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This cemetery was located 10 miles north of Hooks, Bowie County Texas, between the RED RIVER banks and a lake called WILSONíS. The lake is now dried up and no sign remains as cattle grazing and a bulldozer have destroyed this cemetery. It is known that the first grave was that of an outlaw who died on the spot, and those who found him buried him there. This happened in the late 1790ís. Then, a group of surveyors from Missouri, working out of FT. HOOKS, (today known as Hooks, TX), were killed by Indians as they surveyed for a safe crossing of the Red River. They were found by a party from Ft. Hooks and buried there. We do not know how many were killed. Proof of this incident is in several diaries, owned by the HOMER ELLIOTT family of California. The following names listed were buried there that we have data on.

CINDY KATES, Died, 11 June1814; her stone was white marble. 

JOHN KATES, (husband of Cindy), Death date not known; his stone was white marble. 

SAM COOPER, SR.,   Death date not known: his stone was white marble. 

ROBERTA (Thompson) COOPER,   (wife of Sam, Sr.), Death date not known; her stone  was white marble.  

MOTHER & FATHER of RENO BOLANDER,  both had white marble stones. 

RENO BOLANDER and WIFE,  (first name unknown); they had a white marble stone, (wife was the daughter of John and Cindy Cates) 

SISTER or AUNT of RENO BOLANDER,  (name unknown); she had a dark stone. 

MOTHER of SAM COOPER, Sr.  (name unknown); her stone was white marble.      

JANE (Bolander) COOPER, Born, 1846, Died, 6 Aug. 1887,  in Belton, TX; her stone  was white marble.  (Wife of Sam Cooper, Jr.,  and Daug. of Reno Bolander). 

SAM BOLANDER, JR. Died, 12 March 1913,  Buried, 17 March 1913; he had a dark stone and it was placed at his grave in Dec. 1913.   This stone was bought in Texarkana. 

TWIN CHILDREN of  FRANK and CHARLOTTE MOOR,    (or ? MOORE); Their grave  was marked with a small double white marble stone with 2 little lambs, and an  inscription on it. 

JOHN COOPER, son of SAM THOMAS COOPER, JR., supplied this information. He lived in Broken Bow, OK. He also stated, ďAt one time there were about 35 stones, although as many as 50 people could have been buried there.Ē At the close of the TEXAS REVOLUTION, relatives of those buried there, moved all graves back from the edge of the RED RIVER to near the lake, called WILSONíS.

Submitted by Elizabeth (Scott) Wilburn

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