Evergreen Cemetery

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About one mile south of present Lincoln, on the farm of Ernest Schiwert near Elm Creek on FM 1624.

The oldest marker is for Nancy McKeown and here death is shown as October, 1857.
It is believed there were earlier burials in this cemetery but that these  early graves do not have markers.

Name Birth Death Notes
H.L -   -   - -   -   -
DODDS, Jane 1787 1870 b. Fairfield District, SC
m. Samuel Dodds
d. Washington Co., TX
FOSTER, Martha D. 27 Nov 1814 17 Apr 1880 m. G.W. Foster
FOSTER, W.D. 2 Jul 1843 3 Feb 1875 Son of G.W. & M.D. Foster
GLASS, Sam T. 8 Apr 1863 4 Oct 1881
GRIFFETH, Jacob 10 May 1813 18 Aug 1866
HARRISON, A.A. jan 1833 Dec 1875 Husband of C.A. Harrison
HARRISON, C.A. 6 May 1837 6 Feb 1874 Wife of A.A. Harrison
HECK, Martha 1826 -   -   -
HECK, Randle B. 1821 1874
HORELICA, Philip 5 May 1897 2 Jun 1920
McKEOWN, Nancy 21 Apr 1846 7 Oct 1857 Dau of James & Mary McKeown
ORSAK, Mary -   -   - 5 Apr 1889 Grandma
TYLER, Albert C. 13 Nov 1840 28 Jan 1874
TYLER, Albert S. 1873 1941
URBAN, Joe -   -   - -   -   -
WEST, Isaac 15 Jan 1805 11 Feb 1858
WILSON, Stephen E. 31 Aug 1820 2 Sep 1872 m. Frances E. Westmoreland
YORK, Josef Milon 23 Sep 1867 27 Jul 1869 Son of M.C. & M.A. York
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