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* Ca 1853 Jefferson's Sedberry House  
* 1862 Citizens Nation Bank of Jefferson Check  
* 1874 Courthouse  
* 1913 Federal Courthouse  
* 1874 James Arbuckle & Co. Banking House letter of Jefferson  
* 1875 Bank Note office of F J Harrison & Co., bankers in Longview, TX to bank in Jefferson, TX
* 1875 Citizens Savings Bank Check of Jefferson  
* 1876 Citizens Savings Bank Check of Jefferson  
* 1876 National Bank of Jefferson Check  
* 1876 Citizens Bank of Jefferson Check dated January 7th, 1876 and has H type imprinted revenue stamp
* Ca 1884 Jefferson First United Methodist Church (Picture taken in the 1960's after the building was moved from the foundation of the basement of the 1840s Church and lowered to ground level.)
* 1890 Rogers National Bank - Jefferson
* 1890's Federal Building with Post Office - Jefferson
* 1890's Polk Street - Jefferson
* 1896 First Public School - Jefferson
* 1897 Envelope Back - Jefferson
* 1898 Lodi School pic -Lodi, TX
* 1898 Names on Lodi School pic Names written by Mary Lee Sellers Bobbitt
* 1902 Confederate Soldiers Reunion At old school, now the site of Lions Park.  Sent in by H L Bender. One of the bearded men is his great-grandfather, but he doesn't know which one.
* 1903 Trainwreck Texas and Pacific Cannonball Trainwreck. The first major railroad accident in Marion County. It is believed to have been caused by a mix-up of orders. Luckily, crewmen were able to jump from the engines before the collision, avoiding any fatalities.
* 1909 U. C. V. Monument -Jefferson
* 1910 Big Cypress Bridge - Jefferson
* 1910 Ten Mule Team - Hauling boiler from Lewis, Louisiana, to Jefferson, to drill the first oil well in Jefferson vicinity. The team was owned by John Bender and George Dugan. The ten mules are driven with one line to the lead mule. Intersection of Lafayette St. and Vale. The Catholic church is on the left. People in the picture are John Bender, near front of team, with hat; Boss Echols, standing on wagon far side of team; Sam Brasher, driver; Ernest Hicks, standing far side; George Dugan, standing at front of boiler; Lee Brown, driller, standing on front of boiler; Will Dugan, standing on boiler; Thomas Latrop, boy standing in street; Joe Switz, standing by post
* 1917 Fire Department - Jefferson
* 1913 Carnagie Public Library - Jefferson
* 1925 Jefferson High School Faculty If you can identify any of these people send me email
back row 2nd from right, Justa Glass Benefield. (Thanks to Emily Benefield, Justa's grand daughter)
* 1940 Jefferson School Board  
* 1951 Postcard of Courthouse  
* Beal, Archie Alfred & Family - Ca 1937 - Submitted by: Mary Wilson and gave this information:  Old family home in Simmons Community (now Liberty Community).  House burned during WWII and family moved to new home in Jefferson, Texas.  Wife is Eula "Clara" (Albright) Beal, daughters, Billie Frances (with hat), died in 1980's in car accident in Houma, Louisana; youngest daughter Mary Katherine "Kat" married Albert G. Wilson.  Katherine was my mother and died in 1973 and Albert Galligher Wilson was WWII decorated (Presidential Citation/bronze star) in Merrill's Mauraders (they made movie about them) and he died in 1970.  Albert G was named for grandfather who was in Civil War in 18th Rgt confederate under Ochletree (Cpt. J. r. Watson's Company).  That civil war Albert G was son of William B. Wilson who can be found in 1850 cass county census who came to Texas from Alabama around 1845 and had land patent to land in what was then Bowie, Red Riverand Cass county (including Marion county) acreage and can be found at Texas land archives under land patents.
* Beal, Archie Alfred with cousin - Submitted by: Mary Wilson and gave this information: He built log cabin aroung 1910 on property located behind Jody Day farm located in Liberty Community (then Simmons Community) Texas.
* Beal, James Hilmar & Family - Submitted by: Mary Wilson
*  Beal, Wm & Annie Hatcher Marriage License - Submitted by: Lilly Jean Beal Engleman
*  Beal, Wm & Annie Hatcher - William Benjamin Beal and Anna T. Hatcher (they are on the right end). If I remember correctly, my dad said the other man was Robert Hatcher, brother of Anna and the woman on his left is his wife. Submitted by: Lilly Jean Beal Engleman
* Charlie Young as a young man - Ca 1880 - Thanks to Mitchel Whitington for this great picture!
* Charlie Young on steps of The Grove - Ca 1930 - Thanks to Mitchel Whitington for this great picture!
* Diamond Bessie Moore - Jefferson
* Duncan, Sidney Hammet 1923 Lodi, Texas. Photos courtesy of Stephen Kirby
* Excelsior Hotel - Jefferson
* Excelsior House - Jefferson
* Ford,Birdie Alma Photo courtesy Susie Smiley Strange
* Freeman Plantation - Jefferson
* Capt. Robert B. Gause Family Robert Benjamin Gause was a Captain in the 3 Texas Cav. C.S.A. He died Sept. 25, 1895. His wife, Celestia Hilliard "Lessie" Perry, was daughter of Harwood Pope Perry and Mary Ann Earl Perry. They had six children, Robert E, Celestia B., Eudora, Adella, Levin, and Emma. Capt. Robert Gause and his wife and three of his children are buried at Kellyville Cemetery, Kellyville, Texas. Thank you Patti Nunn for permission to use photo.
* Hodge Taylor Historical Home  
* Irena Tazwell  
* Jefferson High School - Early 1900's
* Kahn Saloon Building in Jefferson - 1936
* Lassater School - abt. 1948 - Thanks to Pat Fite for this great picture! Top, far rt. is Barney Elbert Fite; 2nd row, far left is Wana Joe McReynolds.
Liberty Cemetery Historical Marker  
* Magnolias Historical Marker  
* Marion County Map  
* McKay Home in Jefferson  
* Old Steamboat - Jefferson
* Old Steamboat - Jefferson
* Planters Bank Historical Marker  
* Richard Waterhouse - Jefferson 
* Robert E Lee Picture  
* Robert E Lee Picture Back  
* Silas Littlejohn 1880's  
* Sims Family 1954 Sims Family Reunion. Photo courtesy of Bryant family archives. (J.l. Williams.)
* Stuart Hamblen  
Unknown Man - Picture taken ca 1866-1883 by WW Sloan, Jefferson, Tx


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