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Lakeside Cemetery
Submitted by Wayne Adcock

Allen, Arthur L 10-22-1883 to 4-18-1969
Allen, Lenora J 2-23-1895 to 8-7-1983 wife of Arthur L

Baker, Moody N 3-16-1917 to 5-18-1984 WWII (flat metal marker)
Baker, Lauralee 7-2-1961 to 10-7-1962
Baker, W. Hix 1892-1960
Baker, Clydie O 1893-1964

Barham, William B

Bond, Clyde 3-30-1907 to 8-4-1970

Boyd, Pearl White 9-28-1923 to 8-26-1989

Bridges, Carl 1-24-1905 to 4-2-1963
Bridges, Claudie E 1-3-1916 to 11-1-1956  wife of Carl
Bridges, Henry C 1-22-1882 to 9-2-1960
Bridges, Pearl G 11-14-1886 to 11-22-1961 wife of Henry C
Bridges, Nellie Nix 1-4-1915 to 6-14-1993 (next to Glenn T Nix)

Briehn, Earl 1-15-1911 to 9-17-1985
Briehn, Doris 6-18-1914 to

Burke, George Franklin 1-17-1889 to 8-11-1967
Burke, Nellie Mai 1-18-1901 to 12-7-1974

Cabe, H. C.    1842-1921

Calhoun, Taylor F 5-10-1880 to 10-6-1910

Camp, Johnson M 1884 to 1969
Camp, Alice R 1880 to 1974
Camp, George W 2-4-1897 to 11-21-1966

Carlton, Kenneth F 12-3-1899 to 1-15-1918

Chandler, Howard F 11-21-1906 to 10-18-1918 son of R. F. and L. A.
Chandler, Reed 7-22-1912 to 11-16-1913 dau. of of R. F. and L. A.

Daniels, Norris R 3-19-1917 to
Daniels, I. J. 3-16-1916 to 1-22-1995

Davis, Arnold B 8-13-1904 to 11-14-1973
Davis, Maudie M 11-6-1901 to 11-3-1980 wife of Arnold

Dean, Luther James 11-14-1929 to 11-26-1992

Dickson, Conway D 9-16-1912 to 1-29-1972
Dickson, Mildred P 7-13-1915 to

Downs, Kenneth Harlen 12-13-1947 to 2-12-1997
Downs, Dennis Harlin 7-31-1967 infant son of Kenneth and Lenora

Doyle, Thomas Earl 8-24-1945 to 12-5-1982

Ensley, Kelley McClendon 23, of Stamps died Sunday, May 7, 2000.
Mrs. Ensley was born Oct. 14, 1976, in Magnolia, Ark. She was an employee of the Lafayette County Prosecuting Attorney's office, a student at Southern Arkansas University, member of Lewisville Church of Christ, Pi Gamma Mu and Alpha Chi Honor Society and a former Miss Stamps High School. 
Survivors include her parents, Cindy Dianne McClendon of Stamps and Dana Robin McClendon of Magnolia; one brother, Brian  McClendon of Stamps; her grandparents, Bruce and Shirley Vickers and Ollie Mae McClendon of Stamps; her great-grandmother, Hazel  Vickers of Texarkana 

Etue, Theodore P.  Sr., 68, of Stamps, Ark., died Saturday, Dec. 11, 1999, in a Magnolia, Ark., hospital.Mr. Etue was born Oct. 28, 1931, in Monroe, La. He was a retired Heavy  Equipment Operator and a Baptist. Survivors include his wife, Sue Etue of Stamps; three sons, Theodore P. Etue Jr. and Wayne Etue of Stamps, and Bruce A. Etue of Garland, Ark.; one daughter,  Shiloh Wicker of Buckner, Ark; five brothers; four sisters;

Farley, Dwight L 1-10-1901 to 3-20-1979
Farley, Nell B 1-9-1903 to 11-24-1987 wife of Dwight
Farley, James Baker 7-4-1933 to 4-7-1996

Gibbons, William Chandler Sr., 69, of Hot Springs, Ark., died Tuesday, Oct. 19, 1999, at his home.Mr. Gibbons was born Dec. 19, 1929, in Stamps. He was a retired Army lieutenant colonel and a Baptist.Survivors include his wife, Doris Gibbons of Hot Springs; two sons, William  Chandler Gibbons Jr. of Arvada, Colo., and Lt. Col. Robert Dail Gibbons of Tucson, Ariz.; and two grandchildren.

Goodwin, Robert Franklin 4-1-1917 to 10-11-1999
Goodwin, Ernestine Marie 6-20-1920 to

Haney, John W 8-1-1921 to 8-19-1970
Haney, Jewell C 9-14-1922 to 12-12-1989 wife of John W

Harbour, Ray William 1-18-1920 to 10-16-1981
Harbour, Estelle 2-9-1924 to

Herring, Stanley Macon 9-27-1951 to 12-21-1968

Horn, William Clarence 8-30-1894 to 5-10-1973
Horn, Willie Dean Pickler 1-25-1900 to 10-6-1997

Hovarter, Lonnie H 1894 to (no date)
Hovater, Annie Shirley 1899 to (no date)

Hudgens, Otis L 8-27-1905 to 7-23-1979
Hudgens, Maurine 9-1-1909 to 3-19-1995

Jackson, William M 4-18-1922 to 3-19-1957 WW II

Johnson, Ethel F 7-3-1918 to 5-22-1999
Johnson, Maudie. Stamps, Ark. Died Wednesday Jan 2000

Kohn, George Dendle 7-22-1901 to 5-1-1965

Koonce, Jeff D 6-8-1903 to 8-26-1997
Koonce, Amy E 3-14-1908 to 5-16-1985
Koonce, Lawrence D 4-9-1930 to 6-20-1967

Langley, Coy F 1906-1962
Langley, Daisy M 1907-1999 wife of Coy

McKamie, Herman E 8-16-1913 to 9-21-1986 md. 2-18-1934
McKamie, Geneva B 9-6-1918 to

McMahen, Dale M 6-30-1908 to 11-16-1960
McMahen, Sheila Denise 10-19-1968 inf dau. of John and Glenda

Millican, Cecil Ray 9-14-1927 to 12-5-1986
Millican, Syble Vickers 4-6-1930 to
Millican, J. B. 1892-1956
Millican, Annie 1895-1970
Millican, Doyle Rolon 9-12-1918 to 7-3-1976

Morgan, Harold 6-17-1912 to 10-9-1968
Morgan, Robert B 5-27-1919 to 3-17-1992

Nipper, James Robert 10-2-1929 to 1-10-2000
Nipper, Billie Hardy 6-17-1935 to ________ wife of James R

Nix, Glenn T 2-7-1913 to 3-18-1974 WW II

Ogden, Marrie Monk 4-23-1902 to 12-22-1985

Ormand, Perry E 5-23-1911 to 5-22-1979
Ormand, Pat M 7-15-1912 to 2-15-1985

Owen, Arnold 10-28-1901 to 12-12-1985
Owen, Emma 7-14-1904 to 11-13-1973 wife of Arnold
Owen, James W 6-4-1924 to
Owen, Gladys M 9-28-1923 to 11-11-1983 wife of James W
Owen, Roy Lee 2-19-1946 to 5-18-1992
Owen, Carol Anthony 9-10-1947 to 1-2-1994 wife of Roy Lee
Owens, Woodrow W 4-13-1913 to 2-29-1968

Patterson, Eldridge W 9-14-1912 to 12-25-1990

Powell, Shelley M 1899 to 1964
Powell, Ola Orr 1898 to 1988
Powell, Shelley R 1928 to

Price, Venie W. 84, of Stamps died Thursday, Dec. 30, 1999, in a Texarkana hospital.  Mrs. Price was born Nov. 1, 1915, in Shreveport. She was a homemaker and a member of Greenville Baptist Church.  Survivors include one son, Leroy Sweat Jr. of Stamps; one daughter, Josephine Wimberly of Stamps

Ragsdale, Dora Black 1914 to
Ragsdale, John Doyler 1913-1960
Ragsdale, Ida R 1891-1980
Ragsdale, Joseph 1888-1960 matching stone with Ida R


Riggins, John L 5-13-1886 to 12-25-1963
Riggins, Laura S 2-7-1892 to 4-28-1984

Roberts, Edgar 1-31-1904 to 3-4-1986
Roberts, Florence L 7-18-1902 to 11-18-1968

Rogers, Jesse C 1897 - 1981
Rogers, Lollie 1899 - 1984
Rogers, Carroll 11-19-1924 to 1-6-1997 WW II (flat metal marker)
Rogers, Henry A 1875-1962
Rogers, Ida Belle 1880-1958

Rogers, Finley  78, of Stamps died Sunday, Jan. 2, 2000, in a local nursing home. Mrs. Rogers was born June 15, 1921, in Nevada County, Ark. She was retired from the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office and a member of First United  Methodist Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Jack Rogers.
Survivors include one son and daughter-in-law, Jackie and Dale Rogers of  Stamps; two daughters and sons-in-law, Kathy and Mike Langley of Stamps and  Kerry and Larry Nichols of Conway, Ark; two brothers; one sister

Seymour, J. J. ??     4-30-1913 to 11-4-1995 (signature type)

Sims, Thomas R 7-25-1906 to 12-11-1984
Sims, Roma H 6-3-1909 to 4-1-1996

Smith, Harvey Floyd 10-8-1926 to 4-11-1994
Smith, Gary Wayne 9-28-1952 to 8-24-1965
Smith, P. H. Jerry 5-11-1905 to 4-14-1993
Smith, Pearl E 8-27-1897 to 11-30-1987 same stone as P. H.
Smith, Carolyn L 9-23-1943 to 11-2-1965

Smyth, J. A. 1-6-1847 to 11-14-1934
Smyth, Eliza 9-30-1842 to 3-10-1925

Stewart, Johnson Wright 8-12-1858 to 7-9-1914

Tatom, Buel Ray 1-25-1919 to 7-7-1974
Tatom, Zelma Woosley 10-18-1919 to
Tatom, Farrell Grady 1916 to 1972
Tatom, Helen Snider 8-28-1921 to

Taylor, Charlie 9-12-1900 to 2-1-1969
Taylor, Lena 1-16-1902 to 10-9-1968

Wallace, Thomas Booter 9-12-1919 to 7-14-1986

Walthall, Joseph Edwin 8-19-1915 to 11-15-1969
Walthall, Ida Louise 2-5-1923 to 5-19-1981

Ward, William L died 4-26-1949 son
Ward, Lois B died 8-23-1927 wife

Wells, Morris C 5-21-1913 to 12-30-1981

White, John Lewis 1895-1970
White, Dimma McMahen 1899-1984

White, Alan L.  Sr., 78, of Lewisville, Ark., died Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2000, in a Houston hospital.  Mr. White was born June 26, 1921, in McKamie, Ark. He was a former pilot for Pan American Airways, founder of the Alan White Co., a member of Stamps Masonic Lodge and of the First United Methodist Church.
Survivors include his wife, Cecile White of Lewisville; four sons, Dave White of
Stamps, Douglas White of Lewisville, Alan White Jr. of Decatur, Texas, and
Robin White of Magnolia, Ark.; two brothers, John White of Waynesboro, Va.,
and Dale White of Tyler, Texas; three sisters, Sue Wilson of Longview, Texas,
Jean Coe of Pearland, Texas, and Nadine Moody of Wake Village, Texas

Williams, Bryant L Jr. 1-10-1924 to 8-6-1974
Williams, Billie Jo 2-2-1926 to _______ wife of Bryant

Woosley, Martin C 7-29-1898 to 5-20-1974
Woosley, Bess Davis 4-10-1901 to 4-19-1971

Yarbrough, Robert W 1-1-1883 to 8-10-1971
Yarbrough, Alice M 9-1-1889 to 11-3-1968

Young, Cunard D 1897-1970
Young, Adeal T 1899 to 1968 wife of Cunard
Young, Morris C 12-29-1910 to 10-13-1974
Young, Gurtha M 6-29-1920 to 10-11-1973 wife of Morris C

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