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Miller County Court Record Book F

Pg 43


In the matter of advertising for the poor house

Approved to advertise for bids for medical attention for the poor house. 

Pg 64


In the matter of for Poor house

Awarded Thomas Hodge 900 per month for the year of 1894

To maintain and care, and provided medical attention for the paupers at the poor house. 

Pg 375

Jan 6, 1896

In the matter of Thomas Hodge and Inventory of the Poor House

Invoice of Miller County Poor House

4 Iron Bedsteads

4 Jingle Mattress

5 Haorers stoves

1 cook stove complete

1 Wash Kettle

2 Water buckets

2 Wash Tubs

1 Grind stone

1 shovel

13 double blankets

10 bed sheets

1 one man saw

1 hand saw 

Signed Thomas Hodge Keeper