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Civil War Pension Application Index

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Claimant Name

Application Number


Husband's Application Number
Armstrong, William J Rejected

Bobo, I. G. L. Rejected

Butler, Clara 46359 Butler, James Ira Bird
Cade, James C. 02711

Chandler, Thomas Rejected

Churchill, Delfenia M. 43735 Churchill, William W. 30797
Coker, Sarah E. 02713 Coker, Alexander
Crawford, Felix G. 39163

Crawford, Felix G. (Mrs) 50792 Crawford, Felix G. 39163
Curry, N. J. (Mrs) 47493 Curry, John Thomas
Custer, John 02712

Dickerson, Susan 02714 Dickerson, John S.
Dolan, Cecila 37849 Dolan, Mike
Fulcher, Emily H. 49033 Fulcher, Frank T.
Gazler, Edwin T. Rejected

Gilmore, Sarah Ellen Rejected Gilmore, Thomas Ingram
Goynes, E. E. (Mrs) 38199 Goynes, Augustus Sanders
Gressett, John Biset 36710

Gressett, John Biset (Mrs) 42254 Gressett, John Biset 36710
Humphries, Sarah S. Rejected Humphries, Henry Jackson
Johnson, A. 05054

Jones, Calvin 02715

Lawley, Kate 35952 Lawley, Leonard Peter
Mallow, Thomas A. 41789

Maxwell, Charles William 12035

Maxwell, P. A. S. (Mrs) 15929 Maxwell, Charles William 12035
McKinney, George W. 11544

McKinney, Mary 14082 McKinney, George W. 11544
Merriman, Walter 20239

O'Neill, Sallie 14081 O'Neill, George W.
Parrott, John N. W. 05053

Pearce, Mary A. 02717 Pearce, Sanders
Porter, John Y. 02716

Pugh, Eliza G. 34471 Pugh, Bat
Robinson, Pruda Eugenia 45303 Robinson, James William 14658
Snell, Josephine 51975 Snell, William Alexander 46606
Tope, Darcus Slina 39777 Tope, James H. 12060


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