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Miller County Court Records Book C

Pg 120

April 1884

County Poor House

_  _  Biedler a citizen of Texarkana Miller county Arkansas has property to donate and deed to Miller county 50 Acres Lying and ______ in Section 22, Twenty two in township 15 south of ridge 28 west in said county conditioned however that the county shall establish a poor house and farm with suitable buildings. 

It is therefore by the court ordered that C. C. Dorrian, ___  McLain, and C. E. Bramble, being the ones here by appointed to ______ and accept from H. W. Biedler 

Pg 169

July 1884

Declared Paupers  Dick Richards    Patti Brook (Book)? 

Pg 170


pg 210


In the matter of awarding contracts for the erections of the building on Poor Farm.

C. C. Dorian, _____________, Charles E. Bramble appear.

2 building to be built.  Approved 

pg 211


Bids submitted: 

H. P. Hudgins     for errection of building     787.50

W. T. Bannon                                                          730.00

J. S. Wilson                                                      932.00

S. M. Satenie?                                                  650.00

Approved for S. M(U)? Satenos

Final Sum one thousand dollars.

Securities named:

Thos. Orr, J. D. Asenbroug, P. S. Raucun, J. C. Whiters, G. H. Sangsdale 

Pg 212


In the matter of bids to keep poor house.

Care and maintenance of Paupers

Keeper and maintenance of said county on the Poor Farm belonging to the county and sitable on section 20 of Town ship 15 s. of Range 28 W. 

The contractor and keeper of said Poor Farm and Paupers will be required to ____  into bond with approved security to furnish said paupers with sufficient good and substantial food and clothing, and to treat said paupers kindly and humanly, and see that they received medical attention when necessary and to take good _____ care __  _____ ______  in their care and keeping belonging to the county and to turn the same over to the county as its _________   at the ___________ of this contract, the natural wear and tear considering.  All bids to be turned in by noon 1/5/1885.  Signed by _ M. Henry Judge of miller county Arkansas. 

In the matter of the Poor Farm Commissioner

Decree giving approval for Commissioner to purchase furniture an other articles for the comfort and care of the paupers of the county. 

Pg. 412

Jan 4, 1886

In the matter of Letting  Out contract for Poor Farm of Miller County

Contract awarded to J. M. Childs

Sum of 5 dollars for each person lawfully committed.  500 per month to use to maintain and care for paupers.  More info

Contract will cease and desist 12/31/1886