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A Poem About Lipscomb

A Poem About Lipscomb
written by the Lipscomb Fourth & Sixth Grade - 1968

(Our Town)

Let's write a poem about our town, 
Our teacher said one day, 
About the pioneers who came 
To live and work and play. 
Who came to stay in this nice place, 
So many years gone by, 
To build their homes an farm the land, 
With not a groan nor sigh? 
They must decide just what should be, 
In this small prairie home. 
A general store, a church, and school, 
All named for Abner Lipscomb. 
As time went on and each year passed, 
More people came to dwell, 
To make the laws and choose a sheriff, 
And even build a jail. 
Through fire and floods, through dust and storms, 
Their courage never waned. 
No thing could take this home from them, 
This town that they had gained. 
Almost a hundred years have gone, 
Since first they chose its name. 
We love the town as much as they, 
Although it's not the same. 

Fourth - Sixth Grades 
Lipscomb School 


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