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Family Profiles 1840-1900 Marion County, Texas In 1982 the Carnegie Library sponsored another "write-in stories" and compiled them into a  book These are interesting stories with good info about the more prominent people of Marion County

Family History Center Microfilm of originals at City Hall in Jefferson, Texas. Includes Oakwood Cemetery, Jefferson Cemetery, City Cemetery, Catholic Cemetery, Hebrew Cemetery and others.Some pages are torned, taped, soiled, faded, water damaged, etc.These records contain deaths that are not recorded in the death records located at the county clerks office. 

*In addition to the 1850 annotated census, there are collections of letters and individual family information sheets. This really gives a much fuller picture of the families of Jefferson County, Texas than others sources.

We would like to thank Nita Cawthon for helping to compile this list of books!


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