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Stranger Cemetery


Surveyed by Judy Criswell

This cemetery is located on FM 1771 north of Hwy 7, east of Marlin, in Falls Co. We have included this cemetery because it is five miles from Kosse and many Limestone County families are buried in this cemetery.

For more information and photos visit Stranger Cemetery, Falls Co.

_amgil, Sarah L.
     wf of J.M.
5-23-1843 10-7-1882
Abernathy, Bard L.
     1st hus of Lytle Lucy (Roberts) Abernathy
1-22-1875 8-28-1936
Abernathy, Deane
     son of J.R. & A.L.
9-29-1891 8-6-1893
Abernathy, Jesse Roberts
     son of Bard L. & Lytle Lucy (Roberts) Abernathy
7-16-1905 6-2-1916
Adair, Daniel W.
     son of N.I. & S.M. Adair
3-17-1874 7-21-1878
Alexander, Alice Maud
     dau of Rev C.W. & M.J. Alexander
8-13-1871 8-28-1882
Allen, Emma O.
     2nd wife of B.W. Allen
5-2-1837 1884
Allen, Helen F. (Webster)
     wife of Leonard P. Allen
8-30-1918 10-22-2003
Allen, Leonard P.
     hus of Helen F. (Webster) Allen
2-9-1907 11-22-1977
Allen, Marinda Martha (Busby)
     1st wife of B.W. Allen
     dau of David T. & Martha (Sweeney) Busby
1830 3-5-1875
Arnett, James Hansford
     hus of Phoebe (Summerville) Arnett
     2nd Lt. Co I 121 Tex. Cal CSA
1830 no dates
Arnett, Phoebe (Summerville)
     wife of James Hansford Arnett
     dau of Marcus L. & Mary (Cavitt) Summerville
7-14-1848 12-31-1940
Bell, Annie
     wife of Samuel Bell
7-12-1815 10-10-1876
Bell, Samuel
     hus of Annie Bell
1812 12-8-1899
Brooks, Anna Bowie 1807 1873
Brooks, Cater H. 6-27-1839 11-27-1871
Brooks, Charles L. 1867 1890
Brooks, child
     dau of W.T. & L.F.
12-13-1873 10-31-1875
Brooks, Eliza 1843 1872
Brooks, James 12-31-1799 5-24-1877
Brooks, Todd, R. H. 4-12-1879 3-22-1880
Brooks, William H. no date 1889
Brooks, Woodrow W.
     son of B.B. & Carrie Brooks
6-16-1919 2-16-1928
Brothers, Ann M.
     wife of Jesse Clarence "Boog" Brothers
7-18-1886 4-23-1962
Brothers, Charles Grover 1-5-1917 11-1-1999
Brothers, Charles Roye
     hus of Lucil Marie "Tissie" (Robertson) Brothers
     son of Jesse B. & Laura (Hufstetler) Brothers
12-10-1898 7-28-1973
Brothers, Essie Myrtle
     dau of Taylor F. Sr. & Lenora "Nora" (Pool) Brothers
7-19-1881 7-19-1884
Brothers, Griffith
     son of James M. & Sarah A. "Sallie" (Griffith) Brothers
7-6-1891 2-21-1900
Brothers, Harris Kay (Pat)
     hus of Jeannie (Cobb) Brothers
     son of Jesse B. & Laura (Hufstetler) Brothers
1-17-1888 7-22-1953
Brothers, Helen (Drefke)
     wife of Jesse Albert Brothers
7-27-1915 no date
Brothers, Henry L. "Bunk"
     son of Harris Kay & Jeannie Brothers
     Tex S Sgt USAF WW II
9-28-1921 12-24-1966
Brothers, Infant
     son of James M. & Sarah A. "Sallie" (Griffith) Brothers
8-12-1887 9-30-1887
Brothers, Infant
     son of James M. & Sarah A. "Sallie" (Griffith) Brothers
9-16-1896 10-12-1896
Brothers, Irene
     dau of Taylor F. Sr. & Lenora "Nora" (Pool) Brothers
6-23-1895 11-18-1895
Brothers, Irma A.
     dau of J.S. & E.F. Brothers
5-24-1905 5-30-1906
Brothers, Jack Kendal
     son of Jesse B. & Laura (Hufstetler) Brothers
b/d 12-7-1932
Brothers, James R.
     son of Jesse B. & Laura (Hufstetler) Brothers
11-30-1892 2-10-1931
Brothers, Jeannie (Cobb)
     wife of Harris Kay "Pat" Brothers
     dau of Robert L. & Arrilla (Millerman) Cobb
3-20-1888 2-16-1951
Brothers, Jesse Albert
     hus of Helen (Drafke) Brothers
     son of Harris K. & Jeannie (Cobb) Brothers
11-10-1912 4-6-1983
Brothers, Jesse Barzilla
     hus of Laura E. (Hufstetler) Brothers
     son of Jesse D. & Matilda B. (Maulding) Brothers
8-4-1859 3-3-1933
Brothers, Jesse Clarence "Boog"
     hus of Marguerite Ann (Millerman) Brothers
     dau of Taylor F. Sr. & Lenora "Nora" (Pool) Brothers
9-18-1883 1-21-1953
Brothers, Jesse Monroe "Jack"
     hus of Loraine E. (Hancock) Brothers
     son of Jesse B. & Laura (Hufstetler) Brothers
3-10-1903 9-30-1960
Brothers, Jollie
     dau of Taylor F. Sr. & Lenora "Nora" (Pool) Brothers
12-8-1887 6-13-1889
Brothers, Kathleen 7-9-1910 5-17-1911
Brothers, Laura E. (Hufstetler)
     wife of Jesse Barzilla Brothers
4-10-1869 12-25-1963
Brothers, Lenora Elizabeth (Pool)
     wife of Taylor Franklin Pool Sr.
     dau of Elias & Margaret (Bell) Pool
8-28-1863 2-3-1943
Brothers, Loraine Eugenia (Hancock)
     wife of Jesse Monroe "Jack" Brothers
     dau of H. K. & G. E. (Garrett) Hancock
3-24-1902 10-17-1967
Brothers, Lucie Marie "Tissie") Robertson
     wife of Charles Grover Brothers
12-5-1898 6-27-1975
Brothers, Marguerite Ann (Millerman)
     wife of Jesse Clarence "Boog" Brothers
     dau of Charles A. & Frances "Dora" (Wright) Millerman
7-18-1886 4-23-1962
Brothers, Mozelle
     dau of Taylor F. Sr. & Lenora "Nora" (Pool) Brothers
1889 1948
Brothers, Taylor Franklin Jr.
     son of Taylor F. Sr. & Lenora "Nora" (Pool) Brothers
12-27-1894 3-1-1897
Brothers, Taylor Franklin Sr.
     hus of Lonora Elizabeth "Nora" (Pool) Brothers
     son of Jesse D. & Matilda B. (Maulding) Brothers
8-4-1857 10-11-1914
Brothers, William Jesse
     son of Jesse B. & Laura (Hufstetler) Brothers
3-24-1895 1-11-1899
Brothers, William Noland "Buster"
     son of Harris K. & Jeannie (Cobb) Brothers
     TX Pfc 212 Armed Field Arty BN WW I
11-19-1910 3-16-1962
Brothers, Winnie Evelyn 2-17-1908 5-17-1911
Burney, Cosby 3-2-1911 1913
Burney, Georgia Ann (Horton)
     wife of James Hiram Burney
     dau of C. C. & Sarah (Stanley) Horton
1884 1920
Burney, James Hiram
     hus of Georgia Ann (Horton) Burney
1879 1957
Capps, Gladys E.
     wife of Henry M. Capps Sr.
6-29-1892 2-15-1976
Capps, Henry M. Jr.
     son of Henry M. Sr. & Gladys E. Capps.
6-14-1924 7-18-1926
Capps, Henry M. Sr.
     hus of Gladys E. Capps
7-30-1898 8-2-1975
Capps, Patricia Ann 1938 5-22-2006
Carpenter, Infant (twin)
     dau of J.P. & R.V. Carpenter
9-27-1897 11-22-1897
Carpenter, Infant (twin)
     dau of J.P. & R.V. Carpenter
9-27-1897 12-23-1897
Carpenter, Jonathan Zollacoffer
     born in Walker Co, Ga. died in Limestone Co.
4-1-1862 2-7-1883
Casey, Eliza H.
     broken stone dau of M. & T.E. Casey
11-9-1887 11-9-1887
Cash, A. M.
     hus of Cynthia Charlotte (Roberts) Cash
3-23-1857 4-10-1897
Chandler, Joseph Walter
     son of J.M. & E.S. Chandler
6-21-1877 9-27-1880
Chandler, William
     son of J.M. & E.S.Chandler
10-21-1873 2-10-1877
Chatham, Durwood D.
     hus of Esther (Williams) Chatham
4-27-1903 2-16-1976
Chatham, Elizabeth
     dau of Durwood D. & Esther (Williams) Chatham
1936 1936
Chatham, Esther (Williams)
     wife of Durwood D. Chatham
     dau fo James W. & Aramantha (Millerman) Williams
10-7-1903 12-31-1996
Clawson, G. R.
     son of W.M. & M. I. Clawson
12-27-1875 9-30-1895
Clawson, John L.
     son of William I. & Clara C.  (Coen) Clawson
1-26-1901 1-20-1924
Clawson, Orvie
     son of William I. & Clara C.  (Coen) Clawson
7-12-1886 10-5-1943
Cobb, Eula Mae (Lane)
     wife of George Waylan Cobb
     dau of Samuel & Luella (Webster) Lane
2-27-1907 5-6-1991
Cobb, George Waylon
     hus of Eula Mae ( Lane) Cobb
     son of Robert L. & Arrilla (Millerman) Cobb
8-15-1907 5-25-1961
Commander, Edna O.
     wife of Jesse H. Commander
1-19-1897 12-6-1982
Commander, J. D. no date 3-16-1917
Commander, Jesse H.
     hus of Edna O. Commander
8-8-1898 10-1-1971
Cook, Rhoda Viola 12-27-1877 7-5-1879
Cox, Lila (Erskine)
     wife of William B. Cox, m. 8-8-1930
2-15-1905 2-6-1993
Cox, Mary C. (Roberts)
     1st wife of David H. Cox
     dau of Joel W. & Lucy L. (Tarver) Roberts
10-6-1870 3-13-1892
Cox, Mary Florence (Gassaway)
     wife of William David Cox
     Mother of Florence Midora (Cox) Erskine
3-14-1830 4-26-1886
Cox, Mary L.
     dau of David H. & Mary C. (Roberts) Cox
3-2-1892 8-6-1892
Cox, William B.
     hus of Lila (Erskine) Cox
6-29-1890 3-17-1983
Crenshaw, Clarence Reeves
     son of T.N. & E.S. Cremshaw
     age 3wks, 3d.
10-29-1889 11-22-1889
Criswell, Little Jeffy
     son of Thomas Leroy & Mary M. (Parton) Criswell
1-13-1889 11-23-1889
Criswell, Mary Magelee (Parton)
     wf of Thomas Leroy Criswell
10-15-1867 1-3-1889
Cumming, Inez Gertrude (Hancock)
     dau of Holman K. & Gertrude (Garrett) Hancock
     Memorial stone only, she is buried in AZ beside her hus
Davis, Daniel 3-2-1820 3-1-1888
"No pompous marble to thy name we raise, this humble stone bespeaks the praise, parental fondness did thy life attend, a tender father and faithful friend."  (Daniel Davis tombstone)
Davis, Sarah E.
     wf of J.R. Davis
9-8-1845 10-9-1882
Dixon, Blanchard M.
     hus of Margaret Garrett Dixon
3-23-1919 11-14-2000
Downs, Hettie Mary (Erskine) Poole
     wife 1st of William Thornton Poole
     wife 2nd of Virgil Downs
9-15-1893 9-15-1980
Drum, Caroline
     Mother of Sarah Webster
1835 1905
Duff, William Robert
     hus of Marilyn (Hancock) Duff
     son of Hasell & Oscar Duff
9-21-1929 7-6-2008
Early, Lottie
     dau of W.D. & F.M. Early
8-12-1883 7-15-1888
Eaven, J. W. 2-28-1849 11-15-1874
Eaves, Annie Lee
     dau of A.J. & I.T. Eaves
12-18-1888 2-13-1889
Eaves, Tennie
     wf of A.J. Eaves
3-13-1870 2-8-1890
Eddins, Abner William
     hus of Ida Maudee (Williams) Brothers Eddins
     son of John R. & Emeline L. Eddins
1866 1942
"Abner W. Eddins Believed in God and mankind and lived an exemplary life that inspired others. His influences reached far and accomplished great things, much through others.
He was a teacher."
Eddins, Claude C.
     son of John R. & Emeline L. Eddins
4-25-1882 10-26-1882
Eddins, Emmeline L.
     wife of John R. Eddins
4-17-1842 12-31-1916
Eddins, Ida Maudee
     wife of 1st Jesse D. Brothers (buried in Blue Ridge Cem.)
     wife of 2nd Abner W. Eddins
1869 1945
Eddins, John R.
     hus of Emeline L. Eddins
     Co 11 17th Ala Inf CSA
11-15-1837 12-21-1921
Edwards, M. J.
     wife of William Edwards
8-15-1861 10-12-1888
Erskine, Babie Boy
     son of J. T. & F. M. Erskine
can't read can't read
Erskine, Carl Cavitt
     hus of Mary (Harlan) Erskine, m. 10-8-1922
12-3-1897 11-23-1980
Erskine, Carl Thomas
     hus of Joyce (McMurray) Erskine, m. 4-26-1986
     son of Carl Cavitt & Mary (Harlan) Erskine
2-21-1934 8-2-2008
Erskine, Carrie Mayflower (Hardegree)
     2nd wife of Jasper Stovall Erskine
     dau of Midland Ella (Hawthorne) Hardegree
5-10-1888 2-24-1953
Erskine, Claud Gentry
     hus of Pauline Jane (Harlan) Erskine
     son of James F. & Florence Midora Erskine
1-20-1886 1-8-1949
Erskine, Clyde (Petteway)
     wife of Richard Franklin Erskine
     dau of Mark Ignatius & Lena Petteway
1895 1956
Erskine, Florence Medora (Cox)
     wife of James Franklin Erskine
     dau of William D. & Mary F. (Gassaway) Cox
1-17-1860 10-20-1941
Erskine, Florine (Curd)
     wife of 1st John Conrad Erskine
     wife of 2nd Jan Senuta
5-24-1921 9-22-1997
Erskine, Hattie Lavinia (McInnis)
     1st wife of William David Erskine
     dau of Thomas Josea & Delilah (Chiles) McInnis
4-3-1876 3-4-1905
Erskine, Infant
     son of James Franklin & Florence Midora Erskine
9-8-1884 9-8-1884
Erskine, Infant
     son of James Franklin & Florence Midora Erskine
9-30-1880 9-30-1880
Erskine, Iris (Treadway)
     2nd wife of James William Erskine
     dau of Porter & Mamie Lee (Colwell) Treadway
1-11-1914 6-25-1980
Erskine, James Franklin
     hus of Florence Midora (Cox) Erskine
     son of William R. & Mary E. (Garrett) Erskine
4-9-1857 2-19-1918
Erskine, James William
     hus 1st of Sue Inez Brothers
     hus 2nd of Iris Treadway
     hus 3rd of Tina (Cox) Kyserl
     son of Jasper Stovall & Sarah K. (Dillard) Erskine
4-12-1906 1997
Erskine, Jasper Stovall
     hus 1st of Sara Katherine (Dillard) Erskine
     hus 2nd of Carrie Mayflower (Hardegree) Erskine
     son of James F. & Florence Midora (Cox) Erskine
10-15-1881 6-1-1944
Erskine, John Conrad
     1st hus of Florine (Curd) Erskine
10-7-1913 1-26-1993
Erskine, Lycurgus Reeves "Curg"
     son of James F. & Florence Midora (Cox) Erskine
     Memorial stone only (buried in Calvary Cemetery, Marlin)
10-26-1889 10-21-1983
Erskine, Mary Theresa (Harlan)
     wife of Carl Cavitt Erskine
     dau of Charles & Cynthia Tallulah (Varnado) Harlan
5-5-1903 10-17-1996
Erskine, Milton W.
     son of Claude Gentry & Pauline J. (Harlan) Erskine
     Tex Cpl 161 Coast Arty BN
4-29-1922 7-29-1943
Erskine, Nancy Nanniell (Griffith)
     1st wife of John Wilford Erskine
     dau of Leonard Lenore & Sarah (Owens) Griffith
1850 1877
Erskine, Pauline Jane (Harlan)
     wife of Claude Gentry Erskine
     dau of Charles & Cynthia Tallulah (Varnado) Harlan
Erskine, Richard Franklin
     hus of Clyde (Petteway) Erskine
     son of James F. & Florence Midora (Cox) Erskine
     Tex Pvt 130 Field Arty 35 Div WW I
3-30-1891 9-16-1947
Erskine, Robert Reed
     hus of Betty Jo (Patterson) Erskine
     son of Jasper Stovall & Sarah K. (Dillard) Erskine
1907 1964
Erskine, Rosa E.
     dau of J. W. & N. Erskine
187? 187?
Erskine, Stovall Dillard
     son of Jasper Stovall & Sarah K. (Dillard) Erskine
1-27-1909 12-1-1913
Erskine, Sue Inez (Brothers)
     1st wife of James William Erskine
     dau of Jesse Barzilla & Laura (Hufstetler) Brothers
9-3-1906 7-17-1932
Esslinger, Charles A.
     hus of Stella (Webster) Esslinger
11-14-1890 1-20-1945
Esslinger, Nonie Pearl
     wife of Walton Maurice Esslinger, m. 2-2-1937
3-1-1918 no date
Esslinger, Stella (Webster)
     wife of Charles A. Esslinger
2-7-1888 4-11-1979
Esslinger, Walton Maurice
     hus of Nonie Pearl Esslinger, m. 2-2-1937
11-15-1916 12-19-1994
Ethridge, J. D. 3-14-1865 12-21-9144
Fairbairn, Andrew Jackson
     1st hus of Margaret Cornelia Emily Wolf (bu. in Kosse)
     son of Noah & Mavice Fairbairn
9-12-1842 10-26-1892
Fannin, Elton C.
     son of Warren Oscar & Sarah Fabbub Fannin
12-8-1888 12-22-1905
Fannin, Fred "Freddie" Baker
     hus of Lela Mae Fannin
     son of Warren Oscar & Sarrah Fabbub Fannin
12-12-1895 12-5-1971
Fannin, Freddie Ray
     son of Fred & Lela Mae Fannin
7-12-1918 1-7-1922
Fannin, Howell Oscar
     son of William Thomas & Mary Minerva (Varnado) Fannin
4-27-1878 7-24-1883
Fannin, Infant twins
     sons of W.T. & M.M. Fannin
4-28-1888 4-28-1888
Fannin, James Durett
     son of Warren Oscar & Sarah Fannin
10-29-1891 12-19-1916
Fannin, James Elton Cornelius
     son of Warren Oscar & Sarah Fannin
Fannin, Juanita (Towers)
     wife of William Warren Fannin
     dau of Junius E. & Mae Sue (Smith) Towers
11-18-1907 2-24-1985
Fannin, Lela Mae
     wife of Fred Baker Fannin
2-16-1896 7-23-1965
Fannin, Mamie Lucile 11-1-1906 5-1-1907
Fannin, Mertice Fannie
     dau of William T. & Mary Minerva (Varnado) Fannin
1-15-1884 9-11-1884
Fannin, Roy Melvin
     US Navy, WWII
1-13-1923 10-16-1990
Fannin, Sarah "Sallie" A. (Varnado)
     wife of Warren Oscar Fannin
     dau of Charles & Rebecca (Davis) Varnado
8-16-1869 1-14-1950
Fannin, Sarah "Sallie" (Campbell)
     wife of James O. Fannin
1-23-1818 12-14-1900
Fannin, Warren 0scar
     hus of Sarah "Sallie" A. (Varnado) Fannin
     son of James O. & Sarah "Sallie" (Campbell) Fannin
7-7-1860 6-1-1932
Fannin, William Warren
     hus of Juanita (Towers) Fannin
     son of Warren Oscar & Sarrah ) Varnado Fannin
4-25-1904 4-4-1997
Flannagan, Willie Aurora
     dau of J.D. & M.E. Flannagan
11-5-1871 7-20-1878
Forbes, Elzira (Long)
     wife of Dr. Robert Dudley Forbes (bu. on private land)
     dau of Benjamin & Nancy (Menefee) Long
2-6-1806 6-30-1892
Forbes, Frances 1904 1993
Forbes, Jesse (Snead)
     wife of Robert Dudley Forbes
     dau of Charles H. Dudley & Frances Eugene (Shaw) Snead
1874 2-2-1955
Forbes, Dr. Lycurgus Dudley
     2nd hus of Sarah Permelia "Sallie" (Scogin) Hollingsworth
     son of Dr. R. C. & E. Forbes
1-15-1835 4-27-1887
Forbes, Robert Charesworth 1902 1903
Forbes, Robert Dudley
     hus of Jessie (Snead) Forbes
     son of Dr. Lycurgus D. & "Sallie" (Scogin) Hollingsworth
2-20-1875 7-6-1923
Forbes, Sallie "Sallie" (Scogin) Hollingsworth
     wife 1st of Dr. Richard Collins Hollingsworth
     wife 2nd of Dr. Lycurgus Dudley Forbes
     dau of Toliver Lang & Caroline (Davenport) Scogin
11-28-1843 1-17-1911
Forrest, Irene E.
     wife of Patrick K. Forrest
7-14-1920 2-24-1995
Forrest, Patrick K.
     hus of Irene E. Forrest
4-6-1923 1-6-2002
Frazier, Alta Elzera (DeWitt)
     2nd wife of Alexander Frazier
     dau of James Lee & Mary (Stutts) DeWitt Sr.
1860 1889
Frazier, Alta Zera 1887 1887
Frazier, Infant
     dau of Alexander & Alta Elzera (DeWitt) Frazier
ca 1882 ca 1882
Frazier, John James 1881 1881
Frazier, Mary J. (Reed)
     1st wife of Alexander Frazier
8-5-1845 9-17-1879
Fuller, Angelo James
     son of Miner C. & Maty Eliza "Mollie' (Chamberlain) Fuller
4-26-1887 1-13-1896
Garrett, Agnes Estelle (Mitchell)
     wife of Sanford Quay Garrett, m. 2-28-2927
     dau of William H. & Margaret Lucinda (Chamberlain) Mitchell
8-21-1896 10-6-1974
Garrett, Daniel Ryan
     son of Sanford Quay Jr & Hazel Vandalea (Reed) Mrosko Garrett
4-25-1946 6-14-1933
Garrett, Elnora (Ray)
     wife of Glenn Willis Garrett
     dau of Andrew J. & Fannie Emma (Dixon) Ray
10-12-1915 4-16-2005
Garrett, Frankie Lou (Brothers)
     wife of James Leonard Garrett
     dau of Jesse C. & Marguerite A. (Millerman) Brothers
5-31-1916 9-26-1991
Garrett, Glenn Willis
     hus of Elnora (Ray) Garrett
     son of Leonard L. & Lucy C. "Carl" (Hargrove) Garrett
9-28-1906 3-19-1979
Garrett, Hazel Vandalea (Reed) Mrosko
     wife of 1st James Mrosko
     wife of 2nd Sanford Quay Garrett Jr.
     dau of Lee Henry & Gertrude Jane (McAndrew) Reed
7-15-1915 12-5-1971
Garrett, James Leonard
     hus of Frankie Lou (Brothers) Garrett
     son of Leonard L. & Lucy C. "Carl" (Hargrove) Garrett
7-22-1912 2-17-1983
Garrett, James Odell Jr.
     son of James Odell Sr. & Martha "Mattie" (Griffith) Garrett
     buried in same grave as his mother
1878 1878
Garrett, James Odell Sr.
     hus of Rebecca Ann Bradshaw, m. 9-29-1949
     son of Sanford Quay Jr & Hazel Vandalea (Reed) Mrosko Garrett    
     age 47
5-13-1921 3-21-1968
Garrett, Janis Marie 7-11-1949 1-24-1999
Garrett, Leigh (Stanford)
     2nd wife of William Henry Garrett
     dau of Brady & Opal (Jones) Stanfored
12-26-1933 no date
Garrett, Lillie Irene
     inf. dau of Robert Jasper & Mary "Mollie" (Smith) Garrett
4-19-1882 12-24-1882
Garrett, Martha Ann "Mattie" (Griffith)
     1st wife of James Odell Garret Sr.
     dau of Leonard L. & Sarah (Owens) Griffith
1852 1878
Garrett, Mary Aline
     dau of Thomas Henry & Mary Ella (Roberts) Garrett
1-14-1894 8-7-1895
Garrett, Mary "Mollie" (Smith)
     1st wife of Robert Jasper Garrett
     dau of Ephraim & Edith (Smith) Smith
6-16-1842 7-19-1895
Garrett, Ralph James Sr. no date 10-9-2006
Garrett, Sandra Susan
     dau of Sanford Quay Jr & Hazel Vandalea (Reed) Mrosko Garrett 
9-25-1948 10-19-1980
Garrett, Sanford Quay Jr.
     hus of Hazel Vandalea (Reed) Mrosko Garrett
     son of Sanford Quay Sr. & Agnes Estelle (Mitchell) Garrett
2-1-1918 7-12-1985
Garrett, Sanford Quay Sr.
     hus of Agnes Estelle (Mitchell) Garrett, m. 2-28-1917
     son of James Odell & Elizabeth Ann (Jackson) Garrett
1-22-1897 2-19-1962
Garrett, Sarah Frances
     dau of James Odell & Martha "Mattie" (Griffith) Garrett
1876 1876
Garrett, Thomas McKissick II
     son of James Odell & Martha "Mattie" (Griffith) Garrett 
1872 1872
Garrett, Thomas Rice
     Tec 5 US Army, WWII
7-23-1929 1-1-1995
Garrett, William Henry
     hus 1st of Norma Jo (Smith) Garrett
     hus 2nd of Leigh (Stanford) Garrett, m. 10-2-1960
     son of Sanford Quay Sr. & Agnes Estelle (Mitchell) Garrett
Garrett, William Mark
     hus of Cynthia Delores (Taylor) Youngblood, m. 3-5-1977
     son of William H. & Leigh (Stanford) Garrett
2-2-1953 8-13-1995
Garrison, George Steven
     hus of Marion (Price) Garrison
6-13-1919 9-18-1990
Gassaway, Richard 1-1-1833 12-7-1913
Gibbs, Garland Gillis
     hus of Marian Mitchell (Garrett) Gibbs, m. 8-31-1941
     son of Robert K. & Willie Lurine (Lucas) Gibbs
5-3-1919 7-1-1976
Gibbs, Kattie Merle (Scott)
     wife of William Gaston Gibbs
5-28-1917 11-11-2001
Gibbs, Marian Mitchell (Garrett)
     wife of Garland Gillis Gbbs, m. 8-31-1941
     dau of Sanford Quay Sr. & Agnes Estelle (Mitchell) Garrett
8-12-1919 4-11-2002
Gibbs, Pauline R. (Goerdel)
     2nd wife of Robert Woodrow Gibbs
11-26-1909 5-21-1986
Gibbs, Robert W.
     hus of Pauline R. (Goerdel) Gibbs
2-7-1913 3-1-2006
Gibbs, William Gaston
     hus of Katie Merle (Scott) Gibbs
2-7-1911 2-27-1983
Gibbs, William Gaston II 7-13-1945 5-28-1999
Gibbs, William Robert Kendrick "RK"
     hus of Willie Lurine (Lucas) Gibbs
     son of James Henry & Sarah Frances (Talley) Gibbs
11-12-1885 12-24-1967
Gibbs, Willie Lurine (Lucas)
     wife of William Robert Kendrick "RK" Gibbs
     dau of Wm. James & Laura Aylene (Price) Lucas
9-20-1888 6-15-1988
Gray, Arthur Allen 11-14-1852 1-28-1913
Green, Annie Pauline
     wife of Leon Riley Green
11-21-1914 6-22-2000
Green, Carolyn Mae 11-23-1951 7-5-1990
Green, James William
     son of Riley Green
12-12-1938 12-14-1972
Green, Pearl Caroline (Webster)
     age 40 years
2-11-1886 4-29-1926
Green, Reva Aline 11-3-1937 11-6-1937
Green, Riley Leon
     hus of Annie Pauline Green
9-27-1915 3-7-1992
Green, William L. 12-7-1890 7-30-1916
Greer, Annie C.
     wife of R.P. Greer
     age 20y, 3m, 10d
1858 7-10-1878
Griffith, Leonard Lenore
     hus of Sarah (Owens) Griffith, m. 12-14-1848
1820 1873
Griffith, Sarah (Owens)
     wife of Leonard Lenore Griffith, m. 12-14-1848
10-5-1827 1914
Griggears, Mrs. G. F.
     age 48y, 9mo., 6da.
no dates no date
Hair, Annie S. (Taylor)
     wife of Thomas J. Hair
     dau of Frederick & Sophia Taylor
1850 1917
Hair, Thomas J.
     hus of Anna S. (Taylor) Hair
     son of Archibald & Martha (Ronie) Hair
1841 1927
Hancock, Alta Lela "Daughty" (Yates)
     wife of Earl Conrad Hancock, m. 1-15-1926
     dau of William Edward & Fannie (Frazier) Yates
2-10-1906 10-24-1999
Hancock, Armied M.
     son of Holman K. & Gertrude E. (Garrett) Hancock
12-5-1896 12-21-1896
Hancock, Barbara Jean
     dau of Sanford S. & Florence Hancock
9-18-1930 5-17-1939
Hancock, Carolyn Sue
     dau of Sanford S. & Florence Hancock
12-5-1926 5-17-1939
Hancock, Cornick Kendal
     son of Holman K. & Gertrude E. (Garrett) Hancock
1-18-1898 6-18-1899
Hancock, Earl Conrad Sr.
     hus of Alta Lela "Daughty" (Yates) Hancock, m. 1-15-1926
     son of Holman K. & Gertrude E. (Garrett) Hancock
3-29-1904 12-20-1992
Hancock, Florence (Werlein)
     wife of Sanford Stallworth Hancock
     dau of Edwin Franklin & Ida (Williams) Werlein
10-17-1895 12-4-1984
Hancock, Gertrude Eliza (Garrett)
     wife of Holman Kendal Hancock
     dau of Robert Jasper & Mary "Mollie" (Smith) Garrett
11-25-1869 11-18-1941
Hancock, Holman Kendal
     hus of Gertrude Eliza (Garrett) Hancock
     son of Samuel B. & Louisa Jane (Adair) Hancock
1-19-1869 7-16-1926
Hancock, Robert Betran
     son of Holman K. & Gertrude E. (Garrett) Hancock
9-26-1891 12-11-1891
Hancock, Sallie B. Holliday 1800 1880
Hancock, Samuel B.
     hus 1st of Louisa Jane (Adair) Hancock Kay
1842 1870
Hancock, Sanford Stallworth
     hus of Florence (Werlein) Hancock
     son of Holman K. & Gertrude E. (Garrett) Hancock
1-21-1900 7-17-1989
Hancock, Sarah Holliday
     wife 2nd of Samuel Hancock
1806 no date
Harlan, Margaret "Maggie" (Langston)
     dau of T.D. & R.C. Harlan
7-19-1859 11-1-1886
Harlan, Rebecca Charity
     wife of Thomas D. Harlan
11-18-1834 8-13-1914
Harlan, Thomas D.
     hus of Rebecca Charity Harlan
6-1-1831 2-4-1910
Hayes, Edna (Arnett)
     wife of Thomas Leslie Hayes
     dau of James Aansford & Phoebe (Summerville) Arnett
12-26-1873 9-14-1948
Hayes, Esta Mae 1-8-1916 5-23-1945
Hayes, Infant
     dau of James Sanford & Sarah A. (Reed) Hayes
no date no date
Hayes, Infant
     son of James Sanford & Sarah A. (Reed) Hayes
no date no date
Hayes, Roy
     dau of James Sanford & Sarah A. (Reed) Hayes
10-31-1889 12-20-1901
Hayes, Thomas Leslie
     hus of Edna (Arnett) Hayes
     dau of James Sanford & Sarah A. (Reed) Hayes
8-12-1870 8-20-1954
Hearon, Cardelia A. (Nichols)
     wf of Robert L. Hearon
11-26-1861 3-8-1935
Hearon, Clara E. (Swinnea)
     wife of Ernest T. Hearon
     dau of Thomas S. & Julia I. (Varnado) Swinnea
4-2-1893 1-19-1972
Hearon, Ernest Hampshire
     hus of Reva Hearon
     son of Ernest T. & Clara E. (Swinnea) Hearon
7-28-1916 11-27-1981
Hearon, Ernest T.
     hus of Clara E. (Swinnea) Hearon
     son of Robert L. & Cardelia (Nichols) Hearon
11-2-1887 8-6-1950
Hearon, Hilton H.
     son of Robert L. & Cardelia (Nichols) Hearon
     twin brother of Waymon W. Hearon
3-4-1866 7-20-1932
Hearon, Reva
     wife of Ernest Hampshire Hearon
12-16-1926 no date
Hearon, Robert L.
     hus of Cardelia A. (Nichols) Hearon
     stepson of William Richards Erskine
10-25-1859 10-27-1945
Hearon, Waymon W.
     son of Robert L. & Cardelia (Nichols) Hearon
     twin brother of Hilton H. Hearon
3-4-1866 5-10-1914
Herbert, Elizabeth C.
     dau of J.J. & L.J. Herbert
3-2-1879 2-9-1880
Herring, George
     inf son of Emil & Annie (Utzell) Herring
no date 1-31-1920
Herrington, Charley E.
     son of J. & J.H. Herrington
4-27-1867 9-14-1879
Herrington, Udorah
     dau of J. & J.H. Herrington
7-15-1873 5-8-1874
Hodge, Abner Harris
     hus of Ruth (Williams) Hodge
     son of Archibald H. & Mary E. (Sears) Hodge
12-14-1875 6-3-1942
Hodge, Archie H. "Archie"
     hus of Mary E. "Mollie" (Sears) Hodge
     son of Abner H. & Elba (Rose) Hodge
3-8-1851 3-28-1928
Hodge, Ethel (Brothers)
     wife of Milton Hodge
     dau of Taylor Franklin & Lenora E. (Pool) Brothers
9-1-1885 5-19-1970
Hodge, Mary E. "Mollie" (Sears)
     wife of Archibald H. "Archie" Hodge
     dau of Mr. & Mrs. Vance Sears
4-12-1856 10-5-1935
Hodge, Milton
     hus of Ethel (Brothers) Hodge
     son of Archibald H. & Mary E. (Sears) Hodge
3-4-1880 1-23-1918
Hodge, Thomas J.
     son of Abner H. & Elba (Rose) Hodge
6-6-1842 7-16-1922
Houston, Cynthia (Hodge) Roberts Moffett
     wife 1st of Andrew, m. ca 1830
     wife 2nd of James P. Moffett
     wife 3rd of Unknown Houston
     dau of Archibald & Charlotte (Reeves) Hodge
ca 1814 1905
Huftetler, Emmanuel Adam 1871 1936
Hurst, Edward Andrews
     hus of Minnie B. Hurst
2-25-1894 10-12-1957
Hurst, Fannie V. 10-4-1894 7-27-1998
Hurst, Jessie
     wife of Riley Hurst
1894 1965
Hurst, Minnie B.
     wife of Edward Andrews Hurst
1-22-1873 6-26-1895
Hurst, Riley
     hus of Jessie Hurst
1891 no date
Jackson, John Wesley
     Hs. of Ludice B. Jackson
7-11-1809 2-3-1886
Jackson, Ludice B.
     1st wf of J.W.
11-26-1812 6-19-1856
Jackson, Robert Lee
     son of Robert Ewing & Mary Elizabeth Jackson
12-29-1887 1-7-1888
Johnson, Frederick W.
     hus of Velma (Sandlin) Johnson
12-13-1900 10-5-1975
Johnson, Mary Rebecca (Varnado)
     wf of C.H. Johnson
     dau of Cornelius W. & Mary E. "Bettie" (Ratliff) Varnado
     twin to Martha Jane Varnado
10-22-1876 12-6-1897
Johnson, Velma (Sandlin)
     wife of Frederick W. Johnson
8-21-1896 12-21-1982
Kay, Harris
     hus 1st of Sarah Dunn
     hus 2nd f Louisa Jane (Adair) Hancock
1825 1889
Kay, Louisa Jane (Adair) Hancock
     wife 1st of Samuel B. Hancock
     wife 2nd of Harris Kay
     dau of James W. & Alcey Elizabeth (Dillard) Adair
1848 1892
Kay, Sarah (Dunn)
     1st wife of Harris Kay
1825 1871
Kemp, J. R. 1920 1-15-1933
Knight, Joe Bert Jr.
     hus of Jane Knight
1927 1-21-2007
Lackey, Elizabeth Brooks 1831 1971
Lane, Annie K.
     wife of Sanford E. Lane, m. 12-23-1931
1-31-1912 11-27-1996
Lane, Louella
     wife of Samuel S. Lane
8-20-1881 2-11-1924
Lane, Samuel S.
     hus of Louella Lane
8-18-1881 7-26-1956
Lane, Sanford E.
     hus of Annie K. Lane, m. 12-23-1931
8-23-1903 7-22-1993
Loftin, Bobbie 1932 2004
Loveless, Easther A. 9-14-1836 11-27-1899
Loveless, Mattie O. 2-6-1856 12-5-1871
Mathes, Henry D. no dates no dates
Mathis, Infant
     Inf son of J.M. & L.J. Mathis
10-29-1883 11-21-1883
Mathis, W. B. 3-9-1841 4-21-1880
Mathes, W. I.
     born in Puluski Co, Ga., died in Limestone Co.
8-23-1812 8-30-1890
Maeyers, Alta Lela (Hancock)
     dau of E. C. & A. L. (Yates) Hancock
     Memorial tombstone only, buried in Rhome, TX
8-22-1939 7-5-1985
McAllister, Mary (Erskine)
     wife of William B. McAllister
     dau of Hugh & Jane (Richards) Erskine
12-16-1824 8-22-1894
McAllister, William B.
     hus of Mary (Erskine) McAllister
12-4-1825 11-3-1894
McKinney, Agnes Estelle
     dau of William M. & Lida Elydia (Barclay) McKinney
7-17-1886 5-28-1889
McKinney, Albert M.
     son of William M. & Lida Elydia (Barclay) McKinney
1-26-1881 9-22-1967
McKinney, Lida Elydia (Barclay)
     wf of William M. McKinney
     dau of David A. & Dorcas Vardaman (Menefee) Barclay
     age 57 years
no date 10-2-1899
McKinney, Miss Nina
     dau of William M. & Lida Elydia (Barclay) McKinney
1-20-1883 11-17-1966
McKinney, Sallie Dorcas
     dau of William M. & Lida Elydia (Barclay) McKinney
5-31-1873 2-21-1929
McKinney, Sam B.
     son of William M. & Lida Elydia (Barclay) McKinney
3-13-1875 5-28-1957
McKinney, W. M.
     hus of Lida Elydia (Barclay) Mckinney
     age 60 years
1839 10-2-1899
McMahen, Floyd
     son of W.F. & A.S. McMahen
4-1-1889 9-22-1892
Melcher, Maedelle (Petteway) 1907 1976
Metcalf, Letha A. (Bell)
     dau of Samuel & Annie Bell
1-16-1850 7-19-1885
Moore, Carlotta Estelle (Garrett)
     wife of Robert Moore
     dau ofRobert Jasper & Mary (Smith) Garrett
1-10-1879 3-14-1943
More, Mary
     dau of J.H. & B.A. More
10-2-1893 3-8-1896
Murphy, Infant
    son of J. C. & Myrtle Murphy
1912 1912
Nation, Mis Artiller J.
     dau of E. A. & N. A. Nation
6-25-1858 no date
Nevill, Robert H.
     son of H.S. & M.E. Nevill
12-1-1876 12-4-1878
Noble, J. T. 3-1-1834 12-26-1901
Norwood, Charlie
     hus of Hattie Gertrude (Erskine) Norwood
     son of Jim & Lima Belle (Neal) Norwood
8-31-1906 12-17-1978
Norwood, Hattie Gertrude (Erskine)
     wife of Charlie Norwood
     dau of James Franklin & Florence Midora Erskine
9-15-1903 6-6-1996
Orum, Caroline
     Mother of Sarah Webster
1835 1905
Osburn, Jewell Elizabeth 12-8-1929 7-31-1931
Owen, George Winford 11-21-1875 12-21-1924
Parsons, Caroline V.
     born in Conecuh Co Ala., died near Marlin, Tx.
3-11-1843 11-13-1890
Parsons, Mary C.
     dau of S.L. & Caroline V. Parsons
3-31-1878 9-12-1879
Parsons, Samuel L. Sr. 8-1828 3-1915
Parten, Maggie Marzell
     wf of H.L. Parten
11-17-1856 10-8-1876
Parten, Mary Susan
     wf of H.L. Parten
12-6-1839 8-19-1874
Pellhaus, Walter Lee
     son of T. P. & Icy (Briggs) Pellhaus
no date 7-20-1920
Petteway, Lena Mae (Causey)
     wife of Mark Ignatius Petteway
8-5-1876 10-17-1939
Petteway, Mark Ignatius
     hus of Lena Mae (Causey) Petteway
4-7-1873 4-3-1931
Phillips, Dorothy Mae (Erskine)
     wife of James Ray "Peck" Phillips
     dau of Jasper Stovall & Carrie Mayflower Erskine
4-27-1922 7-1-2005
Phillips, James Ray "Peck"
     hus of Dorothy May (Erskine) Phillips
     son of William Ray "Peck" & Lela Belle (Wells) Phillips
Phillips, Jimmy D.
     hus of Nancy R. Phillips
11-1-1939 no date
Phillips, Nancy R.
     wife of Jimmy D. Phillips
9-24-1936 12-23-1999
Pool, Elias
     hus of Margaret Elizabeth (Bell) Pool
10-14-1826 11-14-1903
Pool, Margaret Elizabeth (Bell)
     wife of Elias Pool
     dau of Samuel & Anna Bell
1-6-1836 4-12-1913
Poole, William Thornton
     1st hus of Hettie Mary Erskine
4-11-1874 1-23-1948
Powell, M. L. 1848 9-9-1902
Price, Adeline Rebecca (Henry)
     wife of John Hamilton Price Sr.
     dau of George R. & Martha (Price) Henry
3-18-1812 7-31-1828
Price, George Robert
     son of John Hamilton & Adeline R. (Henry) Price
11-24-1836 11-24-1908
Price, James A
     son of John Hamilton & Adeline R. (Henry) Price 
9-14-1831 2-19-1882
Price, John Hamilton Sr.
     son of James & Mary Dunlap (Howe) Price
8-19-1809 8-22-1878
Price, John Henry
     son of John Hamilton & Adeline R. (Henry) Price   
6-3-1838 2-22-1870
Price, Johnie David
     son of William Thomas. & Margaret Jane (Busby) Price
9-13-1878 7-11-1888
Price, Lula A. (Hughey)
     wife of William Archer Price Sr.
     dau of Edward B. & Indiana Tennessee (McKnight) Hughey
12-15-1887 11-27-1961
Price, Margaret "Maggie" Jane (Busby)
     wife of William Thomas Price
     dau of David T. & Martha (Sweeney) Busby
9-25-1847 10-16-1939
Price, Mary Martha
     dau of John Hamilton & Adeline Rebecca (Henry) Price
4-2-1833 8-9-1883
Price, Minnie
     dau of William Thomas. & Margaret Jane (Busby) Price
3-8-1870 3-21-1880
Price, William Archer Sr.
    hus of Lula A. (Hughey) Price
     son of William Thomas. & Margaret Jane (Busby) Price
11-28-1884 6-25-1967
Price, William Thomas
     hus of Margaret Jane (Busby) Price
     son of John Hamilton & Adeline Rebecca (Henry) Price
3-10-1842 6-4-1917
Richardson, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Arnett)
     dau of James Hansford & Phoebe (Summerville) Arnett
9-6-1871 3-26-1947
Richardson, William Bryant III
     son of William B. Jr. & Mary Sarah (Grice) Richardson
11-21-1866 6-16-1937
Ricketts, Bernadine (Erskine)
     wife of Milton Renshaw Ricketts Jr.
4-10-1926 no date
Ricketts, Milton Renshaw Jr.
     hus of Bernadine (Erskine) Ricketts
4-2-1927 9-22-1991
Ricketts, Milton Renshaw "Toad" III 12-19-1949 8-25-1995
Roberts, Annie Pickett
     dau of Joel Walter & Lucy Lelia (Tarver) Roberts Sr.
6-5-1867 9-22-1874
Roberts, Elizabeth Catherine (Maulding)
     1st wife of Joel Walter Roberts Sr.
     dau of Presley & Catherine (Barzila) Maulding
     sister to Matilda Barzilla (Maulding) Brothers & Nancy A. (Maulding)
1-7-1845 1-7-1865
Roberts, Infant
     dau of Joel Walter Sr. & Elizabeth Catherine (Maulding) Roberts
1862 1862
Roberts, Joel Walter Jr.
     son of Joel Walter Sr & Lucy Lelia (Tarver) Roberts
7-9-1878 10-25-1893
Roberts, Joel Walter Sr.
     hus 1st of Elizabeth Catherine Maulding, m. ca 1859
     hus 2nd of Lucy Lelia Tarver, m. 12-27-1865
     hus 3rd of Laura Livingston Brusenhan, m. 10-2-1888
     son of Andrew & Cynthia (Hodge) Roberts
5-2-1837 1-23-1920
Roberts, Lotta Lelia
     dau of Joel Walter Sr & Lucy Lelia (Tarver) Roberts
5-28-1877 8-9-1878
Roberts, Lucy Leia (Tarver)
     2nd wife of Joel Walter Roberts Sr., m. 12-27-1865
1847 1888
Roberts, William Archibald
     son of Joel Walter Sr & Lucy Lelia (Tarver) Roberts
1873 no date
Robinson, Sarah C.
     wf of W.A. Robinson
3-21-1841 7-20-1876
Rodgers, J. D. "Jeffie"
     son of A.J. & E.J. Rodgers
5-1-1861 7-19-1880
Rogers, Bevis W.
     son of F. & H. Rogers
12-1878 10-1880
Rogers, Calab W.
     hus of Paulina A. Rogers
     age 73yr, 3mo, 13da.
7-13-1802 10-26-1875
Rogers, Emily J.
     dau of W.S. & S.M. Rogers
     age 5yr, 11in, 29da.
1871 4-8-1877
Rogers, Jefferson Davis
     son of Henry Aycock & Eliza Jane (Cornelison) Rogers
5-1-1861 7-19-1880
Rogers, Larkin R.
     hus of Mary (Aycock) Rogers
1807 1882
Rogers, Marinda A.
     dau of M.J. & G.W. Rogers
4-22-1879 11-1-1880
Rogers, Mary (Aycock)
     wife of Larkin R. Rogers
     dau of Henry & Mildred (Stovall) Aycock
1809 10-9-1875
Rogers, Mary Alice
     dau of W.S. & S.M. Rogers
     age 9yr, 8m, 2da.
1867 5-14-1877
Rogers, Melvin
     son of W.P. & A.E. Rogers
5-26-1896 11-22-1901
Rogers, Paulina A.
     wife of Caleb W. Rogers
     age 61yr, 10mo, 19d.
8-15-1815 7-3-1877
Rogers, Pauline A.
     dau of W.S. & S.M. Rogers
     age 8y, 1m, 2d
1869 5-24-1877
Rogers, Revis W.
     son of F. & H.
12-31-1878 10-19-1880
Rogers, Sarah M.
     wife of W.S. Rogers
     age 26y, 8m, 24d
1851 11-7-1887
Rogers, Susan C. 2-4-1853 1-27-1891
Sandlin, Audrey Wynne
     wife of Cleaver R. Sandlin
10-2-1906 no date
Sandlin, Cleaver R.
     hus of Audrey Wynne Sandlin
6-27-1905 1-2-1980
Sandlin, Grady G.
     Tex 1st Sgt 143l Div WW II
7-9/1909 2-3-1945
Sandlin, Joe E.
     hus of Mary J. (Webster) Sandlin
1875 1938
Sandlin, Mary J. (Webster)
     wife of Joe E. Sandlin
1879 1972
Sandlin, Oscar
     son of Joe E. & Mary J. (Webster) Sandlin
no dates no dates
Seals, Mary T.
2-25-1844 4-2-1901
Shaw, Fannie E.
     dau of J.G. & Nannie Shaw
12-2-1882 8-12-1883
Shelton, Baby Boy 4-12-1972 4-12-1972
Shelton, James Marion
     hus of Donna Ann Pertle, m. 12-23-1948
     son of Ed & Hazel Shelton
     raised by A. C. & Estelle Rogers
5-24-1926 3-31-2006
Shields, Martin Lee
     hus of Norma Marie (Brothers) Shields
     son of Barton Warren & Rena (Small) Shields
3-18-1911 4-29-1986
Shields, Norma Marie (Brothers)
     wife of Martin Lee Shields
     dau of Jesse Clarence & Marguerite Ann (Millerman) Brothers
3-8-1912 1-7-1988
Smiley, Deam
     son of L.M. & J.H. Smiley
6-11-1876 9-22-1886
Smiley, Ruben
     son of L.M. & J.H. Smiley
8-1-1878 9-28-1878
Smith, Alexander
     son of Ephraim & Edith (Smith) Smith
2-18-1836 12-13-1908
Smith, Anna "Annie" Mae (Swinnea)
     wife of Isaac Smith
     dau of James Richard & Susan C. (Holloway) Swinnea
1-2-1864 4-4-1952
Smith, Richard Scott "Dick"
     son of Isaac & Anna Mae (Swinnea) Smith
2-13-1901 1-30-1978
Smith, S. E.
     wf of D.L. Smith
1-16-1852 5-23-1890
Spear, H. D. 5-6-1822 5-22-1884
Spicer, Annie Lou
     dau of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Spicer
3-15-1913 3-20-1913
Spicer, Mrs. N. J. 1841 5-11-1903
Spikes, James Arthur 9-10-1856 6-7-1877
Spikes, James B. 9-10-1856 6-7-1877
Sprott, Betty Jean (Erskine)
     wife of Thomas Benjamin Sprott Jr., m. 4-28-1946
     dau of Carl Cavitt & Mary Theresa (Harlan) Erskine
8-19-1923 no date
Sprott, Thomas Benjamin Jr.
     hus of Betty Jean (Erskine) Sprott, m. 4-28-1946
    son of Thomas Benjamin Sr. & Estelle (Dickens) Sprott
9-27-1918 12-3-1982
Steele, Infant
     son of W. J. & Ophelia Steele
1920 1920
Steele, Infant
     son of W. J. & Ophelia Steele
1921 1921
Steele, Infant
     dau of W. J. & Ophelia Steele
1927 1927
Steele, Isabella
     dau of Robert A. & Ellen (Poll) Steele
1885 2-23-1930
Steele, Robert Kearney
     Son of Robert Henry & Annie (Eaves) Steele
2-8-1898 3-19-1977
Steele, William Robert
     son of William John & Ophelia (Watson) Steele
3-13-1905 3-13-1905
Stephenson, Solomon W.
     Cpl Co E II Miss Inf
no dates no dates
Suttle, Elizabeth E.
     wife of George M. Suttle
9-1-1824 9-18-1906
Suttle, George M.
     hus of Elizabeth E. Suttle
1-12-1827 12-23-1885
Swinnea, Bessie Anderson
     wife of Taylor R. Swinnea, m. 5-18-1946
Swinnea, Bettie Elder
     wife of Richard Biles Swinnea
10-10-1877 10-3-1976
Swinnea, Billy Ross
     US Navy, WWII
7-31-1925 11-26-1985
Swinnea, Carl Lee
     dau of Richard Biles & Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" (Elder) Swinnea
7-3-1901 7-20-1901
Swinnea, Cecil W.
     son of Henry S. & Mary Katherine (Martin) Swinnea
8-20-1921 1-13-1986
Swinnea, Charles Grover
     hus of Kathryn Johnson, m. 1940
     son of Sam & Matilda (Brothers) Swinnea
1-5-1917 11-1-1999
Swinnea, Claud
     son of Thomas S. & Julia I. (Varnado) Swinnea
11-15-1891 7-20-1892
Swinnea, Gertrude Madalyn
     wife of Billy Ross Swinnea
Swinnea, Henry S.
     hus of Mary Katherine (Martin) Swinnea
11-6-1898 1-6-1945
Swinnea, Henry S.
     Pvt Co A 3, Confederate States Army
1840 1915
Swinnea, Ida Lee
     dau of James Richard & Susan C. (Holloway) Swinnea
5-7-1857 3-24-1940
Swinnea, Infant
     son of Richard Biles & Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" (Elder) Swinnea
5-25-1905 5-25-1905
Swinnea, James Cornelius
     2nd hus of Sarah Katherine (Dillard) Erskine Swinnea
     son of Thomas S. & Julia I. (Varnado) Swinnea
12-7-1894 10-15-1970
Swinnea, James Richard
     hus of Susan G. (Holloway) Swinnea
     son of John & Rebecca (Phegan) Swinnea
11-7-1841 3-18-1925
Swinnea, Julia I. (Varnado)
     wife of Thomas S. Swinnea
     dau of Cornelius W. & Mary E. (Ratliff) Varnado
11-21-1873 10-4-1904
Swinnea, Kathryn Johnson
     wife of Charles Grover Swinnea, m. 1940
1-4-1920 no date
Swinnea, Lillie E.
     dau of James Richard & Susan C. (Holloway) Swinnea
1876 1949
Swinnea, Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" (Elder)
     wife of Richard Biles Swinnea
     dau of Thomas Jefferson & Nancy Jane (Vinson) Elder
10-10-1877 10-3-1976
Swinnea, Mary K. (Williamson)
     wife of Dewey Swinnea
6-22-1907 11-15-1940
Swinnea, Mary Katherine (Martin)
     wife of Henry S. Swinnea
9-6-1897 8-12-1972
Swinnea, Matilda I. (Brothers)
     2nd wife of Samuel H. Swinnea
     dau of Jesse & Laura (Hufstetler) Brothers
8-15-1890 7-29-1964
Swinnea, Oma Ray
     son of Thomas S. & Julia I. (Varnado) Swinnea
7-4-1901 4-1-1902
Swinnea, Rebecca Phegan
wife of John Swinnea (buried in Giles Co., TN)
1821 1894
Swinnea, Richard Biles
     hus of Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" (Elder) Swinnea
     son of James Richard & Susan C. (Holloway) Swinnea
12-27-1871 2-11-1920
Swinnea, Samuel H.
     hus 1st of Laura Belle Harlan Swinnea
     hus of 2nd Matilda I. Brothers
     son of Suldon Wright & Mary Elizabeth (Hunnicutt) Swinnea
5-4-1882 7-26-1964
Swinnea, Sarah Katherine (Dillard) Erskine
     wife 1st of Jasper Stovall Erskine
     wife 2nd of James Cornelius Swinnea
     dau of William & Georgia (Fairbairn) Dillard
1-15-1887 9-2-1972
Swinnea, Susan G. (Holloway)
     wife of James Richard Swinnea
     dau of Richard Louis & Martha Holloway
3-20-1849 6-21-1922
Swinnea, Taylor F.
     son of Samuel H. & Matilda I. (Brothers) Swinnea
8-25-1914 8-12-1976
Swinnea, Thomas Henry
     son of Henry S. & Mary Katherine (Martin) Swinnea
6-27-1918 6-2-1985
Swinnea, Thomas S.
     hus of Julia I (Varnado) Swinnea
     son of James Richard & Susan C. (Holloway) Swinnea
2-4-1870 11-17-1921
Tarter, Pat
     son of P. G. Tarter
4-5-1901 8-9-1919
Tarter, P. G. 2-24-1850 12-17-1925
Tate, Edward S.
     hus of Mollie J. Tate
     son of Capt James & Mary C. (Edwards) Tate
9-9-1860 1-19-1944
Tate, Idus Elizabeth (Garrett)
     wife of Clyde E. Married 4-13-1912
6-31-1893 10-1-1917
Tate, James Hansford "Dick" 10-28-1891 10-11-1947
Tate, Mary C. (Edwards)
     wife of Capt James Tate
1820 1886
Tate, Milton Scott
     son of J. H. & U. C. Tate
10-13-1919 8-22-1920
Tate, Mollie J.
     wife of Edward S. Tate
12-30-1868 12-31-1963
Tate, Una Cornelison 7-10-1891 2-2-1980
Todd, H. Carter 6-17-1839 10-27-1871
Todd, James 12-31-1799 7-24-1872
Todd, R. H. 4-12-1878 3-22-1880
Tolston, Lucinda 1883 1-28-1912
Toon, Ada Pearl
    dau of J. L. & M. I. Toon
7-20-1904 9-14-1905
Toon, J. W.
     hus of Mary A. Toon
     Triple marker
8-7-1847 9-2-1905
Toon, Mary A.
     wife of J. W. Toon
4-6-1851 no date
Toon, William Edward
     son---iron fence
8-15-1861 10-12-1888
Tragis, Edward
     hus of Lula (Erskine) Tragis, m. 11-17-1967
2-1-1923 3-15-2000
Tragis, Lula (Erskine)
     wife of Edward Tragis, m. 11-17-1967
Unknown grave 1-11-1869 8-22-1871
Vancill, Sarah Isabella (Jackson)
     wife of James M. Vancil
5-23-1843 10-7-1882
Vann, J. E.
     hus 1st of Nettie Vann
     hus 2nd of Rachell (Nunn) Vann
5-23-1845 12-28-1928
Vann, John 1869 1915
Vann, Nettie
     1st wife of J.E. Vann
9-12-1852 2-30-1878
Vann, Rachel Nunn
     2nd wife of J.E. Vann
12-23-1856 5-18-1940
Varnado, Cornelius Willington
     hus of Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" (Ratliff) Varnado
1-1-1850 2-11-1936
Varnado, Martha Jane
     dau of Cornelius W. & Mary E. "Bettie" (Ratliff) Varnado
     twin sister to Mary Rebecca (Varnado) Johnson
10-22-1876 9-5-1897
Varnado, Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" (Ratliff)
     wife of Cornelius Willington Varnado
     dau of John D. & Mary (Case) Ratliff
12-24-1851 6-27-1916
Varnado, William Howell
     hus of Angela Lola (McInnis) Varnado
     son of Charles & Rebecca Jane (Davis) Varnado
12-22-1866 11-29-1894
Wagner, Ellen R.
     wf of W.M. Wagner
1-1-1850 3-21-1930
Wagner, Ira E. 1879 1959
Walker, M. J.
     hus of Sarah A. Walker
7-16-1835 12-19-1909
Walker, Sarah A.
     wife of M.J. Walker
2-14-1851 7-5-1914
Wallace, E. W.
     Vet 4th Co 16 Unit U.S.
10-31-1895 10-25-1918
Ward, Mrs. E. A. 1841 5-7-1903
Ward, Lucille
     wife of Ray M. Ward
6-21-1916 9-14-1996
Ward, Ray M.
     hus of Lucille Ward
9-28-1913 1-23-2001
Webb, Daniel Mathew
6-11-1871 1-20-1951
Webb, Frankie 7-10-1903 7-6-1920
Webb, Infant Son 10-18-1866 10-18-1866
Webb, Infant
     son of T.E. & E.H. Webb
10-18-1895 10-18-1895
Webb, Nealie
7-18-1880 4-2-1961
Webster, Charles "Charley"
     hus of Sarah E. (Drum) Webster
     son of Thomas & Cathern Webster
12-27-1856 8-14-1935
Webster, Clifford W.
     hus of Floy L. Webster
12-28-1890 4-18-1984
Webster, Edgar Lee 1892 1899
Webster, Floyd D.
     hus of Hester (Commander) Webster
12-24-1894 2-14-1973
Webster, Floy L.
     wife of Clifford W. Webster
5-14-1895 8-25-1965
Webster, Hester (Commander)
     wife of Floyd D. Webster
5-27-1895 9-26-1964
Webster, Jim Daniel 1883 1888
Webster, Mae Belle 1889 1900
Webster, Sarah E. (Drum)
     wife of Charles Webster
     dau of Caroline Drum
1-2-1862 8-10-1941
Wester, Grace Werlein 8-24-1897 12-1-1985
Willingham, Catharn
     wf of John Willingham
2-28-1832 7-25-1871
Willingham, John
     hus of Catharn Willingham
no date no dte
Wolf, Simon Peter
9-21-1826 6-8-1886
Wolfram, Bertram Jr.
     hus of Joydelle (Garrett) Wolfram, m. 7-4-1950
     son of Bertram & Elizabeth Esther (Basset) Wolfram
2-22-1922 11-12-1952
Wolfram, Joydelle (Garrett)
     wife of Bertram Wolfram Jr., m. 7-4-1950
     dau of Sanford Quay Sr. & Agnes E. (Mitchell) Garrett
Wyatt, Amelia
     wife of William Bassett Wyatt
9-15-1871 2-8-1905
Wyatt, William Bassett
     hus of Amelia L. Wyatt
11-6-1866 2-27-1901

Nine unknown graves.