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Oct 15, 2013
I’m searching for info on my great-grandfather, Elijah Winzer. He moved from Grimes Co Texas and is supposed to have died in or near Buffalo after 1877. He may have owned land in Leon Co. My grandmother, Lula Mae Winzer, was born in Limestone Co and was in the care of other Winzer family members in Reagan, Falls Co. by the 1880 census. I would like to come to the county and look in the land records. Any info you can send will be appreciated. Mar Ches

Mar 1, 2013
My great grandfather James F. Coston and his brother Doyle O'hanlon Coston are in the Leon Co. records as Confederate soldiers and I appreciate ya'll assistance in getting them in the records for others to view. Their parents, Hugh Thally (H.T.) and Tabitha Coston appear to be lost to time. I have numerous records from his land purchases & probated death but absolutely -nothing- on her. At the time of his death, court records indicate he was living with his older daughter, Julia E. (Coston) Henry, wife of W.B. Henry. I have spent 20 years trying to find their resting place with no luck.
Since I can not find them in a cemetery registry, the natural assumption would be they are buried on Henry property. A relative, Helen Starnes, (now deceased) told me someone once told her that "they", (never identified by her,) used to play on the double stone as a child but no location given. He died, according to his physicians written record, January 1867, no widow mentioned, so she was already gone.
I am now 66 years old and this quest is unresolved. I have had a reward posted and never had a taker. Appreciate your time ...........
James Coston

Feb 27, 2013
While photographing relative's tombstones in Pleasant Grove Cemetery I ran across the grave of Monda Sue Way DOB-31 Aug 1931, DOD 27 Nov 1933. My grandmother was Ethel Leon Way Dickey and I think this girl may have been related to her. I have been unable to find any info on her at Ancestry or Family Search. Thank You. Marla Dickey Lawless

Feb 23, 2013
Back in 1964-1966 I corresponded with Mrs. Evelyn Gorman Ward (1893-1972) of Oakwood, Texas, regarding our Gorman Family, which I've been researching since 1964. Mrs. Ward wrote that their branch of The Gorman Family believed that they had come to Freestone
County with the Waldron family on the boats Reliance and Magnolia in about 1844, with their belongings following on a third boat.

According to Mrs. Ward, who became a dear friend through our correspondence, the families were quite close, and there were stories of their arrival in the county - when the boats were grounded, to wait for the Trinity River to rise enough for them to continue to their destination.
I would like to verify the family lore, and to learn more details about just how the Gorman families arrived in the Republic of Texas from Alabama, if possible. I have many records, but am lacking details of their journey.

Would anyone happen to know about any incidents concerning the two families - or anything about the Gorman Family in Leon, Freestone, Hill or nearby counties?

I am a direct descendant of James Gorman (1810-1870s) who was a brother of Churchwell/Churchill Gorman (1811-1869). Mrs. Nancy Tippen/Tippin who died 1890 was a sister of the Gorman brothers.

Thank you very much for any information you will share. Sincerely, Norma (Gorman) Wright