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Miller County Court Records Book A

Pg. 1-7 :  Describes Miller County Boundaries using section #’s.  Also it was formed from a part Lafayette County. 

Formation of Miller County, Approved Dec. 22, 1874

Office of secretary of state, Little Rock Arkansas, Senate bill # 77

Signed B. B. Beavers, 2nd Day of January A. D. Eighteen Hundred and seventy Five.

Secretary of State of Arkansas

Created the County of Miller 

Document is then signed by Miller county Clerk, W. ? Watson & Deputy Clerk W. H. Bush.  2/27/1885 

Pg. 8-9County Offices

Edwin Bancroft, County of Probate Judge

J. A. Roberts, Sheriff

W. H. Watson, Office Collection

Clerk of the Circuit Court & Probate Courts

W. W. McGee, Accessory

J. T. Edwards, County Treasure

James W. Hogaue, County Surveyor

County Commissars:  Wm. B. Crabtree, Lawws? Ritchie, and F. Crl Porter. 

Constables:  William T. Hamilton 

Sheriffs Bond:  J. A. Roberts, Sheriff of Miller county Arkansas, With N. F. Jackson, N. G. Edwards, W. T. Roberts, Wm. B. Crabtree, and J. J. Fomby as his securities. 

Clerks Bond:  With John J. Fomby, H? McCarthy, J. B. Medleigh, James Ritchie & Robert Coley. As his securities. 

Treasurers bond:  Thos. J. Edwards as county treasurer with L. F. Culley?, M. W. Edwards and Wm. B. Crabtree, as his securities.

Surveying Bond:  James T. Hogane,  ??tiues S. Few, William B. Crabtree, David Quill, and R. Cornelius as his security

Constable Bond:  W. T. Hamilton, with Thomas J. Edwards, & W. F. Jackson as his securities.

Collectors Bond order:  Sheriff & or officers collection of the sum of 10,000 bond.

Deputy Sheriff:  Appointment of David Yarnill as Deputy Sheriff.  Approved & Confirmed.

Deputy Clerk:  Appointment of William H Bush as Deputy Clerk.  Approved & Confirmed

Commissioners Order:  4/15/1875  Locate a County Seal.  County shall appoint a time and place when & where the said commissioners will meet.  County Seat at the court In Texarkana Arkansas.  And the Sheriff shall give public notice of said meeting.

 Ferry License- Elijah Kirbley & G. W. Jackson  Owners of a Ferry at the crossing of Red River Known as the “Cut Off”  Granted for the sum of $25.00.  First be required to enter into bond the sum of $500.00 with good and sufficient security.

Adjourn until March 1st 1875.  Elnrse? Bancroft, County Judge

Pg. 11:   Monday, March 1 1875 

County Commissioner:  Commission of James T. Dillard as Commissioner to locate County Seal.  It is ordered that the commissioner be duly recorded and be entered upon the roster of County Officers. 


H. S. Johnson Esq. Presents petition of Mrs. C.or E.? J. Smith praying the court to make an order allowing her bill of nineteen dollars for the support of woman and child and the court after full consideration of said petition doth order that the sum of thirty dollars in said county be issued to said Mrs. C. J. Smith for the maintenance of said pauper on condition that said pauper be further taken care of by petition. 

Ferry License George W. Russell asked to be granted Ferry Privilates at Jordans Ferry on Red River.  Granted for when paid.  $10.00 and bond for $2000.00 Dollars. 

Pg. 12

Sarah J. Dixon:  W. J. Parks attorney.  Asking court to keep a ferry at White Oak Shouls?? On Red River Granted with 10.00 and bond for $5000.00 

J. A. Lynn?  H. S. Johnson Attorney asking to grant license to keep a ferry at Lynns Ferry Approved with Bond of 300.00 and $10.00 for the privilege. 

A. D. Blanton  W. P. Parks Attorney  License to keep Ferry at Spring Bank.  Granted with Bond of 300.00 and $10.00 for the privilege. 

Order:  Ferry License for the Ferries on Red River at Fulton & Dooley’s crossing be set at the sum of 30.00 and bond of 500.00 for each case. 

Liquor License  J. L. Cella.  Sum of 2000.00 with A. L. Ghio & C. E. Bramble & N. B. Crabtree as his securities. Keep a des?? Saloon in Texarkana.  Granted. 

Pg 13

W. H. Mc Carteny  Asking court for a license for a drinking saloon in Texarkana.  Sum of 2000.00 with T. R. MCCartney, W. F. Mitchell & W. P. Best & C. E. Bramble & J. P. Hadling as his securities.  License granted 

James Ritchie  License to keep a drinking Saloon in Texarkana Bond of 2000.00 with H. P. Sutton & John D. Trigg as Securities.  Granted 

Ordered that court adjourn until March 2 1875 Signed by Edwin Benefield, Judge Presiding 

March 2, 1875 

Liquor License:  O. W. Hauson  Attorney H. E. Hill  To keep a drinking Saloon in the town of Texarkana Sum of 2000.00 with A. E.  Hill, James T. Hogane and W. T. Sears as Securities.  Granted 

Pg. 16

Tuesday March 16th 1875

Paupers  George Frazier, D. R. Turner, Rachel Burk, Mrs. Waldrip 

Pg 25

Wed.  April  ??  1875   Wife of S. J. Patterson  30.00

 Pg 46

Tuesday July 27, 1875  Nancy (Kee) (Hee)?, Charlotte Kelly, Dolly (H?)iney?

Pg 86

Wed. Dec 15, 1875  In the matter of Vagrants  Order to arrest for the charge of Vagrancy

Joseph Hart, Stephen Inman, Doughtry, Blanch Jnenan?, Roxy

Pg. 88  


In the matter of Paupers

O_   _______ it is ordered by the court that persons shall not be supported as paupers by Miller County until they shall have been declared adjudged as paupers in court which shall only be done by proper information by the persons themselves who claim such support or when the or upon the sworn statements of creditable and respectable citizens who are personally acquainted with the circumstance and conditions of such applicants, and all orders heretofore made declaring person paupers are here by worked and submitted.  It is further ordered that a special secession of the court be held 1/31/1876 to consider this subject and pass upon the claims of such persons as ______ apply for


Pg 89

In the matter of the poor farm

It is ordered that James G. Johnson Esq., B. R. Attaway & B. B. Cradup  are here by appointed Commissioners of the court and charged with the duty of inquiring into and taking in consideration of practicable of poor housing a farm by the county to be made a home and to formite for such person as they be declared paupers, and to report to the county their news & suggestions. And to report to the court of findings or suggestions for housing 1/21/1876 

Pg. 94


Declared Paupers

Judy Shelton, Dolly Henry, Delora Batt, Becky Moon

Allowance for Paupers

It is ordered that George Lee receive 75.00 for support of pauper Judy Shelton during the year ending Dec. 31, 1875. 

It is ordered that Richard Smith receive 75.00 for the support of pauper Delorios Batt during the year 1875. 

It is ordered that James Richie receive 75.00 for the support of pauper Becky Moon, year ending 12/31/1875. 

It is ordered that Anderson Hunter receive 35.00 for keeping pauper Dolly Henry 

It is ordered that S. L. Higgs receive 75.00 for the support of Mrs. Drucilla Waldrip. 

Pg 100


Matter of Nancy Fea 

M_____?    Lightfoot will receive 10 dollars per month for the support of Nancy Fee?Matter of Nancy Fea.  Also Johnson Esq (Attorney appointed) will inquire into the matter of certain property said to belong to Nancy Fea 

Pg. 116


In the matter of paupers

Declared Paupers

D. O. Turner

R. ____ Burke 

Pg 118


In the matter of paupers  Declared paupers  Dolly Henry 

Pg. 137


In the matter of paupers  Declared Pauper  Bertha Mathews

Pg. 170

Fri. 7/7/1876

Betty Moore allowed the amount of 15.00 for support.  Thos. Orr was allowed to draw the same and spend it for her best advantage. 

Pg. 173

Sat. 7/8/1876

Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy was allowed 90.00 for the support of Rachel Burk, from Jan 31- Jan 31 1876. 

Pg 179

Tues. 7/11/1876

James A. Endsly was allowed 28.00 for the support of D. C or O Turner from May 1st –June 30th

Pg 295

Declared a Pauper       Octavious Stephens

July 1877 – Oct 1877 supported by _____ ______.

Pg 339


John Allen was allowed 15.00 per month for the Support of Dolly Henry.

Charles Hill was allowed 15.00 per month for the support of Charlotte Henry. 1878