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Located Adjacent to Victory City Baptist Church.

Turn on McDonald off of 82.

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We have information in our cemeteries that is from researching, not just from walking the cemetery, and there may not be a stone so it will be easy to prove they were copied.  The cemeteries are here for researching and personal use only not for submitting to other web pages.  This is hard work of volunteers.  We have the locations of the cemeteries if you would like to walk it and get your own listing.

Scenes of the Cemetery

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Submitted by Anna

Arnold, David Martin      9/3/1939      10/18/2002 

Burns, Jeanie J.      11/1/1952      3/24/1978  

Cox, Lois Hopkins      10/11/1922      2/20/1994  

Davis, Bernice Zelma      2/22/1922      12/18/1998 

Davis, Elmer Willard      11/2/1918        

Denson, James S.      4/22/1880      8/11/1960  

Denson, Joe      6/22/1887      3/27/1977  

Denson, Trebia V.      12/4/1890      6/12/1962  

Fant, Ida E.      6/30/1888      7/9/1967   

Fant, William J.      1/7/1877      11/14/1965 

Fowler, Elmer R. (Runt)      11/11/1939      3/13/2003   Mil

Fowler, Lee Roy   1906      2000 

Fowler, Mary E.      8/21/1947        

Fowler, Virginia R.      1918       

Fowler, Willie C.      10/26/1934      2/23/1995  

Green, Charles Vernon      12/21/1938      2/25/2003   Mil

Harmon, Ashley Marie      11/13/1998  one date 

Hays, Vernon H.      1/28/1920      12/7/1998   Mil

Henderson, Micah Leon      11/24/1965  one date 

Hopkins, George L.      5/1/1883      2/26/1970  

Hopkins, Rosa B.      3/24/1888      11/9/1968  

Kesler, Mary      2/14/1941      3/29/2001  

Newberry, J. A.      1/26/1916      11/30/1967 

Storey, Eva Lee      12/22/1933      2/23/2004  

Storey, William R.      8/8/1921      11/20/1984 

Sullivan, Linda Nell      7/25/1946      6/19/1988  

Sullivan, Travis Gene      4/19/1935      2/20/1989  

Sullivan, Travis Gene, Jr.      8/3/1979    one date 

Wooten, Flossie       

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