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Feb. 11, 2005 Glenn Thrapp took photo's and some corrections were made along with some additions.

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We have information in our cemeteries that is from researching, not just from walking the cemetery, and there may not be a stone so it will be easy to prove they were copied.  The cemeteries are here for researching and personal use only not for submitting to other web pages.  This is hard work of volunteers.  We have the locations of the cemeteries if you would like to walk it and get your own listing.

Fred D. Brown      1916  -  1940   Son of Fred Brown, Sr. 

Fred D Brown, Sr.  1883  -  1966  Husband of Mary J Rathburn   

Mary J Brown  1881-1972 Wife of Fred D. Sr. , Dau of Joseph Rathburn   

Joe Rathburn   8-22-1850  10-26-1896 Husband of M E Rathburn (Joseph)

M E Rathburn  8-26-1853  5-30-1927 Wife of Joe Rathburn  (Mary Elizabeth Griffith)

H E Rathburn   1888-1953 Son of Joe Rathburn  (Harvey Ellis Rathburn)   

Lee Rathburn 20 May 1903 - 10 Aug 1903 s/o W.T. & K.L. Rathburn

William C Clements  6-7-1874   9-19-1939 Husband of Lillie B Clements   

Lillie B Clements   2- 1-1883  12-5-1947 Wife/William C Clements Dau./Joseph Rathburn

Cecil Martimer Clements  8-29-1902       9-20-1902 Son of William C Clements

Mary Ethel Clements   9-6-1906  12-14-1906 Daughter of William C Clements

William Thomas Rathburn 10-6-1873   11-21-1940 Son of Joseph Rathburn

Lillie Elizabeth Rathburn  11-17-1898  11-30-1898 Dau. of William Thomas Rathburn

Johnnie Clarence Rathburn  4-4-1900   2-15-1901 Son of William Thomas Rathburn

Phillip G Hickerson  1880 - 1940 Husband of Ella Hickerson

Ella Hickerson 1885 - 1960 Wife/Phillip G Hickerson (Sarah Ella Rathburn) Dau./of Joseph

M E Hickerson   1-13-1902   7-26-1905 Dau./of Phillip G Hickerson (Martha Elizabeth)

E M Hickerson  9-20-1905  9-25-1906 Dau. of Phillip G Hickerson   (Edna Mae)

A E Hickerson   10- 6-1907   8-26-1908 Son of Phillip G Hickerson(Arlie Elmore)

Tommie James Roberts  1-27-1917   12-5-1997 US Army WWII Husband of Joyce E Roberts

Joyce E Roberts  7-31-1941 Wife of Tommie J Roberts & Dau. of Earl & Irene Strickland

Maggie E Dugan  7-24-1904   1-12-1992 Dau. of William Henry & Emma A Rathburn Preston

William Henry Preston  1877-1905 Husband of Emma A Rathburn 

Gladys V Moore   5-21-1910   2-12-1944 Dau. of Oliver G & Emma A Rathburn Turley

Oliver G Turley  1875 -1959  Husband of Emma A Rathburn

Emma A  Rathburn Turley   1879-1968  Wife of William Henry Preston & Oliver G Turley  Daughter of Joseph Rathburn(Emmaline Amanda)

Earl E Strickland    9-8-1921  Husband of Ethel Irene Strickland Married 10/01/1940

Ethel Irene Strickland 10-27-1924 2-14-1993 Wife of Earl E Strickland & Dau. of Maggie E Dugan  Married 10/01/1940

There are a couple of pieces of concrete that are possible markers and a couple of depressions that are possibly graves also.   If anyone knows of other burials here please let someone in the Rathburn family know.  Thanks

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