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Miller County Court Record Book G

Pg 61

July 9, 1897

In the matter of Confederate contracts

Pensions awarded 

Name                           Post office                Condition                    Amount

W. A. Baird                 Texarkana, Ark            Patricianly disabled            75.00

Rollins Smith                 Bright Star                  Patricianly disabled            75.00

Geo. M. Greer             Texarkana, Ark                                                   75.00

James M. Warren                                                                                    75.00

H. H. King                                                                                              75.00

Sam Weaver?                                                                                         75.00  

J. H. Russell                 Boyd, Ark                                                          75.00

Paralla Favors Widow of Wm. J. Favors                                                25.00

Missouri Walker  Widow of Jore Walker                                               25.00


Pg. 64

Aug. 1897

Charles Anderson declared a Pauper and sent to Miller county Poor farm 

Pg 142

In the matter of burying paupers

Awarded to E. A. Schicner & Co. for the year of 1898 the amount of 9.75 for the burying of Paupers.                       

Pg 143


Pg 144


In the matter of the year 1898 for the poor farm

J. M. Long awarded for the year of 1898 

Pg 190

March 11, 1898

In the matter of Mrs. Lee Edwards and L. B. Fulsom

Declared Paupers 

Pg 258

July 1898

In The matter of confederate Pensions


John M. Stuckey, Bright Star

Andy Mier, Texarkana, Ar

Sam Weaver?

Hale Mitchel, Bright Star

Joseph M. Ramsey, Texarkana

W. A. Allen 

And the following made affidavits of continuing indigence and disability

J. H. Westbrook

Rachel R. Barginer

Charlotte Stone

R. G. McDonald

Thos. Hodge

W. T. Lenard

Gre. Groves

W. A. Baird

James Blanton

R. J. Crabtree

Mrs. M. A. Prestridge 

Pg 255

July 1898 

Pg 358

Jan 1872 

Pg 361


In the matter of contract let Poor Farm and burial of paupers

Bids For the Care

Thomas Hodge, J. M. Long and A. F. Maxey

Bids for burial of paupers

J. M. Long, and E. A. Schicker & co. 

Awarded A. J. Maxey for care for the year 1899

For the care of each pauper for each month 700.00

For burying each dead pauper at farm 10.00

For medical attention for each sick Pauper at farm 1.00 

Awarded E. A. Schicker & co. the sum of 9.70 for burying each pauper 

Pg 423


In the matter of Mrs. Wilson and three children

Declared Paupers 

Pg 480

July 18, 1899


Following applicants

J. M. Giles Recommended

Alfred Rounbunn

J. O. Hardy

Mrs. E. J. Childs

J. W. Crabtree

Exception to drop Charlotte Stone who has married and moved away

In the matter of Confederate Pensions

J. M. Ramsey   50.00

J. M. Giles      50.00

Alfred Rousbum?  50.00

J. C. Hardy  100.00

Mrs. E. J. Childs  25.00

G. W. Crabtree  50.00