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Miller County Court Records Book O



Jan. 27, 1931

In the matter of the poor and indigent of Miller County Arkansas.

Now on this day it appearing to the Court by Reason of the flood conditions, the extreme drowth and business depression of 1930, many of the residents and citizens of Miller County Arkansas, had become poor and indigent and temporary paupers, and that under the law should be declared such in order that Miller County Arkansas could provide food and supplies for them in order that they might live and exist  during the winter and  Spring of 1930-1931, and the Court finding that the following are temporary paupers, to-wit

Jim Weatherspoon, Family reported by Mrs. Turner, Mandeville

A. B. Brumley Hardy Solomon Milton George
A. B. Holloway Hays White Minnie Sesson
A. D. Pickett Haywood Watson Mose Trotter
A. Madewell Henry Erwin Moses Austin
A. Royal Henry Hammer Mrs. Addie Burns
A. W. Turner Henry Heyner Mrs. Elma Hunter
Aarion Walker Henry Irwin Mrs. H. Matlock
Ab Sullivan Henry Randle Mrs. Laura Lee
Abe Moore Henry Sims Mrs. Mary Tucker
Alf Martin Henry Stewart Mrs. May Norris
Alford McFadden Henry Tibbett Mrs. Neal Ferguson
Allen Davis Henry Yeager N. A. Oliver
Amos Powell Horace Cooper Narcissus Williams
Anderson Hankins Horace Nelson Nat Hervey
Andrew Fair I. Howard Nathan Loyd
Andrew Hickman Irey Ryenolds Nelson Hall
Andrew Jackson Isaac Fulton Ney Pratt
Andrew Nolan Isom Buma O. V. Howard
Andy Epperson Isom Hervey Oliver Floyd
Anna Bell Thompson J. E? Tucker Oliver Johnson
Anna Brail J. H. Adams Oliver Reynolds
Anna Davis J. H. Fultz Ollie Conley
Anna Frost J. M. Cook Oscar Chandler
Annie Bolden J. P. Lowe Otis Bruce
Annie Dumas J. R. Richards P. F. Jones
Annie Fultz J. S. Greer P. W. Lewis
Archie Crittendon J. S. Marshall Pat Alford
Ardee Davis J. W. Edwards Pearl Chappel
Arthur Davis J. W. Johnson Pearl Smith
Arthur Malone Jack Brewer Penny Clark
Arthur McLone Jack Cagle Pete Jennings
B. F. Johnson Jack Roe Phillip Mentolow
B. J. Samuel Jack Volentine Pink Bland
B. N. Napoleon Jack Williams Preston Kendall
Ben Williams Jacob Stewart R. E. Grimes
Bill Adair Jake Banks R. L. Johnson
Bob Murphy Jake Banks R. W. Whitney
Bud Lyree Jake Eason Randal Pree
Buster Locket Jake Thompson Redmon Fulton
C. H. Freeman James Davenport Remus Hooper
C. Lane James Green Richard Jones
C. R. Fultz James Porier Richard Moore
C. T. Fultz Jask Williams Riggie Price
C. W. Pott Jeff Hamilton Robert Bush
Cabe Green Jennie Davis Robert Cooper
Can Carr Jerry Johnson Robert Feed
Cary Roquemore Jerry Maxwell Robert Gilley
Cat Hollins Jerry Ross Robert Williams, Jr.
Charley Taylor Jessie Turner Robert Young
Charley Vaughn Jim Blackburn Robt. Reed
Charlie Huddleston Jim Galloway Robt. Weadell
Charlie Jacobs Jim McCoy Robt. Whaley
Charlie Long Jim R. McGarity Rosie Mattson
Charlies Jacobs Jim Sanders Roy Roberts
Chas. Harris Jim Vernell Rube Long
Chas. Johnson Jim Warren Ruby Price
Chas. Muldrew Jim Weatherspoon Sam Booker
Clarence Broome Jno. Gaston Sam Brown
Clarence Townsend Jno. Smith Sam Chambers
Claude Willis Joe Brenson Sam Jones
Clem Barlow Joe Cooper Sam Ross
Clung Smith Joe Prudom Sam Wise
D. Garrett Joe Trotter Sam Woodfork
Dan Pickett Joe Vann Sandy Harris
Dave Johnson Joe Woodland Santum Boyd
Dee Stewart Joe. Hues Sarah Ann Lacy
Dellia Steward John Anderson Sarah Hill
Dock Winn John Berry Sidney Carter
Don Hill John E. Miller Sill Perry
Douglas Roder John Elijah Spencer Ellis
E. A. Holloway John Harris Squire Crawford
E. M. Harrison John Holloway Sterling Thurman
E. M. Thornton John Hughes Susie Williams
E. Morgan John Redmon T. C. Cook
E. P. Holloway John Simmons Teamus Floyd
Ealy Eachers John Smart Thomas Kemp
Earnest Groves John Smart Thos. Hanry
Earnest Haywood John Smith Tom Adams
Ed Price John Taylor Tom Hunt
Ed Stevens John Washington Tom Murphy
Edd Furlough John Wilson Tomie Rowe
Edgar Pleasant Johnnie Galston Tracy Terrell
Edwin Greer Jom Hawkins W. C. J. Wilkerson
Effie Harper Kelly Sanders W. F. Morris
Elijah Willis L. B. Townsend W. H. Anderson
Ella Walker L. H. Hugle W. H. Harris
Ellis Burney L. McKavanor W. H. Johnson
Elmore Davis L. Simmons W. L. Stewart
Emmet Richie L. Summers W. T. Price
Etta Bingle L. W. Wilson Wade Sterling
Evaline Smith Lawrence Middleton Walter Wilson
F. A. Cobb Leach Mills Warren Goodwin
F. Hyman Lee Jackson Welcome Adams
F. L. Adair Lee Turner Welcome Watson
Fannie Hill Leola Wise Wesley Brown
Fate Staggers Leona Walls West Maxwell
Felix Brown Leonard Reed Wheeler Conway
Fletcher Arnold Lewis Davis Will Batch
Fran K. Reynolds Lewis Hawkins Will Grady
Francis Harris Lewis Johnson Will Grey
Francis Smith Lige Fetherston Will Harris
Frank Flowers Lon Tyson Will Homes
Frank Foster Lon Weekly Will Lewis
Frank Glassock London Keel Will McCormick
Frank Mack Lonn Hollin Will Nelson
Frank Winfield Louis Boone Will Paxton
Fred Hill Luella Rose Will Trott
Fred Lee Beard Lula May Willie Will Trott
Fulton Cobb Mabel Wall Willaim Hardy
G. A. Moseley Mabel Wells William Brown
G. A. Ward Mack Watson William Chancellor
G. F. Leatherwood Mariana Washington William Lewis
G. R. Mosley Marion Johnson William Volentine
Gaston Lollis, Jr. Martha Tanner Willie Adams
Geo. Allen Mary Ane Williams Willie Cooper
Geo. Edmond Mary Henton Willie Hankins
Geo. Fowler Mary Lee Homes Willie Houston
Geo. Harless Mary Norseen Willie Pettie
Geo. Kingston Mary Robertson Willie Ross
Geo. Lee Mathew Keener Willie Warren
Geo. Wilkerson Mathew Shelton Willie Weatherspoon
Georgia Brown Matilla Owens Willie Williams
Gilbert Martin Mattie Jones Wilson Hall
Green Abner May Gregory Wilson Harvey
Gus Abbot May Sisco Wilson Watson
H. Harvey McKinney Ford Wm. Donaldson
Hallie Waren Melvin Maxwell Wm. Lewis
Hardy Galston Melvin Price

It is, therefore, By the Court considered, ordered, adjudged and decreed that the above named person, who are citizens and residence of Miller County, Arkansas be and they are hereby adjudged poor and indigent, and temporary paupers, and entitled to relief and food  supplies from Miller County, Arkansas, and to support and maintenance as destitute persons.  signed by J. J. Sewell, County Judge of Miller County Arkansas