemetery they were interred, as most from the Bowden Records only specified Eylau. If you have information to clarify their place of interment, we would appreciate hearing from you.
Sent in by Doris Lindblad

Bowen, J. E.     1-19-1952      age 76      (I believe this date should be 1932)
Bowen, Myrtle (Mrs)      12/18/1944   age 64  
Brian, C. B.     6/12/1935    age 51   
Brinson, Sidney A. (Mrs)     1/24/1938   age 91  
Brown, Richard Arthur    5/19/1940    age 2
Bunting, Baby    6/18/1937   stillborn   
Cornelius, Raymond    11/4/1933   age 24    (believe this to be same as R.J. but dates don’t match
Courtney, Henry     8/26/1937    age 68  
Cryer, Annie     2/16/1949   age 42  (died Booneville AR) difference in death date from previous list
Daniels, Lillian Jeanett     8-4-1937   age 1  
Dennington, Eunice Lahoma     11-12-1931  age 12, dau of Dan    

Dennington, Thomas Milton     8-7-1937   age 34   
Dodson, Bozie (Mrs)     4-25-1930    age 23  
Downs, Jim     6-25-1933   age 47   
Dunkin, Wanda Mae     7/3/1934   age 2 months  
Elliott, John     8-11-1929    age 61  
Faulkner, R. F.    12-19-1937    age 81   

Freeze, J. R.     7/5/1936    age 68   ( this stone was listed in Eylau but dates do not agree)
Gage, Robert R.    12-26-1932   age 5 mo.    Father is R.C. Gage    
Gentry, Eddie (Mrs)    222-24-1935     age 66   
Goddard, Howard Estes     2-6-1927    age 4 mo.  
Griffin, S. M. (Mrs)    12-10-1937    age 83   
Guier, Nettie LaWanda     5-13-1940    age 3 weeks  
Hickman, Mary A.         12-18-1934    age 44  
Hicks, Mary Louise    4-15-1935    stillborn
Hicks, Wesley Jarrel    9-8-1936    age 2 days
Hodges, Sara E.     1-21-1934    age 64
Huddleston, J. H. (Mrs)      5-26-1947   age 80 (think this is same as Della, but dates don’t agree)
Kelly, John M (W)   6-24-1927    age 70  (think this is listed as John W. but dates don’t agree)
Kree, H. C.    11-4-1931    age 71
Lavender, Elizabeth     7-9-1937    age 18
Lowery, Earnest    8-8-1928    age 18   father; L.W. Lindsey
Luper, Mike     11-3-1927    age 49
Lynn, Bert    3-12-1943     age 45
McDaniel, Napoleon N.   12-19-1939    age 85  (think same as N. H.)
Miller, Lenard    6-21-1931    age 18 mo.
Moore, John    7-18-1945    age 86
Nichols, J. C. (Mrs)     1-18-1929
Nix, Melba Law    6-23-1934    age 3 weeks
Oney, Clema Dorothy    7-27-1931    age 21/2 mo.

Phillips, J.C. (Curt)    8-28-1937     age 58

Pike, Dorothy Jane     2-25-1930   stillborn,   father: J.D. Pike
Pittman, W. H.     9-3-1937    age 32
Presley, Mary Louise  6-10-1936  age 11 (on list but incorrect death year)
Price, James Lee     9-16-1935     age 3 ½

Raymer, Ossie (Mrs)    5-20-1935    age 54
Robinson, Charles Brant     1-21-1937   stillborn    father: J.L. Robinson
Roney, L.     2-4-1936     age 55
Rounsavelle, Ruth Evelin    8-18-1943    age 44
Ryan, Louise     2-1-1933     age 1
Satterfield, Bettie Jean    3-30-1939    age 13 mo. 
Satterfield, Gladys Vivian    3-30-1939    age 2 1/2     
Shelby, W. H.     10-24-1947    age 42
Singleton, R. E. (Mrs)     2-20-1929    age 45
Smith, James E.    3-13-1935     age 10 months
Tyler, (no first name given)     12-18-1923    age 84   father of Harry Tyler

Waggoner, John    8-9-1934     age 75
Walker, M. F.    8-9-1932    age 42
Walker, Ruth (Baby)    10-13-1928    father: Zack Walker
Weaver, Lee Lester      8-22-1941     age 1 mo.
Wyrick, Inez Ruby     2-2-1935     stillborn