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This cemetery was canvassed in the 1980’s by Noah Moody and published by Annette Barbaree. I have not been able to determine if this is an accurate name for the cemetery located on the old Mahaffey place, north of I-30, off FM2253. The current road is named Bent Tree Lake Road. At the intersection of Bent Tree and Broadleaf Lane, it will be found on the east side of Broadleaf. There is one stone near the road while the other few still standing are about 35 feet further east in the trees. The property is currently owned by Mr. Mike Sandefur, of Texarkana. Those still standing are linked to pictures of the stone. One is marked with unidentified concrete marker (footstone) and base of headstone. It is possible this could be marking two graves. There are signs indicating the estimate, by Mr. Moody of about 76 graves, could have been accurate. 

Larger View

Larger View

**COOK, John                1854 – 16 Sep 1919  Bright Star Chamber 3731, Wamba Tex  Close Up

CROOKS, Marion           1843 – 1919    Wamba Circle of Friends #555

CROOKS, Sarah              1845 – 1912    wife of Marion, Circle of Friends #555

**DORSIE, Martin           1871 – 21 Aug 1918

FORT, Polly                      1818 – 1899   born TN, Circle of Friends #555

FORT, William                  1798-1874  born VA, husb of Polly, parents of Orran & Benjamin (1870 Bo County, Prec 2 Census)

GRAHAM, Penny             1909 – 1911

JOHNSON, Elijah A         1851 – 1925  Wamba Circle of Friends #555 (Texarkana Death   Records reflect he was buried in Red Springs Cemetery)

JOHNSON, Harvey          1856 – 1912  Circle of Friends #555

JOHNSON, James J         1844 – 1913   born AL, living with Harriet Hooks

**JOHNSON, Joe            1849 –15 Oct 1913   husband of M.G. Mattie & Joe Headstones

**JOHNSON, Mattie G    1845 – 17 Aug 1918 Faithful member of Circle of Friends #555  Mattie & Joe Headstones

JOHNSON, Nancy A        1780 – 1884  aged 104, born VA, living w/ Charles & Rachel Lee

JOHNSON, Nancy            1854 – 1923  wife of Harvey

JOHNSON, Tab                1852 – 1921  living w/ Edward & Ann Roberson

KENNEDY, G H , Rev      1876 – 1938

SMITH, Alfred                   1823 – 1898 husb of Matilda

SMITH, Froney                  1854 – 1914  Circle of Friends #555

SMITH, Matilda                 1820 – 1874   Circle of Friends #555


WINLEY, Nancy               1800 – 1874   (1870 Census of Bowie Cty, Prec 2 lists her in  (household of  Joseph and Rachel Dickson)

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