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100 Block of East Broad Street looking West about 1915
There are three autos parked together in front of State National Bank to the right
Three electric street cars, the two furthest away are in the 100 block of West Broad
The closest streetcar is in 100 East Broad
The horse drawn buggy is a commercial vehicle
Notice the sign hanging from electrical wires in front of the dental office or
more in front of Cobb and Son Shoe Store
The word in the middle is "FOR" the top and bottom line is unreadable, this procedure
of hanging electric signs were later banned by city ordinance
Left to Right starting at Dental Office
 Dental Office
. Cobb and son (Royal Blue Shoe store)
 J. S. Ragland
O'Dwyer & Ahern
 Masonic Temple (above Odwyer & Ahern)
 (short bldg. unk)
 Henry Platz shoemaker
 Schwartz Clothing, TX side
another building appears to be Hardware ( probably Chatfield and Burhman)
NOTE: signs at a angle are confusing, the signs may not be in order as listed
(Photo was greatly enlarged to enable reading the signs)
On the right are the two bank buildings that still exist and then one sign is readable KRESS, TX side

Submitted by Wayne Adcock