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Listed below are surnames associated with Lee County.  If you have a surname that you would like to add to this site, please email me.  The surname index is helpful for furthering your research because you are able to contact other researchers who may have information that you are looking for!  Please include your name, email, surname you are researching and any additional
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Surname Notes Researcher
ADKINSON Shirley Hughes Hickman
ALFORD James H. Kyle
ANDERSON Sally Fenly
ARMSTRONG Sarah L. Armstrong (1843-18??);
2nd wife of W.F. Armstrong
Dee Ann Kilbourn
ARNOLD Carolyn Marble
BAACK Jerry Mattiza
Harriet m. Jack Allen
Margaret m. Louis Robinson
Bryn Bacy Robinson
BARKER Virginia L. Brown
BARRETT -   -   -
BELSHER/BELCHER John F. (To Lexington from MS about 1872) Ken Belsher
BIEGON Ina Mitschke
BLACK J.P. (18191-1893), came to TX with Chappell family from Pickens Co., AL Dee Ann Kilbourn
BODLING Herman & Maria Kim Owens
BURKETT Ina Mitschke
BUTLER Virginia L. Brown
CALVIN/COLVIN Carolyn Marble
CAMERON Phyliss, Elenora Amanda Hutson Donna Stockebrand
CARNES Sally Fenly
CARPENTER Sylvia Chase-Meadows
CARR Nancy Perry
CARRIGAN Sally Fenly
CLARK Virginia L. Brown
CLEMONS Ira, Martha, Pauline Keith Mathis
COCKRUM Ina Mitschke
COCRUM -   -   -
COOPER Reuel Cooper
CRAVEN Sally Fenly
CROW -   -   -
CURREY James H. Kyle
DANIELS Carolyn Marble
DICKSON Nancy Perry
DIGGES Sally Fenly
DRIESSNER Ina Mitschke
DUNN Carolyn Marble
EAKIN Shirley Hughes Hickman
EBRECHT -   -   -
ELLIOTT Sally Fenly
FLEMING Carolyn Marble
FLETCHER Carolyn Marble
FLYM Paulette Flym
FULCHER Sally Fenly
GENSWEIDER/GENSWEILER William was living in Dime Box in the 1900 Census, last record ever found for him. Ron Hesdorff
GOODING Ina Mitschke
GRUELLICH Claudia L. Naugle
GUTHRIE Virginia L. Brown
GUTHRIE George Washington, Permelia Ann (Fokes), Charles F., Emiline (Smith) Keith Mathis
HADDY Carolyn Marble
HAMMER Reuel Cooper
HARDY Nancy Perry
HART Sally Fenly
HAWKINS Eugene Adolphus Pamela Hawkins Miller
HEADY Carolyn Marble
HERENZ Martha Prince
HERNDON Sally Fenly
HUDSON Sally Fenly
HUGHES Shirley Hughes Hickman
HUNT Sally Fenly - Shirley Hughes Hickman
JENSEN Peter Christian, Mary Jane (Bridges), Charlie Amos,  Carrie Bell (Phears) Keith Mathis
JETT Carolyn Marble
JONES Nancy Perry
JONES wife of L.W. Black, Ada Elizabeth Dee Ann Kilbourn
KEESE Virginia L. Brown
KELLY Mike Kelly
KILPATRICK Adely Austin, Phyliss Cameron Donna Stockebrand
KOCKE Sally Fenly
KYLE James H. Kyle
LAXSON Carolyn Marble
LAXTON Carolyn Marble
LEHMAN Maria Kim Owens
LEHMANN Claudia L. Naugle
LOYD Carolyn Marble
LUTHER Carolyn Marble
MANCK -   -   -
MARBLE Carolyn Marble
MARTIN Sylvia Chase-Meadows
MATHIS Randolph (Coon), Nora Emily (Guthrie), Clarence, Clara Lucille (Jensen) Keith Mathis
MATTIZA Jerry Mattiza
McGUINESS James H. Kyle
McGUIRE Ina Mitschke
McMILLIAN Sally Fenly
MEADOWS Sylvia Chase-Meadows
MINTER Katy Lou Yarbrough
MINTON James H. Kyle
MITSCHKE Ina Mitschke
MOORE 2nd wife of J.P., Elizabeth Adeline Moore (1835-1885) Dee Ann Kilbourn
MOSES James H. Kyle
MOSES Calvin Uriah (Riar) & Mary Ann Pratt Barbara Chandler
NOAK Jerry Mattiza
NOACK Ina Mitschke
NORCROSS -   -   -
O'BRIEN Carolyn Marble
OVERMAN James H. Kyle
OWENS Carolyn Marble
PAGE Sally Fenly
PANKEY James H. Kyle
PARKER Nancy Perry
PAYTON/PEYTON Carolyn Marble
PEARSON Sally Fenly
PEEBLES Carolyn Marble - Nancy Perry
PERKINS Sally Fenly
PERRY Nancy Perry
PHEARS Dee Ann Kilbourn  -  Keith Mathis
PLUMMER Sylvia Chase-Meadows
POE Sally Fenly
RATLIFF James H. Kyle
REAT James H. Kyle
REGISTER Carolyn Marble
RICE Sally Fenly
ROACH Carolyn Marble
ROBERSON Bryn Bacy Robinson
ROBINSON Dollie and Gentlee Medaris; Sally m. Wright Betts Bryn Bacy Robinson
ROCH Sally Fenly

My great-great grandfather, Ephraim Roddy, lived in what is now Lee County, a few miles north of Lexington in the 1840's until 1852 or so, when he moved his family to the Liberty Hill area.  His daughter, Rebecca Ann Roddy Fletcher (wife of George Moore Fletcher, Jr.) is probably buried in Lee county but we have been unable to find her grave.  She died in childbirth in 1859, giving birth to Baylis John Fletcher, a notable citizen of Lee County.  My great grandfather, Joseph Ashbel Fletcher was born in Lee County and lived there in the 1840's until he moved to Hamilton County and then Mills County, where he died.  

Phillip Fletcher phil67230@gmail.com
RUSSELL Carolyn Marble
RUTZ Jerry Mattiza
SANFORD Carolyn Marble
SEALY Cheryl Pittman Dedrickson
SEARS Carolyn Marble
SETZER -   -   -
SEVERITT -   -   -
SIKES Nancy Perry
SMITH Nancy Perry
STAHL Reuel Cooper
STEERE Carolyn Marble
STEPHENS Nancy Perry
SWARTZ -   -   -
SWEEDEN Ina Mitschke
TEDFORD Carolyn Marble
THOMPSON Reuel Cooper
TITSWORTH Carolyn Marble
TRAVIS Carolyn Marble
TSCHORNACK Martha Prince
TURNER Nancy Hamilton
WARREN Katy Lou Yarbrough
WELTON -   -   -
WHEATON -   -   -
WINDELL Ina Mitschke
WOOD W.F. Wood (1828-1901) Dime Box area Dee Ann Kilbourn
WREN Sally Fenly
ZWHAR Ina Mitschke


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