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This information was submitted by the Museum of Regional History
& the Wilbur Smith Research

 Library and Archives
219 N. State Line Avenue,
Texarkana, TX 75501
(903) 793-4831.

The information came from a book they have in their holdings called Pages from the Past, A History of Texas High School 1889-1989 published 1992 and typed up for the web site by Tresa.  In this book it states that no annuals existed before 1911 or during the years 1914-1917.  The information cam from a booklet entitled Texarkana, Texas Public Schools Course of Study, Rules and Regulation: 1919-1920.  If you have one of the annuals and or list and would allow it to be scanned, I would be happy to create another page for it by itself.  If you have any additions or corrections please contact


How many of you have a list of School Graduations that you would be willing to type up and share?


Read, Eugenie (Mrs. S. A. Collom) Book is dedicated to Mrs. Sa. Collom, Sr.  Texas High's First Graduate.

Trigg, Nina

Trigg, Vance



Brunazzi, Tina (Mrs. Flem Floyd)

Collins, Richard

DeLoach, Mary

Hughes, Joe

Mahaffey, Perry

Sewell, Emma

Trigg, James

Trigg, Laura

Van Alstine, Frank



Hanks, Gertie (Mrs. Reuben Morris)

Vaughan, Adanna (Mrs. W. C. Brown)

Tilson, Annie (Mrs. Fred Peters

Whitley, Bessie



Barnes, Mary (Mrs. Keaton)

Brezewitz, Arnold

Covington, Joe W.

Haldeman, Mary

Hillman, Lilla

Roche, Joesie

Thomas, Bates

Towery, James



Bowman, Elsie

McMahan, Emmaa

O’Neil, Walter

Sharp, Spencer

Shutt, Matie (Mrs. Jas. Templeton)

Taylor, Pearl (Mrs. Perry Mahaffey)

Tilson, Mattie (Mrs. Walter Wilson

Towery, Jane

Yoast, Ida



McDowell, Affred

Roche, Angie

Rodgers, Annie

Walker, Walter

Ward, John

Stevens, Clara (Mrs. Jack Haines)

Trigg, John

Ward, Mamie



Anderson, Ollie

Floyd, May (Mrs. R. H. Dobyns)

Lemly, Susie*

Moss, Erie

Raphaelli, Josephine

Stagner, Bertie

Stagner, Gertie

Stevens, Olin

Talbot, Corine (Mrs. Robert Raines)

Trigg, Benoni (Mrs. Hodge)

Waite, Helen

Wells, Muriel (Mrs. Kippell)

Whealdon, Guy



Haldeman, Hallie

McMahan, Rilla

Raphaelli, Louis



Brown, Mabel

Bullard, Elsie

McDowell, George

Pasch, Amelia

Reeves, Valerie

Summerhill, Miriam

Tucker, Willie (Mrs. Busby)

Watts, Eli M.



Ayres, Delphine

Blades, Catherine (Mrs. W. T. Blades)

Boyce, Florence (Mrs. Fred Gilbersleeve)

Ellis, Eugene

Haldeman, Lucie (Mrs. Herdelberg)

Hotchkiss, Aileen

Hotchkiss, Lolla (Mrs. Pickett)

Prator, Maggie (Mrs. Charles Moores)

Taylor, Mattie C. (Mrs. W. C. Hoffman)

Whealdon, Dawn



Canon, Horace

Daley, Marie

Floyd, Marguerite (Mrs. Gould Dyer)

Hicks, Laura

Kizer, Maud (Mrs. Evans)

Lumpkin, Miniie *Deceased

Mone, Ella

Morriss, Janie (Mrs. Mudd)

Morrow Lula (Mrs. Bert Maxwell)

Tilson, Laurie*

Towery, Hugh*

Vaughan, Houston



Bowen, Eva

Carpenter, Leti (Mrs. J. I Wheeler)

Hughes, Lida (Mrs. Lida Hughes McClure)

Mabry, Lucy (Mrs. Geo. Cleveland)

Mayher, Douglas (Mrs. Paul Strealor)

Mayher, Florence (Mrs. F. Normand)

Harrell, Eugenie (Mrs. Elmer Little)

Robinson, Annie

Rowie, Emmitt

Sanderson, Lucile (Mrs. Morris Sheppard)

Sanderson, Paul

Tilson, Zollie (Mrs. George Wilson)

Watts, Lizzie (Mrs. Robert Hooks)



Barrett, William

Boring, Johnnie

Carmack, Jesie

Daley, Lelia

Findley, Lucile (Mrs. Taylor)

Floyd, Richard

Harrell, Corrinne

Moss, Hazel (Mrs. Tom Irby)

Steel, Edith

Ward, Annie


Morse, Carmen (Mrs. Wheeler


Blankenship, Cannie (Mrs. Fred Halsey)

Fisk, Hessie (Mrs. Horace Endlsey)

Gray, Ruth (Mrs. Bines Dunham)

McGregor, Ethel (Mrs. Fred Smith)

Morriss, William

Woodward, Estelle

Wootten, Marstella (Mrs. Gorman)


Applebaum, Marguerite (Mrs. R. E. Maxwell)

Burger, Edward

Carroll, Emerton

Holman, John

Rehkopf, Lena

West, Brainard (Mrs. C. R. Liskow)


Braumiller, Walter

Ford, Ernest

Greenwood, Lucy (Mrs. W. B. Stercus)

Harris, Arthur

King, Mary*Deceased

Smith, Olivia

Stuart, Dee

Vaughan, Jean

Walker, Ruth

Levy, Ed

Mabry, Haywood (Mrs. D. O. Bayless)

McGough, Sallie

Maxwell, Nellie

Piner, Mary Walker*

Schweitzer, Herman

Walker, Willie

Watlington, Mary

White, Lynn


Bentley, Azel

Binkley, Grace

Braumiller, Nickolaus

Buchanan, Helen (Mrs. Stanley Segar)

Caudle, Gertie (Mrs. Walter Morrow)

Cavitt, Daniel

Friedburger, Lee

Hargett, Hazel

Harris, Wooten

Henry, Wallace

Hudgins, William

Meredeth, Page

Mckinnell, Ellen

Payne, Naomi

Powell, Robert

Richardson, Mary

Smith, Charles Adna

Stanton, Rufus

Stone, Letord

Turner, Josephine

Wade, William

Whaling, Mary

Whitmarsh, Bess


Arnold, Eva (Mrs. Troy Womack)

Beck, Virgil

Carpenter, Dudley

Carroll, Grayson

Carroll, John

Eagan, Anne

Gaunt, Troy

Graley, May

Fontaine, Edna

Hoffman, Pauline (Mrs. Jas Hubbard)

Jackson, Paullin

Johnson, Leonard

Jones, Violet

Lemly, Lee

Lemly, Charles

Lumpkins, Anderson

Mace, Bertha

Merchant, Paul

McHenry, Norma

McHenry, Violet

McLouth, Paul

Neill, Bernice

Newton, Mabel

Owen, Frank

Peavy, Clyde

Reeves, Jack

Stuart, George

Stuart, James

Taylor, Irene (Mrs. Brandon Gray)

Taylor, Jarrett

Tilson, Howard

Wallace, Elizaeth (Mrs. C. P. Young)

White Bertha

Williams, Carmichael


Allen, A. W.

Anthony, Ella (Mrs. Mobley)

Branham, Corinne

Bridges, Edward

Cook, Marie

Davis, Luther

Eldridge, Fannie

Goodwin, Vera

Greenwood, Susie

Hargett, Oval

Higgens, Corinne

Hodges, Marion (Mrs. Frank Middleton

James, Walter

Jones, Eula (Mrs. W. R. Cobb)

King, Frank

King, Maude

Lawrence, Jeti

Leeves, Ruby (Mrs. Ralph McCarty)

Lovett, Edna

Levy, Esther

Mitchell, Edith (Mrs. L. A. Carter)

Moores, Willie B. (Mrs. L. Gaunt)

Morriss, Josh

Motz, Clarence

Perry, Annie

Powell, Tilman

Quigley, Lula

Rochelle, Arlie

Rosborough, Hugh

Sith, Marjorie

Snipes, Mary

Steel, Carrie (Mrs. Milton Bell)

Taylor, Christine

Turner, P. A.

Walter, Herman


Bradshaw, Frank

Caudle, Olivia

Clayton, Paul

Columbus, Chas.

Endsley, Mary (Mrs. Barney)

King Alice (Mrs. Webster White)

Levy, Edith

Massey, Ruth

McHenry, Beatrice

McGregor, Alice

Flannagin, Mattie (Mrs. Smith)

Gaines, LeGrande

Goode, Eddie May (Mrs. C. O. Bledsoe)

Graley, Beulah

Grim, Loretta

Harris, Lee

Hoffman, Frederick

Hunter, Melle

Jones, Dorris

Jones, Doddis (Mrs. Paul Clayton)

McMahon, Dixon

Nix, Eva

Parker, Baker

Reed, Charlie

Scurlock, Dan

Tyson, Joe

Waite, Stella

White, Louis Bates

Todd, Minnie Lee

Walker, Lillian 

Mizzell, J. M.


Andrew, Laura Leigh (Mrs. Frank Glenn)

Andrews, Will Allen

Anderson, Herbert

Arnold, Lora (Mrs. E. L. Richardson)

Blocker, Harry Jack

Briley, Henry Farrar

Collom, Frances Martha

Collom, Linnie Elizabeth

Davidson, Elizabeth (Mrs. Rex Hersey)

Farber, Arnold S.

Greenwood, Anna Belle

Harper, Thomas Preston

Hardin, Ruby Lee

Kite, Ralph Beverly

King, Ora Gertrude (Mrs. Frammell Sanderson)

Lawson, Katheryne

Lowery, Lillian Eugenia

Munz, Lewis E.

Moss, Jamie Adelaide

Runnels, Howell Robert

Stone, Alfred Palmer

Taylor, Jessie Erwin

Turner, Francis 

Vanston, James Mueller

Weeks, Susie

Wisdom, Louis


Alton, Frank C.

Baker, Henry Boyce

Bennett, Anna Merl

Buron, Josephine

Cantrell, Katy L.

Cothren, Ethel Gertrude

Crumpton, Carrie May

Carpenter, Dayton STanford

Darnall, Russell Latimer

Durham, Harry E.

Gaines, James Boyce

Hunter, Florence Caroline

Hunter, Ruth

Johnson, Virginia May

Joiner, Eva Kate

Leaton, Willa Belle M.

McCall, Mabel

Milton, Esler

Mizzell, Omie Beall

Moore, Dewey Louise

Moores, Mary Elizabeth

Pritchard, Dorothy Exa

Patterson, Ellen Mariana Louise

Powell, Maurice

Reinhardt, John E.

Stuart, Imogene Dorothy

Slimp, J. Waard

Todd, Elizabeth Mae

Templeton, Jamie Edward

Walter, L. Irene

Williams, Sara Evelyn (Mrs. Hugh Davidson)

Williams, Mildred Elizabeth

Wilbanks, Paul R.

White, Lloyd

White, Mastin Gentry


1918 :  The Annual has been put on line with students listed


1919      1919 Annual has been put on line with photo's

Akin, William Franklin

Arnold, Bruce W.

Benge, Maggie Lou*

Braumiller, Marguerite

Buron, Bernice

Cashion, Martin Henry Lyle

Davies, Edward O.

DeLong, Fay L.

DeLong, Hazel Victoria

Elder, James Pope

Gaines, Arthur Harris

Garner, Anne Ellen

Gatlin, Eugene

Goode, John William

Haight, John Louis, Jr.

Heath, Ethel Clare

Herring, Nell

Huddleston, Allie Corinne

Hughes, James W.

Lovett, Virginia Lloyd

Lumpkin, Allie Ruth

Lumpkin, Clarence L.

Lunday, Florence Elizabeth

Mays, Madison Clement

Mayo, Martha B.

Middleton, Louise

Millazzo, Emma Bertha

Nixon, Robert George

Nunnally, Hilliard N.

Nunnally, Anna Ophelia

Parish, Elizabeth Lane

Perryman, Clifton W.

Phillips, Neva Nelle

Pumphrey, Ralph O.

Sanders, Lucile

Schwarz, Cora Ney

Smith, Wilbur A.

Stevens, Anthony Mannie

Sweeney, Naomi

Tilson, Martin David

Timberlake, Eula B.

Walraven, Zettie May

Wheeler, Morris S.