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Old Harrison Chapel

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Founded 1840 by Republic of Texas Pioneers Charles Moores(1776-1852) and wife Mary Harrison, extinct all-faiths chapel where circuit riders served, named for her parents (of South Carolina).  This 5-Acre Family Community Burial plot contains about 100 graves, Mary Charles Moores, and Willis Whitaker were children of American Revolution soldiers.  3 of Moores sons were Texas Rangers, 4 men buried here had Republic of Texas Headrights.  Cemetery Restored 1967 is now only evidence of Mooresville Post Office  Moores Landing was on Sulphur River.


ONE          TWO         THREE          FOUR          FIVE         SIX 


Barnes, Dora F.   9/14/1870      2/12/1882

Glover, Henry  7/21/1885     4/3?/1883

McGill, Lillian Douglas   10/19/1873    9/13/18??         Oldest Daughter of J. M. & J. R. McGill

Miller, Stanley  7/26/1883     9/20/1886  Inf. son of J. A. & M. M. Miller  Close Up

MOORE, Henry Lee    3/15/1985    7/28/1998

Moores, Eli H.     4/2/1815     3/?0/188?    E. H. M

Moores, Eli H. Jr.   1/1/1856     2/22/1882   Close UP      E. H. M. Jr.

Moores, Elizabeth

Moores, Frances    Died 2/17/1873   Wife of William M. Moores  Age 16 yrs  Close Up

JMM Footstone

Moores, Maria   1838    1875

Moores, Mary H.   3/4/1851     8/4/1857    Close Up     MHM Footstone

Moores, Matilda   1830   1862

Moores, Minerva A.     1/13/1829     6/8/1868   Wife of Eli H. Moores    MAM Footstone

Moores, Racuel Perry  Died 2/16/1855   Age 5 yrs 11 months   Daughter of Rueben H. H. & Jane Moores

Moores, Rueben H. H.   Died 6/19/18??   Age 54?

Moores, Richard

Moores, Southard

Moores, Stanley  10/8/1867    7/27/1870  Son of R. H. & J. M. Moores

Moores Unknown

Rochell, Mary   9/1?/1836     2/??/1848








Unknown Stone With Cross

Unknown Three

Unknown Broken Stone

Unknown Broken Stone

JCW Footstone Believe to be Whitaker

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