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* Old Arkansas Viaduct*


Here is the old Ark viaduct as it comes down on Broad St at Laurel. In the upper left starts the
500 block of E. Broad St. The long building at 501 is S. R. Baxter Grocery Store, facing the viewer.
next is the wagon yard, notice it is concealed from the street by signs. The little building setting
between two large signs is Phillips Barber Shop, the next building in the wagon yard is
J. B. Huckabee blacksmith. The other buildings at the corner of Broad and Laurel at 523 is un-identified.
Across the street in the 500 block at Hazel Street is the Temple-McCoy Grain Co. Now look at the 600
Block starting about the middle of photo. The little building setting in the corner, Where Burhman
Pharr Hardware is today, is the Miller county Jail. The very large building covering the rest of the
block is John S Offenhauser Co. agricultural implements and Chatfield Implement House International
Harvester Co. ( Today this is part of Burhman Pharr Hardware) Across the street (viaduct side) the
large buildings is Texarkana Cotten Oil Co.  The buildings that is visible in the 700 block is the
Texarkana Junk Co. on the corner. Next is a bungalow roof house that was the home of
Mrs. Mary Conway. Next is a flat roof  two story building that was R. T. Witcher Grocery and
upstairs was W. E. Parker. The last visible building is Dickerson's Ladies Ready-to-Wear. The
small building across the street that is at the bottom of the photo is a pet shop.

Submitted by Wayne Adcock