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My thanks to Betty Hood for the Walston deed contribution.

My thanks to Cathy Lucas for the McMillan Patent

My thanks to Jan Lawson for the Holloman-Powell-Jones deeds

Walston Deed

McMillan Patent

Indenture -- Holloman to Powell

Indenture -- Powell to Shields

Indenture -- Barker to Powell

Indenture -- Powell to Holloman

Warranty Deed -- Platt to Powell

Indenture -- Powell to Rogers

Warranty Deed -- Powell to Powell

Indenture -- Windsor to Powell

Lease -- Powell to Dunn & Hubbard

Indenture -- Williams to Powell

Indenture -- Powell to Williams

Warranty Deed -- Powell to Jones

Indenture -- Powell/Jones to Gilbert

Release -- Powell/Jones to Gilbert

Release -- Jones to Gilbert

Indenture -- Powell to Williams