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Starting at the lower left corner which is West Front St. 200 block, left to right, at 214 is Timberlake Hardware Co, not quite visible, at 208 is J. E. Decker and Sons
     whol. meat and at 206 is W. L. Henderson restaurant. Across the street, 100 W Front St is the Cosmopolitan Hotel (later W. E. McCartney added several floors and it
     became McCartney Hotel) in the building at the time was the Union Bus Co, S.W. Transportation Co and Mitchell Bros. Bus Line. ( I can remember the Greyhound Bus
     Line here) Now, moving to the right we cross State Line and go into the 100 block of East Front St. ( notice the street lights in the middle of State Line) at 103 is the
     American Lunch Room ( I can remember going here to the Jefferson Coffee Shop in the early 1960's) at 109 is J. P. Poulos restaurant. Pine Street now intersects and
     there is the Huckens House on the Corner in 200 block   In the Huckins House was a Cigar Stand.  The other buildings face Olive St. Next to the railroad tracks is the
     old train station and the  Mo Pac Freight and T & P Freight. Most of the buildings mentioned were torn down for the new Bi State Criminal Justice Building. The
     McCartney Hotel still stands but empty. The Huckins House is a parking lot for the building. At the far right where Vine Street (now Olive St) intersects with E. Front
     st are two large buildings facing vine St. They are Ritchie Gro. Co and across the St is S W Gas and Elec. Co., the building with the large words.
     In the 100 block of State Line (the right side of the street) are 104 Leon Kuhn confr. 106 Q. M. White cleaners and barber shop, 108 J. J. Jenkins restaurant and C. H.
     Jenkins clothers cleaners. 110 is Lurie Julius clothing, 118 is Henry Bros. Cafe, 118 1/2 Schifflin  Building containing  J. L. Reed Ins. F. W. Schifflin Insurance, Dixie
     Loan Co and holman-Schifflin Ins. Co. and 122 is Twin City Tailoring Co then Broad Street intersects with Texarkana Natl Bank on the left and Stat Natl Bank on the
     Now look at Broad Street starting at Main (left side about middle of photo) 122 on corner is Boyd Drug Co. and United Cigar Store, 120 1/2 is H. H. Whitley, dentist and
     120 Edgar Howell Clothing. 116-18 is the S. H. Kress Co (when I was a boy in the early 40's I would visit this store often it is the third and larger building facing us,
     south) at 114 is the Olympia Confy., 112 Wommack & Smith clothing, 110 Woolworth Co. 108 Newark Shoes, 106 McBride Dept. Store. 104 Heilbron Jewelry and then
     the Texarkana National Bank Building.


Submitted by Wayne Adcock