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(Red River Army Depot)

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We have information in our cemeteries that is from researching, not just from walking the cemetery, and there may not be a stone so it will be easy to prove they were copied.  The cemeteries are here for researching and personal use only not for submitting to other web pages.  This is hard work of volunteers.  We have the locations of the cemeteries if you would like to walk it and get your own listing.

The cemeteries contained in this section are located on Government property, which is highly restricted. There is no ready access for visitors to the locations. Only family members are admitted within the depot, with security guard escort, for the purpose of visiting these gravesites. Prior arrangements must be made with the Public Affairs Office at the installation on which the gravesite is located. 

Information stated here was extracted, with permission, from the previously published quarterlies of the Texarkana USA Genealogical Society, listings constructed by Annette Barberee prior to her death, DAR listing, and obits.

If you have positive information of a different spelling of a name or a different date, or additional burials in unmarked graves, we will be happy to notate that. If you wish to supply us with a headstone picture of your family member, we will see if that may be added. Please do not request additional headstone data or pictures. We do not have access to that information. 


Located on the west side of Area F near Bunker F-13-7 stands a single grave surrounded by a chain link fence and well tended; but marked only by a concrete mound at the head and foot.


This cemetery is located west/northwest of the northern tip of Elliott Lake. In 1986 it was stated that the cemetery was not marked or identified on RRAD map. Mr. Ennis Elliott of Hooks Texas attended a funeral for Miss Ada Thomas as a small boy (he would be 76 in 1987). Ada Thomas was the daughter of Dike (Henry) and Sallie Thomas, Mr & Mrs. Thomas are buried in Tiller Cemetery on LSAAP.


This cemetery is located west of Elliott Lake on RRAD. There are no readable markers; a few brick and rocks may represent graves; but doesn’t appear so according to Annette Barberee and Wavil Mills in September 1986.



This cemetery is located in the southwest corner of RRAD close to Rock Creek Road. The stones listed were; 

Watlington, Belle        3/1/1845        8/24/1897   Wife of R. H.    

Hays, Daniel Bradley            1833            1899   

Hays, Josie            3/5/1895            1/29/1897        d/o S.L. & Josephene

Frix, Sarah            2/28/1831            9/18/1898        w/o L.Frix 

Five additional graves are marked with a rock at the head and also the foot of grave.  


McADAMS CEMETERY is west of Central Bouldevard. There is a sign on the south side at the east corner. There are eight (8) or so graves which are marked with stones at the head and foot or just some stones at the head. There are no inscribed tombstones in this cemetery.



The old Runnels Cemetery is located on RRAD. The nearest town, Chalybeate Springs, has long since disappeared. The cemetery is enclosed by a white picket fence. It is located on a small bluff. About three hundred feet from the cemetery is a marble marker, placed on this site by the State of Texas, showing the spot where a beautiful Colonial two-story mansion, owned by Governor Hardin R. (Dick) Runnels once stood. The inscription on the marker reads as follows:

“Site of the home of Hardin R. Runnels (1820-1873), Governor of Texas, 1857-1859.” The house was built in 1853. Destroyed by fire in 1914. Here Governor Runnels died. He was also buried nearby. His remains were later removed to the State Cemetery in Austin.

Headstones in the cemetery are:

Runnels, Edmund S., Jr.      6/20/1859      0/2/1863   s/o E.S. & T.M.

Runnels, H.D.         12/2/1848       10/8/1850       

Runnels, Hardin R.        11/2/1857        7/11/1864       

Runnels, Infant         9/1/1851   memorial, d/o E.S & T.M.

Runnels, Infant         3/5/1854      4/14/1855   d/o E.S. & T.M.

Runnels, Jethro P.          9/29/1861          8/9/1867         

Runnels, Martha          12/2/1850         6/24/1851       

Runnels, Martha         10/23/1784        10/10/1867     

Runnels, Martha Zerrelda Elizabeth    8/6/1848    6/17/1952   d/o E.S.

Runnels, Mississippi Madison       3/3/1854       11/6/1854       

Runnels, Smithia Jane Hooks   7/17/1826    6/13/1852  w/o H.W. Runnels

Runnels, Temperance        5/26/1826        9/2/1865      w/o E.S.



This cemetery is southwest of Area K and north of Old Boston Road. The gate is located on the west side of the cemetery. Only three graves were found in this plot:

Till, John N.          8/27/1885        11/21/1886   s/o R. & L.

Till, Mary E.        10/15/1835            10/26/1882     

Till, John M.       aged abt 23  1883   


A single grave is near the Rifle Range. At one time, it was marked by a Kelly Plow; however, now there is a huge tree and the chain link fence to mark the spot.


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