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Garrison, J. O.

Jefferson Jimplecute, Friday, 21 June 1907

J. O. Garrison Killed

     Early Saturday morning, J. O. Garrison of Lodi was killed when he was run over by the M.K.&T train near the section west of depot. He was a saw filer, who lived at Lodi, and was on his way to work at Jefferson. He leaves a wife and three children. The verdict of the inquest was he was killed by being run over by the train.

Gause, Mrs. Lessie

12 December 1912

Mrs. R. B. Gause Dies at Kellyville

     Mrs. Lessie Gause, the wife of the late Captain R. B. Gause died at the family home near Kellyville Saturday night December 7th after an illness of about ten days, she was 70 years old. She leaves two sons and four daughters, Miss Emma and R. E. Gause at home, Leo Gause of Greenville, Mrs., J. D. Shackelford at Stamford, Mrs. A. Harris of Greenville and Mrs. J. S. Sumners at Hamlin. The funeral took place at 10 a.m. Monday, the Rev. L. H. Mathison conducted the services.

Note: Mrs. Gause was born 4 July 1842 and died 7 December 1912. She is buried at the Kellyville Cemetery by her husband, Capt. Robert Benjamin Gause, a son, Robert E., and two daughters, Emma Gause White and Della Gause Summers.

Gilbert, M. J.

November 19, 1904

M. J. Gilbert Dies

    M. J. Gilbert died Saturday, November 12th at his home three miles west of this city. The deceased had been an invalid and unable to look after his affairs for more than a year. He leaves a wife and several children. The burial took place Sunday at Kellyville.

Note: He is not listed in the cemetery reading of the Kellyville Cemetery.

Gill, Mary

27 March 1913

Mary Gill Passed Away Saturday Afternoon

     Mary Gill, a well known colored citizen passed away at her home Saturday afternoon, after a few days illness, she was 85 years old.  She leaves no family except a sister, Mattie White and a brother, George Alton. who lives at Kendalton. The funeral took place Monday, she was buried beside her husband, Jim Gill who died 35 years ago.

Note: She is not listed in the Marion County Cemetery books.

GLASS, Hon. Dick

Dallas Morning News
January 9 1890

Jefferson, Tex., Jan. 8.--Hon. Dick GLASS, one of Marion county's best and most substantial men is dying this evening. He is quite old.

Glaze, Mr. J. R.

23 March 1916 - Cass County Sun Newspaper

Mr. Glaze Dies In Cass County

     Mr. J. R. Glaze, an old pioneer of Cass County died at his home near Union Hill last Friday and was buried Saturday by the Linden Masonic Lodge of which order he was a highly respected member, he was 72 years old. He had lived most of that time in this county. In the death of Mr. Glaze, the Sun has lost a lifelong friend, forty years ago when the Sun was established, Mr. Glaze was among the first to subscribe and has received the paper ever since without having missed a copy.

Note: John Randolph "Jack" Glaze was born 25 December 1843 and died 17 March 1916. He was the son of Henry H. and Mary Ann HAWES Glaze. He was the husband of Mary Rebecca BURKS Glaze. They are both buried in the Old Union Hill Cemetery, located on private property west of Linden.

Goldberg, Mrs. M.

13 April 1916

Death Of Mrs. M. Goldberg

     Mrs. Goldberg died at her home on Houston Street in this city at 5 a.m. Sunday, April 9th after an illness of several weeks, she was 76 years old. She came to Jefferson over 40 years ago with her husband, Mr. L. Goldberg. She is survived by two children, Miss Jeanette M. Goldberg of Philadelphia and I. L. Goldberg, a prominent young business man of this city. Two sons and a daughter preceded her in death, Herman Goldberg of New York City, Isaac Goldberg of Ft. Worth and Corsicana and Miss Rey Goldberg. The funeral was held at the residence at 3 p.m. Monday, with services conducted by Rabbi M. T. Jacobson of Shreveport. She was laid to rest in the Oakwood Cemetery.

Note: Miriam Goldberg was born 2 June 1837 in Russia, she was naturalized in 1860. The tombstone has her death date as 10 April 1916. She was the wife of Louis Goldberg born 1832 in Prussia. This whole family is buried in the Goldberg Mausoleum in the Oakwood Cemetery.

Gore, A. J.

Friday, 07 January 1910

Mr. A. J. Gore Died

     Mr. A. J. Gore, 80, died at the home of his grandson, Mr. Gus Cobb, Saturday night, January 1st, after an illness of only a few days from bronchitis. The deceased lived at Pollock, Louisiana and had come some two months ago to visit his grandson and being in feeble health, he was not able to get around much. The funeral was held from First Baptist Church at 3:30 Sunday afternoon, Rev. t. S. Bomar conducting the services, with interment in the Oakwood Cemetery.

Note: Mr. A. J. Gore is not listed in the Oakwood Cemetery Book.

Gormon, J. W.

22 May 1913

Mr. Gormon Dies At Woodlawn

     Mr. J. W. Gormon died at his home at Woodlawn Thursday, May 15th, after an illness of some time, he was 62 years old. He is survived by his widow, two daughters and a son, Joe in Kansas. The funeral was held Friday  with interment in the Oakwood Cemetery at 3 p.m., with the Rev. Kidd conducting the services.

Note: J. W. Gormon was born 25 January 1851. He is buried beside his wife, Della CALLOWAY Gorman.

Gray, Bob

11 February 1915

Train Accident Claims Life

     Bob Gray [colored] 18, died last Friday afternoon when he was jumping a train to ride out to his father's house. He fell some 100 yards from the iron bridge, the wheels mangled his lower limbs, he was taken to his father's house where he lived for several hours. Dr. J. A. R. Moseley was the physician attending the boy. He was buried Saturday.

Note: He is not listed in the Marion County Cemetery books.

Gray, Infant

11 January 1917

Infant Son Dies

     Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Gray have the sympathy of many friends in the death of their three month old son on Wednesday.

Note: He is not listed in the Marion County Cemetery Books.

Gray, Mattie

22 February 1917

Mattie Gray Dies From Pneumonia

     Mattie Gray, the twelve year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Gray died at their home Tuesday afternoon from an injury which went into pneumonia. Mattie was their second daughter, a devoted father and mother, brothers and sisters mourn her death. The funeral services were held at the Methodist Church at 3 p.m. Wednesday and were conducted by Rev. L. F. Brothers, with interment in the Oakwood Cemetery.

Note: Mattie Gray is not listed in the Marion County Cemetery books.

Griffis, Fay

13 July 1916

Sudden Death of Little Fay Griffis

     Little Fay Griffis, 7 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Corris Griffis, died at the family home near Rogers bridge on Route 2, Monday, July 10th at 3 p.m., after a short illness of a few hours. Little Fay was ailing and a doctor was called, but she was not considered seriously ill and her father left that morning for his position at the mill near Texarkana, but was called home same evening by the sad message of his little girl's death. The body was taken to Avinger on the M. K. and T. Tuesday morning for the burial in the family graveyard near Mims Chapel.

Note: Fay Hughleen Griffis was born 17 January 1910, she is buried in the Avinger Cemetery by other family members.

Griffis, Mrs. Mattie

26 October 1916

Mrs. Griffis Passes Away

     Mrs. Mattie Griffis, wife of Mr. Corris Griffis, died at this Thursday afternoon, October 26th at the family home north of this city, after an illness of some time. She is survived by her husband and four small children; three boys and one girl. The body will be taken to Avinger on the M. K.& T. at 10:40 for burial at Mims Chapel, Friday at 3 p.m.

Note: She is buried in the Avinger Cemetery, she was born 8 December 1873, the Cass County Cemetery Book has death date as 4 October 1916.

Grubbs, Henry

02 July 1914

Young Henry Grubbs Dies At New Prospect

     Henry Grubbs, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Grubbs, died at the family home at New Prospect at the age of 18. The burial took place Tuesday, June 29th at 10 a.m. at the New Prospect Cemetery and services were conducted by the Rev. T. S. Bomar

Note: Henry Grubbs is not listed in the New Prospect Cemetery, although there are several unmarked and stone marked graves next to his parents that are buried in the New Prospect Cemetery.

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